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    Chapter 105: Team Building

    Reluctantly, Lai Ye Hua felt compelled to investigate the Mirror Demon village for the presence of a divine stone, crucial for the barrier between worlds. Despite his discomfort with Wen Ying and Aruda, his love for the Demon Realm drove him.

    The existence of the divine stone was a critical factor in the weakening of the inter-realm barrier. Lai Ye Hua needed personal confirmation for peace of mind.

    "If only there was a charm to block out Wen Ying," Lai Ye Hua thought, irritated by the increased visibility of the two silver-haired Mirror Demons.

    "Professor Lai Ye Hua, you look unwell. Are you feeling okay?" asked a ghost-faced puppet, Di Ji.

    Lai Ye Hua dismissed the concern, "No issue, just a restless night."

    After Feng Lu completed the roll call and confirmed everyone's presence, he announced, "All accounted for. Let's head to the teleportation circle. We'll teleport in groups of five."

    Feng Lu was the first to enter the teleportation circle, followed by four demon students after a brief pause.

    They teleported in batches, with Lai Ye Hua joining the last group.

    Wen Ying, having experienced teleportation before, still felt nauseous. He leaned on Jing Yuan's arm, his face pale.

    Jing Yuan, who had seen Wen Ying as confident and strong, was taken aback by his sudden weakness and asked hesitantly, "What's wrong with you?"

    Wen Ying waved his hand weakly, "Nothing, I just get teleportation sickness."

    Jing Yuan recalled, "I've heard of demons getting teleportation sickness, but it's rare, mostly in those with weak magic or poor physical condition..." His voice trailed off.

    Puzzled, Jing Yuan wondered if Wen Ying's physical condition was poor, given his strong magical power.

    Overhearing their conversation, Bai Luo Si chuckled mockingly.

    From a certain perspective, Wen Ying, who had become a demon from a human, did have lower physical fitness compared to native demons. But Wen Ying didn't see this as related to his motion sickness.

    Passing through five teleportation circles from the royal city to Jing Hu City, Wen Ying's complexion turned as pale as paper. He found a secluded corner away from other demons to vomit.

    After vomiting, Wen Ying felt slightly better.

    Feng Lu, puzzled why Wen Ying suffered from teleportation sickness despite being strong, approached Jing Yuan. Jing Yuan, focused on Wen Ying, was startled by Feng Lu's imposing presence.

    Feng Lu asked, "Which way to your village?"

    Jing Yuan pointed in a direction hesitantly.

    Feng Lu spread his bat wings, commanding, "Lead the way."

    Jing Yuan's voice trembled with shock, "Are... all of you going to our village?"

    After cleaning up, Wen Ying weakly explained, "Feng Lu said we're going on a team-building trip near your village."

    Wen Ying looked at Feng Lu, who didn't contradict him.

    Surprised, Jing Yuan exclaimed, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I need to prepare them..."

    "No need for preparation," Lai Ye Hua said, spreading his wings, "Lead the way."

    Wen Ying watched a feather fall from Lai Ye Hua's black wings. He approached and gently touched it with the tip of his tail, adorned with a platinum tail ring that glowed briefly, and the feather disappeared.

    Lai Ye Hua grimaced with a sudden surge of pain, "Ouch."

    Out of sight, out of mind, Lai Ye Hua urged Jing Yuan to fly quickly.

    Never in his life had Jing Yuan flown so nervously, with a group of powerful demons following him.

    "What's happening? Why are so many high-ranking demons here?"

    "The one leading is a Mirror Demon, right? The silver-haired one, is he being chased or guiding?"

    "Chased? Impossible, with a Mirror Demon's speed, they can't outfly them."

    "Hey, isn't that the Mirror Demon Jing Yuan? I heard him talking about going to the royal city to find his cousin."

    "The royal city? Are those high-ranking demons from there? It's incredible that a Mirror Demon has such good connections."

    "Hey, haven't the Mirror Demons been clashing fiercely with the Three-Eyed Demons lately? Now there's going to be a show, I thought the Mirror Demons were sure to lose."

    The group of demons from the royal city flew over Jing Lake City, drawing the attention of the city's demons. They whispered and speculated amongst themselves, creating a buzz of excitement.

    Jing Lake City, a remote little town, hadn't seen so many high-ranking demons together in years, sparking everyone's curiosity.

    Most demons were merely onlookers, but a few had grim expressions, particularly those from the clans that had clashed with the Mirror Demons and the extremists planning to ensure Wen Ying's journey was one-way.

    Disguised as ordinary citizens, members of the extremist faction stared blankly at the high-ranking demons flying overhead. Leading the pack was a silver-haired demon, and another silver figure was among the group.

    Though their target had indeed left the royal city as planned, what were all these high-ranking demons doing here? Dozens of middle and high-ranking demons, including Feng Xiang and Lai Ye Hua, were present, making it a suffocating scenario.

    It was simply overwhelming.

    "What do we do now?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Weren't we planning to ensure Wen Ying doesn't return? Now it seems like we might be the ones not returning."

    "Scared? We have influential figures from our organization here, and we've also set traps in the Mirror Demon's village. Wen Ying won't have an easy time."

    Wen Ying still felt uncomfortable. Glancing at Jing Yuan leading the flight, who seemed shaky and unstable, he decided against seeking support from him. Scanning the group, he exerted effort to flap his wings and flew beside Bai Luo Si.

    Bai Luo Si glanced at him sideways. Wen Ying's face was as pale as paper, his lips bloodless.

    "What do you want?"

    "Lend me a hand." Wen Ying reached out to grab Bai Luo Si's arm, easing his own effort to fly by leveraging Bai Luo Si's momentum, and exhaled a long breath of relief.

    "Useless creature."

    Wen Ying had no energy to retort to Bai Luo Si. The consecutive transports through five portals left him dizzy and nauseous, feeling like speaking more would only make him vomit again.

    Observing Wen Ying's listless appearance, Bai Luo Si frowned slightly and reached back to grab Wen Ying's arm. "Be careful, don't let the extremists ambush and snatch you away mid-flight."

    Grateful for Bai Luo Si's rare kindness, Wen Ying thought to himself that he should still use a syringe next time he needed Bai Luo Si's blood. He nodded weakly in agreement.

    Jinghu City, resembling a minor city in human society, seemed almost like a remote village in the mountains. Wen Ying spared a bit of his attention to observe the town below.

    "After passing Jinghu City, we'll come to San Eye Town, and beyond that is our village," Jing Yuan explained nervously.

    Feng Xiang frowned slightly. "Hmm."

    It was indeed remote. The extremists' advantage lay in blending in with ordinary demons, making it hard to identify them. In such a secluded area, their influence was likely limited to the Mirror Demons in the village.

    The extremists' choice of such a remote location meant they'd relinquished some of their advantage. This was good for Feng Xiang, who planned to thoroughly inquire about the Mirror Demons' situation from Jing Yuan upon reaching the village.

    Turning his head, Feng Xiang glanced at Wen Ying, held by Bai Luo Si's hand, looking as if he was about to ascend to heaven. He couldn't rely on Wen Ying for the time being and had to ensure Wen Ying wasn't ambushed by the extremists.

    "Useless fellow," Feng Xiang muttered under his breath, glancing back at Lai Ye Hua, who also looked unwell. "He's not much use either."

    Feng Xiang suspected Lai Ye Hua was hiding something and needed to uncover his motive for insisting on coming along. Such a hassle.

    If it weren't for Aruda's intervention that day, he wouldn't have suggested this trip to the remote countryside.

    Feng Xiang recalled:

    [As they left the castle that day, Aruda had reached out from behind him, gently pressing on his shoulder, moving to his side with a calm and gentle voice: "I hope nothing happens to little Ying."]

    Ending the recollection, Feng Xiang's expression soured. Aruda's words seemed to imply: Ensure his safety, or you'll have problems.

    This trip was like unpaid overtime, and quite unfortunate at that.

    Feng Xiang, discontented, decided to make the demon students share his displeasure. With a blank expression, he contemplated what to do during the spring outing.

    Flying further into seclusion, Jing Yuan led the group of demons to San Eye Town, feeling inexplicably triumphant. He looked down at the unusually quiet town below with great satisfaction.

    These demons seemed on good terms with Wen Ying. Jing Yuan thought, not all of them, but even one or two could ensure the safety of their village's land, perhaps even reclaim some previously lost territories.

    The demons of San Eye Town, seemingly forewarned, were scarcely seen on the streets, contributing to a desolate scene.

    After flying past San Eye Town and covering some distance, they arrived at a verdant countryside where the village lay.

    "This is it!" Jing Yuan couldn't hide his excitement and joy. But having just landed and taken a few steps, he grew apprehensive, turning to Feng Xiang, "Please wait here, I'll inform the demons of our clan to avoid any discourtesy or confrontation."

    Lai Ye Hua walked directly towards the village, startling Jing Yuan, who quickly followed, "Won't you rest first?"

    "No need."

    Lai Ye Hua quickened his pace, while Feng Xiang, narrowing his eyes slightly, followed.

    The demon students ambled towards the village in small groups, some still hovering in the air.

    Upon landing, Wen Ying clung to Bai Luo Si, leaning heavily on him in a state of apparent helplessness.

    Yi Si lightly bit her lip, her tone teasing, "Bai Luo Si, you've changed quite a bit."

    "Shut up."

    U Sha Luo and his group eyed Bai Luo Si, recalling his confident assertion at Aruda's castle that it was Wen Ying who liked him, not the other way around. Their expressions grew puzzled.

    Previously, they thought Wen Ying was delusional, but now it seemed like Bai Luo Si was the passive one.

    Still, Bai Luo Si's taste in aesthetics was indeed questionable.

    The arrival of the demons stirred the Mirror Demons in the village, who could sense the powerful demonic auras flooding their vicinity, initially mistaking them for enemies.

    The Mirror Demons were perplexed, wondering where the Three-Eyed Demons found such formidable allies. The clan chief had already ordered full alert, only to find Jing Yuan, who had gone to the capital, among them.

    The visiting demons didn't seem hostile or ready for a fight.

    "Clan Chief," Jing Yuan hurried over to the trembling group of Mirror Demons to explain the current situation.

    Meanwhile, the visitors casually surveyed the surroundings. A rural village of Mirror Demons posed no apparent danger, especially as it wasn’t marked as a habitat for dangerous magical beasts.

    Feng Xiang's prior warning to stay alert and ready for combat confused most of Class 1.

    Mao Youwei, looking disheveled as if just woken, scratched his cheek and asked in a lazy voice, "Hu Po, do you sense any danger here?"

    Hu Po, addressed, turned and replied, "Nothing at all. Is Feng Xiang joking with us?"

    Wu Fei, overhearing their conversation, approached thoughtfully, "I don’t think Feng Xiang would joke aimlessly. Maybe there is some danger, considering the conflicts here over land..."

    Si Ka, hands on hips, interjected, "Conflicts among lower demons are irrelevant to us. Feng Xiang wouldn’t be referring to that."

    Wu Fei paused, taken aback.

    "Your Highness," Lili whispered to Wu Fei, "The sheer number of lower demons poses no threat to upper ones. You should learn more about them. This trip will correct your misconception of being weak."

    Lili felt Wen Ying, a Mirror Demon perceived as an upper demon, gave Wu Fei a distorted view of demon hierarchy.

    Meanwhile, Wen Ying, intended to grandly establish his consortium, was languishing on Bai Luo Si.

    "Bai Luo Si, I feel terrible..." Wen Ying moaned weakly.

    "Don't make a scene," Bai Luo Si shook off the clinging demon, "There’s a group of Mirror Demons approaching."

    Wen Ying, striving to create an impression of strength for his future factory, mustered energy to present himself confidently.

    "Is that the famed Mirror Demon from Lucifer Demon Academy?"

    Jing Yuan, questioned by his clan chief, hesitated, as the Mirror Demon in question was looking rather lifeless, hanging onto a powerful upper demon.

    — Far from the imposing image they expected.

    "Um…" Jing Yuan paused, "He gets motion sickness from teleportation."

    Hearing this, the surrounding Mirror Demons exchanged uneasy glances.

    In the demon world, usually only lower demons suffer from teleportation sickness, and that too, the weaker ones. Jing Yuan's explanation made them doubt the prowess of the pale-faced Mirror Demon.

    Regardless of the Mirror Demon's true strength, they knew they must respectfully welcome the formidable demons.

    Lai Ye Hua had already disappeared from sight. With only Feng Xiang as the adult upper demon present, the Mirror Demon clan chief approached him cautiously, stopping three meters away.

    "Honored upper demon sir, we heard you wish to use our village for training exercises…"

    "It's a team-building activity," a young voice interjected, causing the Mirror Demons to look towards the source.

    Wen Ying, struggling to stand, hadn't found any antidote for teleportation sickness from Aruda. He ate a candy to suppress nausea and patted his face to appear a bit healthier, then let go of Bai Luo Si's hand and walked over.

    Bai Luo Si watched Wen Ying's unsteady walk, following reluctantly.

    "Yes, it's team-building," Jing Yuan confirmed.

    The Mirror Demon clan chief cautiously observed Feng Xiang's reaction to Wen Ying's interruption, slightly reassured as Feng Xiang didn't seem displeased.

    "Are you better now?" Feng Xiang turned to ask.

    Wen Ying shook his head, "Not yet, still feel nauseous."

    Feng Xiang turned back to the clan chief, "How many spare rooms do you have? They don't need to be comfortable or clean, just sheltered. A bed for two or three, and some can sleep on the floor."

    Class 1 demons: "……"

    The Mirror Demons were also taken aback, surprised by the modest request of this upper-level demon, who had prepared to vacate their room for them. They were unsure how to respond.

    It was hard for them to discern whether the great demon was just being polite or truly meant what he said. His expressionless face, looking utterly serious and a bit intimidating, left them unsure.

    Mu Xie leaned in and asked, "Teacher Feng Lang, are you joking? Didn't you say at the academy that we should bring tents?"

    Feng Lang declared confidently, "I've changed my mind."

    Mu Xie: "..."

    He signaled to Wen Ying with a glance, prompting him to speak up, "Teacher Feng Lang, can you really sleep with other demons nearby? I've experienced it during the midterm exams; with Belos beside me, I couldn't sleep a wink, tossing and turning all night."

    Feng Lang looked at Wen Ying: "It's you who will be crowded, not me. I'll have a room to myself."

    The demons from Class 1: "..."

    Wen Ying, taken aback by Feng Lang's blunt and unemotional response, didn't know what to say. Glancing at the equally stunned Lan Jia Ying and Belos, an idea struck him.

    "Teacher Feng Lang, isn't it unfair to make Lan Jia Ying sleep on the floor?"

    "True," Feng Lang pondered briefly, "You sleep on the floor, and he takes the bed."

    Wen Ying: "..."


    Laughter erupted nearby, with Wen Ying casting a dark glance towards Usha Luo and others who were laughing, including Mu Xie, Belos, and Lilith. Most of the demons were laughing. The Mirror Demons, trying not to laugh, twisted their faces in an effort to contain it, their mouths twitching.

    Spotting who laughed the loudest, Wen Ying walked over and grabbed Mu Xie's sleeve: "He's laughing so hard he must also want to sleep in a bed. Teacher Feng Lang, how about letting him share a bed with Lan Jia Ying?"

    The smile instantly vanished from Mu Xie's face.

    Lan Jia Ying's smile also vanished.

    Unexpectedly, Feng Lang agreed. Before they could retort to Wen Ying, Feng Lang immediately responded with "Okay," right after Wen Ying finished speaking.

    The expressions of the two underage great demons were a mix of shock and bewilderment. Feng Lang actually agreed so readily with Wen Ying's suggestion? Something seemed off.

    "Teacher…" Lan Jia Ying began, but Feng Xiang addressed the Mirror Demon clan leader, "Please make the arrangements quickly."

    "Ah, yes, of course."

    The Mirror Demons were perplexed. Initially, it seemed Wen Ying was of lower status, relegated to the floor, but then his suggestion was promptly accepted by the leading demon, despite the apparent reluctance of the two underage upper demons.

    It was baffling.

    Wen Ying patted Mu E Xi's shoulder, "We're sharing a room, happy?"

    Mu E Xi, gritting his teeth, replied, "At least I get the bed."

    Wen Ying pointed at Lan Jia Ying, "But he's quite large; might he not push you off the bed during the night?"

    Lan Jia Ying, Mu E Xi: "……"

    "If you two share a bed, even stretching an arm might lead to contact. I have plenty of space on the floor. Thinking about it, sleeping on the floor seems better," Wen Ying mused aloud, as if for them to hear.

    "Wen, Ying!" Lan Jia Ying momentarily lost his composed demeanor, but quickly regained it, noting the curious glances from other demons due to his loud outburst.

    Hearing Wen Ying's reasoning, other Class 1 demons considered it logical; sleeping on the floor might be better than a bed. The stronger the demon's bloodline, the stronger their territorial instincts; two demons sharing a bed could mean a night of constant, involuntary alertness.

    "Involuntary heightened alertness?" A thought struck Wen Ying, his eyes narrowing in cool contemplation.

    Feng Xiang's actions, seemingly whimsical, likely had an ulterior motive. Could the Mirror Demon village harbor members of the Extremist Party?

    Wen Ying surveyed the Mirror Demons standing scattered nearby. The ones close by were the stronger demons of the village, while the ones observing from a distance were ordinary demons. It was difficult to discern if any among them were part of the Extremist Party.

    "What's up?" asked Baluo Si.

    Wen Ying tugged at Baluo Si's arm, gesturing for him to lean down.


    Reluctantly bending down, Baluo Si listened as Wen Ying whispered in his ear, "Can you tell who might be from the Extremist Party?"

    Baluo Si's impatient expression softened into seriousness, and he replied in a low voice, "Not yet, let's wait until night."

    The demons who had been to Aruda's castle, like Lan Jia Ying, probably also figured out Feng Xiang's intention, but their mood was far from cheerful. For instance, Lan Jia Ying was decidedly against sharing a bed with Mu E Xi.

    He feared he'd want to kick Mu E Xi off the bed the moment they lay down. Oh, and there was Wen Ying on the floor, whom he felt like throwing out of the room.

    But he reminded himself to think positively. If the Extremist Party acted tonight, likely targeting Wen Ying, his chances of encountering them would increase... Lan Jia Ying was desperately convincing himself to abide by Feng Xiang's arrangement, restraining himself from rising in anger.

    Jing Yan approached, cautiously avoiding the dangerously aura-ed Lan Jia Ying, and informed Wen Ying, "The clan leader is arranging accommodations. The vacant rooms in each household should suffice, so there’s no need to worry."

    "It’s fine," Wen Ying waved his hand dismissively, "By the way, where is your grandfather?"

    "He's my maternal grandfather," Jing Yan corrected, "I'll take you to him. He'll be thrilled to see you!"

    Wen Ying and Jing Yan started to walk away, but Baluo Si reached out to grab the back of Wen Ying's collar, pulling him back. Wen Ying turned, "What now?"

    "Feeling better?"

    "…Your question just made me feel worse again," Wen Ying drooped his face miserably.

    "Then don't wander off."

    Jing Yan hesitated, terrified by Baluo Si's icy gaze, which seemed to conjure a blood mist swirling with three-headed hounds behind him. His cold, red eyes were as if regarding a dead thing.

    Jing Yan shivered uncontrollably. He hadn't done anything wrong; why was that demon's stare so horrifying...

    Baluo Si retracted his scrutinizing gaze and released Wen Ying's collar, whispering, "Aren't you afraid he's from the Extremist Party?"

    "Don't worry," Wen Ying replied softly, "He doesn't look like it… Eh? Hehe~"

    Wen Ying's expression grew increasingly suggestive. Baluo Si, sensing what he was about to say, turned to leave. Wen Ying grabbed his hand, teasingly smiling, "Are you concerned about me? You are, aren't you?"

    "Let go."

    Wen Ying to Jing Yan, not far away and visibly frightened: "Wait for me a moment, I’ll be right there."

    Baluo Si tried to shake off Wen Ying's grip, but Wen Ying held fast to his wrist. As Baluo Si raised his hand, Wen Ying's followed, leaving Baluo Si looking frustrated.

    "Are you going to let go, or do I need to make you?" Baluo Si said, grabbing Wen Ying's hand with his other, ready to pry it off.

    Wen Ying released his grip, raising his hands in surrender. As Baluo Si moved forward, Wen Ying quickly caught up, pressing, "You are worried about me, right?"

    Baluo Si remained silent, his expression darkening. The scorching black flames around him heated the air, intensifying the sense of danger from the formidable demon.

    Jing Yan, worried for Wen Ying, knew the hellhound looked ready to strike. Despite Wen Ying's ranking as the top contender in the academy's tournament, competitions were different. Winning there didn't guarantee success in a real confrontation.

    That hellhound... The memory of those blood-red eyes scrutinizing him sent a shiver down Jing Yan's spine, chilling him to the bone.

    "Don't walk so fast." Wen Ying, feeling nauseous again, grabbed Baluo Si's hand to steady himself.

    "You shouldn't even think about moving alone in your current state," Baluo Si said in a deep, mocking tone that sounded quite harsh.

    Wen Ying was used to Baluo Si's prickly remarks. Getting a word of genuine concern from him seemed harder than scaling the heavens. After catching his breath and feeling somewhat better, Wen Ying suggested, "Come with me."


    "Baluo Si~" Wen Ying hugged one of Baluo Si's muscular arms, his cheek against the brawny muscles under the clothes, feeling their shape and movements.

    The flexing was probably because Baluo Si was struggling not to hit him, mentally torn, causing his muscles to tense and relax intermittently.

    Jing Yan: "???" His worldview was in a daze, struggling to grasp what he was seeing.

    An upper-rank demon being so close to a lower-rank demon...?

    Baluo Si, noticing the stares from other demons, said in a low voice to Wen Ying, "Fine, I agree. Let go now."

    Wen Ying instantly released his grip as if nothing had happened. He had his pride too. Glancing at the nearby demons, he noted that some had gone with Feng Xiang to look at the rooms, leaving only a few here.

    The Mirror Demon villagers kept their distance, even the curious ones, staying far enough not to overhear their conversation, except for Jing Yan, who looked utterly shocked.

    "Let's go," said Wen Ying, patting Baluo Si's arm and walking towards Jing Yan.

    Jing Yan, struggling to articulate: "You, you, he, he likes…you?"

    "It's not what you think," Wen Ying said, redirecting Jing Yan, "Lead the way to your grandfather's place and tell me about this village, like the chief's character, who has conflicts with whom, I enjoy hearing gossip."

    Jing Yan, eyeing the imposing figure of Baluo Si, asked softly, "Is he coming along too?"

    "Yes," Wen Ying glanced at Baluo Si, "He said he wanted to see what a Mirror Demon village looks like, just out of boredom."

    Jing Yuan led Wen Ying into the village. The Mirror Demon village appeared clean, with smooth dirt roads and new houses, likely due to their magical abilities, making cleaning easier.

    Some houses had gardens filled with magical plants, vegetables, and fruits, many of which Wen Ying recognized.

    "This is the place." Jing Yuan stopped outside a fence, pushing the gate open.

    Wen Ying, watching Jing Yuan enter without turning his head, quietly asked, "Have you noticed anything suspicious?"

    "Everything seems normal."

    Wen Ying slowly walked in, saying to Belos, "You wait here. You seem to scare them."

    Belos couldn't be bothered to reply; all of them were Mirror Demons, and Wen Ying's comment seemed odd to him.

    Entering the house, Wen Ying paused briefly outside. Jing Yuan soon came out, relieved to see Belos hadn't followed, and said with a smile of excitement, "Quick, come in. My grandfather is very happy to hear you're back."

    Wen Ying entered the house and headed to the innermost room. Before even entering, he smelled a strong medicinal scent, suggesting the demon inside was ill.

    "Grandfather, Wen Ying is here."

    An elderly demon, frail with white hair, weakly sitting on the bed, seemed to have dim vision. He lifted a trembling hand, "Child, are you that boy?"

    Wen Ying paused, then approached, and although he wasn't, he could pretend to be. He smiled and said, "Grandfather."

    "Ah!" The elderly demon visibly brightened, gripping Wen Ying's hand, "It's good you're still alive. It was my negligence back then, alas, your mother is gone, and now we have no idea who your father is."

    "It's alright."

    Wen Ying chatted with the old demon for a while. Although the elder was excited, he soon showed signs of fatigue. Jing Yuan helped him to lie down to rest. When the two demons came out, they saw a middle-aged female demon in the living room.

    "She's my mother," Jing Yuan said.

    Yue Na appraised Wen Ying, her smile warm and friendly: "After more than a hundred years, we meet again. I am your aunt."

    "Aunt," Wen Ying responded, "How is grandfather's health?"

    Yue Na's eyes dimmed: "His life is nearly at its end, he’s just over four hundred years old..."

    Wen Ying instinctively replied, "Aren't demons supposed to live for five hundred years?" Realizing his mistake, he worried that such a question might arouse suspicion in demons like Mu Xie.

    Fortunately, the two present weren't like Mu Xie. Yue Na sighed, "Five hundred years is the average lifespan. For us Mirror Demons, living to four hundred is already considered a long life."

    A new piece of knowledge about the demon world added, Wen Ying thought.

    "Let's not talk about this sad topic," Yue Na shifted her mood to a happier one, "It's wonderful that you’re back. I'll make something delicious for you tonight. I'll start preparing now... Oh yes, I've arranged a room for you. You can stay there."

    Wen Ying scratched his cheek, "About the room... I might have to see what my teacher arranges."

    "Teacher?" Yue Na's expression turned slightly anxious, her voice lowering unconsciously, "I saw many high-ranking demons outside. Isn’t it dangerous for you to be with them? I’ve heard that many of them don’t treat us well."

    Not to mention high-ranking demons, even the mid-ranking ones in Jing Lake City looked down on them. Yue Na was being quite understated.

    Jing Yuan hesitated to speak.

    Wen Ying's smile was bright and cheerful, "No, it's not dangerous." The dangerous ones were actually them.

    Yue Na thought Wen Ying was just saying that to avoid worrying them, gently patting his head, "You've had it tough."

    These Mirror Demons probably weren't part of the Extremist Party, Wen Ying thought. The Extremists would rather kill him on the spot, unlikely to create such a warm atmosphere.

    Thinking of the Extremists, Wen Ying casually inquired, "It seems this village is all Mirror Demons. Are we the only clan here?"

    Jing Yuan nodded, "Yes, only us."

    Yue Na gave a bitter smile, "We're weak, and other demons disdain associating with us. Recently, there have been some unfortunate incidents."

    "Have any other demons visited the village recently?" Wen Ying asked curiously.

    "No, only you all."

    "I see..."

    Wen Ying gathered gossip about the village and subtly inquired about the Mirror Demons' situation. Satisfied with the information, he suddenly remembered Belos might still be standing at the door. Realizing an hour and a half had passed, he hesitated to face Belos.


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