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    After passing through the extremely spacious passage, Yu Xin exchanged tokens with the immortal soldiers guarding the forging room, and led Shen Yanyao and the others into the largest room.

    The moment he opened the door, a gust of heat rushed towards his face, making Shen Yanyao's face feel dry.

    She raised her hand and rubbed her face, looking curiously at the forging room.

    In the dormitory of Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, Yu Xin prepared a forging room for her. The forging table is only prepared for completing the coursework, and cannot forge large spiritual weapons.So the forging table in the residence was about the size of a gas stove, and it looked quite delicate. Although entering the forging room would feel the temperature rising, it was far from the feeling that the moisture on the entire face was drained instantly.

    A faint black light condensed in Yu Xin's palm, and a coolness instantly enveloped Shen Yanyao.

    The moist feeling on the skin instantly made Shen Yanyao's expression much lighter.

    "Thank you, big brother." She habitually slid to Yu Xin's side, grabbing Yu Xin's sleeve and shaking it.

    After hearing this, Yu Xin nodded and finished without saying a word, apparently already accustomed to the way of getting along with girls.

    The members of the Yaozu saw Shen Yanyao and Yu Xin's way of getting along with each other, and their expressions were a little strange, but they didn't know how close the Immortal World brothers and sisters were, so even the Huzu who had teased at the beginning felt a little strange.Did not speak.

    When Yu Xin entered the forging room, he placed Shen Yanyao directly beside him, stood beside the tumbling magma and stared at it for a moment, and sighed, "It's no wonder that Emperor Shen was able to fight against the demon clan for many years by himself, it turned out to be relying on the sky fire",He opened the meeting gift from the Dragon Clan, poured the dragon scales into the magma, and waved to the Dragon Clan.

    "You want a armor? Change back to the original."

    The Dragon Clan didn't know why, but they did it honestly and turned back into a silver-blue long dragon.He shook his head and tail, squatting in mid-air a little aggrieved. For his real body, the forging room was too narrow.

    "What do you need me to do?"

    The Dragon Clan opened his mouth, and the voice immediately appeared in his ears. Shen Yanyao almost thought that the Dragon Clan was talking close to his ear, and looked up at the distance between the Dragon Clan and himself with a dazed expression.

    "You don't have to do anything." Yu Xin reached out and patted Shen Yanyao's head, recalling the girl's mind.

    He raised his hand to strike a restriction, trapping the Dragon Clan in the magic circle.

    Immediately, the huge body of the dragon clan shrank inch by inch in Shen Yanyao's sight, and finally became a "little" dragon two feet long.

    Yu Xin turned his palm over, took out a short knife no longer than a palm from the storage bag, grabbed the dragon's tail and scraped off the scales on his tail with a few strokes.

    Shen Yanyao almost had the illusion that Yuxin was scraping fish scales, and the shock of Changlong's original shape just now disappeared in her heart.

    The scales detached from the body of the "little dragon", immediately returned to their original size, and fell into the magma following Yu Xin's command.When Yu Xin felt that the number was enough, he let go of his hand and threw the Dragon Clan aside. The Dragon Clan immediately coiled himself up in embarrassment and indignation, trying to cover up the bald spot on his body, and the dragon's face was flushed with anger.

    "How dare you do such a disrespectful thing to a dragon!" the Dragon Clan shouted angrily.

    Yu Xin ignored him at all, walked to the magma, and smashed spells into the magma one after another. The dragon scales that had fallen into the magma and disappeared suddenly "gurgled" to the surface of the magma.Melted into a brilliant silver-blue liquid under the joint action.

    Yu Xin opened his fingers wide, stretched out and grasped, and the silver liquid with blue light flew out of the magma and landed on the forging platform.

    The dagger in his hand turned into a sledgehammer, and with each hammer Yu Xin hit, the blue impurities were gradually removed, and the silver light became brighter and brighter.

    There is no dragon who does not like the brilliance of gold and silver.

    The eyes of the Dragon Clan who had just roared in disregard of their faces had turned into heart shapes, and they were swimming around the forging platform excitedly, wishing that the whole dragon could be attached to it.

    He eagerly asked: "Are you going to make me a armor? It's so shiny and beautiful, when will it be ready?"

    "Soon." As soon as Yu Xin finished speaking, he cast a spell again, forcing the dragons to return to their human form. In the next moment, less than one-tenth of the silver liquid flew out and turned into a thin layer covering the surface of the dragons., and gradually formed a whole body of silver armor, which just covered the part of the dragon's body that had no scales.

    Yu Xin took a look at the other party, took out a drop from the silver liquid with great care, and forged it into a hair crown under the blessing of Taoism and handed it to the Dragon Clan.

    The dragon quickly coiled up his hair, fastened the hair crown, and never took his eyes off the remaining silver liquid, "There is so much left, do you still make clothes for me? You are so considerate."

    Yu Xin glanced at Longzu, as if looking at a fool.

    He shattered the unrealistic fantasy of the other party very directly, "The dragon scales you gave are too few, not enough to make natal spirit weapons for junior sisters."

    That's why, by making clothes for you, caught you and scratched your scales.

    The Dragon Clan, who was blushing with excitement just now, suddenly turned dark. He let out a fierce roar, and countless lightning bolts fell from the forging room, heading straight for the tumbling silver liquid in the forging platform.

    The silver liquid was not painful or itchy at all, it blew a bubble, swallowed the flying lightning with a "poof", a few traces of golden light faintly glowed from the pure silver.

    Yu Xin pulled out the top-quality moonstone phoenix hairpin in Shen Yanyao's hair and threw it into the liquid, then opened his storage bag, added all kinds of natural materials and earth treasures, and tempered it repeatedly.

    The color of the liquid has completely changed. If it was flowing silver before, it is now smelting stars.

    Shen Yanyao narrowed her eyes, unable to look directly at the brilliant starlight.

    Yu Xin put on a pair of black gloves of unidentifiable material, stretched out his hands to "fish out" most of the liquid, kneaded and beat it repeatedly, and finally made it into a "star".

    He took out Shen Yanyao's storage bag full of Queen's Phoenix conch from his bosom again, shook his wrist, and poured the conch into the magma.

    After being "washed" by the magma, all the irregular edges are cut off, leaving only the most pink and smooth part of the inner core, obediently wrapped on the surface of the remaining galaxy-like liquid, and turned into a stick about five feet long.

    On the top of the stick, there are three crescent-shaped claws, firmly grasping the "star" that Yu Xin made in the center.

    A pair of wings of the same color as the "star" at the bottom of the "claw" quietly spread out and stretched against the wind.

    Outside the forging, the sky was cloudy, thunder and lightning fell rumblingly, and heavy rain hit.

    Above the nine heavens, the Emperor of Heaven opened his eyes and whispered in shock and anger: "Impossible, impossible, why didn't Ling Xiao die?! He should have died long ago!"

    Yu Xin held this extremely beautiful cane, and the cane instantly retracted its wings and the "star" on the top, turning it into a sickle with a strong evil spirit.

    Yu Xin looked up and down, then grabbed the short knife and carved the character "Hui" on the long handle of the sickle.

    The man took out the long red silk satin in the storage bag, tied a big bowknot on the dent one foot below the head of the scythe, finally nodded in satisfaction, pinched the girl's fingertips and pierced it, and gave the spiritual weapon dripping blood to recognize

    "Okay." Yu Xin stuffed the sickle to Shen Yanyao.

    He looked at the girl who was holding the death scythe tightly, and thought to himself, she was too thin, so she really wasn't suitable for this spiritual weapon.

    Therefore, Yu Xin asked as a matter of course: "Get up at four o'clock tomorrow morning, and I will take you to practice knife skills, and make up for the lessons owed in the previous year."

    Shen Yanyao held the natal spiritual weapon that completely satisfied her girlish heart, but her surprise was completely wiped out by a sentence of "remedial lessons".

    Huh, sure enough, happiness is short-lived, but make-up lessons are eternal.

    The author has something to say:

    Shen Yanyao: I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

    Yu Xin: Three years to build the foundation, five years to refine the weapon to find out.It's a good thing you weren't born in the Nether, otherwise you'd be doing quizzes by now.Thanks to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2020-06-03 09:01:16~2020-06-04 11:21:30~

    Thanks to the little angels who irrigate the nutrient solution: 5 bottles of smiles;

    Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

    24 ? Yaozu Sanctuary ◇

    ◎No one can insult the bones of the goddess.◎

    Yu Xin can discuss everything, except the matter of "learning".

    In Yu Xin's view, the only way to strengthen himself is to learn, and he will never allow anyone to ignore the importance of learning wherever he sees.

    Nobody can!

    After Yu Xin asked to speak, Shen Yanyao could only nod with her lips flattened.

    "Forget it, I'm busy at the moment, let you have a good vacation first, and go back to the sect for another class." Yu Xin glanced at the sullen girl, and changed his decision directly, but before Shen Yanyao showed a smile, heEmphasis full of hints, "There are too few flowers and trees planted in the city lord's mansion, and it is quite uncomfortable to live in."

    Isn't it just planting flowers and plants?

    She is good at this!

    Shen Yanyao smiled and agreed: "I've worked hard today, Senior Brother. Senior Brother should go to bed early, sleep late, and come out of the guest room before lunch tomorrow. I will definitely make Senior Senior Brother feel as comfortable as 'Wenxinju'."

    "Okay, you go back first. When refining the Book of Locking Monsters, you need to rhyme with the sinful demon, so you are not here. If the refining is successful, I will bring you the Book of Locking Monsters." Yu Xin waved his sleeves lightly, and directly sent ShenYan Yao was sent down the mountain.

    After seeing off the little girl, Yu Xin's demeanor was not as amiable as before.

    His smile became condescending, and he pointed to the Dragon Clan whose tail scales were mostly scraped off and said, "What happened to the Monster Clan? You actually ignored everything and came here in person. Emperor Shen immediately agreed to a truce and a mutual market as soon as he showed his kindness."conditions of."

    The members of the Yaozu lost their previous leisure, and the Fox clan spoke the most eloquently, and immediately told Yu Xin the whole story: "The holy land of the Yaozu has been frequently invaded by people in the past few days."

    "Nothing was lost in the Holy Land, but the strange thing is that nothing was lost!"

    "We can't figure out what the problem is anyway. We have to find a way to get in touch with you."

    "Master Kunpeng, the front foot of the holy land was invaded, and Emperor Shen handed him an olive branch at the back foot. Do you think that this matter was caused by Emperor Shen, or someone who had a grudge against him deliberately tossed it out?" The fox family was eagerAsk.

    "Shen Yuan? No, it won't be them." Yu Xin shook his head, directly denying the Fox Clan's guess.

    Yu Xin didn't know who Shen Yuan was originally.

    Gu Qingrong was too young before Yu Xin was crushed by the Heavenly Emperor and fell into Tianhe.As adoptive siblings who are very different in age from Yu Xin, they have never met each other.

    Later, Yu Xin encountered a catastrophe and followed the Tianhe River into the Hopeless Sea. After suffering for a thousand years and reshaping his human body, the love story between Shen Yuan and Gu Qingrong was already famous in the Immortal World. Yu Xin went to Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, and withThe two places are separated and there is no chance to get to know them logically.

    All Yu Xin knows about "Shen Yuan and Gu Qingrong couple" can only be known from the information he obtained and the analysis of people after meeting in person.

    Judging from Shen Yuan's various arrangements, Yu Xin speculates that Shen Yuan is a hero with both ambition and strength, but it is a pity that he was restrained by emotions and did not initiate a conflict with the Emperor of Heaven.

    But seeing a real person, Yu Xin had to consider another possibility.

    Shen Yuan is so forthright, everything he does seems more natural, not aimed at anyone.

    Emperor Shen is consistent with his words and deeds, keeps his promises, and is so calm with everyone. No matter how much information he gets, it is useless. As long as he has been with Shen Yuan, there is no way to continue to doubt their husband and wife.

    "What's the matter with your injury?" Yu Xin asked, pointing to the dragon whose scales he had scraped off.

    When he saw the dragon scales in the gift from the Dragon Clan, Yu Xin realized something was wrong.

    Dragons will only drop scales when they are seriously injured and dying. The scales in that box are all over the dragon's tail, and the tail is a very sensitive part of any creature, and it will never be touched casually.

    It can be seen that things are not simple.

    "The dragon clan is powerful. After discovering that the holy land was invaded, the dragon clan organized and guarded the holy land in three shifts. We all thought that the previous times when the Bible was invaded was at night, and night would be more dangerous. Therefore, during the dayThe dragons arranged in the day are relatively young. I didn’t expect that day, when I led the team through the Nuwa Empress Temple, I discovered the whereabouts of the intruders.”

    "It's because I was young and energetic. I led the team to catch up and almost caused a catastrophe. It's a good deal for me to get injured in exchange for the whole team's life."

    "The wound on the tail was left by the attack at that time, but unfortunately, I bumped into the opponent's body, and the dragon's horns were broken. I couldn't even tell whether the opponent was a human or a demon, and I was arrested.Broken tailbone." The Dragon Clan showed a shameful expression, and subconsciously pressed his hands behind him.

    After feeling empty, the Dragon Clan remembered that the human form he was using now was not his real body.

    "You are still close to the cultivation base of the casual state, and the opponent can beat you so that you can't fight back. Don't you remember what it looks like? It's interesting." Yu Xin laughed out loud when he heard it.

    He handed Longzu a storage bag, "heal the injury as soon as possible."

    "Since suppressing the realm to enroll in Myriad Forms Heaven Sect, you should learn the courses in the sect honestly from the beginning."

    Dragon Clan: "...???"

    No, Mr. Kunpeng, you are addicted to pretending to be a big brother of the sect, right?At this time, don't forget the character design!

    "We Yaozu don't need to learn from people and do so many messy things." Hearing the study, the Tiger Clan reacted more seriously than the Dragon Clan, and their expressions changed drastically.

    Yu Xin frowned, dissatisfied with the Yaozu's lack of progress: "After the gods fell, the Yaozu had no one to protect them. They are still living a life of ruthlessness and blood drinking."

    "The combat power of the Yaozu is not as good as before. It's just that most of the immortals like to live happily, so they have nothing to use the Yaozu, and have never shot against the Yaozu. In hundreds of thousands of years, the immortalsThe Taoism developed by the clan may be enough to drive the monster clan, so at that time, are you going to be like the monsters in the lower realm, and submissively serve as mounts and pets for the fairy clan?"

    "The little girl from Emperor Shen's family has been holding a rabbit all the time, and her attitude is very gentle. If her family takes care of food and shelter, I don't need to go into battle to kill the enemy. I will restore my original shape, so there is nothing wrong with being raised by her family." Hu Yong muttered softly, very envious of the openness of the Lord's Mansion of Yixian City.

    Hearing Shen Yanyao's name suddenly, Yu Xin was in a daze.

    He never thought that in the eyes of others, this little girl who likes to dodge the most is actually quite worthy of being entrusted to for a lifetime.

    After a little thought, Yu Xin understood what Hu Yong meant.

    As the son of an emperor, Shen Yanyao is rich, leisurely, caring, young and innocent, isn't this the best goal for a man who wants to eat soft food?

    Yu Xin quickly went through the courses that Shen Yanyao should learn next semester in his mind, and then silently replaced a few courses that she could easily pass, and replaced them with more difficult and advanced ones.

    What kind of pet do you keep at such a young age? Hu Yong hasn't been neutered yet!

    Girls should be busy, the rich little rich woman knows everything by herself, so that she won't be fooled by incompetent men.

    You must let her understand what kind of talents are worthy of reliability, and what kind of men must not be approached.

    With this thought in mind, when Yu Xin looked at this group of monsters again, he suddenly felt uncomfortable.

    Yu Xin approached Hu Yong with a friendly smile, patted him on the shoulder and asked, "Why do you suddenly want to come to Emperor Shen's house to be a spiritual pet? Isn't it fun to run freely in the vast world?"

    Hu Yong immediately revealed his real body, and a strong white-fronted tiger with eye-catching eyes appeared in the forging room.

    It twisted its fat body to show off its strong arms and broad chest, and posed several poses to Yu Xin to show off its physique, accidentally revealing the soft meat protruding from its belly.

    Hu Yong turned back into a human body, and replied with a proud face: "Of course, a delicate and delicate girl like her needs the protection of a reliable and large spiritual pet like me! Bad guys don't dare to go after me when they see me."It's over. Hahaha, I don't ask too much, just give me a few deer to chew on every meal."

    "When the time comes, I will follow her wherever she goes; wherever she wants to go, I will accompany her to go—when the crowd is crowded, I will open the way for her; when the crowd is sparsely populated, I will hold her hand, don't let her be afraid."


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