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    Chapter 185: Going Back

    Wen Ying wanted to walk aside and look down, but Perseus, who had just kicked Yun Lao down, said, "Let's go."

    After some thought, Wen Ying changed the direction of his steps and followed Perseus in a few strides. The two demons walked side by side.

    "Perseus, when he was barely alive before, was he also like this…" Wen Ying paused, "Happy?"

    "Something like that," Perseus' tone clearly didn't want to recall that unhappy time.

    There was a teleportation array in the castle. The Evil Bird was wealthy, so they directly used it to return to the capital.

    It wasn't the first time Wen Ying entered Perseus' villa on Flame Mountain. This time, he looked around and found it as cold and empty as before, with no signs of life.

    "Where are you going?" Wen Ying asked as he saw Perseus heading upstairs.

    "To get my homework notebook."

    Wen Ying flew to the stairway and said cheerfully, "I'll come with you."

    Having never seen Beros's room before, Wen Ying was incredibly curious, and the impending revelation stirred up excitement within him.

    Upon reaching the second floor, the overall style appeared no different from the first at first glance.

    Beros walked towards one of the rooms and opened the black door. Wen Ying peered in curiously from behind.

    This room also embraced simplicity, but it carried more signs of life. Bookshelves held textbooks and other items, while an open wardrobe displayed a few clothes. On the desk, homework books were scattered about.

    "That... what is that?" Wen Ying spotted something resembling a magic card on the desk and was about to approach it when Beros swiftly grabbed the card-like objects and stashed them in his pocket.

    "Nothing important."

    Beros handed Wen Ying a few homework books from the desk. "The ones you wanted."

    Wen Ying skipped over joyfully, receiving the books with both hands. Flipping through them, he found Beros had already written the answers, which filled him with happiness.

    Sitting down on the chair in front of the desk, Beros watched Wen Ying's delight and said, "You should write them yourself next time."

    "Well, this was a special situation." Although there was plenty of time.

    "What do you plan on doing next?"

    Wen Ying shifted his attention from his workbook to Boreas. "What next?"

    "About that devil's plan. You mentioned that you've made contact with the exorcists and they've agreed to let us visit their school," Boreas said. "So, what's the next step?"

    "Well, the next step would be waiting for the school term to start," Wen Ying contemplated. "There's really nothing else to do."

    Boreas frowned. "Nothing else? Are you planning to copy my homework?"

    Wen Ying's face froze, and he forced a smile. "I wouldn't say I have nothing to do. There's still a bit of... personal business I need to attend to in the Human Realm."

    "Why are you going to the Human Realm?"

    "Are you coming with me?"

    Boreas promptly replied, "No."

    "Maybe in a few days then..."

    Wen Ying said, suddenly realizing something. He leaned closer to Beros and nudged him with his elbow, teasing, "Are you afraid of me meeting Yun Lao?"


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