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    keep him?

    Xu Nian never thought about this question.

    If it wasn't for this face, she wouldn't have turned back that night, and she wouldn't have been so angry that she wanted to kill him.

    The root cause is that she couldn't get out of the nightmare that Qi Chu brought her.

    In this life, she has already decided not to have anything to do with them.

    Qi Chu's eagerness to get up just now has already involved the wound, and fine cold sweat oozes from his pale face.

    But during this period, he never frowned once, instead he waited for the answer seriously.

    Xu Nian's eyes paused for a moment, and finally moved away, saying: "You have hands and feet, why worry about nowhere to go, I saved your life, and I killed your life, the debt is equal, and the debt is not owed to each other. "

    "What you want to do after that has nothing to do with me, and you don't need to ask me."

    When she said this, she raised her chin slightly, and in just a few words, she said that she was unreasonable to the extreme.

    Qi Chu looked at her for a moment, then suddenly cupped his fists and was about to kneel again, "If Miss keeps me, I will do anything for Miss."

    Seeing that he refused to give up, Xu Nian had a headache and pulled him hard twice, her wrist was already sore.

    Hiding her trembling wrist in her sleeve, Xu Nian frowned slightly: "Are you planning to rely on me?"

    The King Yu in the previous life was like a banished fairy in the sky, talking to him, Xu Nian almost had to bathe and burn incense before he dared to bother him, why is there so little sense of distance now.

    "I really want to stay," Qi Chu looked at her, "Since Miss never planned to keep me, why did you save me on a snowy night? Why did you go to Yizhuang to kill me?"

    It was all about the point, Xu Nian looked at him suspiciously, and said: "I saved you out of good intentions, Yizhuang killed you because I misunderstood that you killed my servant, just to seek revenge, you don't have to think so much .”

    "I have already paid for the consultation fees at the medical clinic. You can rest assured to recover from your illness. After you recover from your illness, you can go wherever you want, as long as you have never seen me before."

    After finishing speaking, Xu Nian took out another bag of money and put it on the table, "This is not for you directly, but for lending to you. If in the future you become a noble person that I can't afford, if I am in trouble, May you also recite the grace of healing today."

    She felt that what she said was a rascal, and she said that the debt of gratitude was offset by the debt, but now she took the doctor's kindness for saving him and made him owe her another debt of gratitude.

    Xu Nian didn't know if she could turn this life around, she had to plan more for the future.

    Now that I can bluntly say that I should not take him in, it is because all the people I rely on are there, reminding him to remember the grace of saving his life, and it is also to prevent the situation in the future when there is no way out and there is no one to ask for help.

    He seemed to have something to say, but Xu Nian just glanced at him, turned around and left without giving him a chance.

    But after walking for a while, the footsteps behind her did not stop, people were coming and going on the street, Lian Tang held up the cloud green umbrella for her, today she was wearing a bright red, which matched the cloud blue umbrella A beautiful and moving scene.

    And the door of the medical hall was full of sick and weak people, holding on to the door frame, exhausting all their blood and shouting: "Miss, if you don't want to keep me, I have nothing to do with you. It is the best place for such a humble person to die in such a bleak winter where no one cares about him."

    Not a single sentence mentions the accidental injury to him that day, but every sentence talks about her fault that day.

    Xu Nian didn't seem to hear, and kept walking.

    Qi Chu lowered his eyes, and seemed to be disappointed and said: "How dare I extravagantly ask Miss to trouble you again, I have overstepped the limit."

    His voice gradually weakened, as if he was disheartened and completely abandoned himself.

    Xu Nian had already gotten into the carriage, she didn't seem to have heard these words, so she only let the coachman get up.

    Lian Tang quietly lifted the curtain and took a look, but he was still at the door watching them leave.

    She glanced at her young lady again. The young lady was sitting upright, but her eyes were lowered, covering all the emotions in her eyes.

    Unable to hold back his doubts, Lian Tang still asked: "Second Young Lady, I always feel that you have never been happier since you fell into the water."

    Are you not as happy as before?

    If she hadn't had those things in her previous life, she would have grown up carefree at the age of sixteen. She had nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about, and just cared about her own happiness.

    Unfortunately not anymore.

    Xu Nian lowered his eyes, smiled silently, and didn't explain, just thinking it was an insignificant matter.

    But at this time, the eyes of the people in the medical hall calmed down, and turned into a deep blackness again.

    Unexpectedly, he was not soft-hearted, but it was beyond his expectation.

    But it doesn't matter, the prey he is eyeing has never escaped.

    When Xu Nian returned home, Duke Xu happened to be talking to his wife when he passed the front hall.

    "You said that in such a big weir, you want to find a beast slave who escaped, and you don't know his appearance. Isn't this looking for a needle in a haystack and deliberately making things difficult for others?"

    "Husband has been worrying about this for the past few days?" Mrs. Xu handed him the brewed hot tea.

    "This envoy from a foreign country is coming in a menacing manner. Ever since he knew he was about to visit, there have been countless voices of opposition from the court every day, but His Majesty agreed wholeheartedly and responded to his requests. I guessed that they would not go back so easily. Maybe they ran away. The people who are here are the ones who let go by themselves, just to find a reason to attack Yandu."

    When Duke Xu talked about the trouble, he sighed: "Now I have to find someone, otherwise I have to ask Yandu to give them an explanation. What do you call this?"

    Mrs. Xu knew very little about the affairs of the court, but she frowned, "They really have the guts to embarrass Your Majesty in such a way."

    Putting down the teacup, Duke Xu took his wife's hand, "Several countries around us are staring at us, and we could have fought, but we haven't fought again for three years. The land we lost, the former prince sent by your majesty, you know thisWhat does Yibang want to take away from Yandu this time?"

    The geese have plucked their feathers, and they retreated and retreated, only to gain the other party's gains, but now His Majesty refuses to let go of the discussion about the war, so compromising, when the appetite of the wolves is fed, sooner or later there will be a catastrophe.

    Mrs. Xu couldn't guess and shook her head.

    "They want to marry a princess as a concubine to their sixty-eight-year-old monarch!"

    Duke Xu's voice was sad and indignant. From ancient times to the present, this has never been beaten, and it has never been so aggrieved to let a foreign country ask for it.

    It's a joke in the world!

    "Your Majesty has no princess under his knees, and in addition, the Chen family was improperly guarded. In order to atone for his sins, His Majesty proposed Chen Ning, the daughter of the Chen family, as Princess Wen'an, and chose a day to marry the foreign envoys on the road together."

    Xu Nian's palms were tightly clenched, because she was naive, as long as the banquet was ruined, she would give up on her sister's marriage.

    But now the guilt falls on someone else.

    Although she didn't like Chen Ning, she wasn't vicious enough to ask her to suffer for her elder sister.

    Her elder sister stayed in the military camp since she was a child, and she escaped from the hands of Hades only after her appearance was destroyed. If it was Chen Ning, the consequences would be even more dire.

    In fact, she thought about asking Father to prepare early, but there was no basis for this. If they had prepared well at the place where the accident happened, if they were known by foreigners, they would accuse them of impure intentions and intend to set up an ambush to strangle the envoys.

    It's too easy to make mistakes, so Xu Nian gave up this path from the beginning.

    Not to mention Chen Ning, the people in the surrounding Zhuangzi are all innocent, and the massacre should not be directed at them.

    Since Xu Nian knew about this matter, he couldn't ignore it with peace of mind.

    What should do?

    Just when she was so annoyed that she couldn't find a solution, someone came to inform the old lady of the Chen family to see her again.

    Xu Nian quietly hid himself, waiting for the old man of the Chen family to enter, and then stood upright by the window and listened to the corner of the wall.

    The old man of the Chen family actually brought something to the door this time, which Xu Nian did not expect.

    There was no shrewd and strong look on his face that day, and he could vaguely see a bit of embarrassment.

    He didn't show such an expression when he learned that his grandchildren almost drowned her. What are you doing here today?

    Knowing that she almost drowned her, she regretted her conscience and apologized?

    Xu Nian frowned slightly and continued to eavesdrop.

    Even after drinking two bowls of tea, the old man of the Chen family finally said the words stuck in his throat: "Duke, Your Majesty insists that I send my granddaughter to a foreign country. As you know, I am just such a granddaughter. This is really... "

    Even he himself finds it difficult to say what follows.

    He could only lower his eyebrows and lower his eyes, his forehead was covered with sweat, and his eyes were all dodging.

    Muttering and hawing for a long time with dry mouth and tongue, he said with difficulty: "I have only one granddaughter who has stepped into the coffin with half of my foot. I really can't let go."

    "Guo Gong has two daughters. I heard that the eldest daughter has been with men in the military camp all year round. Now that she has passed her flowering period, no one is asking for her. She is still in her boudoir. A destined marriage of love."

    "Why don't we switch? Let your daughter get married. My eldest and your eldest daughter had a marriage contract before, but the two have no destiny as husband and wife, so it's just pretentious. As long as you agree, I will let my eldest Entering your family, marrying Qin Jin with your little daughter, you can be regarded as having sons and daughters, and you will enjoy family happiness in the future."

    Duke Xu looked at him in shock.

    Outside, Xu Nian was dumbfounded: "...?"


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