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    Chapter 114: Retaliation

    Wen Ying discussed the matter with Feng Luo, who pondered for a moment, looking towards the back mountain, and said slowly, "I didn’t detect any threatening presence. They might be well-hidden, or perhaps..."

    He looked at Wen Ying, suggesting that Wen Ying's strength might have made them feel no need to send overly powerful demons.

    Wen Ying wasn't disappointed but rather felt the extremist party's underestimation of him. This underestimation was welcome - the more, the better!

    "According to the chief, there's another passage behind the fan, their escape route."

    Feng Luo immediately responded, "Have half the demons ambush the other exit, and the rest will put on a show with me here."

    The smile on Wen Ying's face diminished significantly. Half to ambush the other exit and the rest for a show – did this mean he was expected to walk into the lion's den alone?

    "Teacher Feng Luo, aren't I the one they're planning to deal with alone?" So, the extremist party members in the cave would certainly be strong enough to handle him, or at least match him.

    "Aruda gave you plenty of toxic magic potions, right?" Feng Luo ignored Wen Ying's grievance, his expression calm and indifferent, "You must go first. The ambushing demons will follow, ensuring the extremist party enters the cave."

    "Once you're inside, I'll have Laiyehua guard the entrance. The magic potions from Aruda should last you until you can escape to any exit and call for help."

    Wen Ying opened his mouth, but in the end, only asked, "Extra points for the final exam?"

    Feng Luo's eyes were sharp. Wen Ying silently turned and left, thinking how miserly he was, guarding not just his wealth but also his points.

    Back at Jingyuan's house, the elder demon seemed to be in worse health, his life force weak and close to leaving. Wen Ying stayed with him for a while, only to hear him say, "I also knew about that matter. Do you blame me?"

    Wen Ying was visibly shocked, his hand trembling. The elder demon mistook his reaction for resentment, his already cloudy eyes dimming further.

    "I didn't want to do this, but our magic mirror clan has been oppressed for so long, our territory shrinking. Only by replicating our ancestors' opportunities, needing humans, can we thrive. Only the extremist party can bring us the life force of humans."

    The elder demon rambled on, but Wen Ying’s shock was because he hadn’t expected him to be in the know. It was a slap in the face, a painful realization. His ability to judge people, or rather, demons, needed improvement. He had been so certain of the strong familial bonds here, never suspecting they could be informed members of the extremist party.

    "Even with the life force of humans, our magic mirror clan might not necessarily grow stronger," Wen Ying, who had studied the demon realm's history for months, argued, "In ancient times, the demon realm was connected to the human realm for more than three hundred years. If human life force could truly empower us, we would have become stronger long ago."

    Wen Ying had always cherished familial bonds, from the human realm to the demon realm. This was the first time a family member had betrayed him. His feelings were complex, relieved that they were not his real family, but still hurt.

    "Only I knew about this, not Yunna or Jingyuan. So, don't be disappointed in them," the elder demon tried to touch Wen Ying's head but stopped halfway, "You are pure-hearted. In the future, don't be so trusting of the demons around you."

    Wen Ying stood up and walked away, pausing to say over his shoulder, "Actually, I'm not him."

    The elder demon's eyes widened in shock, his breathing rapid, "What did you say?!" His voice was much higher than his usual weak tone.

    Wen Ying left with a light step and a smirk.

    The elder demon wouldn't disclose this secret. Given his dedication to strengthening the clan, he would naturally want to maintain the appearance of having a strong descendant. He could only brood in solitude.

    Hearing the incredulous voice behind him, Wen Ying's lips curved into a triumphant smile. Deceiving him and getting away with it was never an option.

    Yunna, too, heard the elder demon's voice and hurried over, asking Wen Ying anxiously, "What happened to your grandfather?"

    "He's worried about me facing the extremist party," Wen Ying said, stepping aside with a gesture, allowing Yunna to rush in.

    The elder demon's voice not only drew Yunna's attention but also that of Berlos, who was exercising in the courtyard, and Mu Erxi, who was assessing popular preferences on his phone.

    Mu Erxi was watching a video, trying to determine the current fashion trends among demon realm's demons for magic card characters, when a piercing cry abruptly diverted his attention.

    Hearing the cry, both demons' first thought was – what mischief has Wen Ying been up to now?

    For Mu Erxi, mischief had a positive connotation, while for Berlos, it was neither praise nor criticism.

    "Did you refuse to collaborate with them on setting up a factory?" Mu Erxi leaned in to ask.

    Wen Ying glanced at Mu Erxi, thinking such things should be more fun to share, but regrettably, he couldn't let Mu Erxi confirm that he indeed wasn't the elder demon's grandson. He just sighed, sounding disappointed, "No, but it's a shame to miss out on something interesting."

    For the Extremely Evil Bird, Mu Erxi deeply despised Wen Ying's current antics.

    "What interesting thing can't you share with me?"

    Wen Ying pushed Mu Erxi away and walked towards Berlos, who, foreseeing the situation, deftly avoided Wen Ying's bear hug and flew away without a moment's hesitation.

    Wen Ying: "..."

    "Pffhahaha," Mu Erxi burst into exaggerated laughter, holding his stomach, "Not many demons can make Berlos retreat like that. You're one of the few."

    As he spoke, Mu Erxi looped his arm around Wen Ying's neck, glancing around to confirm Berlos was indeed gone, then whispered in Wen Ying's ear, "Do you like Berlos's face or his body? Or his strength? If you just like good-looking faces, I know a place with lots of handsome men, and women too. You just need to pay..."

    Wen Ying pushed Mu Erxi away in shock, "There are brothels in the demon realm?"

    Mu Erxi laughed louder, "Your reaction is hilarious. I was talking about host clubs or places like that. Officially, that kind of business is banned, but who knows what happens in private."

    Wen Ying was again surprised by the common knowledge of the demon realm, yet felt tempted.

    Mu Erxi, seeing Wen Ying's interest, smirked, "I’ll take you there when we get back. There are quite a few in the capital, pretty famous ones. I'm surprised you didn't know."

    Wen Ying awkwardly whispered, "Can... can I touch the ears?"

    Touching ears might be an invitation in those places, but it's just touching after all.

    "Sure, even tails are okay," Mu Erxi seemed to know what Wen Ying liked about Berlos, recalling Berlos's appearance. Berlos's ears were indeed well-shaped, with sleek and shiny fur.

    Wen Ying's eyes lit up, eager to finish with the extremist party and go touch some ears – a furry paradise.

    While Mu Erxi smiled mischievously, he remained highly alert for any sign of Berlos, instinctively feeling that if Berlos learned he was encouraging Wen Ying to visit such places, he would surely get beaten up.

    Wen Ying was now fully motivated, eagerly awaiting the evening.

    After Feng Luo and the students finished their preparations, a group of demon students were ready to act.

    After dinner, the chief and some influential elder demons led Wen Ying to the cave, performing ritualistic steps as if he knew nothing, and finally allowing him to enter alone.

    The cave was long, with torches along the walls illuminating the path and murals on both sides. These murals didn't seem newly painted; they had been there for many years. The chief explained that this place had always been a ritual site, but it wasn’t the center of the clan's ritual heritage.


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