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    Du Ruofei: I, the heroine, give money, land, exercises and equipment.

    Shen Yanyao: I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong, I will never scribble in the future!

    Yu Xin: My cp is all given by me... This is probably the difference between male and female videos.

    14 ?

    ◎Who doesn't like Ruanmei and Yujie.◎

    Zhou Furong has always disliked taking apprentices, otherwise he wouldn't have waited until Yu Xin joined Myriad Forms Heaven Sect four hundred years ago to have his first and only apprentice.

    Liang Danlin thought that he was sure about accepting another disciple, but he didn't expect to overturn on the spot.

    He asked puzzledly, "Brother, why do you accept disciples so frequently recently?"

    "Maybe I suddenly discovered the joy of raising an apprentice." Zhou Furong's answer was insincere.

    Zhou Furong's self-cultivation is superb, but this does not mean that geniuses are good teachers. In fact, Zhou Furong's lectures are not only not "good", but even "bad".

    Because in the annual open class, Zhou Furong's lectures are completely stream-of-consciousness, he doesn't prepare the lectures, he thinks of what to say, he doesn't care about the cultivation level of the disciples sitting below, whether they can understand the knowledge, and he leaves after the lecture, There is no chance for people to stop him from asking questions.

    Fortunately, Zhou Furong is the suzerain of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, and he doesn't care about teaching matters in daily life, otherwise, the disciples of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect will definitely get tired of studying.

    Fortunately, Yu Xin was also a genius, no matter what Zhou Furong said, he could keep up with the progress, so he was not cheated to death by his master.

    Zhou Furong had never seen the little girl brought back by Yu Xin—the daughter of Shen Dijun and Tianxian Mrs. Gu—Shen Yanyao, except for the time they met at the beginning.

    In this way, Zhou Furong actually said "he discovered the joy of raising apprentices", who can believe it?

    At least Liang Danlin absolutely didn't believe it.

    He felt sorry for the talented person, and persuaded without giving up: "Brother, you see how suitable she is for me, Qifeng, why don't you leave it to me. Qi Feng has more men than women, and I also want to raise a few soft and cute female disciples."

    Although don't know who Du Ruofei is, Shen Yanyao, who Yu Xin used to be his mentor and apprentice, is very cute. Judging from the aesthetics of his nephew, Du Ruofei should be of the same type.

    Liang Danlin was thinking happily, but it was useless for Zhou Furong to find an excuse. Yu Xin actually rejected Liang Danlin's proposal: "Uncle Liang, I'm afraid this matter won't work. Du Ruofei doesn't like Qi Feng, especially Bei Chen."

    Myriad Forms Heaven Sect does not forbid disciples to fall in love. When it is said that young male and female disciples are disgusted, the old men and women in the room will laugh and think wrongly.

    Since Du Ruofei hated Beichen, they wouldn't intentionally disgust the little girl and send her to Bei Chen to make Du Ruofei unhappy.

    Liang Danlin said with regret: "Oh, congratulations brother for gaining another disciple."

    "If junior brother likes it, ask Ashin to search among the new disciples, and send all those with great potential to your door." Zhou Furong responded with a good temper.

    The two brothers and sisters had a laugh and didn't mention it anymore.

    On the contrary, Yu Xin added, "This disciple has exactly this intention. He took the roster of the sect and brought his junior sisters to investigate one by one. Maybe he will find many talents."

    The laughter and laughter in "Jiantian Temple" disappeared without a trace.

    All the big bosses present were tens of thousands of years old, Yu Xin's words almost plainly told them that Shen Yanyao's special talent had something to do with the selection of talents.

    After a moment of solemn silence on their faces, Zhou Furong made the decision: "Then take Yanyao for a walk, pay attention to her emotions, and if there is something wrong with her disciples, teach them as soon as possible, and don't let my disciples go astray."

    "Yes." After receiving exact instructions, Yu Xin said goodbye and left.

    He saw that it was still early, and went back to the room to absorb the wood spirit spirit that Shen Yanyao unconsciously exuded. When it was time, he went back to the door and ordered the puppet to wake Shen Yanyao up, groom her properly, and take her class.

    The four courses of "Cultivation of Silkworms", "Weaving and Transformation of Cloth", "Basics of Ore" and "Introduction to Refining Equipment" are all rotated by one theory and one practice.

    In order to better grasp Shen Yanyao's understanding of the disciples, Yu Xin handed the roster to the girl and asked her to keep an eye on the famous names.

    But this time, Shen Yanyao showed nothing unusual from the beginning to the end, as if the people sitting under the podium were ordinary Chinese cabbages.

    Yu Xin's guess about Shen Yanyao's talent is one step closer, confirming that the special person she can feel must have a particularly magnificent life.

    Du Ruofei?Looks like it needs more attention.

    Regarding the change of her identity on the nameplate, Du Ruofei couldn't believe it and didn't know who to turn to for inquiries, so after finishing the class all afternoon, she finally mustered up the courage to walk up to Yu Xin and hold the nameplate in her hand, "Excuse me,This……"

    "Master accepts you to start. Tonight you will go with me to 'Ask Your Heart'. Your room has been tidied up."

    Du Ruofei couldn't believe the good luck!

    She opened her eyes wide in surprise, and turned her head to see Shen Yanyao who was coming over to wait for Yu Xin to "take it away". She immediately remembered her good luck on the girl's head, and took Shen Yanyao's hand to thank her repeatedly: "Daddy!"Brother, I know it is inconvenient for you to take care of Yanyao alone, I will definitely take good care of Senior Sister Yanyao for you and urge her to practice."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    No, what happened between A and B?Why is there suddenly another person who wants to keep an eye on my academic performance?

    The girl looked up at Yu Xin bitterly, hoping that the elder brother would clear up her doubts.

    Yu Xin smiled and pinched Shen Yanyao's smooth and tender face, "You don't need to worry about Yanyao's homework, but you have to worry about the hard work of daily life."

    Yu Xin didn't want Du Ruofei to know the real reason why she became "the third personal disciple of the sect master". Du Ruofei found the reason himself, and he readily agreed.

    As for Shen Yanyao, who caused all these changes, he still didn't understand what happened in a daze.

    Du Ruofei is not a scumbag like Shen Yanyao, and he is extremely proficient in the practice of teleportation. After Yu Xin explained the location, he followed to "Wenxinju".

    "You live next to Yanyao. The room has been furnished. Go and see what's missing, tell the dolls, and let them fill it up. I'll take Yanyao to dinner first, and she will have a class on astronomy in the evening."

    "Yes, thank you big brother." Du Ruofei happily left with the puppet.

    The fifth-generation disciples are just selected to enter, and they are "inner disciples" in name, but in fact they are similar to Chinese cabbage waiting to be selected. Only after they are selected, they will live with the master and have their own houses and caves.

    ——Actually, caves are already unnecessary in Immortal World. After all, Immortal World has a lot of ways to make the private space impossible to be

    Du Ruofei's room is no different from that of Shen Yanyao's, both are very suitable for their level of cultivation.

    Du Ruofei touched the pile of equipment in the room, and became more and more grateful for the good luck Shen Yanyao brought to him.

    "Although the elder brother said it's not necessary, Yanyao looks too immature. How can a child study voluntarily? I still have to take her with her more, and I can't let Yanyao's grades drop." Du Ruofei made up his mind to take ShenGoose and Yao make progress together.

    She prepared a meeting ceremony and personally sent her to the "Jiantian Temple" to meet Zhou Furong, and decided to watch Shen Yanyao do her homework when she came back.

    "There are still gifts?" Zhou Furong was surprised when he received the clean and beautiful package.

    Since Zhou Furong took over as the suzerain of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, he has received many gifts from various places, but the disciple... Forget it, can he count on Yuxin to send things?Yu Xin is thinking of the friendship between master and apprentice if he doesn't cheat his treasure.

    Joyfully, Zhou Furong took out a bunch of them from the storage bag and stuffed them to Du Ruofei, "Take it, this is the teacher's apprenticeship gift from Master, and you can use it all. Come to Master when you run out."

    Talismans and seals, defensive magic tools, spirit swords, and pills, all of which were available, filled Du Ruofei's arms.

    Du Ruofei is just a girl from an ordinary family in Immortal World. She is able to be what she is today thanks to her talent and hard work. She has never seen so many good things regardless of the price. She was frightened by Zhou Furong on the spot and could only refuse, "Master, These are too expensive, I can't accept them!"

    "Hold it and use it, don't be shy, your big brother will just reach out to me for everything you need." After Zhou Furong comforted me a few words, he took the school exam again. Du Ruofei, who couldn't answer several questions and fell into self-doubtsend away.

    When going out, Du Ruolan and Bei Chen passed by, she turned her face away in annoyance.

    Bei Chen moved two steps to the left and stopped Du Ruofei, "Junior Sister's idea of making weapons is like a powerful and unconstrained style, as long as you work hard to strengthen the foundation, you can soar into the sky. You are obviously a talent for making weapons, why don't you want to come to Qi Feng?"

    Du Ruofei sneered: "I have never shared my thoughts on the design of refining equipment to the outside world, but Senior Brother Bei Chen knows it very clearly. For Qifeng's behavior, I dare not practice on Qi Feng again. Senior brother still has something to do, so I willWill not be disturbing."

    She pushed Bei Chen away and walked away.

    "I didn't mean to check my junior sister's design ideas. You left the jade slip in the rented practice room, and I had to read it to find the original owner." Bei Chen is not a talkative person, but Du Ruofei said so, he couldn't help it, and wanted to explain clearly.

    Du Ruofei stopped, and the expression on his face changed from cold to full of sarcasm: "My jade slip has my name engraved on it, if senior brother just wants to find the original owner, he can know it by looking at the surface, why bother to read through the contents.Brother, what else do you want to say? The words are too small, didn’t you see it? Master Liang has always been generous, so he probably didn’t know that his generosity and carefulness have raised a bastard fake with low personal character. You are the leader of Qi FengI don't want to argue with you, but you don't want to get too far—get out of here!"

    Bei Chen was also angry, feeling that the woman in front of him was really stubborn and arrogant, he said indiscriminately: "Where is the character of junior sister better than mine? You walked around me in the past, and today the inner suzerain just accepted me as a direct disciple, so dare youTalked wildly about me."

    "Your newly released spirit weapon that can only sing uses my idea. What's the matter if I scold you? If I can beat you, I'll hammer you into the Qi Feng mountain immediately!" Du Ruolan was so angry that her chest heaved unsteadily.He gritted his teeth and stared at Bei Chen, his hand was already on the spirit sword at his waist, and he couldn't help hitting someone.


    Bei Chen wanted to say more, but Du Ruofei's face darkened, "Believe it or not, I yelled loudly to attract both Master and Uncle Liang here before the gate of the 'Jiantian Palace' is reached."

    Bei Chen finally stepped aside, Du Ruofei let out a cold snort, and flew away.

    A figure frowning appeared and left, without being noticed by Bei Chen and Du Ruofei who were busy arguing.

    The author has something to say:

    Bei Chen: Although I went into your rented house, took your handwriting, and stole your ideas, but I didn’t do it intentionally, because I know, I’m the male protagonist, a woman I’ve met, and I’m sure she looks a little uprightBoth like me.

    Du Ruofei: Get out!!!

    Shen Yanyao: I think the scumbag is thinking about farting.[Modified text.jpg] Thanks to the little angels who voted for me during 2020-05-24 08:46:46~2020-05-25 09:11:25~

    Thanks to the little angel who threw the mines: Moji~ 20;

    Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

    15 ? fair

    ◎When you are incapable, you should ask your parents for help.◎

    On the top of the back mountain of "Wenxinju", the stars are shining brightly.

    Yu Xin conjured up two large and comfortable seats, took Shen Yanyao to sit down, and looked at the starry sky in the night comfortably together.

    The night wind blew gently, making people yawn in comfort.

    Shen Yanyao squinted her eyes, and curled herself up in the spacious seat like a kitten, "The night sky from the top of the mountain is so beautiful."

    Yu Xin didn't hurry to say "I'm not letting you see the scenery, but taking you to learn" to spoil the fun. He took the basket, took out refreshments from it and put them on the table, "Have some refreshments."

    "Brother, it hasn't been long since we finished eating, so we can maintain our figure by eating less for dinner." Shen Yanyao refused righteously, but his eyes were reluctantly staring at the snacks on the plate.

    "You didn't touch your chopsticks at night. Since you're not full, why don't you eat?" Yu Xin thought he hadn't seen many scenes, but he still couldn't understand that women always don't eat well.

    This question is more disappointing than learning.

    Shen Yanyao was already tempted by the sweet taste of the dim sum, but when Yu Xin asked him, most of his appetite disappeared.

    She withdrew her gaze and clasped her fingers listlessly, "You're going to gain weight."

    "Many pills have the effect of controlling the body." Yu Xin reminded, and after speaking, he shook his head and laughed, "The fairy world didn't care much about being fat, thin, beautiful and ugly, and the native immortals lived very wantonly..I don’t know when it started, but gradually there has been a trend that women are only beautiful if they are slender, fair, and immature. Men also have a lot of pursuit of this.”

    His eyes fell on Shen Yanyao's round and tender cheeks of a girl, and he pushed the plate a few inches in front of Shen Yanyao, "Eat, there is beauty at any age. Besides, women are not as thin as bones.beautiful."

    "If you're too thin, you can't afford fancy clothes and ornaments, and you don't have much majesty when sitting in the hall. It's inevitable that you will look petty."

    "Although you are so weak that people feel sorry for you, but as long as you are strong enough, it doesn't matter if you feel sorry for others."

    Shen Yanyao's body was originally quite thin and thin, with a slender frame, and her wrists and collarbone protruded very obviously, but there was still some flesh on her face, which made her look less sickly.

    Good-looking is indeed good-looking, and it can also attract people's desire for protection, but have to say that Yu Xin's words suddenly made Shen Yanyao discover many things that she had neglected.

    In the past, she really relied on her family for everything, so her aesthetics was more inclined to the "weak" look that can be loved.


    She really still wants to be a cute salted fish!

    After listening to Yu Xin's words, Shen Yanyao was silent for a long time. Although she still didn't have the daily thoughts, she didn't intend to wrong herself, and continued to do things like "you can keep in good shape by not eating at night".

    Only the delicious food and fancy clothes can't live up to it.

    The girl picked up the plate, and seriously ate all the six plum-shaped pastries inside, "Thank you, brother. I will be full in the future. Before I can refine the diet pills myself, the brother will give meDo."

    "Exercise your body tomorrow night, as long as you practice diligently and eat whatever you want, it will never make you fat."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    The dim sum in the mouth, it suddenly loses its fragrance!

    Yu Xin, who managed to tease the little junior sister once again, was in a good mood, put the cup and plate back into the storage bag, Yu Xin began to give a lecture to the starry sky, and stopped Shen Yanyao from asking if he deliberately tricked himself into eating more so that he could train her.

    "Hand out."

    Shen Yanyao stretched out his hand obediently, and Yu Xin squeezed her hand and made a gesture, pointing at the horizontal lines of her fingers one by one, "As the name suggests, the art of spreading stars is the ability to deduce the secrets of heaven through the rotation of stars. The calculation process depends entirely onone-hand."

    Wow, fortune telling!

    Finally there was a class that Shen Yanyao found strange.

    She nodded enthusiastically, acting more seriously than any of the courses during the day.

    The girl didn't hide her expression, Yu Xin could not help frowning her excitement and concentration.

    Strictly speaking, the star expansion technique is quite opportunistic, but at the same time, its results always change when people are caught off guard.

    But for those with strong fortunes, there will always be a great success in the art of star expansion, which makes people feel worried after learning it, and will not be reconciled if they don't learn it.

    "Yanyao, it is not easy to learn the technique of spreading stars. Even if you know how to use it, not everyone can use it proficiently. Even for those who have learned it well, the calculation results may not be accurate—because fate is not fixed.Unchanged. You can't put too much trust in the technique of spreading stars."

    "I understand, man can conquer nature." Shen Yanyao nodded obediently.

    "...You answered very perfunctorily." Yu Xin almost frowned.

    Shen Yanyao shook her head desperately, "No, senior brother, I really believe in 'Man can conquer nature'."

    Those male protagonists who "my fate is up to me" and "succeed in leapfrog challenges" all day long are all written by her.


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