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    Master Guangxin lives in a courtyard behind the temple, with beautiful mountains and clear waters and shaded by trees.

    Entering the courtyard, saw an old monk with white beard and rosy face sitting under the grape vines, surrounded by green and thick purple, which made the old monk look like a fairy with his white hair and youthful face.

    This old monk looks very good, no wonder the palace is extremely favored, especially he has a good medical skill of rejuvenation, many people worship him as a living god.

    But these years have indeed treated many people. heard that even South Chen and the Northern Wei Dynasty had traveled thousands of miles to seek medical treatment.

    Two little novice monks in charge of sweeping are cleaning up the cups and cups on the table.

    Wu Jie's eyes fell on it, and she couldn't help being surprised: "Master, did you have a visitor just now?"

    Master Guangxin is old, and he rarely sees outsiders these years.

    "They're all ordinary people, and they try to bother me, an outsider, with ordinary things. Alas, I've lived in Buddhism for decades, but I can't be pure." Master Guangxin sighed, with a worried look on his brows.

    Wu Jie secretly wondered what could make a cheerful and optimistic person worry, and put the food box on the stone table with ease.

    Master Guangxin's eyes lit up, and his worry was swept away: "Good girl, what delicious food did you bring this time, I can smell it. It's a sin, a sin, and I hooked out all the gluttons in my stomach. "

    As he spoke, he was about to reach out to open the box.

    But Wu Jie stopped her with her hand. "Master, listen to me first, this snack can't be eaten for nothing."

    Guangxin laughed twice, "I said, why are you willing to come here this time, little girl? This is a difficult problem to test my old bones!"

    Wu Jie brewed her feelings for a while, and said with red eyes: "Master's words are serious, the little girl is here to ask Master for help!"

    Guangxin sighed and sat up straight. "Is it because of the envoys from the Northern Wei Dynasty?"

    Wu Jie paused, "People outside the master's party are quite well-informed about the affairs of the court."

    Guangxin glanced at her: "Your father hasn't come here to play chess with me for a long time. My hands are itchy, so I can't help asking about it."


    "Don't worry, South Chen will never sit back and watch an important ally like Dongyue fall to the enemy's country. I am afraid that within a few days, envoys will be sent here. As long as your father begs His Majesty more, plus Empress Chen and the envoys of South Chen acted in the way, and they would definitely keep the Northern Wei Dynasty at bay."

    Wu Jie's brows twitched: "Master, please don't speak nonsense. Wouldn't this offend the Northern Wei Dynasty greatly? The Northern Wei Dynasty is now raging like fire, sweeping the world, and Dongyue is only a small country, how dare we fight against it? In the future, the Great Wei will unify the world. Why don't I, Dongyue Facing catastrophe."

    "How do you know that the Great Wei won the world? South Chen was only temporarily frustrated this time, maybe the monarch and his ministers will be of the same mind..."

    "Master, don't fool me. It's clear at a glance which of the two countries is stronger or weaker. What's more, the Northern Wei Dynasty defeated South Chen, so that most of the border between East Vietnam and the Northern Wei Dynasty now borders. Don't look at the envoys of the Northern Wei Dynasty who treat each other with courtesy. If we can’t get a satisfactory answer, I’m afraid that we will send troops to attack in the blink of an eye. Could it be that South Chen will send troops to rescue at that time?”

    In his previous life, when the East Vietnamese soldiers approached the city, he also sent someone to ask for help from South Chen, but unfortunately South Chen shrank to one side and did not see any movement.

    Guangxin twirled his beard: "It's rare that you have such insight?"

    Of course it is knowledge, she has seen it with her own eyes in her previous life, and she has known it personally!

    Wu Jie continued to use her sharp tongue: "Master is still thinking about your father playing chess with you. I don't know that father is worrying day and night. He is only worried about being separated from each other. If the bad things happen, I am afraid that my father will never be in the mood again." Come play chess with the master."

    Guangxin couldn't help laughing out loud, "You girl, you must ask me, an old bone, to come forward. Well, anyway, the empress will hold a Buddhist meeting in the palace next month, and the people in the temple are invited to come. Going to talk about scriptures and Dharma, I will forcefully go there."

    "What will Master plan to say then?" Wu Jie opened her eyes wide, staring at the old monk in front of her.

    Guangxin stroked his gray beard, squinted his eyes, the old god was there, "The poor monk has a little knowledge of face-to-face, and saw that the princess of Prince De's family has a special horoscope, which fits Xinshao's feng shui, so it is not suitable to marry far away, otherwise you will be married." It will bring disaster to Dongyue."

    "This... is too exaggerated." Wu Jie commented.

    "Oh, then the princess's fate is precious, and she will be a prosperous husband after rebirth. If she marries into the Northern Wei Dynasty, I'm afraid it will help the country and make the Northern Wei Dynasty even more arrogant... Presumably the empress is not willing to join the enemy."

    Master Guangxin blinked slyly, "Anyway, the princess is at ease, I will leave it to the old monk."

    Wu Jie was overjoyed, and Yingying paid homage: "Thank you, master."

    "You don't need to be too polite, just open the box quickly and let me taste your handicraft."

    With fruit stuffed in his mouth, the old monk sighed again, "In a few days, South Chen's envoy will also come. I'm afraid your father will be even busier. Alas, you are not free in the prison."

    Wu Jie paused, the envoy of South Chen...she indeed arrived in Dongyue three days later in her memory, and a thought suddenly came to her.

    After bidding farewell to Master Guangxin, Wu Jie returned to the main hall, and the vegetarian food was ready.

    Wu Wan sat in Lu Clan's arms, holding a matsutake honey ball in her left hand, and holding two skewers of grilled mushrooms in her right hand, eating happily, her cheeks bulging like a little hamster.

    Seeing the eldest daughter enter the door, Lu Clan put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth, and said with a smile, "Being hooked by the aroma, I couldn't help but started eating."

    "It's because the daughter delayed the time when she went out, so how can I make my mother wait for a long time hungry." Wu Jie sat next to Lu Clan, and the maid brought the bowls and chopsticks.

    Lu Clan is in good spirits, and it seems that the lottery he is seeking is a good one. Eating the snacks made by Wu Jie, she couldn't help but mutter: "It's just a trip, why bother to make these things myself."

    "My daughter hasn't cooked for a long time, so it's rare to come here to honor my mother, and I will also give a copy to Master Guangxin."

    Lu Clan also knows that her husband and daughter are close friends with Master Guangxin here, senior chess friends, and elders worthy of respect.

    "However, you did it this time, and I feel that the taste is a lot stronger. It suits Wan'er's taste."

    Wu Jie was taken aback. After living in the Northland for five years, she gradually got used to the taste there, and even brought it out unconsciously when she was cooking.

    She stretched out her bamboo chopsticks to pick up a tofu ball and put it in her mouth, feeling all sorts of emotions.

    "What kind of signature did mother ask for?"

    "The ancient tree in Dongjun has sprouted, and Dongjun loves this branch alone. The one who unwraps the lottery is said to be the winner. Although there are twists and turns, it will eventually come true."

    After finishing the vegetarian meal, Wu Jie accompanied Lu Clan to the Hou Temple to enjoy the scenery. After eating, she prepared to return.

    Walking out of the main hall, before reaching the gate, I suddenly heard a shout: "You guys are a black shop! Where can such expensive vegetarian food be found!"

    It attracted the attention of everyone around.

    It was a dozen or so men standing in front of the hall, arguing with the guest monks in the hall. The leader was Yu Chida, who repeatedly exclaimed, "The first-class meal I had at the Dabaoen Temple was only twenty taels of silver. A meal was one thousand taels, and they were all vegetarian, which is simply unheard of."

    A handsome young man next to him waved his fan, and the tall man immediately fell silent.

    "The prices in East Vietnam are already more expensive than other places, but it's uncommon for a meal of Vegetarian Food to cost a thousand taels. Do you know what to say?"

    The Zhike monk has a respectful attitude: "donor, please don't be angry. This vegetarian food is a special product of our temple. It has been consecrated by Master Guangxin. After eating it, you must have clear thoughts, be healthy, cure diseases, and replenish the body when you are not sick. Every one There will be a special table every month, and this time it happens to be enjoyed by the benefactors. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the benefactors for advice, or look up the merit book of our temple. Last month, the silk merchant spent three thousand taels of silver in exchange for What about this table?"

    Wu Jie couldn't help but want to laugh, this vegetarian meal is indeed one table per month, unique, but it is all given to the big donor who donated the most sesame oil that month. Of course, those who come to White Deer Temple are either rich or expensive, and those who ate this vegetarian meal several times donated thousands of taels.

    The Zhike monk is reversing cause and effect, secretly changing concepts.

    "Look at your looks. Just now, these benefactors pointed out that they would bring up the most precious things in our temple. They didn't dare to neglect the distinguished guests. The monks and others followed the instructions and offered this vegetarian food. Ordinary people want to eat it, so they can eat it." Not yet."

    Yuchida was at a loss for words for a moment, they did say these things, but based on common sense, the most expensive meal in White Deer Temple is at most a few tens of taels of silver, who would have thought that there are other consecrated meals, isn't this all a lie? ?

    The Zhike monk was eloquent and eloquent, and described a vegetarian meal about the existence of heaven and earth. Then he changed the subject: "Of course, the pure places of Buddhism don't pay much attention to this. If the donors are too shy, they can give as they please. It doesn't matter how much it is. Even a tael of silver is also a great merit. "

    It's all said and done, you have to cherish your face, especially with so many pilgrims staring at you.

    Yuan Zhe laughed loudly: "Master Guangxin has immeasurable merit and virtue. We are lucky enough to eat it. We are lucky. I only hope that this vegetarian meal can really bless us with clear thoughts and smooth things."

    Wei Yi signaled, and the steward behind him immediately handed over the bank note.

    The Zhike monk accepted it with a smile, without counting, just bowed and saluted, and kept saying good things.

    Everyone in Yuchida's complexion turned black, and they always felt that they were cheated!

    Wu Jie looked at it from the side and was full of laughter. Fortunately, she had changed her clothes just now and was wearing a veiled hat, so she was not afraid of their recognition.

    When all the envoys went out, the deputy envoy Gao Hongyuan scolded: "You are too careless!"

    The guards bowed their heads obediently to be scolded.

    Yuan Zhe, who just broke his fortune, smiled, "Forget it, if you spend a lot of money, just treat it as a face for Master Guangxin."

    "I always feel that this is killing us like fat sheep." Gao Hongyuan rubbed his chin and couldn't help but whispered.

    The guard of Little Mo next to him laughed and said, "Aren't they really a herd of fat sheep, they are from Xiyuan."

    As soon as the words caught his ears, Yuchida suddenly thought of the second couplet of the doggerel,

    Xiyuan fat sheep into my intestines?

    Could it be... it shouldn't be! Just an ordinary girl, how could she instigate this White Deer Temple. Maybe it's because the Bailu Temple's "Kaiguang Zhaifan" is expensive and too famous. As a local, the girl has heard of it for a long time, so seeing everyone eating happily, she deliberately made sarcastic remarks, and even reminded herself not to be a spendthrift and foolish.

    I hate that my group of rough people only focus on eating, drinking, talking and laughing, and they didn't react at all.

    A ridicule would be misunderstood as good intentions, if Wu Jie knew Yuchida's idea, she would laugh so hard that her stomach hurts. In particular, she entrusted Master Runtong to "specially offer" this Qianjin Vegetarian Dish.

    "Okay, let's take it as an invitation to invite Master Guangxin's money. You don't have to worry about this matter. Don't mention it later." Yuan Zhe said with a smile, noncommittal.

    Gao Hongyuan smiled and said: "That's right, if it costs only this little price, we can invite Master Guangxin, which is considered cheap for us."

    Everyone set off and walked out, just as the family members of Prince De's Mansion were also walking out.

    The guard surnamed Mo walked behind, secretly wondering, the Great Wei imperial guards camp was stationed in the north of the city, a place called Xiyuan, since the girl had never been to the Northland, she probably wouldn't know about it, Xiyuan, Xiyuan, Is it really just a coincidence?

    He glanced over, and not far away, the servants were surrounding two slim girls into the carriage, and the figure in front of them seemed very familiar.


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