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    Qi Chu's fingertips rubbed against the fracture, and after thinking about it for a while, it gradually became clear.

    "It's done so covertly. It seems that the people behind the scenes don't want to be noticed."

    It so happened that it happened on the night he went back, no matter how you looked at it, it seemed like he was going to plant him.

    And Qi Wenyu is the only one who has been eyeing him.

    Pointing is too obvious.

    But Qi Wenyu's whereabouts at that time, he knew very clearly, the man was too busy to take care of himself, and probably couldn't do it that night.

    "Qi Chu." Xu Nian called him suddenly.

    Qi Chu raised his eyes, and was stunned for a moment when he saw the tears on her face.

    Xu Nian wanted to say, if you think about it carefully, why do you do it yourself if you want to kill me? Perhaps, it means that someone wants to kill you and me.

    They may all be regarded as pawns.

    "Why are you crying?" He stretched out his hand to gently wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and asked puzzledly, "Is she also someone very important to you?"

    Otherwise why so sad?

    Xu Nian kept shaking her head, she grabbed Qi Chu's wrist and shook it lightly, and asked stubbornly, "Say sorry to me."

    She just bullied him and didn't know anything, so she wanted to say sorry first.

    Qi Chu was a little confused, but still looked at her, and said solemnly: "I'm sorry."

    Xu Nian stared at him for a while, and finally let out a "huh".

    Yes, why didn't you talk well in the previous life.

    They each had their own defenses, he was suspicious by nature, and she approached with a purpose, and from the beginning to the end, they only said a few more words when they quarreled.

    But at that time, was emotional, and didn't say anything good.

    "You promise me that you will not force me in the future, you will not be angry and silent, and - you will not kill me." She can only think of these for the time being.

    She looked very serious and said: "If you promise me this, I will forgive you."

    Qi Chu looked at her quietly with lowered eyes, and under her piercing gaze, he parted his thin lips lightly, and promised, "Okay."

    "Can I have a good rest now?" He stretched out his hand to touch her forehead, "It's still burning. If Miss doesn't close her eyes to sleep, she will probably suffer for several days."

    "You have to do me one more thing." Xu Nian couldn't bear to close her eyes, she hadn't finished speaking yet, "I want to know who poisoned me?"

    "Could you let me know when you find it?"

    Qi Chu was silent for a while, he already had a vague guess about the person who poisoned this time, and he just needed a little verification.

    He paused, but still replied: "Yes."

    Xu read his mind, and fell asleep completely in the middle of the night. The figure who had stood in front of the bed for a long time withdrew his hand from probing his forehead, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    Xu Nian's breathing gradually became longer, and she dreamed about her previous life again.

    "Princess Yu?"

    Xu Nian felt so sleepy, he couldn't open his eyes, he didn't even have the strength to move, his whole body was heavy and tired.

    "If Princess Yu ignores Gu, Gu Ke will throw you out."

    When the threatening voice sounded, Xu Nian finally raised his eyes slightly.

    The person in front of him completely faded away from his youthful appearance, and his whole body was calm and solemn. He said that he had already picked up the medicine in his hand, and Xu Nian was still in a daze, so he gave the medicine to him in a frightened and intimidating manner. drink clean.

    "I'm in trouble." His brows and eyes were full of impatience, but Qi Chu still lay down behind her.

    Xu Nian moved in fear.

    Qi Chu reached out with his long arm, brought the man over, and locked him in front of his chest, "What are you hiding, it's not the first time Princess Yu sleeps on a lonely bed, why is she still so unfamiliar."

    Xu Nian leaned on her, with a generous and warm hand running along her back, and gradually the uneasiness was calmed down a bit.

    She originally thought that Qi Chu was going to do something to her, but she waited for a long time, and when the candles were all extinguished, the soothing and compact palms remained as they were, showing no sign of doing anything.

    "Go to sleep, I won't mess with you tonight..." The deep voice was also stained with tiredness.

    It was like whispering to someone close to him, without the frightening hostility of the past, and a little more tenderness that he himself hadn't noticed.

    Xu Nian did fall asleep. Before dawn in the morning, he was helped up and drank the medicine in a daze. He didn't wake up until evening.

    After asking the palace, he found out that the war in the north was tight, and Qi Chu was very busy. Some people in the court advocated cooperation, but he refuted it. For this reason, he and the ministers stared at each other for several days. Can't see you.

    Xu Nian went back quietly. Who would have thought that as soon as he opened the door, he was sitting by the desk, flipping through the scroll in his hand, and said without raising his head, "Why are you running? No one told you to leave. ?"

    He raised his eyes and called her over. Xu Nian rubbed the ink for him, and from the corner of the eye, he scanned the manuscript in his hand intentionally or unintentionally, Qi Chu probably noticed her dishonesty gaze, and snapped it shut.

    "Princess Yu has recovered from her illness and regained her strength?" He asked inexplicably.

    The mottled dreams changed, Xu Nian completely recovered, and it was already three days later.

    It was a rare sunny day, and Lian Tang opened the windows for her to enjoy the air.

    "It's rainy and humid, that's why I got sick. Madam asked my servant to fumigate the wormwood for the young lady." Lian Tang said while packing up her things, "It will smoke your eyes later. Miss, go out to bask in the sun, and come in later."

    When Xu Nian arrived at the front hall, he hadn't seen anyone yet, so he heard the voices inside first.

    Qi Chu glanced at the figure stopping at the door from the corner of his eye, paused for a moment, then retracted it as usual, and continued: "It is said that the source of the epidemic is in the Nancheng area, and the local county magistrate did not strictly observe it before it spread to Yandu."

    Duke Xu didn't know why he brought up Nancheng again, so he could only follow along, "Fortunately, it was discovered in time, and it didn't cause any major disaster."

    It's been three days, three days in a row, and it's not a topic that he can continue to talk about every time.

    Duke Xu had a headache to deal with, and felt that there were more gray hairs on his sideburns.

    In heart, hope that people will leave quickly, but the people in front of me don't know it, and they are very comfortable.

    The person to wait for came, Qi Chu finally took a sip of tea and stopped such boring chatting.

    Duke Xu also breathed a sigh of relief.

    Xu Nian stepped forward, first called "Daddy", and then remembered what Lian Tang told him when he woke up.

    During the period of her illness, the news of the new crown prince's ascension has spread all over Yandu, and as it was revealed, there was also a confused life.

    Vaguely, they only said they were twins, but hid the more detailed truth to prevent outsiders from prying into the secret.

    She turned to Qi Chu, saluted politely, and called, "Your Highness."

    Xu Nian was not very comfortable, especially when her father was still beside her. She lowered her eyes and looked away, afraid of being seen.

    The relationship between her and Qi Chu is now only known to the elder sister in the family, and no one else knows.

    Xu Nian wanted to play this stranger a bit more.

    Qi Chu saw her embarrassment, but didn't cooperate with her at all, so he took the time to stop the person who was about to leave just after meeting, "I heard that Miss was also sick a few days ago, I wonder if she is better now?"

    Xu Nian turned and turned halfway, Duke Xu now just wanted to deal with people, so he answered for his daughter, "His Royal Highness has just returned to Yandu, and there are a lot of things going on every day, and my daughter's injury is nothing compared to His Highness's affairs .”

    "If there is something urgent, you might as well go and do it first, I..."

    Duke Xu stood up, thinking that he had to leave after talking so much.

    A smile spread from Qi Chu's lips, but he didn't move. He saluted first and then said: "It's not that busy. If the Duke has something to do, can you go and do it first?"

    Duke Xu sat down again, the smile on his face was almost gone, he guessed again and again why he came.

    Let's talk about winning over, for three days in a row, the door-to-door didn't mention anything, not even a hint.

    When King Yu came last time, he threatened the alliance either overtly or secretly.

    Say it was kind, but didn't notice any kindness.

    Duke Xu's forehead was wrinkled into the word Sichuan.

    Xu Nian stood aside, neither leaving nor staying.

    Qi Chu asked her again, "Miss hasn't answered me yet, are you feeling better?"

    Xu Nian turned around, and blinked at Dad from an angle that Dad couldn't see, giving him enough hints to make him restrain himself, otherwise she wouldn't be able to explain.

    Forced by Father's gaze, he replied without any abnormality on his lips: "It's all right, please take care of Your Highness."

    There was some silence around, Xu Nian was too embarrassed, his eyes turned and turned, and finally gave him a resentful look, wanting him not to embarrass himself.

    Duke Xu and his daughter also looked at each other. Both father and daughter wanted to leave quickly. After coughing twice, Xu's father finally said again, "It's getting late, Your Highness, can you have breakfast?"

    He couldn't continue the conversation two days ago, it was just this excuse, but everyone left very neatly.

    Duke Xu glanced at the person standing behind him with arms folded. The person said that someone always poisoned his highness, so his highness didn't go out to eat.

    Duke Xu was already waiting for his "excuse me."

    But unexpectedly, I heard a sentence: "Not yet."

    The smile on the corner of Duke Xu's mouth was a little stiff, the steps are for people to go down, not for people to go up.

    Qi Chu kept looking at Xu Nian, with deep eyes, as if asking: "Aren't you going to keep me?"

    Xu Nian let out a sigh of relief, poured a cup of tea for the grim-looking father, and said calmly, "Then Your Highness will use it with us?"

    Qi Chu stood up, and asked with a deepening smile: "Then trouble Miss, show me the way, I don't know the way."

    At this time, King Yu's house was in attendance.

    King Yu was furious and said, "Father gave him the matter of curing the epidemic, but he caught up with the time and showed his talents."

    This is where he was most annoyed.

    It is obvious that he is the one who has put in countless painstaking efforts for that position, so why should the crown prince always be him as long as he is here, no matter in the past or now? !

    He dropped something, but still felt angry, "Did you see today, before he came back, those old guys in the court turned towards me everywhere, now seeing that the limelight is not right, they turned against me temporarily and helped him to fight against me .”

    According to his plan, now should be the time for everyone to push him to that position, not pull him down.

    From this year, everything started to go wrong.

    Shen Changlin said: "The prince just needs to hold his breath, we wait for the opportunity, we were able to get him down before, and now we can do it again."

    "He's been visiting the Weirdu family for the past few days," Qi Xuan cast his eyes down, "He didn't even bother to cover up, and went directly in front of my spies."

    It was he who spied on him, not looking for anger.

    "Why don't you have confidence in yourself, the prince, you can do what he can do."

    Qi Xuan clenched his fists, "I can't lose, and I don't want to lose, no matter what, I will win him this time."

    Shen Jiao walked in from the outside and called out, "Brother Wenyu."

    Shen Changlin said she was impolite, Shen Jiao pushed people and told him to leave quickly, "Brother Wenyu was already in a bad mood, why did brother bother him with such things, go away, I have something to do with Brother Wenyu Whisper to speak."

    Qi Xuan felt that everyone was annoying, like mosquitoes that couldn't stop, but she still had to put on a normal look.

    Shen Changlin left, Shen Jiao suddenly closed the door, sat next to him, approached him and whispered: "Brother Wenyu, I believe in you, I will support you in whatever you do."

    "If you want to kill someone, I'll hand you a knife. If you hate someone, Jiaojiao can help you get rid of him together."

    Qi Xuan raised her eyes, not understanding why the love in her eyes could be so strong.

    But he only said: "Okay." Everything that can be used by him will not be let go.

    Shen Jiao smiled happily, she suddenly approached him, and kissed him secretly when he didn't notice.

    A gleam of coldness flashed across Qi Xuan's eyes, but there was still a familiar smile on her face.

    Shen Jiao said: "I really want to marry you, Brother Wenyu, the engagement is broken, can you ask for one more."

    Qi Xuan remained calm, "Would you like it if you weren't the main wife?"

    Shen Jiao froze for a while, then shook her head resolutely, "No. No one can do it, you can only have me." If there is someone else, she will not let that person go.

    Qi Xuan just asked casually, and perfunctory her a few words, and then someone sent her back and sat alone for a while.

    Someone came to ask for instructions: "Is the lord starting to raise Sheng Gu this time?"

    It is said that it needs to be nourished with the blood of the heart for a month, and it cannot be stopped for a day to be effective.

    Qi Xuan waved his hands impatiently, "Leave it alone, there's nothing to do with raising this kind of thing." He wasn't in a hurry.

    Rubbing his forehead, the Gu box on the table could always be seen from the corner of his eye, and he remembered that dream again.

    There was a girl in the dream whose face was always blurred, and he sent her a plum garden and peeled lychees for her.

    He heard others tell their stories, saying that their husband and wife are harmonious and affectionate, which is the most enviable.

    Only he knows, but it's just a use.

    But one day she died, sincerity and use can't be confused, he just wants her to live.

    What a strange dream, outrageously absurd.

    Qi Xuan suppressed the idea of ​​continuing to explore, called someone, and ordered: "Everyone's movements of Shen's have been watched."

    There is always someone who will die before the Great Dao, and Shen's is destined to be his stepping stone.

    When the time comes, he will fulfill them, including that annoying Shen Jiao.

    Speaking of eating, he was probably really busy. After sitting for a while, someone came to him.

    Xu Nian sipped the porridge, quietly glanced at the person beside him from the corner of his eye.

    Want to ask him if he knows who it is?

    But Mom and Dad were staring at her, so she didn't dare to make a sound.

    Xu's father and Xu's mother also lowered their heads to drink the soup, and from the corner of their eyes they stared at the person who seemed to be leaving.

    A table of people, each with their own thoughts.

    Finally, Qi Chu lived up to everyone's expectations and stood up.

    He glanced at Xu Nian, and Xu Nian immediately moved away with guilt.

    Lianlai had been waiting for her for three days, and when he ran into someone, they didn't look at him.

    Qi Chu couldn't laugh, and when he left, the atmosphere of the remaining three of them was extremely solemn.

    Father Xu guessed, "Is it because the food is not to your liking?"

    Xu's mother added: "Or is it because your daughter is not good-looking and scares people away?"

    After finishing speaking, the two looked at Xu Nian in unison.

    Xu Nian swallowed what was in his mouth, and explained aggrievedly: "I didn't have an appetite a few days ago, I was hungry, what's wrong with eating a little more?"

    Xu's father and Xu's mother felt that everything was weird, but they couldn't tell what was strange, so they twisted the vegetables for her, and fell into a weird silence again.

    Xu Nian was still thinking about things, afraid that he would not be able to catch up if he went too far, so he hurriedly found an excuse and chased after him.

    Unexpectedly, Qi Chu was waiting at the door without even going out.

    He asked, "Miss, are you full?"

    Xu Nian felt that she was at her own home, but she was acting like a thief. She looked left and right, and after confirming everything was safe, she asked in a low voice, "Why did you come here suddenly?"

    There was deep meaning between Qi Chu's brows, and he asked, "Suddenly? So Miss still prefers me to come secretly?"

    Xu Nian made a booing gesture for him.

    He smiled, ignoring her warning, "I miss Miss so much, but Miss just pretended not to know me, and she acted like that."

    It seemed that he wanted to expose her several times.

    See her covering up in a panic and explaining in a panic.

    What a bad thought.

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