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    Chapter 106: The Plan

    "Wen Ying!" Mu Xie's voice came from outside, and Wen Ying also sensed Lan Jia Ying's presence.

    Wen Ying stepped outside, "Why have you come?"

    Mu Xie and Lan Jia Ying entered the fenced yard, surveying the area. Mu Xie addressed the emerging Wen Ying, "Feng Lang has finished arranging the rooms. He said there should be a spare room here and told us to find you."

    Lan Jia Ying added, "To avoid disturbing your family time, that's what he said."

    "If he really didn't want to disturb me, he wouldn't have you share a room with me," Wen Ying's mouth twitched slightly, "Speaking of which, have you seen Lai Ye Hua?"

    Recalling, Mu Xie replied, "He went straight into the village upon arrival, looking like he was searching for something."

    His "origin" was first discovered by Lai Ye Hua, intercepted by the Extremists en route. Whatever Lai Ye Hua was searching for must be related to his "origin," but what could it be? Wen Ying was clueless.

    "Are they having dinner together tonight?" Yue Na asked cautiously.

    "How did Feng Lang arrange it?" Wen Ying inquired, "By the way, what about the other demons?"

    Mu Xie, stroking his chin theatrically, remarked, "When we arrived, Feng Lang left them to sort out their room assignments, like who sleeps in which room or who gets the bed. They're probably either fighting or in a standoff right now."

    Indeed, loud noises not far away seemed to echo Mu Xie's words.

    Lan Jia Ying said, "I won't eat here." Sharing a table with Wen Ying, he doubted he could swallow anything.

    Wen Ying shrugged and said to Yue Na, "Aunt, then it'll just be the three of us here. He won’t be joining."

    As Lan Jia Ying turned to leave, Wen Ying guessed he might not return that night. Lan Jia Ying would rather sleep in a tree outside than share a room, let alone a bed, with him and Mu Xie.

    Lan Jia Ying hadn't left yet, and Wen Ying almost laughed, holding back by pressing his mouth.

    Mu Xie, examining Yue Na without any air of a high-ranking demon, approached her with a lifted smile, "So you're Wen Ying's relative?"

    Yue Na nodded reservedly, "Yes, I am his aunt."

    Wen Ying glanced over.

    "I'm his classmate," Mu Xie said with a bright smile, "Although it's a bit presumptuous, could you tell me what races Wen Ying's parents are? He's so strong, I'm really curious."

    Yue Na shook her head, "Unfortunately, I don't know either. Only his deceased mother knew."

    Mu Xie's smile stiffened slightly. He looked at Wen Ying, disappointment and frustration evident in his eyes. Wen Ying looked away; his other half was human, weaker than Mirror Demons, and Mu Xie would never guess in that direction.

    Wen Ying hooked Mu Xie's shoulder, leading him aside and whispering, "Enough with prying into my background. There's a big business opportunity here. Are you in?"

    "What kind of business?" Mu Xie asked in a low voice.

    "There are many Mirror Demons here."

    Mu Xie's eyes lit up, but he quickly frowned, "They're not like you, their magic isn't that strong."

    "Our magic cards don't require much magical power."

    "But your magic cards require a great deal of control over powerful magic. Can they handle it?" Mue Xi doubted, as no Mirror Demon had produced such items for sale before Wen Ying.

    "Have you heard of assembly lines in the human world?" Wen Ying winked at him.

    Mue Xi appeared thoughtful.

    Two demons murmured among themselves, prompting Jingyuan to hesitantly ask, "Um... what are you talking about?" He felt Mu Erxi's gaze on him was somewhat strange.

    "It's nothing."

    The two demons turned around with smiles on their faces.

    Wen Ying asked, "Auntie, do you usually go out to work? I feel like there are quite a few magic mirror demons in this village."

    Yunna brought over water and sighed, "We hardly ever go out, because if we do, the number of magic mirror demons in the village decreases. The neighboring demon tribes would then seize the opportunity to encroach on our land. To prevent them from taking advantage, most of us stay in the village."

    Wen Ying, puzzled, asked, "Then what's your source of income?"

    "Magic plants in the land," Jingyuan explained. "We grow crops imbued with magic and some fruit-bearing magical plants. We magic mirror demons are often discriminated against when we go out, and the wages we get are also lower. So, we just decided to farm in the village."

    Wen Ying, stroking his chin, said, "I see..." He exchanged a knowing look with Mu Erxi, sensing an opportunity.

    Wen Ying tapped his fingers on the table, "I have a plan that could help everyone become prosperous."

    Yunna and Jingyuan's expressions didn't change much, not really believing Wen Ying's plan could yield such good results.

    "What kind of plan is it?"

    Wen Ying looked at Jingyuan, "You know about the magic cards I sell in the capital, right?"

    Jingyuan nodded, then hesitated, "We can't make those cards. Not only does each magic mirror demon have a different magical talent, but we also tried to make figurines when we heard about your cards and failed. Drawing figures requires intricate magic control, which only powerful demons can achieve. We can't do it."

    Wen Ying raised his index finger and shook it, "My plan is this: I'll provide the blank cards and stabilize the magic in them. Each demon will be responsible for one step in the process. For example, you could handle the background, Auntie could outline the figures, and the third magic mirror demon could color parts of the body..."

    Wen Ying excitedly explained his idea to the two magic mirror demons, leaving them both stunned and thoughtful.

    They couldn't control magic as precisely as Wen Ying, which meant their magical carriers would disappear. However, if the carriers remained stable, they could keep trying without worrying about them vanishing.

    "…We've never thought or tried this method before," Jingyuan murmured, his eyes gradually lighting up with excitement, "It seems feasible!"

    "Exactly, the village earns money and then hires some bodyguards," Wen Ying said with a smile in his eyes. "This way, we don’t have to worry about our land being taken, and we might even reclaim some of it."

    Yunna and Jingyuan were lost in the beautiful future Wen Ying painted, their expressions dreamy.

    Mu Erxi leaned in and whispered in Wen Ying's ear, "Even I’m getting excited listening to this."

    Wen Ying whispered back, "I've talked with them. The chief of the magic mirror demons is dedicated to revitalizing their race. Demons here are raised with this belief, so it's a lifelong pursuit for most of them."

    The chief was probably a spitting image of his great-grandfather.

    "If there are demons in the village who join the extremist party, it's surely for the revitalization of their race. The extremists promise them a false bright future. Now, I’m showing them a real path to a better future. How do you think those who joined the extremists will choose?"

    Behind Wen Ying's radiant smile was a cunning gleam in his eyes. Mu Erxi gave him a thumbs-up, appreciating how he managed to make money while simultaneously undermining the extremists.

    "I’ll tell the chief about your plan right away!" Jingyuan said excitedly, gripping Wen Ying's hand before rushing out, sprinting as if in a 100-meter dash.

    Berlos entered and immediately asked, "What was that about with the magic mirror demon just now?"

    "Just discussed some promising plans with him," Wen Ying replied, patting the seat next to him, "Sit down."

    Berlos didn’t even glance at the seat next to Wen Ying, choosing instead to sit on the other side, "Ska just called for a gathering."

    "For what?" asked Mu Erxi.

    "Feng Luo mentioned it's time for team building."

    Wen Ying fell into deep thought. Weren't team building and spring outings just excuses for the whole class to come together? His left eyelid twitched several times, a foreboding feeling creeping up on him.


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