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    Chapter 108: Communication

    Observing the bustling scene, Feng Luo crossed his arms and squinted, his tone sharp: "Search thoroughly for local ingredients. Don't try to appease me with something ordinary and readily available, or you'll face the consequences."

    Wen Ying looked at Feng Luo, sensing an underlying message in his words.

    Suddenly, Wen Ying's expression faltered. He poked Berlos' arm, and Berlos glanced sideways, "What now?"

    "I need to go over there for a bit."

    As he spoke, Wen Ying tugged at Berlos' sleeve, pulling him down slightly to whisper in his ear, "That human seems to want to contact me."

    His response would generate a unique magical reaction, so it was best to keep some distance from the area.

    Berlos waved him off as if shooing a fly, "Hurry up, then."

    Watching Wen Ying hurry away, Mu Erxi curiously asked, "What's he up to?"

    "Don't know."

    Mu Erxi pouted, "You could at least make up an excuse; that was too dismissive."

    Wen Ying quickly left the demon gathering area, knowing the magical fluctuations from the contract magic communication wouldn't travel far. He used the trees to leap and glide swiftly, soon putting a considerable distance between himself and the gathering.

    After scanning his surroundings and seeing no demons, Wen Ying finally accepted Lu Qingyuan's contact request.

    [You're a magic mirror demon, right? Recently, our senior caught an exorcist traitor who revealed that they've been helping the extremist party collect human anger usable by magic mirror demons.]

    After sharing this information, Lu Qingyuan cautiously asked: [You... you're not with the extremist party, are you?]

    The question was easily misconstrued, making Wen Ying stroke his chin thoughtfully. Lu Qingyuan's information was timely indeed. It seemed there were magic mirror demons in this village colluding with the extremist party.

    The reward must be that, suitable for lower-level demons like the magic mirror demons: human anger.

    Human anger has its own attributes. The type suitable for magic mirror demons shouldn't be too fiery or too cold, ideally attributeless, otherwise its effect diminishes and it's hard to digest.

    [I'm not with the extremists; I'm currently dealing with them.]

    [Eh? You're going against your chief?]

    Wen Ying's pupils narrowed slightly. The chief?

    [Thanks for the vital information. Next time I visit the human realm, I'll bring you some magic potions.]


    Wen Ying closed the communication channel and once again carefully surveyed his surroundings.

    He hadn't expected the chief of the magic mirror demons to be involved. But thinking about it, it wasn't surprising. According to Jingyuan, both the chief and his great-grandfather were obsessed with revitalizing their race.

    Just now, Jingyuan had taken his idea to the chief. It was uncertain which side the chief would choose after hearing it.

    Wen Ying hoped the chief would abandon the dark path. Otherwise...

    Wen Ying's gaze darkened.

    Hearing some noise behind him, Wen Ying turned around to see three demons emerging from the not-so-tall woods. It was Berlos and his companions.

    "Finished with your task?" Mu Erxi peeked out from behind Berlos.

    Wen Ying looked surprised, "How did you guys get here?"

    Ska said, "I just saw a prey darting in this direction. Did you see it? That beast looked quite plump."

    Wen Ying shook his head, "I didn't see anything alive just now."

    Ska scratched his head, looking puzzled, "Strange, it seemed to head this way for sure..."

    "Let's not talk about that," Mu Erxi waved his hand, "Have you finished what you needed to do?"

    "All done," Wen Ying walked over, a curve forming on his lips, "Handled it very well."

    "Oh?" Mu Erxi raised an eyebrow, his gaze darkening momentarily, "You seem in a good mood."

    "Let's get going," Wen Ying stretched lazily, "That Feng Luo just wants to hassle us. If we don't find something good for him, we probably won't end well."

    Afterwards, they conducted a thorough search in the vicinity, but the pickings were slim. Several villages were nearby, and any worthwhile finds would have been discovered and taken by them. The beasts they found were just ordinary, low-level creatures with mediocre taste.

    Not just their group, but the others too didn't find any remarkable ingredients. When everyone returned to the gathering point, they first checked what others had brought. Realizing there was nothing special, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    Wen Ying spotted Laiyehua, who seemed to have finished his preliminary search of the area. From his furrowed brows, it appeared he hadn't found anything.


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