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    Chapter 107: The Competition

    The ominous premonition came true. Right at the start, Feng Luo declared they were to prepare their own dinner and not dine at the villagers' homes. His eyes were fixed on Wen Ying as he said this.

    Wen Ying: "…" He wasn't inept at cooking; he had even learned some culinary skills to prepare a heart-shaped bento for Berlos. However, he hadn't tried this kind of outdoor cooking before. He hoped not to burn dinner.

    They couldn't use their own brought food; they had to find ingredients in the area.

    Wu Fei raised her hand, "Um, Teacher Feng Luo... finding ingredients isn't usually part of human world's spring outings or team buildings."

    Magic mirror demons lived nearby, and while there were no dangerous large beasts around, neither were there small magical creatures. There was an abundance of vegetables and fruits, but demons were carnivores. Even Wu Fei now disliked a meal entirely made of vegetables.

    Feng Luo's eyes darted towards Wu Fei, who, startled, chuckled nervously, "Ha ha, maybe I remembered wrong."

    "There's some time before evening," Feng Luo paused, "Everyone should find their own ingredients. Tonight, I'll give extra marks to the demon who cooks the tastiest meal."

    "Teacher Feng Luo, you can decide on adding marks to the final grade?"

    "Final exams? Has the content for the final exams been released yet?"

    The crowd erupted in questions.

    "The content isn't fully decided yet. You can start competing now." Feng Luo's voice, imbued with magic, whipped up a wild wind that rustled the surrounding branches and leaves.

    Ska asked, "Teacher Feng Luo, does cooking the tastiest meal mean the ingredients need to be high-quality, or is it about the cooking skills?"

    As he asked this, everyone fell silent, even quieter than when Feng Luo spoke, all ears for his answer.

    Despite their impressive and imposing appearances, most of the demons here are not skilled in cooking. Some, like Ska, have never even cooked before.

    Feng Luo scanned the students' expressions, realizing that some demons were considering giving up before even starting. He narrowed his eyes slightly, not approving of this attitude.

    "Both are required," Feng Luo decided. "The rule for extra points has changed. It's not about an individual demon but a team of demons. You'll perform the task in groups."

    As soon as Feng Luo finished speaking, Wen Ying almost teleported to Berlos' side, enthusiastically wrapping his arm and beaming a radiant smile, causing Berlos to shudder.

    "Since we all know each other so well, let's team up," Wen Ying suggested with a smile, recalling Aruda's comments about Berlos' excellent cooking skills.

    "Is there a limit to the team size?" It was Ska asking.

    "A team should not exceed four members."

    Right after Feng Luo's words, Ska and Mu Erxi appeared instantly, one on each side of Wen Ying and Berlos, as if they had teleported.

    Ska declared, "I want to join your team."

    Mu Erxi chimed in, "Wen Ying, let me be part of your team too~"

    Many demons, noticing their actions, quickly grasped the situation. In an instant, all the demons in the area were frantically positioning themselves like they could teleport.

    "Hey, let's be on the same team."

    "I was here first!"

    Berlos glanced at the scene, then at the three demons beside him. Raising an eyebrow and with a deadpan expression, he asked, "Mu Erxi, Ska, neither of you can do anything, right?"

    Ska and Mu Erxi nodded in unison like pecking chickens, surprisingly synchronized.

    Berlos' forehead vein throbbed, "Then what use are you as teammates?"

    Wen Ying joined in with a nod, "They might be useless, but I'm not."

    Wen Ying's silence was better than his speaking. As soon as he spoke, Berlos thought of the unappetizing dishes Wen Ying prepared, which would undoubtedly remind Feng Luo of Aruda and bring back unpleasant memories, ensuring their group wouldn't be ranked first.

    "Three useless individuals," Berlos muttered expressionlessly.

    Nearby, Ushasara was excitedly whispering, "Your Highness! We're sure to win this time! Even the Demon Lord has praised your culinary skills."

    Lanya Ying maintained a confident and dignified demeanor, a slight curve forming at the corner of her lips.

    The Snow Demon Bing He, with a hoarse voice and a hesitant tone, said, "But Your Highness, we lack rich ingredients and various seasonings here."



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