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    Chapter 102: Magical Plot

    Wen Ying approached the Mirror Demon, speaking softly, "We do look somewhat alike. Maybe I am your cousin."

    The other demons were surprised, but their expressions were subtle enough that the Mirror Demon didn't notice. Boros wondered what Wen Ying was up to, knowing that nothing good ever came from him speaking so gently.

    Aruda's eyes twinkled, patting Wen Ying's shoulder with a smile, "Let's not talk outside. Come in and sit down."

    Wen Ying nodded, warmly pulling the Mirror Demon inside.

    The Mirror Demon was overwhelmed, feeling apprehensive. Aruda's reputation was well-known, and every demon in the Demon Realm knew of her. Now, stepping into her fearsome castle, his mind was filled with all the terrifying stories he had heard.

    Rumors said the castle devoured demons, housed horrifying magical plants, and was filled with deadly magical potions used to torture demons.

    "Don't be afraid," Wen Ying reassured softly, his voice soothing, "Relax, great-grandma isn’t as scary as the rumors suggest."

    Boros looked on with a peculiar expression, thinking how Wen Ying could say Aruda wasn't terrifying after witnessing the blood extraction. Wen Ying had indeed been influenced by Aruda's unusual ways.

    Wen Ying poured water for the Mirror Demon, "You must be thirsty. Here."

    The Mirror Demon was even more astonished by the warm reception. He had expected indifference or coldness from Wen Ying, a genius who had become the top-ranking contestant at Lucifer Academy as a Mirror Demon. He thought if he were in Wen Ying's position, he wouldn't want to see an ordinary and weak member of his clan.

    Wen Ying, attentively serving water and fruit, quickly convinced the Mirror Demon that his newfound cousin was a very kind demon. The Mirror Demon wished he could take Wen Ying back to his village immediately to share the good news.

    Their small clan of Mirror Demons had finally produced a powerful figure. With Wen Ying, their Mirror Demon territory would likely no longer be encroached upon.

    Wen Ying was being hospitable and friendly, while the other demons looked as if they had seen a ghost or eaten something disgusting, with one even looking like he might vomit.

    The Mirror Demon, noticing the pale, weak demons nearby, recognized one of them with a startled expression, stammering to Wen Ying, "Wen Ying, that golden-haired demon, is he... the Great Prince of the Demon Realm?!"

    Wen Ying looked over, "The one with golden hair? Yes, that's Langa Yeying, the Great Prince of the Demon Realm."

    The Mirror Demon gasped in shock, his entire body stiffening. The Great Prince of the Demon Realm, a powerful Black Dragon at the pinnacle of the demon hierarchy, was someone they would normally only see on TV.

    Now, such a powerful and esteemed demon was sitting on the couch across from him, along with other top-tier demons of the Demon Realm...

    The excited Mirror Demon overlooked the condition of Langa Yeying and the others, and Wen Ying intentionally diverted his attention away from them, coughing to maintain his gentle and kind facade.

    "Don't mind them."

    Wen Ying's words left the Mirror Demon astounded, unable to imagine a Mirror Demon speaking so confidently. The Mirror Demon nervously glanced at Langa Yeying, noticing the raging fury in his eyes.

    Startled and a bit scared, he hesitated, "He..."

    "They came over," Wen Ying paused, "to seek treatment from my great-grandma."

    Langa Yeying, Ushara, Bing Ge, Jun, and Yan Kuo were in disbelief, their emotions in turmoil.

    Wen Ying, taking the Mirror Demon's hand, quickly walked towards the stairs, saying, "Let's go to my room to talk. They have other matters to attend to."

    "Great-grandma, I'll go upstairs first," said Wen Ying, "You still have things to discuss with Professor Feng Lu and the others."

    Aruda replied, "Take your time, no rush."

    Ushara, watching the two silver-haired demons ascend, weakly commented to Langa Yeying, "Your Highness, I think that one is a typical Mirror Demon. His attitude towards us is how normal Mirror Demons should behave."

    Lan Jia Ying: "..."

    "You all rest here for now."

    Aruda, with a kind and gentle demeanor, completely different from her earlier ferocity, told Lan Jia Ying and the others, then turned to Feng Lang and Lai Ye Hua: "Let's go to the small living room over there."

    Lai Ye Hua, still pondering the Mirror Demon's situation, nodded upon hearing this and followed Aruda with Feng Lang.

    Belos, now alone in the living room, heard Usha Luo remark in astonishment: "So you really do have a connection with Wen Ying. Your taste is quite peculiar." The snow spirits wanted to echo the sentiment, but they dared not speak so freely to Belos and silently agreed in their hearts.

    Belos stood there, saying indifferently, "It's him who likes me, not the other way around." His tone carried a hint of pride.

    Lan Jia Ying watched him, a faint, mocking smile on his pale face, though it was unclear if it was truly mockery.

    Belos, with a cold gaze, and the other great demon generated a whirl of magical energy between them, their powers clashing.


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