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    Chapter 104: Breaking Ground

    Thus, the first "spring outing" of the Lucifer Demon Academy was set, exclusively for Wen Ying's class.

    Last night, due to Jing Yuan's presence, Wen Ying and Aruda's plan for practicing necromancy was postponed to tonight.

    Wen Ying instructed Jing Yuan to stay in his room and not come out at night, then went with Aruda to the location where they were planting the blood tree seeds, which couldn't be seen from Jing Yuan's room.

    Arriving at the site, Wen Ying looked at the small mound of earth; the seed inside showed no signs of activity. He turned to Aruda for guidance.

    Aruda stepped forward, taking out several bottles from her spatial magic tool and pouring them onto the mound.

    As Aruda worked, Wen Ying sensed the increasing vitality of the blood tree seed. The mound trembled, but ultimately, no sprout emerged.

    "These are for you," Aruda handed Wen Ying several vials of blood, "Absorb all of these tonight to make the blood tree reflect your color."


    Aruda nodded.

    But a white blood tree? Wen Ying fell into a brief confusion, absorbing the magical power and essence from the blood vials while pondering what a white blood tree might look like.

    Xiao Bai and Xiao Hong curiously watched Wen Ying.

    By late night, Wen Ying finally absorbed all the blood from the vials, significantly enhancing the blood tree's magical power within him and improving its integration.

    A layer of blood mist surrounded Wen Ying, which gradually turned silver-white as he refined it. The small mound in front of him kept trembling until a silver-white sprout emerged.

    The sprout's veins glowed faintly, like a flowing stream, appearing dreamlike and more akin to a sacred object than a vessel of dark magic.

    Aruda mused, "Blood trees have always been red or green; this is the first time we've seen silver-white... It's perfect, no demon will associate this tree with the long-lost undead magic."

    "Keep up the effort tomorrow," Aruda advised, "There's still plenty of blood from yesterday. Try to make it grow more before the weekend trip to Jing Lake Town, enough to sprout branches."

    Wen Ying nodded, "Okay."

    After three days of late nights, Wen Ying managed to nurture the silver-white blood tree sapling to a height of one meter with short branches.

    The next day, Saturday, Wen Ying took Jing Yuan to the class meeting spot, drawing curious and questioning glances from many demons.

    "Wen Ying, who is this Mirror Demon beside you?" Mu O, along with many other curious demons, approached and asked.

    Walking closely with Jing Yuan, Wen Ying smiled, "He's my newly found cousin."

    "...Cousin?" Mu O scrutinized Jing Yuan seriously. Unlike Wen Ying, Jing Yuan appeared as a typical Mirror Demon, tense and slightly pale under Mu O's predatory gaze.

    Mu O lost interest upon realizing Jing Yuan's ordinary nature and then remarked, "Isn't there a Mirror Demon village in Jing Lake Town?"

    A calculating look crossed his eyes. Feng Lu's spring outing suggestion and Wen Ying bringing a Mirror Demon seemed connected.

    Resting his elbow on Wen Ying's shoulder, Mu O jokingly whispered, "What's the plan this time? You left me behind in the mid-term exams; don't do that again."

    If not for the cold detachment and contemplation in his eyes, his words would sound like mere friendly complaints.

    Jing Yuan was overwhelmed, stiffening under the oppressive presence of the high-ranking demons around him.

    Observing Wen Ying's casual demeanor, Jing Yuan began to doubt if Wen Ying was really a Mirror Demon. It was surreal to see a Mirror Demon conversing so easily with one of the three great evils of the Demon Realm.

    As Jing Yuan questioned his existence, other demons scrutinized him, pondering his presence.

    "Are you taking him along?" asked a witch fairy who approached with curiosity.

    Isis and a few demons joined in, commenting, "You two don’t look related at all."

    "Recognizing relatives now? Is your fever-induced amnesia cured?" chimed in the nine-tailed fox Lillith, squeezing into the lively group.

    Wen Ying felt uneasy hearing Lillith's words and awkwardly admitted, "No, not yet. But a magical test confirmed we're from the same lineage."

    Jing Yuan's worldview was being reshaped. These were top-tier demons of the Demon Realm, yet they showed no disdain towards Wen Ying, a mere Mirror Demon. Their attitudes were surprisingly equal.

    Despite hearing about Wen Ying's prowess in the Lucifer Academy ranking battles, witnessing it was still astonishing.

    Ufie, observing Jing Yuan from the crowd's edge, remarked to Levi Mo, "Seeing this, Wen Ying really doesn’t seem like a typical Mirror Demon."

    Wen Ying seemed harmless when not in action, but his aura was undeniable. It set him apart from others.

    As the group gathered, Wen Ying noticed Feng Lu and Lai Ye Hua arriving, with Feng Lu looking healthier but Lai Ye Hua still pale. "Why is Lai Ye Hua here in such a state?" Wen Ying wondered.


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