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    Chapter 156: Economy

    Enchanted weapons were not allowed in the ranking matches, so Weiyun's dual curved blades, versatile for both long-range and close combat, had to be set aside.

    Wen Ying crouched in a corner of the arena, selecting the interconnected set of equipment he would use later. He had replicated so many magic cards that he had even forgotten some of them.

    Half an hour passed quickly. Dragon-Serpent Weiyun leaped onto the arena. Her stance was solid, and her actions more cautious compared to Yan Kuo's.

    Wen Ying stood up. The old devil referee glanced at both competitors and announced, "Begin."

    Wen Ying deftly released a "Flexibility" card from between her fingers, aimed at the Succubus.

    Weiyun dashed forward with lightning speed, and Wen Ying noticed the tip of her scaly tail tense up, evading Weiyun's attack by swiftly stepping aside, avoiding the whip-like tail.

    "Smack!" Weiyun's tail missed its target, leaving a dent in the ground.

    In an instant, Weiyun flipped her body and swept her long legs, while Wen Ying raised her right hand to her chest, sending two magic cards flying outwards. The third card adhered to her body, dissolving into light.

    These were the basic spell "Slow," Beros' "Flaming Blaze," and finally, the protective "Water Shield."

    So close?! Weiyun never expected Wen Ying to release Belos's Incinerating Flame at such a close range. His pupils constricted, and although his mind urgently wanted to retreat, his body couldn't keep up. The scorching black flames engulfed towards Weiyun.

    As Wen Ying cast a Water Escape spell on himself, he also cast a "Boost" on himself, enhancing his speed to quickly leave the center of the flames.

    Before the Incinerating Flame dissipated, Wen Ying sent a "Puppet Master" card to Weiyun, who was using his magic to resist the flames. It was an early copy of his, only at the N-card level, but it could control Weiyun for a few seconds without any issues.

    The many demons in the spectator seats watched in astonishment as Weiyun jumped off the stage in a stiff manner.

    (There's still additional content in the author's note)

    Author's Note:

    "One who controls magic? Wen Ying copied it from the Masked Puppet, right?"

    "How come I didn't realize how cheat-like the Magic Mirror Demon's innate magic is? It's like having an unfair advantage."

    "The Magic Mirror Demon's innate magic is only used effectively by Wen Ying. Other Magic Mirror Demons can hardly replicate other demons' innate magic, let alone intermediate spells."

    "I feel like Yan Kuo and Weiyun haven't really drained Wen Ying's stamina or magic power at all. They're crazy; I actually think Wen Ying can keep winning like this."

    "A hallucination, Phileas could already teach him a lesson with full strength."

    "Lilith can do it too!"

    "The first place belongs to His Highness!"

    The conversation shifted to fans vying for their favorite's top position.

    Weiyun's expression froze, then she looked intently at the demonic mirror on stage, realizing what had just transpired. Despite her caution, she had still fallen prey...

    Weiyun's face darkened as she shot venomous glances at Wen Ying.

    This feeling was driving the demon mad! It was too frustrating – she hadn't even unleashed a fraction of her skills!

    That was the rule of the ranking match – if one competitor stepped out of the arena, they lost. Wen Ying had exploited this rule to conserve her energy.


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