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    , I separated from his father and refused to take the child away.For over a thousand years suffered Byakugan."

    "I spend all kinds of resources that my youngest son doesn't have all day long to Bei Chen without hesitation, just to make him stand out, for fear that after so many years of grievances, people will say that I am cruel and merciless.son."

    "I'm having a hard time."

    "I don't want Bei Chen to be famous, but don't let him be punished for all the cultivation he has cultivated in these years, and he will be struck by lightning for a hundred years!" Mrs. Zhang suddenly pulled to the side, holding Patriarch Huai tightly., "The Huai family is very rich, and the Zhang family is also rich. We can sponsor a sum of spiritual stones for the sect. It will be regarded as compensation for Bei Chen's destruction of the Myriad Forms Heaven Sect environment."

    Yu Xin wondered: "This... I'm afraid it's not good."

    "There's nothing wrong with it." Mrs. Zhang's eyes flashed with hope, and she enthusiastically helped Yu Xin find out all the excuses, "My son is only catching little demons who are not yet enlightened. Young and frivolous, who doesn'tI like to grab some wild game to eat."

    "This sect also completely prohibits eating wild animals." Yu Xin immediately added, fearing that the sect's reputation would be harmed.

    Mrs. Zhang was choked for a long time before she could catch her breath, covered her chest and wept, and accepted the scapegoat, "Yes, he is just ignorant, insisting on violating the sect's rules and catching wild game to satisfy his appetite, it's not at allI don’t understand, the meat of a domestic spirit beast is the most tender if it has enough aura. But he is just delicious, Myriad Forms Heaven Sect is too good, it’s his blessing, not suitable for Myriad Forms Heaven Sect.”

    Shen Yanyao quietly took a few glances at Patriarch Huai.

    Patriarch Huai had a cold face, disgusted eyes, and an indifferent look, as if whether Bei Chen lived or died, or whether life would be better than death had nothing to do with him.

    Shen Yanyao could see that Mrs. Zhang had been hacked all the time and didn't care about the child's life, and Patriarch Huai really didn't care about the son's life or death.

    Just in case, Patriarch Huai didn't want to take Huai Beichen away any more, so Shen Yanyao pulled Yu Xin's skirt decisively and spoke for Mrs. Zhang: "Brother, forget it."

    "The Zongmen only wants to punish those who made mistakes. After this time, Bei Chen must have realized his mistakes. The punishment is too severe for a thousand years of cultivation.Can't beat it."

    Everyone present: "...?"

    What does it have to do with snake monsters.

    Although she didn't know which snake monster the little girl in front of Yu Xin was referring to as the "snake demon", she could just help her son offend, and Mrs. Zhang cried even more.

    Yu Xin was shaken by Mrs. Zhang and Shen Yanyao, and was finally "moved".

    Dissatisfied but helpless, he came to Bei Chen, "Bei Chen, what do you think, I advise you to stay in the sect, a sect like Myriad Forms Heaven Sect is definitely not..."

    "I'll go home with my mother." Bei Chen's face was full of grief and indignation, as if he was the one who was oppressed and persecuted.

    Shen Yanyao twitched her lips behind Yu Xin, thinking: I really deserve to be the original male lead, no matter how many bad things he has done, he still believes in his heart like a mental disorder that he is a pure and flawless white lotus.It was to harm him.

    Yu Xin shook his head and sighed with "helplessness" and "regret", and carefully advised: "In this case, you should not go back to your own mountain, just go quietly. Remember that the sect is lenient to you this time, and you will stop talking nonsense outside in the futureWhen you go to other sects, remember to be cautious in your words and deeds, and don’t break the precepts again.”

    He scrunched up his face again, "Although I have been spared the suffering of a hundred years of thunder and calamity, I can't do nothing about the punishment of a thousand years of cultivation. Considering Mrs. Zhang's motherly kindness, I will punish you for a small punishment and destroy you two hundred and fiftyIt’s all about one year of cultivation.”

    As soon as the words fell, Bei Chen uttered a scream that didn't sound like a human voice, and collapsed on the ground in convulsions.

    His face was pale and his head was sweating profusely from the pain. Seeing Yu Xin take Shen Yanyao away, he gritted his teeth and said, "Don't bully the young man, I will..."

    "Wait, the jade pendant on your body?!" Huai Beichen, who was paralyzed on the ground, finally saw half of the jade pendant swaying slightly between Shen Yanyao's skirt after speaking ruthlessly, and froze.

    "You are the other owner of the jade pendant that was stolen from me?"

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    Come, come, the plot of the hero's fiancée in the original novel appeared.

    "Let's go, big brother. Don't pay attention to him." Shen Yanyao leaned close to Yu Xin and whispered to remind him, in exchange for Yu Xin's eyes that seemed to be a smile but not a smile.

    After being together for a year, although Yu Xin didn't talk much nonsense in his daily life, Shen Yanyao gradually became able to distinguish the deep meaning contained in the common expressions on his face. When he saw the signboard's "smiling but not smiling", he immediately tightened his skin, knowing that he was attractingIt was seen that Bei Chen misunderstood the relationship between himself and Yu Xin, and he couldn't escape a severe beating.

    As soon as she returned to "Ask the Heart", she immediately served tea and water to Yu Xin, "Brother, you said at the beginning that the jade pendant was taken from a bad old man. The bad old man is worse than my father."Old. Huai Beichen is also a bad old man over a thousand years old, how could he be my fiance."

    "Fortunately, senior brother drove people away, senior senior brother is so amazing!" She smiled obsequiously, and kept rubbing Yu Xin's shoulders and back, but she didn't realize that the smile on the corner of Yu Xin's mouth had become very comfortable.

    "Okay." Yu Xin stopped Shen Yanyao from being courteous, "This time it was agreed that you will go home, in fact, not only because Mrs. Gu misses her daughter, but also because some strange things happened in Yixian City. Emperor Shen was injured, he doesn’t trust the God of Heaven, so come and ask me if Myriad Forms Heaven Sect is willing to help.”

    "The kind that spends money?"

    "It's more useful than money. You should know that there are many monsters in the Wanxiang Tianzong, and Emperor Shen is the one who keeps the monsters out."

    Shen Yanyao was silent for a moment, her slender beauty slightly frowned, "I thought Myriad Forms Heaven Sect wouldn't like my father's style of handling things. Many people said that he was 'cruel in nature and violent in behavior'."

    "You should know the truth of 'if you are not of my race, your heart must be different'. What Shen Dijun did should not be judged solely on the basis of right or wrong."

    Shen Yanyao thought of the male mermaid that was forcibly sealed as a "statue" in Yu Xin's bathroom, and was completely speechless.

    That's right, Yu Xin turned a living mermaid into a statue and put it in the bathroom for many years. He must be the kind of monk who is very close to the monsters.

    Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that he has a good impression of his father who is rumored to have a bad attitude towards the Yaozu.

    "Thinking about something." A brain bounced on Shen Yanyao's forehead, and Yu Xin's unique flat and deep voice slowly flowed into the girl's ears, "Many 'yao' born in Immortal World are not 'yaozu' butThey are 'monstrous beasts', they have great strength and extremely fast growth period, but they have no intelligence."

    "However, monsters will still be commanded by those with advanced cultivation bases. Therefore, many little monsters are likely to become pawns in the hands of monsters with evil intentions before they develop their spiritual wisdom."

    "Outside of Yixian City, most of the monsters who are not spiritually intelligent and the monster clan who are malicious towards human cultivation, but inside Yixian City, people have long been used to taming monster beasts or peacefully coexisting with the gentle monster clan.'Peace' is on high."

    "They can't understand Shen Dijun's seriousness and precautions, and Shen Dijun can't understand why ordinary immortals don't have the slightest sense of crisis. Therefore, the two groups of people will be noisy all day long."

    "Then you want to go home with me this time, what are you talking about? Don't say things like 'to suppress the Yaozu', all the Yaozu in the sect treat you as a brother, father, and grandfather, I won't believe it."

    "In order to absorb the monster material."

    "The monster race is born to raise, and the flesh body is the best natural treasure. As the saying goes, 'blocking is worse than sparse'. Instead of leaving the talented young monsters of the monster race to those old monsters who just want to mess around all day long, It’s better to absorb them into the sect and teach them with all their heart, so that they can become defenders of the real order.”

    Although it is correct, there is always a strong sense of old dog comparison.

    As a person with vested interests, Shen Yanyao's lips moved and moved, and finally swallowed all the words.

    As the representative of the "Vientiane Heavenly Sect", Yu Xin used to "receive apprentices" at the border of the monster clan. As long as everything followed the formal procedures, she really didn't have to worry about the unfair treatment of the little monsters who came over in the future.

    If Yu Xin does well this time, she can even immediately relieve the pressure on her father Shen Yuan's resistance to the Yaozu.

    However, she always vaguely felt that Yu Xin would not accompany her to Yixian City just for this reason.

    ——The purpose of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect is "the ultimate law", but not "maintaining world peace".

    It's fine if Yu Xin explained it, he never forced Shen Yanyao to believe it, and the two sat silently to each other.

    Yu Xin took out a small spiritual weapon from the storage bag, held it in his palm and played with it.

    The spirit weapon is very small, less than the size of Yuxin's palm. It is a "sealer" that the disciples are required to make every year in the final exam. It is specially designed for the disciples to extract or copy handwriting on the jade slips.

    "Printing Tool" is the final question of the refining tool exam.

    Of course, as a test question, the works refined by the disciples only need to have the excerpt function to pass the exam this year. The closer the work is to the real "sealer", the higher the evaluation will be.

    The "sealer" in Yu Xin's hand happened to be made by Shen Yanyao.

    The appearance is generally the same as the works of other disciples, and there is no difference in function, but the idea of refining the weapon is completely different.

    According to the cultivator's usual way of refining weapons, the forging method of spiritual weapons is "think clearly about what kind of spiritual weapon I need - choose the different functional materials needed to continuously create the spiritual weapon - the spiritual weapon has different effects on the spiritual fireAfter repeated scouring and refining with spiritual energy, the roughly formed spirit weapon is placed on the forging table and repeatedly polished to remove impurities and improve the grade", and finally a perfect spirit weapon is obtained.

    Although Myriad Forms Heaven Sect is different from the monks of the lower world in terms of levels, there is no difference in the method of refining spiritual weapons, both are "refining".

    But Shen Yanyao was different.

    Just like her almost intuitive selection and judgment of people, Shen Yanyao's idea of refining weapons is also incompatible with the entire Immortal World. She has her own set of ideas.

    Every part of Shen Yanyao's forged spiritual weapon was forged separately and then assembled to suddenly work.

    If viewed individually, each component can even be said to be "useless".

    It's really interesting, isn't it?

    The Immortal World, which has been like a pool of stagnant water for tens of millions of years, may be about to usher in a new life.

    The author has something to say:

    Huai Beichen: Don't bully young people into poverty!

    Shen Yanyao: Your fiancée is gone.

    22 ? Caught off guard card

    ◎Actually, it’s not that good◎

    Shen Yanyao was frightened by the extremely silent atmosphere.

    She was like a kitten staring at the bell, following the "sealer" in Yuxin's hand as it moved from side to side, becoming more and more restless.

    "Eldest brother, the imprinter in your hand..."

    "It's your 'final exam work'." Yu Xin flipped through it, and he took the "sealer" back into the storage bag, and never mentioned to Shen Yanyao how unique her work was from the beginning to the end.

    "Your work is very good. The functions that a 'printer' should have are basically complete, so I gave a high score, and I will keep the work as a souvenir." Yu Xin handed Shen Yanyao a fluffy little rabbit,"Barter."

    The warm and soft little animal lay in the girl's arms, sniffing her scent slightly with the tip of its pink nose.The little rabbit quickly confirmed that the environment was safe, and nestled lazily in the girl's arms without moving.

    "Is it really a rabbit?" Shen Yanyao was flattered.

    In Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, there are a lot of monsters who are studying, so the overall atmosphere is biased towards not keeping pets that will open wisdom someday.

    If the disciples in the sect really like small monsters, they will go to the forest outside the sect to feed the wild but relatives of the little monsters. After they get close, they will take the opportunity to masturbate a few for fun.

    In the sect, except for the monsters and relatives and friends who have not yet developed spiritual wisdom, there are almost no "pets".

    "Fake." Yu Xin tapped the rabbit's forehead, and a slit opened in the belly of the "rabbit", exposing the inner core of the spiritual stone, "It's a useless thing that doesn't have any function except that it resembles the habits of a real rabbit..”

    "You like this kind of weak but family-friendly little monster. After obtaining the consent of my junior sister, I tried to refine one according to her design. It has been tested, it is very safe, and it will never hurt people.It can be used as a storage bag."

    Isn't this Immortal World's electric pet?

    The boss is awesome, and the boss has a lot of faces.

    "It's much more valuable than seals. Thank you, senior brother, I will cherish it." Shen Yanyao joyfully picked up the little rabbit and turned it around, the skirt flipped under the light, shining brightly.

    "...your skirt?" As a real straight man, Yu Xin finally found that Shen Yanyao's clothes were very different from other women's clothes in Immortal World.

    The skirt was modified to be very close-fitting, with complicated embroidery on the sleeves, the sleeve length was shortened to the elbow, and there were layers of ruffles, and the neckline was greatly expanded, revealing the white and tender slender neck and slender collarbone, the rounded shoulders are faintly visible; the skirt is swollen and falls like an umbrella, and many layers of lace are sewn continuously on the hem, and the two straight calves look more slender against the wide skirt.

    The shoes on the feet are small high-heeled leather shoes, the material is shiny, and the shape looks very different from the embroidered shoes.

    The neck, shoulders, arms, and waist are too prominent for the real shape, which makes it look a bit weird, but it is not ugly.

    Shen Yanyao immediately stood upright, holding the little rabbit and changing several different stances in a row, "Brother, is it good looking?"

    Immortal World also has immortals who like to pretend to be beggars, Shen Yanyao's "difference" is really nothing.

    Yu Xin said: "Don't wear it on formal occasions."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    This is the meaning of the legendary "straight men can't appreciate lo skirts".

    Forget it, good girl, don't make trouble for yourself, she will have breast hyperplasia-even though she doesn't have breasts yet.

    Shen Yanyao decisively changed the subject, following the previous content and asked: "Have you got your grades for each subject? How did I do in the exam?"

    "It's enough for you to go home without being beaten." Yu Xin gave a very conservative answer, and then added, "There are a few subjects that I did not review the test papers. How much you can rank depends on the final result. Wait patiently for a few days, pack up the salute, and go to the exchange in the sect to have a look, if you want anything, you can exchange it with my sect contribution."

    Speaking of Zongmen's contributions, Shen Yanyao finally remembered what she had forgotten after being obsessed with studying for a whole year.

    She has never done any sect tasks!

    In Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, it is not allowed to call slaves. Most of the Zongmen tasks are simple tasks such as sewing, cleaning and scrubbing. Even if the disciples have just started learning, they can still rely on their hands to earn a lot of Zongmen contributions.

    During the few days of waiting for the results, Shen Yanyao ran around and quickly made up the contribution of the sect that had been deducted as a negative number.

    "You did well in the exam, you ranked 19th." Yu Xin flicked the report card, "Did you pack up and salute? Finished up, let's go now."

    Seeing Shen Yanyao nodding, Yu Xin took the girl's hand and disappeared into the sect.

    It appeared again on the platform outside the sect.

    "The restrictions inside and outside the Zongmen are different. You can walk through the Zongmen as long as you wear the Zongmen badge, but Myriad Forms Heaven Sect is far away from Yixian City, and you need to fly to various places, and then run in a unified manner. After several consecutive operations,You can reach Yixian City." Yu Xin carefully explained the normal course of action to Shen Yanyao.

    Shen Yanyao nodded to show that he understood, but he was still thinking about the previous agreement in his heart. He grabbed Yu Xin and hurriedly asked: "What about my spiritual weapon? When will senior brother start construction?"

    "After sending you home, do it in Yixian City."

    As long as she discusses with Shen Yanyao about the spirit weapon she wants in detail, sooner or later Shen Yanyao will find that her way of thinking about refining weapons is very different from Immortal World's current one.

    Since you can't keep it hidden, why not tell her directly when she finds out, so that the little girl can pay attention in the future.

    Yu Xin thought that Shen Yanyao would probably still not be on guard against herself, just like when he hinted at her little secret a year ago, she turned around and acted as if nothing happened.

    Yu Xin was originally wondering how Shen Yanyao would develop such a simple temper, but thinking about Emperor Shen and Mrs. Gu Qingrong,


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