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    After returning from the palace, Lu's heart was mostly relieved, but Wu Jie did not take it lightly. If the matter of getting married could be changed so easily, her father in her previous life must have fought for her long ago.

    After resting at home for a day, Wu Jie proposed to go to White Deer Temple to pay homage to the Buddha.

    The White Deer Temple was built on the White Deer Mountain on the west side of Xinshao. An eminent monk passed by this mountain during the previous dynasty. When he was suffering from hunger and cold, he suddenly saw a white deer descending from the sky, stepping on five-color auspicious clouds, with green lotus leaves on his head, and blooming flowers in the leaves. a fruit.

    The white deer delivered the fruit to the eminent monk, and the eminent monk was so blessed that he understood that it was the Buddha who had pity on him. Immediately eat the fruit, and never feel hunger or thirst. A temple is built here to preach, and the incense is flourishing.

    After several turbulent times, the White Deer Temple was once burned in the flames of war. Until a hundred years ago, East Vietnam was established. The Wu family believed in Buddhism and the court was rich, so they funded the reconstruction of this ancient temple.

    The clear springs and strange rocks on Bailu Mountain are full of red maple trees. It is a famous scenic spot in East Vietnam. don’t know how many literati come here to enjoy it every year, leaving countless poems and calligraphy. The temple also followed the heyday of incense, and the vegetarian food in the temple is also a must. The dignitaries and dignitaries in Xinshao City like to burn incense and worship Buddha.

    Before Wu Jie fell ill, she proposed to go to White Deer Temple to enjoy the magnificent view of red maple. Lu Clan thinks that things are not going well these days, so he should ask for a divination to tell good or bad luck.

    Dang even ordered the steward to prepare for the trip. In the early morning of the second day, Lu Clan rode alone in a treasure-covered purple-wheeled cart. Wu Jie and Wu Wan sisters took a chariot with eight treasures and a crown together, followed by a dozen maidservants in six carts with green mantles and black wheels, and together with dozens of guards and servants, they headed for the White Deer Temple in the west of the city.

    It was almost noon before the group arrived at the foot of Bailu Mountain.

    A monk who knew the guest had been notified a long time ago and was waiting there. When saw the Prince De's Mansion frame, immediately greeted him.

    Under the guidance of the monk, the carriage went all the way up the mountain. The terrain in the front of Bailu Mountain is gentle, and the horse-drawn carriage can go all the way to the front of the temple.

    Walking on the forest road, Wu Wan couldn't help raising the curtain of the car, "Ah, what are those bright red things on the trees? Wow, there are little squirrels!"

    Turning around, he turned around on the table, "Where are the fruits, where are the pine nuts and walnuts on the table just now? I'm going to feed them later."

    "The fruits to feed these little things are prepared in the back of the car, and it won't be too late to look for them in the temple." Wu Jie pressed her hand, "We have to go to worship the Buddha and practice Zen first, and the concubine may return to the temple." Ask for a signature. After the vegetarian meal, come out to play this afternoon. Squirrels, pheasants, rabbits, etc., there are so many back mountains, and you can do whatever you want."

    After some persuasion, Wu Wan resentfully let go, and continued to enjoy the mountain scenery with great interest.

    After a while, the road gradually opened up, and the White Deer Temple finally arrived.

    Concubine De came to pay respects to the Buddha, the presiding abbot personally greeted him at the door, and led a group of people into the main hall.

    The three knelt down in front of the Buddha, and Lu Clan put his hands together and prayed devoutly, hoping that the family would be harmonious, healthy and safe, that his daughter could find a good husband as soon as possible, and that the family would not be separated from each other.

    Wu Jie knelt beside her mother, closed her eyes and prayed, "Buddha is merciful, since I have been allowed to live again, please bless me for everything to go well this time, to get rid of the tragedy of the past life, not to reverse the fate of the world, but to save my relatives and the whole city. civil……"

    After praying, Lu Clan wanted to ask for a lottery again. Wu Jie and Wu Wan didn't like this, so they went to the back mountain to relax.

    The back mountain is full of trees, lush and lush, the mountain wind blows through the dense treetops, and the pines roar like waves.

    Walking in the forest, even though Wu Jie was full of worries, she felt that her heart had opened up a lot.

    Wu Wan is as happy as a bird flying into the forest. She will go to feed the squirrels under the tree for a while, pick wild flowers for a while, and go to the river to watch the fish. The dozen or so maids brought by the two were actually directed around by her alone.

    Seeing her running farther and farther like a little monkey, Wu Jie had no choice but to order her maids and guards to follow quickly, and only Zifen was left beside her.

    "Miss, are you going to Master Guangxin?" Zi An couldn't help asking.

    Master Guangxin is an old monk of White Deer Temple. He is over eighty years old. In terms of seniority, he is still the uncle who presides over the abbot. Because of his high morals, he waits to see outsiders, but this old monk has a weakness, which can make Wu Jie like him, which is delicious food, especially the crispy and sweet vegetarian snacks, and this is Wu Jie's unique skill.

    The Eastern Vietnamese royal family believed in Buddhism. Prince De often visited White Deer Temple in the early years, and Wu Jie often followed him. Moreover, Prince De and Master Guangxin are chess friends and often play chess together. After going back and forth, Wu Jie got to know him well.

    After tasting the vegetarian dim sum made by Wu Jie once, she was amazed and full of praise. Afterwards, Wu Jie also specially instructed the vegetarian kitchen of White Deer Temple. In recent years, the reputation of fast food in the temple has gradually increased, and Wu Jie is also a part of the credit.

    Because Bailu Temple is very familiar with Prince De's Mansion, and they come here a lot, just looking at the direction Wu Jie is walking, Zifen immediately understands.

    To her confidant maid, Wu Jie didn't hide anything: "It's not easy to ask for help, today I have to work hard." Several dim sums are freshly made and the best, and I have to use the small kitchen of White Deer Temple later. use.

    Zifen followed, full of surprise. Her princess woke up from the last illness, and she seemed to be acting differently than before, but her demeanor was calm, and she couldn't tell what was different.

    Go up the hillside and pass through a small forest. In front of you is the famous maple forest of White Deer Temple.

    It was still a little earlier, and Maple Leaf was not in full swing as it was last year. Walking in the forest, the eyes are still full of gold and red, which is too beautiful to behold.

    Tired from walking, she remembered that there was a gazebo in front, Wu Jie wanted to go there to rest for a while. As he got closer, he heard a voice.

    "The White Deer Temple is boasting that the red maple is like fire. It looks very ordinary. It's not as good-looking as the maple trees on the mountain behind our Dabaoen Temple." A rough voice said.

    "A small country like Dongyue, Quer, can have any good scenery, let's just wait and see."

    Wu Jie stopped in her tracks. Hearing her words, it seemed that she was not from Dongyue, Dabaoen Temple... Could it be from the Northern Wei Dynasty envoys? It can't be such a coincidence!

    Wu Jie signaled the purple fennel behind her not to move, parted the branches, and looked into the distance.

    Standing or sitting in the gazebo, there are more than a dozen people inside, all tall and strong men. There are food boxes spread out on the table, full of fruit snacks, the table is messy, it seems that it has been here for a long time.

    "Hey, don't tell me, Dongyue also has good things. For example, a local specialty that has been famous since the previous dynasty." A greasy voice sounded.

    "What specialty? Let's hear it. I went out for a while, and I was wondering what to bring back home."

    "Haha, Lao Dou, you must never buy this special product. Even if you buy it, you can't take it home. Otherwise, I'm afraid your family will be ruined."

    "What specialty?" Whetted by that greasy voice, several voices kept asking.

    "It's the skinny horse of this misty and rainy land! The Three Kingdoms of Haidong occupies a rich land, with good water and soil. The local women all have almond eyes and peach cheeks, and fair skin. The skinny horses they produce, hehe, are wonderful! But peerless What a horse!" The obscene words behind him were unbearable.

    Wu Jie stood behind the tree and listened, frowning in disgust.

    Openly discussing such a dirty topic in a pure place of Buddhism, and the contempt for Dongyue revealed in the words of this group of people... all made her extremely uncomfortable.

    "What skinny horse? A horse that's too skinny. Doesn't it run fast?" Suddenly, a clear and childish voice interjected.

    Wu Jie looked over, and the person asking the question was a blue-clothed boy sitting on the north side, with his back turned to this side, so he couldn't see his face clearly.

    His question made the laughter in the gazebo stop immediately.

    Lao Wang coughed twice: "Ah, this, Little Mo, you are too young to understand."

    "Little Mo is not young anymore, he is 14 years old, his brother brought him here to practice more. Haha, let me tell you, this skinny horse is really fun to ride..."

    "Old Wang, you are not being kind, how can you say these things to Little Mo. Even if the prince hears it and doesn't punish you, be careful that Mo's guard thinks you have spoiled your brother, and will fight you desperately!" The one sitting on the east side spoke The tall man seemed to be the leader of this group of people, but he said threats in his mouth, but his tone was casual, obviously he didn't think it was a big deal.

    The clear voice said with a smile: "It's okay, my brother brought me out, just wanting to broaden my horizons."

    "Haha, this is the spirit of men in our army." The naughty man called Old Wang patted Little Mo on the shoulder and laughed loudly, "A skinny horse is a beauty who has been carefully raised and trained, but The gift on the bed..."

    Little Mo suddenly realized, a layer of rosiness appeared on her beautiful face.

    Seeing him shy, several men burst into laughter.

    Old Wang teased deliberately: "Don't say this skinny horse is vulgar, all of them are delicate and elegant beauties. Those poets and literati like it the most. It's not even the name of the great poet of the former dynasty. The skinny horse hurt me, haha, it must be riding too much."

    Standing behind the tree, Wu Jie was furious. If eyes could kill, the group of vulgar people in front of her would have been wiped out.

    The first crime of swearing in the pure place of Buddhism is that they contemptuously insult Dongyue. The second crime is that they insult the poems of the sages so much.

    This thin horse line is obviously a poet's work of self-injury. In addition to sadness and loss, there is also an aftertaste of being old and ambitious, but these people slandered it out of thin air and twisted it into obscenity. Uncle can bear it, and aunt can't bear it ...

    The young man surnamed Mo also raised doubts, "I remember this sentence doesn't seem to mean that?"

    "Oh, Little Mo also studied poetry! It's amazing. You don't know, the ancient poems like metaphors, what they say is not necessarily what it is. Hey, for example, in the gazebo in front of you, you look at the couplets on the pillars What the hell... Bamboo has no sound and the heart rests on its own, the whole body is nothing but spring, what spring, heart, who knows what the monk who wrote these thoughts is thinking, maybe he is talking about spring and heart, and he doesn't want to practice Buddhism anymore. .”

    Immediately someone laughed loudly: "Haha, old Wang, that's Wan Lai, not Wan Zhu, so don't talk nonsense if you don't understand."

    "And where did you hear the poem about the thin horse in the eastern suburbs? It's not a show off like that."

    Facing everyone's ridicule, Lao Wang stiffened his neck: "What is this? One day when our Great Wei marches southward and occupies the three kingdoms of Haidong, I will come over and change this couplet. Just write Dongdong The skinny horse in the suburbs hurt me, anyway, it's all the words of a sage, it's all the same, it's all the same!"

    Everyone burst into laughter. Someone shouted: "Then you only have the upper line, not the lower line!"

    Wu Jie was so angry that she was listening behind the tree. Can't listen anymore, or she suspects she might explode like a puffer fish.

    She turned around angrily, ready to leave.

    Maybe it was because she moved too much, and the dead branches under her feet made a rustling sound.

    Suddenly there was a shout from the gazebo, "Who! What are you doing sneaking around?"


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