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    Chapter 111: Hope

    It wasn't Wen Ying who quieted them, but the two upper-rank demons following him, an extremely evil bird and a hellhound. The demon realm's three major families were represented, with two of them present. The focus, however, was on the reluctant expression of the hellhound, with Wen Ying holding onto his sleeve.

    It seemed that Wen Ying had forcefully dragged the hellhound in.

    Some magic mirror demons involuntarily gasped. Wen Ying was truly daring and seemingly unafraid of death.

    "It's quite lively here," Wen Ying spoke first, his gaze sweeping over the numerous demons, finally resting on Jingyuan.

    Jingyuan stepped forward, his gaze involuntarily passing over Wen Ying to Berlos and Mu Erxi, not daring to look directly at them, his eyes not rising above their necks.

    "I've discussed your plan with the chief, and they think it's very good. They wanted to come and talk to you in detail about its feasibility."

    "The feasibility is high," Wen Ying smiled, "I've sold so many magic cards in the capital, I have a wealth of experience."

    After speaking, Wen Ying gently pushed Berlos and Mu Erxi with both hands, a subtle signal for them to leave.

    Berlos’s already displeased expression darkened further, giving Wen Ying a menacing look that said 'you'll see', before turning and striding out.

    "Hey, wait for me!" Mu Erxi quickly followed Berlos, the two upper-rank demons leaving the room.

    Their departure seemed to unfreeze the air in the room, significantly lightening the atmosphere, and Wen Ying even heard some magic mirror demons exhale in relief.

    Wen Ying sat down on a chair to the side, looking outside and said, "Chief, can we talk in detail now?"

    Pulling Berlos and Mu Erxi in was indeed to "show strength," adding weight to the scales of the chief's potential betrayal of the extremist party.

    "That hellhound," the chief began, pausing as if searching for the right words, "the look he gave when he left just now..."

    Wen Ying waved it off, relaxed, "It's nothing, happens all the time. That's just his personality."

    Wen Ying's words shocked the surrounding magic mirror demons. His gaze swept over their faces, and thinking about Berlos's reputation in the demon realm, he figured they were probably wondering how he was still alive and kicking.

    Today's main event wasn't this. Wen Ying vaguely said, "You came to discuss a commercial strategy to revitalize the Mirror Demon clan, right?"

    As he spoke, Wen Ying produced a magic card from his spatial magic device and handed it to the clan leader, who examined it closely.

    The clan leader had heard of magic cards and wanted to replicate them, but they lacked the "technology" and didn't dare to use the images of powerful upper-level demons for profit.

    That would be a death wish...

    The clan leader looked at Wen Ying with awe and disbelief. How did he manage to make money using so many upper-level demons' images without any repercussions, especially considering the irascible nature of some, like the Hellhound that had just left?

    This Mirror Demon, who stirred up many incredible tales in the capital, looked like any other Mirror Demon: unoppressive and affable. If anything, he was just more handsome than the average Mirror Demon.

    But even an exceptional appearance was not much of an advantage in the demon world, where white was not considered aesthetically pleasing.

    The clan leader, after observing Wen Ying, looked down at the magic card again. The character on the card was the Great Prince of the Demon World, Lang Jie Ying, with a minimal magical fluctuation – just a simple low-level spell.

    The magic card was passed around the room for all Mirror Demons to see.

    An older-looking Mirror Demon asked, "If we also make these, won't it provoke the Great Prince's wrath?"

    "Every character card I create is with the consent of their original demons," said Wen Ying, "Legal, reasonable, and compliant. More importantly, I wonder if you can produce a complete magic card according to my plan."

    Wen Ying was only concerned about this; despite his young age, he spoke without hesitation in front of the older folks in the room, subtly taking a dominant position.

    In the demon world, strength is respected, and there's no such thing as respecting the old and loving the young.

    This group of mirror demons wasn't displeased; just the fact that he had dealt with the Cerberus so effortlessly and was still alive and well was enough for them to hold this young mirror demon in high esteem.

    Now, they were very interested in the alternative route brought by Wen Ying, where they wouldn't have to deal with the extremists in fear, worry about capsizing in a gutter, and if successful, their mirror demon clan would rise!

    Everyone's heart was ablaze with excitement and exhilaration, yet mixed with disbelief, fearing it was just a fleeting dream.

    "Let's try it right now."

    As Wen Ying spoke, he conjured a blank Talent Magic Carrier Card. With his current control over magic, creating a blank magic card was not a difficult task.

    Once the card's existence was stabilized, Wen Ying handed the blank magic card to Jing Yuan, instructing him, "Try adding a forest background to this card."

    Jingyuan nodded solemnly, taking the blank magic card in both hands. He closed his eyes and began to sketch on the now-formed magical carrier.

    It was just a forest, not difficult. Jingyuan quickly drew a forest on the blank magic card.

    "Pass it to the next demon. Let them try to draw the shape of the extremely evil bird we saw earlier, just the body shape is fine."

    The next demon was also successful.

    "Next, try to clothe the body."

    "Then, the hair."

    "The face is more challenging. Let different demons draw each of the facial features."

    After a few failures and gaining proficiency, a magic card with Mu Erxi's image was completed.

    "It's a success!"

    "We actually did it!"

    "The magic mirror demon clan has hope for revitalization!"

    "I've been waiting for this moment for so long!"

    The breaths of most magic mirror demons in the room grew heavy, like people in a desert seeing an oasis, their faces alight with immense joy and hope.

    Although their powers weren't strong, Wen Ying felt goosebumps from the fervent stares of these fanatical followers.

    Extremist parties, the wrath of upper-rank demons, any obstacles on the path forward – none of it mattered as long as the magic card was produced. Everything else must cease to exist!

    He'd likely get a group of workers – no, working demons – who automatically overwork, the type every boss loves. Wen Ying thought to himself that he needed to secure more image rights from other demons. He wondered if Lanya Ying and others would agree to license their half-naked images.

    Well, since Lanya Ying directly authorized his image rights without specifying attire, Wen Ying pondered if there were any photos or videos of Lanya Ying in beach shorts online, or maybe in a bathrobe... Wait, the last time Wu Fei invited them to the Flame Mountain villa, everyone wore bathrobes before entering the hot springs, and after the hot springs...

    He decided to use the images from after the hot springs, Wen Ying touched his chin, his smile turning devious.

    But for ethical reasons, he still needed to inform them beforehand, Wen Ying thought, touching his wrist. He was probably in for a beating.

    After the initial frenzy, the magic mirror demons regained their senses. The reality was, even if they managed to create the cards, they still had many problems to face and solve.

    The chief, stroking his white beard, spoke deeply, "Our strength is still too weak. Can we protect this industry? Although only we can make these, other powerful demons might coerce or tempt us into working under them."

    Another elder demon nodded, "We thought about growing magical edible plants. Just as we started making some headway, the Three-Eyed Demons next door took it from us. They have powerful demon families backing them; we couldn't compete."

    "Even a simple agricultural venture was taken over. The magic card industry will surely attract upper-rank demon families. I am very worried..."

    "Demons above us?" Wen Ying crossed his legs, hand on his face, leaning back arrogantly in his chair, a brazen smile on his face, "I've been brazen in the capital for so long, and no demon dares to really touch me, because Aruda is my great-grandmother."

    There would be no 'fighting the young to provoke the old' among the younger generation. As long as he didn't do something foolish like threatening the demon realm or attacking demons like Berlos's father, he could swagger through the capital.

    When he first arrived in the demon realm, Wen Ying couldn't grasp this feeling and lived in fear for a long time. He shook his head, thinking how naive he was back then.

    The room fell silent for a moment. After a while, Yunna asked softly, "Your father... is he Aruda's grandson?"


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