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    Chapter 161: Airborne Arrival

    The girl returned promptly, followed by a good-looking young man. As he openly sized up Wen Ying, he said to the girl, "Go back to work."

    She left immediately.

    He was inspecting Wen Ying, who was also observing him. The young man disguised himself well. At first glance, he seemed like an ordinary person. There must be some enchanted item on this demon that helped conceal his demonic aura.

    After all, they were right across from the Calamity Department. If anything suspicious could be detected at a glance, this place would have been wiped out long ago.

    Wen Ying's thoughts drifted to an unusual direction. The demon in the guise of a young man said with a slightly disdainful tone, "You're the intern arranged by them?"

    Wen Ying nodded.

    "Follow me. Don't wander around. There are things stored down here. You'll get lost if you stray," the demon said arrogantly before turning around and walking ahead without even looking back to see if Wen Ying was following.

    Instead of being upset, Wen Ying found it intriguing. It had been a long time since he felt looked down upon due to being a Mirror Demon.

    Images of those demons' haughty expressions flashed through Wen Ying's mind from a few months ago.

    In the capital, those demons who had doubted his strength paid a bitter price in gold after the ranking matches. A fleeting hint of schadenfreude flickered across Wen Ying's face.

    The current Chief Justice of the Demon World's Human Realm Judicatory was a fallen angel, one who had condensed their powers to enable their activity in the human world.

    Before coming, Wen Ying had asked Muershi about the Human Realm Judicatory. Muershi's response was, "Most of them are weak native demons from the human world. Don't worry; it used to be difficult for the Demon World to enter the human realm. The Devil King could only assign key positions to demons from the Demon World, like the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice. Anyway, they can't defeat you now. You don't need to inquire about the other dispatched demons."

    The demon leading the way took him down to the basement before turning into a dimly lit passageway. After walking through several labyrinthine corridors, a door painted on the wall came into view at the end.

    "There's a dead end ahead," Wen Ying warned.

    The guide scoffed. "There's magic here. Can't you see it?"

    Wen Ying's relaxed index finger trembled slightly. In the shadows, a small branch emerged to the length of a palm before retracting back.

    Their headquarters relocation was indirectly because of him, so it was natural that they looked down on him. He didn't feel justified in retaliating if they made a move against him.

    Following behind, Wen Ying watched with curiosity as the man operated.

    After sarcastically belittling the demon mirror behind him, the man pressed his index finger on the doorknob. The door, which had been painted on the wall, suddenly swung inward, catching Wen Ying by surprise.

    He had truly never encountered such magic before.

    The demon took a step forward and, despite appearing to be about to hit a wall, simply passed through it. Wen Ying followed hesitantly, his head almost colliding with the barrier before he continued forward, his eyes involuntarily twitching.

    There was no sensation of hitting anything, and the surroundings changed before him. They had passed through the door, now standing on a well-decorated staircase descending to the second basement level, where the tiles gleamed so brightly they could reflect one's image.

    "I'm Captain San Lin of the Law Enforcement Squad," the guiding man said, reverting to his demonic form as they arrived, his face adorned with eerie magical patterns and his eyes no longer resembling those of a human.

    Unlike Wen Ying, who relied on enchanted items to transform into a human appearance, San Lin remained in his demonic form, with black hair and dark eyes.

    The second basement was similarly well-furnished. The entrance hall contained several partially divided offices, each occupied by demons. Hearing their arrival, these demons peered out curiously or with hostility.

    Wen Ying greeted them with a smile. Some were intrigued, while others were unwelcoming; their condescending gazes were all too familiar to him, stirring the branches within his shadow.

    Knowing it wasn't appropriate to confront colleagues upon first meeting, Wen Ying suppressed his urge to act, smiling as he introduced himself, "Hello everyone, I'm Wen Ying, an intern judge."

    The response was lukewarm, and Wen Ying noticed malice in some demons' eyes, as well as a sense of anticipation.

    Speaking of which, he felt as if something had subtly altered in the air when he first entered. Was it poison?

    What a coincidence, he had just climbed out of Aruda's poison bath.

    Wen Ying pretended not to notice and continued walking with San Lin.

    "One would think he didn't sense anything."

    "Could it be that the effect hasn't kicked in because it's too soon?"

    "Hey, why is your poison so weak?"

    "That can't be. Even if he's a Devil from the Demon Realm, Mirror Devils are universally acknowledged as good-for-nothing. How could he be immune to my poison?"

    The devils whispered amongst themselves.

    Most of those gathered here were native Devils from the Human Realm. Upon hearing that a Mirror Devil had been parachuted into the position of Chief Justice, they were all indignant and had no intention of letting this newcomer's appointment go smoothly.

    It was also said that the headquarters was relocated here because of this Mirror Devil, which made everyone even more resentful.

    Just a mere Mirror Devil.

    They had been secretly observing for quite some time. Despite the demon in the magical mirror wearing a mask and having his eyes partially obscured by glasses frames, it was evident that he was completely unfazed, with no flushed cheeks or rapid heartbeat. His breathing remained steady.

    "You must have an issue with your poison," suggested one of them.

    "How could that be? Try it for yourself."

    "I will."

    "So, how does it feel?"


    Earlier, San Lin hadn't given Wen Ying a single glance while leading the way down. Now, his gaze kept drifting towards Wen Ying. Curious, Wen Ying asked, "Is there something wrong with my face?"

    "....Your mask looks nice."

    Wen Ying was surprised. "You like white?"

    San Lin's demeanor clearly indicated that he didn't favor white, yet he casually replied, "The style is appealing. It would look even better in black."

    Did those guys' poison not work? Seriously ineffective.

    San Lin led Wen Ying to the door of an office and knocked. Wen Ying caught sight of a sign that read "Third-Rank Law Enforcer" hanging on it.

    The demon who emerged was female, with a cold demeanor. She glanced at Wen Ying and said, "Come with me. The Chief Justice is out, and I have no idea when he'll be back. You can wait in his office."

    Wen Ying nodded and followed her into the Chief Justice's office.

    This office was spacious, and the first thing Wen Ying noticed upon entering was a jar of Vitality Pendants displayed in a transparent cabinet.

    The enforcer brought him in, made no further delay, and left, closing the door behind him.

    Wen Ying sat and waited for a while. The judge didn't come, so he took out his phone to play mobile games. It had been a long time since he last played this demon-themed game, and today was a rare occasion when he had both the time and energy.

    He played from day until night, but the judge still hadn't returned. At one point, the door opened, and a demon claiming to be a Third Rank Enforcer entered. He informed Wen Ying that the judge might be delayed, as he was dealing with an extremist group outside.

    As they spoke, the demon deliberately exuded a bloodthirsty aura, mentioning how he had recently slain many extremists. Wen Ying responded with tepid praise, leaving the demon questioning the effectiveness of his intimidation.

    Unbeknownst to the demon, the covert poison magic continued uninterrupted. Wen Ying pretended ignorance, engrossed in his demon-themed mobile game.

    The demon outside had paid several visits, peering in through the cracks.

    "How is it? Still on your phone?"

    "He's really engrossed in it..."

    "How long has it been? It's not logical that he's still so lively!"

    "Our magic isn't bound by science anyway. That snake tested the poison just now and was paralyzed in no time. Why hasn't this Magic Mirror Demon shown any reaction?"

    "Could it be that the distance is too great? Maybe that guy's proficiency in poison magic isn't up to par."

    When it was time for lunch, Wen Ying put away his phone and stood up to leave.

    The demon lurking at the door hurried back to its desk, pretending nothing had happened as it watched Wen Ying open the door and step out.

    After Wen Ying left, San Lin led the way into the Chief Justice's office, followed by a few perplexed demons.

    "How can that kid be completely fine after being exposed to a mix of paralysis and frenzied poison spells?"

    "I feel numbness creeping through my body, but it's not due to magic – it's that fellow's doing."

    "Hurry up and dispel the poison here. My head is pounding."

    Their intended intimidation backfired; they were the ones who ended up stunned. It would be humiliating if word got out.

    "Demons of the Magic Mirror have no resistance to toxins. Perhaps he has some enchanted artifact on him. How fortunate. I've heard he's backed by a mighty devil."

    After Wen Ying left, he headed straight for the second floor to dine. The restaurant served both Western and Chinese cuisine. After scanning the menu, Wen Ying casually ordered a plate of fried noodles and took a seat to wait.

    Soon, his noodles arrived. Halfway through his meal, an unfamiliar, well-dressed gentleman with an elegant demeanor sat down across from him.

    Wen Ying suspected that this man might be a devil, but without concrete evidence, he couldn't determine whether the man was human or demonic.

    "Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Deputy Judge," the refined man smiled warmly, his voice soothing. "I must tell you something that might not please you. In truth, the Chief Judge isn't on a mission at all – he's at a hot spring."


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