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    Chapter 110: A Visit

    Wen Ying also pondered what Feng Luo meant. After much thought, he seriously suspected that Feng Luo was just being petulant, wanting to make others uncomfortable too.

    But it wasn’t really his concern; after all, he was one of those being voted for.

    Everyone gradually cast their votes.

    Wu Fei thought for a moment, then said to Feng Luo, "I vote for Lanya Ying."


    Lanya Ying looked over upon hearing the voice. Even after so long, Wu Fei still wasn't quite used to Lanya Ying's sharp and oppressive gaze, like the edge of a tangible blade.

    "The dish you made doesn't evoke any desire to eat in a demon," Lanya Ying said with a slight frown, "With your skills, how could the Father King possibly like it?"

    Wu Fei: "Uh..." Wen Ying was right, Lanya Ying really was a daddy's boy.

    In the end, Berlos's team received the majority of votes. Since Berlos, Mu Erxi, Ska, and Wen Ying were currently neutral, not openly supporting anyone, voting for them wasn't problematic.

    "Tch," Ushasara crossed her arms, looking displeased, "Their intentions are so obvious."

    Lanya Ying was also in a bad mood, glaring at Wen Ying. This guy always seemed to block him from getting first place. Itching for a fight, Lanya Ying caught Wen Ying's eye, who responded with a cheerful wave.

    Lanya Ying's forehead vein twitched as he looked away.

    "You really just want to hit me, don't you?" Wen Ying smirked. Creating such a contrary character trait for himself was surely exhausting for Lanya Ying.

    Feng Luo, having enjoyed the displeasure of the other demons, felt somewhat satisfied and announced, "That's it for now. Remember to sleep in your assigned areas tonight. Anyone found elsewhere will lose points in the final evaluation."

    All the demons: "..."

    After everyone had gradually left, Laiyehua approached Feng Luo, "Without any demons straying alone, the extremists won't risk any action, right?"

    "They will take the risk because they'll worry that if too much time passes, the undercover magic mirror demons here might be turned by Wen Ying."


    Lanya Ying parted ways with them halfway; Wen Ying wasn’t surprised.

    He wasn't worried about Lanya Ying running into trouble. Though not yet an adult, Lanya Ying was strong enough not to be silently taken out.

    Returning to Jingyuan's home, Wen Ying sensed many presences in the courtyard, none of them particularly strong.

    Mu Erxi stopped and observed, "Quite a lot of magic mirror demons have come looking for you."

    Wen Ying, pulling the halted Mu Erxi inside, also dragged Berlos in, one in each hand.

    Mu Erxi chuckled, "Do you need us to bolster your presence? I’m more than happy to oblige."

    Berlos frowned slightly; he disliked going to places where weaker demons gathered.

    As Wen Ying and the other two demons entered, the living room fell silent. Wen Ying surveyed the room, recognizing the respected magic mirror demons of the village, including the chief among them.


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