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    The laughter in the gazebo stopped immediately.

    A group of men came to their senses, and their faces were a little ugly. Just now they were bragging and joking a little too much. It's fine for their own family members to gather together and talk, but it's really not good to be heard. Especially now that it is the identity of the envoys, representing the Great Wei's envoy to East Vietnam, always have to worry about the country's face. It's not in their Great Wei imperial guard barracks, any foul language doesn't matter.

    Seeing the two people quickly come down from the gazebo, they went to investigate here.

    Zifen's complexion changed, she took a step forward, and stood in front of Wu Jie.

    "Princess, let's go."

    Wu Jie's footsteps moved, but instead of retreating, she bypassed Zifen and went forward.

    Zifen had no choice but to walk out from behind the tree and stand beside Wu Jie nervously.

    The people in the gazebo saw clearly that they were two young girls.

    Most people feel relieved, seeing that the clothes are mostly rich ladies who come to offer incense nearby. What can a weak woman understand? I don't understand words like skinny horse at all, and even if I do, I'm afraid I'd be ashamed to speak them out.

    Moreover, they will not know their identities, at most they will be regarded as quack men passing by here.

    The leader of the guards, Yu Chida, had a flash of thought, and he cupped his hands casually, and said with a smile, "I'll wait for the guards to pass by here, and come to enjoy the scenery. I don't want to disturb Miss, but I'm still looking at Haihan."

    What bodyguard is passing by, do you want to pretend to be a bodyguard? It turns out that you also know that the words just now are inappropriate!

    Wu Jie's eyes fell on the table full of messy dishes they ate. Although there was no alcohol or meat, the fast food at White Deer Temple was famous for its exquisiteness. Feeding this group of vulgar goods was really a secret. A flash of inspiration flashed in her heart, Wu Jie smiled and did not poke them, she raised her hand to make Zihui take a step back.

    Under the amazed gazes of the people on the opposite side, she smiled slightly, "I just passed by here, and I heard that a few of you want to match pairs, and they only learned Yada, so I admire it. The little girl has little talent, but she happens to have a ready-made couplet that can cater to her."

    Yuchida and the others were stunned for a moment, and said involuntarily, "Miss, please tell me."

    "The second line is, Xiyuan's fat sheep entered my intestines."

    This sentence is quite vulgar, like the doggerel popular in the market. This woman looked graceful, beautiful and graceful, and she couldn't think of a literary talent.

    Yuchida laughed dryly, and flattered casually: "East versus west, skinny horse versus fat sheep, uh, it's really clever. Miss is talented."

    "Don't dare to take it." Wu Jie shrugged.

    Yuchida couldn't help laughing, he didn't know which family's daughter was showing off her talents with his group of soldiers.

    It's just that seeing the other party face them directly, talking freely, without any sign of shrinking or retreating, this makes them look up. It is said that the women in the land of Wuyue are shy and introverted, but it seems that is not always the case.

    Suddenly there was a burst of laughter, with a hint of crispness, it was the boy surnamed Mo. He stood up, followed him to the outside of the pavilion, and stood beside Yuchida.

    Wu Jie raised her eyebrows slightly, she was such a smart young man, handsome beyond the ordinary, although she looked a little immature, but she could still imagine her superb demeanor in the future.

    The two looked at each other, and the young man surnamed Mo couldn't help but ask, "Miss, have you ever been to the north?"

    "The little girl has never left her hometown in this life."

    "Oh." The boy surnamed Mo glanced at her meaningfully.

    Facing a stranger, it's not easy to talk too much, Wu Jie cupped her hands slightly, shook her sleeves and turned to leave.

    Seeing her walking far away, Yuchida heaved a sigh of relief, "What an elf lady! This woman from Dongyue looks like a ball of water, but she doesn't seem to be as shy as in the legend."

    Lao Wang continued to show his humble nature: "These two little ladies are so beautiful, I don't know who will be blessed to marry and go home with a bed and two beauties..."

    Yu Chida immediately reprimanded: "Shut up! These may be local ladies. If people talk behind their backs, they will only laugh at our Great Wei for not being polite."

    Lao Wang muttered a few words stubbornly: "Look at their clothes, they are maidservants at most..." Seeing the boss's face was serious, he didn't dare to say any more.

    Because she was going to cook, Wu Jie was dressed very plainly, her whole body was painted in green and silver gray, not as bright as the purple fennel beside her.

    "That's also the maidservant of a rich family, so it's not something you can talk about casually." Yuchida reprimanded his subordinates. Thanks to his quick response, he covered up his identity just now, so that these rough people can no longer be allowed to act recklessly and tarnish the reputation of the envoy. After all, in the overall strategic situation of the imperial court, Dongyue is an important part, and it needs to be wooed.

    "Stop talking nonsense, you won't stop until you are heard by the prince and the high deputy envoy and beat you up."

    Yuchida continued to reprimand his subordinates, when suddenly a clear voice came from behind him.

    "What is a board?"

    Two young and handsome figures walked out slowly from behind the woods, followed by several attendants.

    The one with sword-brows and star-eyed eyes is extraordinarily handsome, and his silver-gray gown is even more noble and noble. The other has elegant eyebrows and an elegant demeanor.

    A group of people hurriedly stepped down from the gazebo to salute. "Subordinates refer to the prince and Lord Gao."

    The two were the two envoys from Wei State who led the envoys to East Vietnam this time. The one in front was Yuan Zhe, Prince of Zizi, who was the confidant of Emperor Wei, and Gao Hongyuan, the deputy envoy, who was in the third rank at a young age. Using these two men as envoys shows that Great Wei attaches great importance to the conquest of East Vietnam.

    Yuan Zhe folded his fan horizontally, tapped his palm, and said with a smile: "There is no need to pay attention to these things outside. What were you talking about just now?"

    Yuchida didn't dare to hide anything, so he quickly told the whole story.

    Yuan Zhe couldn't laugh or cry, "You savages, let you wait in the gazebo, eat some vegetarian fruits and talk about meat. The famous vegetarian fruits of White Deer Temple can't fill your mouths. I don't know , I thought they were all full of yellow soup."

    Yuchida observed his words and knew that the prince was not really angry, so he immediately laughed and said, "I'm afraid it's because the stomach is too plain, so I can't control my mouth." These days when they came to Yue Country, they lived in the Wenhua Pavilion that specially entertained envoys from various countries. For fear of delaying the business, everyone was cautious in their words and deeds, and they were very depressed. It is rare to come to this mountain and forest, and talk and laugh casually when you relax for a while.

    "If you can't control it, you have to control it." Yuan Zhe said with a straight face. Thinking about it, I passed by the forest just now, and I seemed to see the figure of the woman I mentioned, across the forest, I could see the graceful and elegant appearance, I don't know which family's daughter it is, so bold.


    " can you talk more to these idlers, it's too disrespectful." Zihui said hesitantly.

    Under Zifen's reproachful gaze, Wu Jie spread her hands, "At first I wanted to leave, but the situation is not forgiving. If I retreat like this, I will lose face." The distance between the two parties was dozens of steps away when they were talking. Even if Mr. Taoism comes, he can't find fault.

    "But you said a few words, but you didn't win back any face."

    Wu Jie smiled and said nothing.

    Zihui thought that her persuasion had worked, and continued: "My lord, many of these bodyguards who travel the rivers and lakes are gangster-like figures in the local area, and sometimes they will start their hands when they disagree with each other, and they will even do some kidnapping. Blackmail thing."

    "Isn't there an expert like you?" Wu Jie laughed. Zifen was originally from a military family, so she knows some boxing skills.

    "Two fists are no match for four hands, and I just know some rough kung fu. If they really want to hurt the princess, the life of the servant is not a big deal, but the princess' safety is more important." Zihui said earnestly.

    They are not real bodyguards, but the dignified Great Wei envoys, and this trip is to win over Dongyue, and they will never do anything illegal. There is also that Yu Chida, who is the emperor's confidant, and is now the deputy commander of the imperial guards, a fourth-rank official who holds military power. I remember that only two or three years later, he made great achievements on the battlefield. Before his death, he seemed to have been promoted to a third-rank General Zhenwei.

    But Zifen has a heart of love for herself, Wu Jie couldn't bear to let her down, so she followed her wishes and nodded repeatedly.

    Seeing that she listened to persuasion, Zifen couldn't continue nagging.

    When we arrived at the Suzhai Hall, Master Runtong, the chief steward of the back kitchen, got the news early and waited at the door with his staff. Seeing Wu Jie coming over, she smiled apologetically.

    "His Royal Highness, the Jade Toe, has arrived, and our place is full of splendor. I heard the steward of the noble palace came to report, and I couldn't believe it. Unexpectedly, after two years, I will be able to see the superb skills of His Royal Highness again."

    "Thank you, master. I don't know that all the ingredients I want are ready." Wu Jie went straight to the point.

    "As soon as I heard the news yesterday, the little monk ordered someone to go down the mountain to buy it, to ensure that it is the freshest."

    Master Runtong led Wu Jie into the clean and spacious kitchen. The nearby idlers and others had been cleared away long ago. Only two cooks brought from the palace stood by the stove to help, and there were three others. Four handsome and clever little novice monks helped.

    Wu Jie looked with satisfaction at the various mountain delicacies such as mushrooms and sausages that had been prepared on the stove. The cook has also prepared the bottom of the seasoning pot.

    Seeing Wu Jie started to do something, Master Runtong breathed a sigh of relief. He quietly exited the room, and just as he walked outside to the eaves, he was suddenly pulled by his sleeve by a man.

    Prince De's mansion has frequent contacts with Bailu Temple, so he naturally recognizes Zifen, the eldest maid next to the princess.

    "What's the matter, girl?"

    "The princess just explained a small matter, please help Master." Then Zihui lowered her voice and said Wu Jie's request.

    Master Runtong nodded again and again, and said with a smile: "It's a trivial matter, and I will leave it to the monk."

    In the kitchen, Wu Jie was concentrating on all kinds of ingredients and pots and pans. After half an hour, a strange aroma wafted from the stove.

    The cook took the baked vegetarian fruit out of the oven and put it on the table. There are twelve naive little rabbits lying peacefully on a plate. The skin is white and yellow, crispy and sweet. On the other plate were white and ruddy peaches, which looked like pastries, but smelled like peaches. The other plate is the butterfly crisp, but it is not the usual burnt yellow, but a gorgeous purple red, with cherry juice added in it, and the last plate is golden ingots filled with candied dates.

    After making up four kinds of dim sum, Master Runtong just came back, overjoyed, "Oh, His Highness, such a skillful hand, is not the reincarnation of the dragon girl in front of the Bodhisattva seat, this fruit is the fresh fruit picked by the fairy, what? Some people are willing to move their mouths."

    Wu Jie has long been accustomed to his exaggerated compliments.

    He ordered people to send several plates of dim sum to the presiding abbot and Lu Clan who was preparing to eat vegetarian food, and then he personally carried a food box to visit Master Guangxin.


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