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    With the posture of dragon and phoenix, Wu Jie twitched the corners of her mouth. This smiling tiger is quite appropriate as a compliment.

    That's right, the prince in front of you is Wu Jie pretending to be. Pretending to be Wu Zhen is already familiar to her.

    Lu Clan and Concubine Lu are sisters, Emperor Zheng En and Prince De are brothers, so Wu Jie and Wu Zhen are actually very similar in appearance, men and women are different on weekdays, and their makeup is different, only three points similar. Putting on men's clothes, it's seven or eight points. If you add skillful makeup and carvings, you can get nine points.

    I discovered this coincidence three years ago, when the clan went hunting in the North Palace, Wu Jie changed into a man's clothes on a whim, and when she just went out, the palace people mistakenly thought it was His Royal Highness the Crown Prince himself, and they all surrounded her to serve her. Only then did Wu Jie realize that she was The appearance is so similar to the prince's brother. She was naughty, deliberately not pointing out, and played around with a few attendants. It wasn't until the Prince's attendants came out that the mystery was revealed.

    Everyone can't laugh or cry. Concubine Lu Gui heard about it, and deliberately asked her to dress up as a man, standing with her son, and said with a smile, "Aren't these two brothers?"

    Afterwards, Wu Jie disguised herself several times. She was having fun, but an embarrassing incident happened.

    That day she changed into men's clothing and met Wu Tang. Wu Tang recognized that the elder brother of the prince was a fake. He was very surprised and invited Wu Jie to play in her palace.

    Wu Jie played with her two younger sisters in Weiyang Palace for a while, and happened to meet Empress Chen.

    At that time, because of the hot weather and in her daughter's inner room, Empress Chen's clothes were thin and her skin was half exposed. Seeing the prince coming in, she didn't shy away from herself and was furious, but she didn't show her face, and left in a hurry after explaining a few words.

    Wu Jie thought she had recognized herself.

    Unexpectedly, Empress Chen went to cry to Emperor Zhengen, saying that the prince didn't know etiquette, didn't know how to avoid taboos when entering the imperial sister's inner room, and even disrespected his aunt.

    This caused a small court disturbance. Of course Wu Jie explained clearly afterwards.

    Knowing that this was an oolong, Emperor Zhengen laughed and didn't take it seriously.

    Empress Chen felt that she was greatly ashamed, and since then she has a lot of feelings for Wu Jie. And Wu Jie understood, and gradually reduced the number of times she entered the palace, and never changed into men's clothes again.

    Now that the situation is in crisis, have no choice but to repeat the old tricks.

    Seeing Yuan Zhe approaching, Wu Jie stood up to meet him, and the two met each other with respect.

    "His Royal Highness Prince Zi is over-reputed, trapped in this place, but a feather in a humble nest, how dare he bear the name of a young phoenix." Wu Jie said bluntly.

    Stuck here? Yuan Zhe was a little surprised by the straightforwardness of the prince, but more so. The rumors that the prince and empress Chen had a disagreement were true. As long as you win over the crown prince, are you afraid of South Chen's actions?

    Yuan Zhe smiled slightly: "The young Phoenix Tsinghua is peerless and independent. Although there are occasional bad winds and dark clouds covering the sky, I believe there must be a chance for the clouds to clear and the phoenix to spread its wings."

    "Thank you for your kind words, Your Highness Prince Zi." Wu Jie smiled, "Now that you are tied up, you can't help but complain a few words, which makes His Highness laugh."

    "Where, His Highness the Crown Prince regards me, Yuan Zhe, as a friend, so he can tell you so frankly. I also hit it off with Your Highness." While speaking, he stepped forward to hold Wu Jie's hand.

    You're so good at climbing poles too! Wu Jie resisted the urge to pull her hand out, feeling a chill in her heart, but she still smiled warmly on her face: "His Royal Highness Prince Zi is unparalleled, and his reputation is indeed well-deserved."

    Yuan Zhe pulled Wu Jie into the gazebo and sat down, said with a smile: "I heard that His Highness is in poor health, so I thought it would be impossible to see him this time."

    "To be honest, before the evil bees attacked people, I and several palace people around me were seriously injured. Fortunately, there was a medical officer in the palace, and the ancestral secret medicine had a miraculous detoxification effect, so I was able to recover." Wu Jie said with lingering fear. caressed his cheek. Taking advantage of the situation, he took his hand out of Yuan Zhe's.

    Is it due to the magic medicine, or is the prince in front of him not injured at all, deliberately pretending to be injured so as to avoid Queen Chen's next round? Yuan Zhe looked at the smooth and blemish-free skin of the young man in front of him, knowing it well, and joked: "The poisonous bee in the south is really powerful!"

    Everyone is a person who has experienced the court for a long time, so there is no need to say some things too bluntly.

    Yuan Zhe approached, and said meaningfully: "The weather in our Great Wei has been good these years, and there have been no such poisonous insects to harm His Highness. If His Royal Highness has the opportunity, you can go to the capital of our Great Wei, and you will know that what I said is true."

    Wu Jie smiled slightly: "The weather in Great Wei has been good these years, and the sea is clear and the rivers are clear. I really admire it. I just heard that the climate in the north is extremely cold, and there are inevitably bad winds and cold rains. Alas, to be honest, I have always been weak and sick, and I really can't bear it." Those storms and setbacks."

    After speaking, she stared at Yuan Zhe, looking forward to the answer.

    Yuan Zhe lowered his eyes, knowing that the other party was asking, if he married the Northern Wei Dynasty, would he repeat the mistakes of Empress Chen in the future, controlling the government and harming the clan?

    In all fairness, such temptations and inquiries are a bit impolite. In particular, Dongyue is weak and weak, caught in the middle of the two, there is no room for choice at all.

    It's just that the young man in front of him is so radiant, Yuan Zhe didn't get angry at such rude probing and questioning, instead he said with a smile: "How can a talent like His Highness allow the evil wind and cold rain to come close?"

    Wu Jie said in a deep voice: "Father is also a person of great talent, but unfortunately he is still controlled by others and cannot be free. Times are forcing people, how can talent alone be able to resist? In the next ten years, I have already seen Father. I have been bored all my life, and I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.”

    The straightforwardness of these words simply surprised Yuan Zhe.

    Wu Jie didn't say a word, and let him look at her with surprised eyes. Time was running out, and she really didn't have time to chat with him. If you want to marry, you must have sincerity. Everyone lists the conditions, and it is faster to go straight. And for the future happiness of the prince's brother, she must work hard to fight for it.

    "Your Highness is a straightforward person. If I make more twists and turns, I will actually insult His Highness." Yuan Zhe finally restrained his surprise, and talked frankly, "I'm sorry, let me ask first, Your Highness thinks that I, the Northern Wei Dynasty and South Chen, Which one is stronger and which one is weaker?"

    "Naturally, Northern Wei is strong and South Chen is weak."

    This answer was expected, Yuan Zhe continued: "I have only been on the throne for a year, and South Chen wanted to take advantage of my national mourning to go north to attack, but was beaten to cede the land for peace..."

    What he said was already very polite, and Wu Jie knew that Yenan had just been captured by 100,000 iron cavalry in the Northern Wei Dynasty, and South Chen was in decline. It was suppressed by the Northern Wei Dynasty.

    "Great Wei has the ambition to annex the world, and even has the ability to annex the world, but I don't know where in the future in the world territory of the Northern Wei Dynasty, where is my country in Dongyue?" Wu Jie asked bluntly.

    Yuan Zhe paused, deeply aware of the difficulty of this question, and then replied after a while: "If Your Highness is devoted to my Northern Wei Dynasty, I am not a perfidious person in the Northern Wei Dynasty. I dare not say anything else. Eternal wealth and honor will definitely be guaranteed."

    Wu Jie smiled, she didn't fully believe in Yuan Zhe's promise, but at this time, serving the Northern Wei Dynasty, no matter what, it would not be better than the miserable end in her previous life.

    "The world has been divided for more than 200 years. The heroes have risen together, and the killings have continued, and the people have suffered unspeakably. If there is a Ming Lord to rule the world, it is the luck of the people. Even if you are not talented, you can't stop it with the glory and safety of one person. Blessings in the world."

    Wu Jie said sincerely that choosing to serve in the Northern Wei Dynasty was not only for the safety of one person and one country, but also a good thing for the war-torn common people if the war can be eliminated.

    Yuan Zhe seemed to have a feeling, he stood up, solemnly cupped his hands and said: "If one day it is as His Highness said, Yuan Zhe will live up to today's promise."

    After deciding on their position, the two quickly implemented the short-term plan.

    "I, Great Wei, have several princesses waiting in my boudoir, all of whom are outstanding in appearance, with both talents and looks..." Halfway through the words, Yuan Zhe felt a little guilty. He didn't feel bad for his sisters at first, but in front of this person Bragging about her daughter's talent and appearance seems to be a bit inconsistent with her reputation.

    "Uh, I still have a small portrait in my hands. If the two countries want to tie the Qin and Jin ties, Your Highness can preview it first."

    Even the small portrait was brought, and it was really sincere. In his previous life, he hadn't even noticed that the Northern Wei Dynasty really expected so much for the prince's marriage.

    "If there is a chance, I will visit from now on, but it is difficult to go out these days." Wu Jie said with a smile.

    Yuan Zhe showed a smile that I understand. After all, the prince is still pretending to be sick, and he is acting all the time. He can't just recover from illness.

    "The marriage procedure is complicated, and we will have to stay in your place for a few days, and we will meet again one day." Yuan Zhe was not in a hurry, changed the subject, and smiled again, "I, Great Wei, am very sincere, but I just don't know How sincere is Your Highness the Crown Prince?"

    Empty talk is not enough, how do you know that the father and son are not singing double reeds, and they are trying to ensure that neither side will be offended.

    Wu Jie smiled, "Guzheng has a piece of news to send, I wonder if King Zi is interested?"

    "What is it?"

    "According to inside information, South Chen has urgently sent an envoy to Dongyue, and it must arrive within two days."

    Yuan Zhe was noncommittal, they had long been on guard against South Chen's move, they had ambushed heavy soldiers on the Songjiang waterway connecting the two countries, and would never let South Chen's envoy enter the territory of East Vietnam alive. In fact, just this afternoon, he had already received the news that his ambush had succeeded in intercepting the South Chen envoy and wiped out hundreds of them.

    "The real South Chen envoys did not take the Songjiang waterway. This time they took the Nanping mountain road." Wu Jie continued to share her news.

    Yuan Zhe was surprised. Their Great Wei ambushed the killer's hidden lines on both water and land to block the way of Nanchen's envoy. But if you take a detour to Nanping and take the mountain road, it is really unexpected.

    Wu Jie heaved a sigh of relief. In her previous life, South Chen attached great importance to this peace talk, and sent two envoys, one bright and one dark, to draw the attention of the ambush soldiers of the Northern Wei Dynasty through the Songjiang waterway, while the dark line traveled from the mountain road, day and night, Although it took two or three times longer to reach Dongyue, he escaped the pursuit of the Northern Wei Dynasty and finally arrived at the court of Dongyue three days later.

    Looking back now, it should be that these envoys brought more lucrative conditions, coupled with Empress Chen's obstruction, and finally succeeded in changing the position of Emperor Zhengen and the direction of the Eastern Yue court, forcing the Northern Wei Dynasty to take the next best thing, and agreed to go and marry..

    "Thank you, Your Highness, for your advice." Yuan Zhe's eyes shone brightly.

    If the news given by Wu Jie is true, it will not only help their peace talks, but also show their own position, close to the Northern Wei Dynasty, and abandon South Chen's position.

    In this way, even if Emperor Zhengen wavers and Empress Chen controls the government, it doesn't matter.The prince's stand is firm, it is really necessary, they can even send troops to help the prince, and force Emperor Zhengen to abdicate and make way for the virtuous.


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