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    The material is either too dark or too shallow. It is rare to find a similar one, but it is too shiny, which is not what I want.But this one is different, the color and feel of the sticker on the bottom of the box are fantastic."

    The original body of the Yaozu is the most powerful weapon. They know that the fairy tribe relies on spiritual weapons to attack, but they have never seen the design drawings of the spiritual weapons.

    Seeing that Shen Yanyao shared the blueprint of his spirit weapon without hesitation, several monster races couldn't help being attracted to it.

    "I see that the material you use to stick the bottom of the box is probably not a particularly precious material. Can I buy some to veneer the body of the stick?"

    "This is the Empress Phoenix Conch, it's not rare, it's just..."

    "I really want it." Shen Yanyao blinked her big black and white eyes, which were full of longing.

    Dragon Clan showed some hesitation, he hesitated for a moment, finally put aside his worries, turned around suddenly, opened his mouth wide and let out an earth-shattering retch.

    Countless seafood was sprayed on the ground by the dragon clan, and the smell of the sea permeated the hall in an instant.

    The Dragon Clan stepped forward, rummaged through the seafood, grabbed dozens of huge conch shells, and stuffed them all at Shen Yanyao's feet, "Here they are, they can be polished and used directly. You're welcome."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    Okay, I know.

    I'm not being polite.

    After the QAQ monsters entered Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, the first thing I want to tell them is that vomit cannot be given to others.


    "Treat it as soon as possible, it won't be fresh after a long time." Seeing that Shen Yanyao was fidgeting, the Dragon Clan kindly flicked his tail to help Shen Yanyao push the conch closer to her, and then opened his mouth to re-suck the spit out water and seafood.Will be belly.

    Shen Yanyao looked at the rolling Adam's apple of the Dragon Clan, almost trembling with nausea.

    She smiled stiffly, and after casting a few spells, she stuffed the pile of conch into another brand new storage bag without touching it.

    Then, the girl dryly said "Farewell", and fled out of the hall with hands and feet, rolling and crawling.

    Yu Xin raised his hand and coughed a few times, covering the smile on his lips with his wide sleeves.

    He thought, the little girl who was spoiled must not have the courage to clean the conch spit out by the Dragon Clan with her own hands, and now she might be squatting in a corner wanting to cry without tears.

    "Junior Sister is young and doesn't understand the rules of the Yaozu. I'm laughing at you." He clasped his fists and said politely, "What should I exchange?"

    The Yaozu still follow the rule of bartering, regardless of the value of the item in hand, it only depends on whether the owner of the item is willing to exchange it.Shen Yanyao asked for the queen's phoenix conch, and the Dragon Clan had already given it to her, so Shen Yanyao accepted whatever request the Dragon Clan made.

    As for the possibility of "giving away", Yu Xin didn't want to accept it at all.

    ——The private life of the Dragon Clan is very messy, and the range of aesthetics is extremely wide. When they send anything to anyone, they always go to sleep with each other.

    The Dragon Clan obviously knew that their reputation was not very good outside. Hearing Yu Xin’s special mention, he said straightforwardly, "I have saved a lot of scales. Use my scales to refine a piece of armor for me. Immortals wear armor.I like the majestic look."

    There was a bit of shyness in the dragon's smile. He stroked his long silver-blue hair and said softly: "I haven't worn clothes yet. I want to know what it's like to wear clothes. The fairy who I picked up before saidWhen I encounter unfamiliar materials, my skin is easily allergic, and the patches become red and swollen. We Yaozu have skin allergies and have to remove their hair and scales, which is too miserable!"

    "So, let's make it with my own scales, lest I have allergies."

    The Dragon Clan raised his arms flamboyantly, and rubbed his fingers on the skin covered with beautiful scales, "Male, you must be ready at any time, and use your most beautiful side to welcome monsters."

    "Okay." Yu Xin answered in one gulp.

    "After discussing it, you can follow me to find my junior sister and deal with the queen's phoenix conch for her. I'll forge what you two need together."

    The Dragon Clan nodded directly, without asking any more questions, and showed an attitude of submission to Yu Xin.

    Among the members of Yaozu, Longzu was the strongest. He was obedient to Yu Xin, and the others didn't refute a single word, making things that might have taken a long time to negotiate to progress quickly.

    Within an hour, Shen Yuan, Yu Xin, and Yaozu had finalized the plan to send a group of talented and well-behaved Yaozu to study in Myriad Forms Heaven Sect every ten years, and signed a contract.

    After another half an hour, even Yixian City and Yaozu tried to trade and trade for 50 years, and it was agreed.

    Shen Yuan pressed his fingerprints on the document, and couldn't help but sigh: "Although my goal has been achieved, you are too hasty. In the conditions of writing, there may be something that harms the monster clan."

    The fox demon who has been staying by the dragon clan's side without saying a word is trembling with laughter, "Shen Dijun, what are you talking about? You have always been a straightforward person. When beating the demon clan, it is useless for the little demon to kneel down and beg.How can a straightforward and violent temper be someone who plays tricks and tricks."

    No matter how it sounds, it sounds weird, but at first glance, this vixen is an old onmyoji.

    Shen Yuan ignored the fox demon, and continued: "The contract is well signed, and I have one more thing to tell the demon clan—you know, a city has been dug out under Yixian City, and the roads below extend in all directions, which is easy enough to pass through the demon clanAnd a city guarded by a dozen other emperors?"

    The monster clans all showed blank and shocked eyes, and looked straight at Shen Yuan, "Huh?"

    Shen Yuan: "Yes, more than a dozen cities can enter the Yaozu at will, and they can come and go freely."

    "There is such a thing? Why did no one report it!" The Dragon Clan's eyes widened in shock.

    Shen Yuan: "..."

    Although knew that the Yaozu were all iron and simple, it really is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.

    Such a big thing, you don't feel it at all?

    I have made it clear, you can skip the "shock" and go to the step of internal inspection.

    Shen Yuan suddenly had a strong sense of responsibility. The group of monsters in front of him, both in size and age, suddenly became children who needed to be taken care of in Shen Yuan's eyes.

    Gu Qingrong looked at her husband who had a headache and couldn't speak, and asked gently to the monster clan present: "Has there ever been a child lost in the monster clan?"

    The expressions of several Yaozu became even more bewildered.

    The Dragon Clan shook his head, and took the lead in saying: "The eggs of the Dragon Clan are born with more than a dozen eggs in a litter, and it is impossible for all of them to hatch. Therefore, after they are born, they are thrown at the place of birth. Whether they can be born or not depends on luck. I don't know if I throw them away or not."lost."

    The Snake Clan nodded in agreement.

    The fox clan followed suit, "Half-sized children eat poor old people. There are so many children, and they can be raised anywhere. We only raise the strongest one or two, and we don't care about the others. We love them to death."

    The tiger family patted their chests and said: "Our family can have at most two cubs at a time, and we can't lose them. The tigress is fierce, and it will hit whoever it sees."

    In the end, the bird family laughed, "The cubs of the bird group are in a competitive relationship. Before they grow up, they have already lived and died. For example, when I grew up, I killed all my brothers and sisters. It is impossible for my parents to lose their children.of."

    Shen Yuan and Gu Qingrong have both watched "Animal World" and know the fierce competition among animal cubs, but they never thought that in the world set by their daughters, the monster race still follows this iron law, and the husband and wifeEveryone fell silent after hearing this.

    "If that's the case, it's probably not for the purpose of buying and selling monster mouths." Gu Qingrong frowned, pondered for a moment and then shook his head, "No, even the corpses of monster clans are of great use after skinning and plucking."

    The Yaozu is full of treasures. Even if the cubs were not abducted and brought up, the blood was drawn, the meat was cut and the skin was continuously drawn, and the bone marrow was used for the corpse.

    If the Yaozu didn't calculate how much their clansmen lost, the Xianzu would have no way to speculate on the purpose of these underground passages leading to the Yaozu.

    The monster clans all know that the fairy clan entered the monster clan's territory without authorization, and it was definitely not to do good deeds. After an embarrassing silence, the fox monster took the initiative to say: "I heard from the children in the clan that when they test their courage at night,I have met people with surreptitious whereabouts, but because nothing happened. I always thought it was just another tribe passing by."

    The fox family paused slightly, and then said: "Emperor Shen, if this matter gets deeper, I won't say much about it. After all, you have led the immortal soldiers to slaughter the people who messed up the demon clan. Even if someone really went deep into the demon clan's hinterland, it is also impossible for me to tell you some secret places in the fox clan."

    Things have come to an impasse.

    Shen Yuan and Gu Qingrong both understand that Yixian City has borrowed the convenience of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect to achieve the conditions of the mutual market, and it is unrealistic to ask for more.Only after establishing a stable and long-term relationship with the Yaozu, can the Yaozu's defenses be relieved little by little, and there is a chance for investigation.

    "You guys go, I will have someone deliver the meal tonight." Gu Qingrong nodded with a smile, "The forging room has already been opened, and you can use it when you go there. I will leave Yanyao's spiritual weapon to Ashin."

    "Ma'am, you are welcome."

    After Yu Xin thanked him, he took a few monsters and went straight to the back mountain.

    As they walked, the dragon clan suddenly asked: "You are very familiar with Emperor Shen's house, right? You've been around five times, and you haven't lost your way yet."

    "A year ago, Mrs. Gu's mother and daughter saved my life, and I used to cultivate at home."

    It turned out that he had lived in Yixian City for a while, no wonder he was so familiar with the route in the City Lord's Mansion.Longzu nodded, dispelling the doubts in his heart, completely unaware that Yu Xin's rhetoric was written in Spring and Autumn, and the content could not stand scrutiny at all.

    ——Yu Xin skipped the fact that he only stayed in the City Lord's Mansion for no more than one day last year, and instantly made his statement very reliable.

    Yu Xin wandered around the city lord's mansion, and finally found Shen Yanyao who was squatting beside a pool of running water, staring straight at the storage bag thrown in the water.

    He raised his sword eyebrows, and thought amusedly, the little girl would not think that the storage bag is the same as the net bag for washing fruit, and throwing the storage bag containing the Queen Phoenix conch in the sink can stain the Queen Phoenix conch.Wash your saliva clean, right?

    Moreover, the dragon's "vomit" is not the same as the human's "vomit".

    There is another space in the belly of the dragon, which stores the water source of the dragon when it was born, in case it is trapped and falls into the sea of magma and fire, you can open up a small space on the spot and soak yourself in the water when you were born.Dormancy in water sources replenishes itself.

    Although this source of water is preserved in the belly of the Dragon Clan, it is by no means vomit.

    Shen Yanyao didn't know anything about it because he didn't know anything about it.

    Yu Xin took the initiative to reach out and fish out the storage bag, and put it upside down on the edge of the pond. With a "crash", the spring water that had flowed in during this period was poured out and returned to the pond.

    He tapped on the top of Shen Yanyao's head, "Let's go, go to refine the weapon."


    Shen Yanyao immediately got up, trotted over a few steps, "Elder brother, can I really refine my natal spiritual weapon? Didn't I say before that many ideas are too wild, and there is no way to do it!"

    "It's really difficult, but if you have already passed the 19th place, it's not impossible to do it."

    Yu Xin made a backhand comparison to several monster clans, "After I talked with Emperor Shen, I learned that those monster clans who were caught in trouble in the past were imprisoned in the dungeon of the city lord's mansion. Keeping them will only cause the monster clanI am dissatisfied, but this group of monsters are acting recklessly and acting surlyly, and it is not easy to send them back to the monsters, so it is best to be detained in another place."

    "The idea you said is very complete 'magic circle-the book of locking demons-summoning cards-the awakening staff'. After having an object that can be driven by force, everything becomes difficult, but there are trial conditionsexists."

    "Even, I have considered simplifying your idea, directly nesting the magic circle on the book of lock monster, omitting the card, the magic circle of the cane interacts with the magic circle on the book of lock monster, directly borrowing the book of lock monsterOtherwise, with your current ability, draw a complete magic circle out of thin air, and then use the book of locking demons..."

    He shook his head and laughed, "Probably enough to be killed dozens of times."

    Yu Xin shook the storage bag filled with the queen's phoenix snails, "For efficiency, in the city lord's mansion, I will first refine the book of locking demons and the walking stick."

    He patted the top of Shen Yanyao's head with his hands down, "Come and help me."

    "Actually, you don't have to, big brother, you are so good..." Shen Yanyao knew that Yu Xin wanted to take the opportunity to add lessons, and wanted to hide behind others, "Big brother, you know me, I don't know how to study.Too good. I just laid a foundation, how can I help you."

    "I gave you the natal artifact, but you weren't there?" Yu Xin squatted down with a smile, and looked at Shen Yanyao, smiling very kindly, "Junior Sister, think about it carefully, and tell me the answer again."

    "I'm looking forward to refining the natal artifact with my senior brother! The natal artifact is with me in this life, how can I miss the opportunity to witness its birth? Thank you senior brother for giving me this opportunity!" A series of scene words blurted out, Shen YanyaoThere was no reluctance on her face, nor could it be seen that she didn't want to make up lessons at all.

    Yaozu witnessed Shen Yanyao's face changing in a second with his own eyes, so he didn't know why, so he just pretended to be a little girl and played tricks with his brother and sister Yu Xin.

    The tiger clan even showed envious eyes, and muttered to themselves: "Is the world of the fairy clan like this? Girls are so gentle, and I want to have junior sisters too, woohoo, much gentler than a tigress. I,Huyong, I'm already looking forward to an unrivaled human-animal love!"

    The Fox family didn't quite believe it. He looked back and forth between Shen Yanyao and Yu Xin suspiciously, and then flatly commented on the Hu family, "I think you are wishful thinking."

    The little girl looked like she had succumbed to the evil forces, so she didn't show any joy.

    Yu Xin raised his eyebrows when he heard the chatter of the demon clansmen, and looked at Shen Yanyao with deeper eyes, and hummed "Huh?" in his nose to express his doubts.

    Shen Yanyao immediately turned her head and retorted to the male vixen, "Don't talk nonsense, you don't know how happy I am to be able to spend more time with senior brother."

    Fox Clan: "..."

    All right, I'll just stand here and listen to your nonsense, and see if you can still laugh when you go in and follow the refining tool.

    "Come together, there is nothing to hide in the crafting process, you will learn it sooner or later." Yu Xin grandly invited the monster races to come together, and the monster races were completely convinced.

    The boss is generous, and the boss has a face!Thank you boss for the magic weapon!

    The spiritual roots of the family in the Lord's Mansion of Yixian City are either water or wood. Strictly speaking, they are not suitable for refining weapons. Excessive contact with gold and fire can even be harmful to the body.

    There is no forging room in the City Lord's Mansion.

    "Zhurong Mountain" is an active volcano, which is said to be the place where the last Vulcan fell.Although "Zhurong Mountain" has not erupted for tens of thousands of years, the magma in it has never been extinguished, and it is surging like a god's anger and never stops.

    Shen Yuan often led the immortal soldiers to fight against the demon clan, and the weapons were worn out a lot and needed to be repaired or reforged from time to time.

    Even though "Zhu Rong Mountain" is on the south side of the city lord, according to its location, it is enough to be included in the city lord's mansion, Shen Yuan still assigned "Zhu Rong mountain" to the army, and asked the immortal soldiers to dig a road leading to the magma on the mountainside.

    The Yaozu's natural sense of direction is far superior to that of the Immortals. They followed Yu Xin to "Zhurong Mountain" and found a problem.

    "Emperor Shen is very confident in the immortal soldiers under his hand." The Dragon Clan gestured a bit, and after calculating the distance, "I used to think that Emperor Shen was decisive in killing and attacking, but now it seems that Emperor Shen is quite a high-ranking person."'Confidence. From 'Zhurong Mountain' to the interior of the city lord's mansion, it will not take long even if you walk. If any of Shen Dijun's immortal soldiers has malicious intentions, his whole family may be gone."

    The Dragon Clan shook his head, his face was full of admiration for the hero's courage, "I am not as good as Shen Dijun."

    Shen Yanyao rolled his eyes when he heard this, and punctured the beautiful misunderstanding in the Dragon Clan's heart, "As long as the money is in place, the city lord's mansion will be destroyed. Do you really think there are subordinates who will never betray? It is my parents who do a good job in attendance and cheating.It’s nothing more than dismissing people, raising wages diligently, and picking out those who have different ideas early.”

    Dragon Clan: "...You Immortal Clan really can't sit still."

    Shen Yanyao: "Fighting with others is a lot of fun."

    Seeing Shen Yanyao's conversation, the Yaozu found that she was not a difficult lady, and gradually relaxed.


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