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    Sitting on the edge of the bed, he whispered with distress and reproach: "Since you find it hard, why bother standing up and teaching."

    Shen Yanyao turned over and lay on her side facing Yu Xin, "I think a teacher should stand up."

    "How old are you, don't blame yourself."

    "When senior brother gave me lectures, he always stood on the podium."

    Yu Xin: "..."

    I suspect that you are connoting me as a bad example for you, and I have evidence.

    "Come here." Yu Xin sighed helplessly, stretching out his hand as he spoke.

    Shen Yanyao learned almost everything from Yu Xin, and stretching her muscles and bones was no exception. She was too tired to straighten up and let Yu Xin massage her muscles and bones.At this time, when Yu Xin spoke, she stretched her legs without thinking, and put her feet on Yu Xin's lap.

    The white socks were put on the slender feet, revealing the bright red color of the toenails.

    Yu Xin massaged Shen Yanyao's calf along the meridian and acupuncture points, and after the massage, he got up and washed his hands.

    Shen Yanyao looked at Yu Xin's stern look, and couldn't help lying on the bed hugging the pillow and laughing nonstop.

    While washing his hands, Yu Xin turned around and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

    If Yu Xin didn't ask, Shen Yanyao just smiled, but once he opened his mouth, Shen Yanyao couldn't stop the smile on his face.

    After laughing hard for a while, Shen Yanyao replied with uneven breath: "Elder brother, other men will definitely cause trouble when they show affection to the girl they like, especially when they can touch their legs and feet.Just how many times have you squeezed my calves and feet, and you have to wash your hands solemnly after each squeeze. If you don’t know, you still think I have foot odor.”

    Yu Xin raised his eyebrows and smiled, wiped his palms and sat back beside Shen Yanyao's bed, and said intentionally, "Then touch your feet, don't wash your hands, just take a piece of snack with your hands, I'll see if you can eat it or not."

    Shen Yanyao was afraid that Yu Xin would let her touch her feet to get pastries right now, so she immediately turned serious, not daring to show any more, and said repeatedly: "Brother, I was wrong."

    But in his heart, Shen Yanyao still couldn't help but slander.

    It's no wonder that senior brother has been single until now. Apart from his bad looks, he is also doomed to be single for the rest of his life with this personality.

    Lonely men and widows, get along with each other in a romantic way.

    Other men have to flirt with their girls, but Yu Xin is special. He doesn't say a word when he pinches his legs, and washes his hands immediately after pinching his legs.

    Also use the seven-step hand washing method.

    Really, very hygienic.

    "Going out this time, things went so smoothly. There is a lot of free time left. Is there any place you want to go?" Yu Xin didn't give Shen Yanyao any time to be embarrassed, and immediately changed the subject.

    Shen Yanyao shook his head: "I haven't been out much. When I was at home, there were many places in Yixian City that I didn't recognize. After I went out, I didn't know them at all. I'd better listen to the arrangement of the elder brother."

    This time, Yu Xin didn't arrange other nosy things such as playing, but kept a gentle smile, and planned to improve the cultivation level for the few disciples who went out together.

    "Liu Dijun's demon mother is unusual. She is a flower demon with great nourishing talent. The water source in his area will also be nourished by the flowing water transformed by Liu Dijun."

    Shen Yanyao nodded vigorously, "That's right, that's right, I said why the housing prices in Jing Province are higher than other places. It turns out that it has medicinal value."

    "Yueguang has practiced this sword technique for hundreds of years, but she has never been able to break through. It's not that she is not diligent or talented, but that she has been missing some opportunities." Yu Xin shook his head regretfully, "Now I see that she seems to be in love with Gu Tianyan."

    "When a woman is ruthless, she acts soberly and neatly, but if she indulges in love, she will inevitably go wrong."

    Yu Xin's expression was not relaxed, "If you are sentient, you will want to get close. In this matter, I can trust Gu Tianyan. He can't do anything against the current moonlight, but it is precisely because he will stick to the bottom line and not get close to the moonlight.I'm worried that Yueguang will think too much, and then feel sorry for himself."

    "But Senior Sister Bai still needs a chance to break through." Shen Yanyao retorted.

    Yu Xin suddenly held Shen Yanyao's face in his hands, showing a grateful and joyful expression, "I used to let the moonlight wander around, trying to get the chance as soon as possible. But in the ten days, the courses you taught made me suddenly enlightened."

    "—There is no chance, we can create it ourselves!"

    Shen Yanyao: "Huh?"

    "Under what circumstances did Emperor Liu break through his state of mind? When he was in despair." Yu Xin's always gentle eyes showed a strong confidence.She breaks through."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    Is this the self-confidence of learning God?

    Not only does his brain turn fast, but he can even think about things in a slanted way.


    For no reason, Shen Yanyao felt that Yu Xin's breakthrough plan, which did not reveal any specific content, had a very high success rate.

    She touched her face, sat cross-legged on the bed, and asked earnestly, "How does senior brother plan to operate?"

    "I told you that there are many water sources in Jingzhou City, but you must not have reviewed the geography carefully. Four thousand miles outside Jingzhou City is the Hopeless Sea. I plan to ask Emperor Liu to find out which water source eventually leads to the Hopeless Sea. The excuse broughtLet the disciples cultivate their bodies and arrange the moonlight here."

    "and then?"

    "Then, Gu Tianyan will personally prepare a 'surprise' for Moonlight."

    Shen Yanyao frowned, "Brother, your smile is so scary now, I don't think it will be a good thing."

    Yu Xin glanced at Shen Yanyao appreciatively: "Who would be on guard against the person he admires? Moonlight won't either, let Gu Tianyan poison her personally, then sink Moonlight into the water, and follow the water all the wayRushing into the sea of hopelessness. Of course, when all this is happening, I want Yueguang to hear that the same door is just across the wall, but she has no doubts about Gu Tianyan's words, and this will cause her the greatest despair."

    "The betrayal of a loved one, the negligence of fellow students, the despair of dying, everything is enough for Moonlight to catch that mysterious and mysterious breakthrough opportunity."

    Yu Xin's voice was steady, as if what he said was not difficult to do.

    However, Shen Yanyao could hear cold sweat running down his back and his teeth chattering.

    Yu Xin suddenly cast his eyes on Shen Yanyao's face, showing a playful smile: "What's the matter—are you afraid of me? Why are you afraid? Are you worried that I will treat you like this?"

    Shen Yanyao: "I, I, senior brother, I am not a sword cultivator, I don't need to break through!"

    "Oh?" Yu Xin raised his eyebrows, as if he didn't quite believe Shen Yanyao's words.

    Shen Yanyao was in a daze, and he didn't even want to reach out and hug Yu Xin's neck, hanging his whole body on him.

    "Brother, don't scare me, I'm so scared."

    The girl's soft and slender body was completely fitted into Yu Xin's arms, and her nostrils were instantly filled with a warm fragrance. Yu Xin was a little bit concerned for a while, and unconsciously hugged Shen Yanyao with both hands, protecting her in his arms.

    After waiting for a while, it was sullen that Shen Yanyao realized that Shen Yanyao's behavior was inappropriate.

    He carried the man back to the bed and put it away, and reproached him in a deep voice: "How can you cuddle with a man casually."

    Shen Yanyao looked up at Yu Xin with grievances, tears flickering in her eyes.

    "Brother, can you stop being so ruthless?"

    Yu Xin shook his head coldly, "This matter cannot be delayed any longer."

    Shen Yanyao firmly grasped Yu Xin's sleeve, and begged again and again: "Senior Sister Bai doesn't know anything, even if she succeeds in breaking through, she will be very sad. Why can't I find a safer way."

    Yu Xin leaned over, pulled Shen Yanyao's little hand that was holding onto his sleeve, pressed her on the head of the bed, pinched Shen Yanyao's chin with one hand, and forced the girl to raise her face to face her eyes without any extra emotion, "What is safety? There is no safety in the Immortal World, and there are always winners and losers."

    Shen Yanyao shook her head vigorously, "That's not the case."

    Seeing Shen Yanyao's innocent appearance, Yu Xin suddenly smiled.

    He seemed to be looking at a small animal carefully raised by himself. It was still nestled in the arms of its owner even though it had grown up. It was cute, but it was too delicate to bear any wind and rain.

    This is the appearance that Emperor Shen and Mrs. Gu hope Shen Yanyao will grow up to, and it is also the appearance that he has worked hard to maintain over the years.


    "Yanyao, you like Myriad Forms Heaven Sect very much. You like the hard work of the disciples, the lack of bloodlines, the generosity and kindness of the elders, and the caring and kindness of the brothers."

    Shen Yanyao had an intuition that there would be no good words to say next, but she couldn't shake her head against her conscience for everything that Yu Xin pointed out accurately.

    After Shen Yanyao's affirmation, Yu Xin continued to calmly state the reality: "What you like and what you have are all based on the 'strength' you have shown. Because you have always been excellent, and because you have been mastered by manyThose in power love you, that's why you have everything you have now, and you can live so innocently and carefree."

    "Moonlight is not her. All martial arts are not."

    "Wuxiu's strength comes from epiphany after experiencing life and death disasters every time."

    "The paths taken by different people are different. Suffering and tempering are the fate that Moonlight should obey. If you love her, make her happy after she breaks through."

    "As an accomplice who deceived her, how can I have the face to see Senior Sister Bai in the future." Shen Yanyao shrunk her neck guiltily.

    The hand pinched on her chin was moved away, Yu Xin let out a low laugh, and said proactively: "Being deceived by a fellow disciple, Yueguang has experienced dozens of times in the past hundreds of years. She is not as fragile as you imagined."

    Shen Yanyao: "..."

    I am ignorant.

    I don't know that the martial arts practitioners in Myriad Forms Heaven Sect are so aggressive in order to break through. It's really my fault.

    Shen Yanyao was suffocated by Yu Xin's few words, and the next day she used the excuse of "going to see how the revision of the 'Ancient Mystery Realm''s story outline is progressing" and hurriedly hid in the city lord's mansion, not daring to see white-moonlight/muse didn't dare to face Yuxin anymore.

    She still couldn't accept this overly straightforward law of the jungle.

    Yu Xin did not go to find Shen Yanyao immediately after she escaped, but directly contacted Gu Tianyan, explained to him the current bottleneck of white-moonlight/muse, and asked directly: "Whether this matter is successful or not, I will personallyExplain to Junior Sister Bai, I forced you to do this, and everything was done to find opportunities for her."

    Tianyan Demon Lord can do good deeds many times and be framed repeatedly, but he still doesn't change his mind, so his belief is naturally extremely tenacious.

    He is not Shen Yanyao who lives in the human world, and he accepts the rules of Immortal World well.

    After hearing what Yu Xin said clearly, Tianyan Mojun smiled immediately, "Yu Xin, I didn't expect you to become more and more soft-hearted. I joined your plan because I thought it was good for Yueguang, so why should you come for me?"Take responsibility!"

    "Afterwards, regardless of success or failure, no matter how the moonlight looks at me, I will bear it myself."

    The smile on Yu Xin's face remained unchanged, but his tone was very surprised: "You think I'm softening my heart."

    "Back then, you only used a few words to instigate several major sects to kill each other, and you still felt that the other party deserved it for their stupidity. Today, you are only giving 'instructions' to an ineffective junior sister who has not been able to break through for many years, but you have to take responsibility for the accomplice who carried out the plan together. Of courseIt's my heart softening."

    "Well, probably an old man will always be soft-hearted."

    Tianyan Demon Lord was so disgusted by Yu Xin's words that he couldn't bear it anymore, and urged him in a vicious voice: "What should I do, tell me quickly!"

    "Come here with your ears."

    After Yu Xin explained, he sent Tianyan Mojun away, and then sat alone in a chair, staring in a daze at the thick shade outside the window.

    It turns out that in the eyes of outsiders, has he become soft-hearted?

    He put his hand on his chest, closed his eyes and tried to recall the past, and found that the memory of being imprisoned and tortured by Emperor Yan Qiong for hundreds of years was still clear, but the surging hatred and violence seemed to be washed away, leaving nothing left.

    It's not that there is no hatred anymore, but...

    "it's already over."

    "Everything is over. Why don't you circle around that little girl today." Tun Tian has been living on the roof, and he knows exactly what happened, but he feels "disheartened and doesn't want to mix with children.""He" has always turned a blind eye and closed one eye, pretending not to know anything.

    "Yan Yao was frightened by me and hid." Yu Xin said flatly, combing Tun Tian's feathers very skillfully.

    "A child, you like it if you like it, why scare her. Bullying your own little girl is such a shameless thing, only a child who wears crotch pants can do it." Yu Xin spread his wings and shook his feathers, milky yellow and fluffy in the sunThe ball looks very cute.

    Yu Xin continued to take out a sharpener and sharpen Tun Tian's nails, explaining unhurriedly: "I'm not bullying her, I'm just hesitant to let her grow up."

    "You guys who were raised by the fairy clan think that's how you grow up?" Tun Tian was so shocked that his feathers exploded, "When the time comes, you will naturally grow up. Besides, you tell her about people and people's situationDifferent, it can be seen that people have different temperaments when they grow up. There is no need to force it."

    "You like her, don't you just like her now. What are you messing around with? If the 'growth' is not to your liking, you can turn back the time and let her grow up again?"

    Yu Xin let out a breath slowly, "You are right."

    Tun Tian proudly puffed out his chest and chirped a few times, raised his paw and gestured a few times: "I did you a big favor, and you have to repay me. I want to eat a dragon."

    "Now there are regulations in the heavens, and wild game is not allowed."

    Yu Xin took out the storage bag while talking, and put a pack of beautifully baked dragon-shaped biscuits on the table, "Try this."

    Tun Tian muttered, "What the hell?" He grabbed a piece and held it in his beak, and suddenly opened his eyes wide, "It's delicious, it tastes like authentic dragon meat, where did you get it?"

    "Hunting is not allowed, but legitimate transactions have not been prohibited. Just use money to trade with the Dragon Clan."

    "Dragon scales, dragon horns, dragon claws, dragon meat, dragon tendons, everything is available, the price is fair, and no one can deceive anyone."

    After hearing this, Tun Tian suddenly felt that the biscuits in his mouth were no longer fragrant.

    "I've been away all these years, and the monster clan has already fallen to this point." He whispered lonely, finally showing some sense of responsibility of the ancient big monster.

    Yu Xin shook his head; "It has nothing to do with you, the Yaozu only cares about the present, not the future, it is destined to be like this."

    The author has something to say:

    Yesterday + today’s, well, there is still a difference of 500 words.

    Apologies, I have encountered some very disgusting things in real life, and it may take a while before I want to be thorough.

    During this period of time, the update may not be too regular. I will try my best to make up for how much I owe.

    Thanks to the little angels who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2020-07-03 22:43:15~2020-07-05 22:59:28~

    Thanks to the little angels of irrigation nutrient solution: 20 bottles of Qiafan; 6 bottles of Junqing;

    Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

    55 ? Do it yourself ◇

    ◎No one can be relied on, as expected, I still have to do it myself.◎

    Tun Tian is not a big monster who likes to use his brains, otherwise he would not have known that Mrs. Meng Die and Yan Qiong were old, and he would have accepted the operation of "the hero saves the beauty, and the beauty promises each other with her body" without considering the consequences.

    Now being comforted by Yu Xinyi, Tun Tian immediately believed that the decline of the monster race was not a conclusion that one monster could turn the tide, and said happily: "Then I will go to catch bugs. Jingzhou City has many mountains, rivers, flowers and plants, and many butterfly monsters have been born.And the moth monster monster, wow, the more beautiful it looks, the better it tastes."

    Yu Xin smiled and said, "Go ahead and have fun."

    Jingzhou City is completely under Liu Dijun's control, and any tourist is safe in Jingzhou City. Yu Xin doesn't have to worry about his classmates who go out alone, let alone worry that someone will see through Tun Tian's true identity.

    ——After all, Emperor Yan Qiong "confirmed" Tun Tian's death thousands of years ago, and Immortal World never issued an arrest warrant for Tun Tian, and people who knew Tun Tian's real appearance would not be able to come out for activities.

    Yu Xin, who is "nothing to do", came to the courtyard where the disciples lived with a smile that made him feel like a spring breeze, and greeted them: "Emperor Liu asked Yan Yao to write the new story script of 'Ancient Mystery Realm', we don't have to worry about it."Yanyao's safety is worrying. I have inquired about it, and I heard that there is a bathing place in the west of the city, called 'Flowing Water Does Not Corrupt', which is best for relieving the discomfort of the whole body and getting rid of dark wounds."



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