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    Chapter 163: A Chat

    The current Chief Justice, Ye Wang, was a demon from the Fallen Angels, dispatched to the human realm because they needed an upper-level demon to maintain order here. Initially, he tried every means possible to return to the Realm of Demons, but as time passed, he found that life in the human world wasn't too bad after all. He was above all other demons, and with the increasing technological advancements, entertainment options were abundant.

    Aside from the scarcity of demonic energy, the lack of nutritional food, and the discomfort of compressed power, he had grown quite accustomed to his life here.

    He inherited the Fallen Angel's trait of "laziness," and with the Human Realm's Judiciary having little workload, he could slack off and indulge in leisure activities at will.

    Assuming this lifestyle would continue, he was caught off guard when, just as the demonic energy in the human realm increased, making his stay more comfortable, a new Chief Justice was sent from the Realm of Demons.

    It was a rude awakening.

    Having spent so long in the human world, Ye Wang was reluctant to move, and besides, the newcomer was a Mirror Demon. The thought of being replaced by one and becoming the laughingstock back home was unbearable.

    Coincidentally, he received an order from his clan's patriarch, Lai Yehua, to hinder the Mirror Demon's tenure and prolong his work hours if possible.

    Ye Wang inferred that the patriarch's intention was to prevent the Mirror Demon from gaining permanent status smoothly. With the patriarch's support, his resistance to relocating only grew stronger.

    And that was how Wen Ying encountered that initial scene, receiving several intimidating warnings right from the start.

    Since Ye Wang preferred to enjoy his outings without being disturbed by work-related messages, he left his phone in the room and consequently missed the call from his subordinate informing him that the intimidation tactic had failed.

    A serene existence is often disrupted by pesky devils, such as Deputy Judge Kirishino, who incessantly schemes to dethrone him and take his place. Despite being merely a mid-ranking demon, his untamed nature is astonishingly audacious.

    Standing beside Kirishino was a young man wearing a mask, presumably the Demon of the Enchanted Mirror, exuding an aura as unthreatening as his kin.

    With too many people around, it wasn't convenient to speak openly. Wen Ying observed that the young man with golden curly hair had no intention of joining them. He glanced sideways at the Deputy Judge beside him.

    The Vice-Judge shook their head, indicating their inability to intervene.

    Wen Ying withdrew their gaze and refocused on the relaxed, golden-haired demon soaking in the hot springs. After some thought, they inwardly muttered that this was forced upon them.

    Taking a deep breath, Wen Ying gathered their strength, "Hey, golden-haired guy over there, your fiancée and girlfriend are fighting!!"

    Their voice echoed loudly across the open-air hot springs.

    There was only one golden-haired male in the pool, and all eyes turned to Ye Wang as whispers broke out among the others.

    "That man looks decent on the surface, but he's actually cheating. How disgusting."

    "I bet he's got even more mistresses, considering his flirtatious demeanor."

    Ye Wang's relaxed expression cracked, and he shot a dark glare at Wen Ying, exerting an oppressive aura towards him.

    "Tsk, he's even glaring at others. He doesn't have a clue about himself."

    Ye Wang: "..." The magical mirror demon was unfazed, while the sharp remarks from the surrounding people grew louder.

    Veins throbbed on Ye Wang's forehead as he walked out of the hot spring with a grim expression, heading straight for Wen Ying.

    Wen Ying smiled and said, "Shall we talk?"

    Unable to act freely here, Ye Wang snorted coldly, walked past Wen Ying, and said, "Follow me."

    Kirishino watched in astonishment, muttering to herself, "I've learned something..."

    From behind, Wen Ying observed the judge, feeling relieved that the judge wasn't much taller than him and didn't seem to have an overly muscular build.

    Ye Wang led them straight to the room he had here, entered, and slammed the door shut. With a grim expression, he unleashed his magical aura to confront Wen Ying with an air of reproach.

    Kirishino's expression shifted slightly, while Wen Ying seemed completely oblivious.

    Ye Wang: "?"

    Determined to prove himself, he continued, intensifying his output.

    The magic mirror demon still showed no reaction, calmly settling onto the soft white bed and striking up a casual conversation. "Is the workload for the Law Enforcement Squad heavy?"

    Ye Wang's eyes widened in disbelief as he scrutinized Wen Ying from head to toe. Suddenly, he glanced at Kirishino, who was clearly starting to sweat, seemingly confirming that the issue wasn't with him but with this magic mirror demon.

    He had recently heard some complaints from his demonic friends about a cheat-like magic mirror demon in the Demon Realm. At the time, he hadn't taken it seriously, figuring that even with such enhancements, a magic mirror demon, a species on the verge of descending from low-ranking demons, couldn't be that impressive.

    As Ye Wang's anger and humiliation subsided, he regained his composure. He observed Wen Ying coldly, walked over, and sat on a sofa nearby, propping his legs up with the demeanor of a superior being.

    "The workload isn't overly heavy, but it's not negligible either. Since you've gone out of your way to find me for work, I'll share some tasks with you."

    Ye Wang swiftly listed several assignments, which Wen Ying diligently noted down. Seeing his earnestness, Ye Wang spoke more fluently, his furrowed brows easing and a hint of lightness creeping into his expression.

    Instead, Wen Ying's brows furrowed deeper as he listened. He hesitantly asked, "Does the Grand Inquisitor have so much work?" His gaze subtly shifted towards Kirishino, who shook his head in response.

    Wen Ying interrupted the blonde demon who was getting more and more excited as he spoke. He called Aruda right in front of him.

    A puzzled look flashed across Ye Wang's face.


    Both Ye Wang and Kirishino's phones buzzed with goosebumps. How could he say such a cloying greeting?

    "I've arrived in the human world, and I have some work-related questions for you... Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, the demons here are all doing well..."

    As Ye Wang listened to Wen Ying briefly summarize the work he had just mentioned to his great-grandmother, he couldn't help but grumble inwardly. What would the great-grandmother of a Mirror Demon know about this?

    Here's a side note: Because it was common knowledge among demons that Wen Ying was being taken care of by Aruda, when Ye Wang's friends talked about Wen Ying, they didn't mention this fact.

    The same was true for Kirishino's friends. Everyone subconsciously assumed that everyone knew, resulting in them being unaware that Wen Ying was currently communicating with the very Aruda who could calm crying babies.

    "Most of those matters are handled by the Enforcers," Aruda said. "Little Ying, don't be deceived. And when you're in the human world, don't eat randomly all the time. Cook the magic beast meat I gave you, and I'll fertilize the Blood Tree every day over here..."

    Wen Ying felt a warm current flow through him as he listened to Aruda's gentle and caring words.

    After the call, Wen Ying turned to Ye Wang, who inexplicably felt a sense of inferiority. He raised an eyebrow. "What's up?"

    "You're a Fallen Angel, right?"

    Ye Wang hesitantly nodded.

    Wen Ying asked earnestly, "Did Lai Yehua instruct you to give me so much work, or was it your own idea?"

    Ye Wang was slightly taken aback, and Wen Ying understood that it was likely Lai Yehua's doing. He hadn't expected the reputable Lai Yehua to be so petty.

    In addition to being surprised that Wen Ying had mentioned Lai Yehua's name, Ye Wang was astonished by the tone in which he said it. It was not the respect that a lesser demon should have for a greater demon, but rather a disdainful tone of someone on equal footing.

    Where did this arrogance come from?! Ye Wang's anger flared, his eyes filled with killing intent. The dignity of the Fallen Angel clan was not something a mere Mirror Demon could insult casually.

    Fist clenched, Ye Wang appeared before Wen Ying as if by teleportation, ready to teach this impudent lesser demon a lesson.

    Kirishino, sensing an opportunity to suppress the Mirror Demon's inexplicable confidence, stood aside without intervening.

    In the following moment, both demons were stunned. Ye Wang gazed in surprise at his wrist, now held by Wen Ying, as his fist hung suspended before the other's face, unable to proceed any further.

    He struggled with all his might, but his fist wouldn't budge either forward or backward.

    Such immense strength... Ye Wang's heart skipped a beat, and in a fit of anger and embarrassment, he lifted his knee to strike the other's abdomen. However, before his knee could make contact, a powerful grip on his wrist pulled him off balance, and in the next instant, the world spun around him as he was thrown onto the large bed, his captured hand now twisted behind his back.

    Ye Wang wore a dazed expression, still trying to comprehend what had just transpired.

    Kirishino's mouth hung open in an O shape, his eyes nearly popping out.

    Unable to ignore the forceful pressure from behind, his heart palpitations intensified. Despite using all his strength to struggle, Ye Wang remained pinned to the bed, his face pressed against the white sheets.

    From behind came the demon's deepened voice, "Tell Lai Yehua that as a token of gratitude, I'll provide him with some more exciting magic cards – something even more thrilling than the ones from Devil's Birthday."

    If you don't treat me fairly, don't blame me for not being noble, Wen Ying's hidden smile held a hint of cunning that Ye Wang couldn't see.

    What did that mean? Confused, Ye Wang still picked up on the disrespectful tone the Magic Mirror Demon used when referring to the fallen angel.


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