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    Chapter 195: Magic Potion

    After sending out the few boxes of magic cards he had brought, Wen Ying also drew a box for his live stream audience, filling their screens with more cards.

    Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue were watching the live stream at home. When the screen froze, Lin Tianbao grumbled, "What lousy internet connection is this? The speed upgrade we got a few days ago is completely useless."

    Wen Qinxue kept refreshing the live stream page. "I wonder if we can win anything."

    "When did Little Ying open a company in the Demon Realm?" Lin Tianbao scratched his head. "I didn't hear him mention it."

    Wen Qinxue casually replied, "Little Ying likes those cards. Maybe they don't sell them in the Demon Realm, so he made them himself."

    "Proud son of mine," Lin Tianbao said smugly.

    At the same time, Wen Dingjue, who was far away overseas, was not feeling as delighted. Ever since Wen Xinxin summoned the three-headed hellhound, he had felt uneasy. Suddenly, when he saw the last demon to appear - the Mirror Demon - looking familiar, his eyelids started twitching wildly, and an ominous premonition washed over him.

    He prayed to every deity he could think of, from Buddha in China, Jesus abroad, to Satan in Hell. As he held his phone closer to examine the Mirror Demon, he realized that it might be Wen Ying.

    Perhaps because of his age, Wen Dingjue initially failed to realize that Wen Ying was in Class 1 of Lucifer Demon Academy when he first heard its mention. It was only after he confirmed that it was indeed Wen Ying that those memories came flooding back to him.

    The moment Wen Dingjue received his answer, he saw stars and almost passed out.

    Why did that brat return to the human world to develop and revitalize the demonic race of Mirror Demons when he was supposed to stay in the demon realm? And so ostentatiously, too! It was a worldwide live broadcast! Wen Dingjue's hands trembled, convinced that he would receive a call from the disaster department back home at any moment.

    Seeing Wen Dingjue suddenly break into tears, the elderly tourists nearby approached to ask what had upset him, offering to help if he shared his troubles.

    A group of programmers worked frantically overtime, finally stabilizing the collapsing live stream. The leader felt a weight lifted off their chest.

    Wen Ying didn't anticipate that sending gifts would crash the live stream either. A little guilty, he pretended not to know and pulled out a metal box from his spatial bracelet.

    Lu Qingyuan's eyelids twitched as he saw this. Could it be that inside the box was...

    Muershi's eyebrows raised slightly upon seeing the metal box that Wen Ying had taken out.

    "What's that?" someone dared to ask the newly-contracted demon.

    The Mirror Demon placed the metal box on the table and opened it. Some viewers craned their necks for a better look, and they saw a pile of bottles inside, some of which were quite attractive.

    With courage, Wen Xinxin turned to the silent Cerberus beside her and asked, "Excuse me, what is he taking out?"

    Boros glanced sideways. "Potions."

    Wen Xinxin looked on curiously.

    When Wu Fei saw the bottles and jars, she was startled. Those should just be ordinary potions – human bodies couldn't withstand their effects.

    Lan Jiaying's lips twitched. That guy had quite a vindictive streak.

    The witch fairy whispered a warning to her contractor not to touch those potions later.

    Wu Shaluo rolled his eyes. So eager to establish dominance and using such an unpleasant method to do so.

    "What's that?"

    "It seems to be potions."

    "Potions?! Do they have any youth-preserving pills?!"

    "I'm not sure what functions those potions serve, but the name 'potion' itself sounds mystical."

    "I wonder if there will be a lucky draw this time."

    "The live stream might really crash. I guess the programmers must be on high alert right now."

    Wen Ying's lips curved slightly as he picked up a droplet-shaped bottle. The bottle was the color of the sea, and its surface shimmered with multiple reflections.

    "What a beautiful bottle. Could it contain a beauty potion?"

    Wen Ying revealed a warm smile. "Aside from those magic cards, I've prepared other gifts as well."

    The exorcists looked at the potions, and those particularly interested in magic potions had their eyes shining brightly.

    Muershi sensed the intense desire around him. He lifted his hand, pressing the back of it against his lips to conceal any changes in his expression.

    This was indeed very interesting. He and Wen Ying seemed to have great chemistry.

    "The potion in my hand is a bodily enhancement fluid. After using it, your physical fitness will reach a whole new level," Wen Ying paused, "The usage is quite simple."

    "I think I need it!"

    "This Magic Mirror Demon is quite generous, giving gifts right away. I like it."

    Wen Ying's smile deepened suddenly, "Prepare a pot or any other container large enough to hold a body, fill it with water, then pour in this bottle of magic potion. Boil the water over high heat."


    "While the water is hot, step inside, cover the container, and use magic to protect your body. Stay inside for as long as possible, the longer the better. It should take at least an hour to see any effects."


    The expressions on the scene were also quite interesting.

    A student who was standing close couldn't resist asking, "While we're inside, does the water need to remain boiling?" Surely not, right?

    Wen Ying nodded and said matter-of-factly, "Of course, only boiling water can enhance the effects of the magic potion. In the past, my senior had me stay inside for several days. After I came out, my physical strength had significantly increased."

    "Sev-several days? Damn, he's still standing here!"

    "I suddenly find his smile rather frightening."

    "Are all demons this powerful? A mere Mirror Demon can do such a terrifying thing?"

    The student who had asked the question was dumbfounded.

    Wen Ying warmly held his hand and placed the potion in his palm, smiling as he said, "I brewed these potions myself. The usage is a bit complicated, so I'm offering an application service for free. This bottle of potion is a gift for you. When do you plan to use it? Set a time, and I'll bring it to the agreed location to help you..."

    Before Wen Ying could finish his sentence, the student whose hand he was holding pulled away with a terrified look. Confused, Wen Ying quickly adjusted his expression and forced a smile. "I'm quite satisfied with my current physique. Let's give this opportunity to another classmate."

    He couldn't accept this potion. If he did, that Mirror Demon would surely come knocking on his door to cook him!

    Wen Ying tilted his head, looking slightly puzzled. Then, he warmly shifted his gaze to the people nearby.

    Those people felt their scalps tingle under the Mirror Demon's warmly hospitable gaze.

    This demon wasn't using a potion; he was cooking something! Could anyone really stay in a pot of boiling water for an hour? They'd be dead by the time they came out!

    Not just the students, but some teachers also found this potion unacceptable, their minds filled with resistance.

    "Who said they needed it just now? Step forward."

    "I suddenly feel like I don't need it that much anymore."

    "I just want to improve my physique, not head straight to meet God."

    After observing the reactions of several people, all of whom shook their heads, Wen Ying scratched his cheek with his index finger and hesitantly asked, "Don't you like the kind of magic potion I made?"

    Deputy Dean Shi Mo stepped in to smooth things over. "Your gift is too precious; they feel it's inappropriate to accept it."

    If it were just a matter of receiving it, they could still study it. But the demon's intention was that upon acceptance, he would come and assist in its usage... Even he didn't fancy the idea of being boiled in a pot for an hour.

    Lin Tianbao watched the live broadcast on his phone and sobbed. "Honey, Little Ying has suffered so much. He actually stayed in boiling water for days."

    Wen Qinxue grumbled. "It's all because of my grandfather. He kept saying that if Little Ying doesn't go to the Demon Realm, his health will deteriorate. Who knows how many tortures he endured in the places we couldn't see there."

    Wen Qinxue immediately made a long-distance call to scold Wen Dingjue.

    Upon hearing Wen Ying say that he had been in that boiling pot for days, Wen Dingjue was also shocked. Upon receiving Wen Qinxue's call, he felt wronged and tried to explain, only to be scolded even more fiercely.

    Wen Ying put down the bottle in his hand and replaced it with a new one.

    "Well, how about this one then?"

    "I don't know why, but seeing that demon in the magic mirror smile now gives me the creeps."

    "I feel the same way."

    "You two are too timid. It's just a demon in a magic mirror, what's there to be afraid of? Can it even poison you?"

    Wen Ying explained, "This is a magical potion used for cooking."

    "There's such a thing as a cooking magical potion?" Huang Yangsui, intrigued, disregarded the cat's previous warning and approached Wen Ying eagerly, asking, "Excuse me, is it used as a seasoning?"

    The cat's ears drooped slightly.

    The others around them also chattered away.

    "Does it make food taste even better?"

    "So magical seasonings in the demon world are called magical potions."

    Wen Ying noticed the enthusiasm around him and, having piqued their curiosity, he excitedly explained, "It's not a seasoning, but an auxiliary tool for making meat fillings."

    "I found the process of mincing meat too troublesome, so I created this potion," Wen Ying beamed, holding up the potion in his hand. "Just pour it onto the piece of meat, and it will turn into minced meat within a minute. But remember not to pour too much; if you do, the meat will directly turn into juice."

    The excitement in the surroundings suddenly vanished, replaced by gasps. If one listened closely, they could even hear some expletives.


    "That person who just said that the Magic Mirror Demon can't poison you – well, they skipped the poisoning part and turned you straight into water."

    Huang Yangsui trembled as he watched the silver demon before him warmly place that terrifying potion into his hands. His own weak-willed hands had no strength to refuse. Though he tried to say no, his mouth opened and closed without a single word coming out.

    "Do you also enjoy cooking?" Wen Ying asked with a smile. "How about we exchange cooking tips another day?"

    Wei Er's hand reached around from behind Huang Yangsui to rest on his shoulder. "It's a good item. Accept it."

    Huang Yangsui: "!!" Goosebumps appeared all over his body.

    Seeing Wen Ying about to take out a third potion from the metal box, the director chuckled and said, "I understand your intention to establish a friendly relationship with us. You've already given us so many gifts, and we would feel embarrassed if you spent more. Please take these things back."

    Allowing this malefic Mirror Demon to recklessly distribute perilous potions would bring great trouble to the administrators. They already had their hands full with just one bottle capable of dissolving flesh.

    Initially, they assumed the Mirror Demon was merely filling a quota, having climbed to the pinnacle of the demonic hierarchy through financial prowess. To their surprise, he possessed genuine talent – not in combat, but in potion-making.

    A demon skilled in concocting various potions, including super toxic ones, posed a considerable threat.

    Merely based on that flesh-dissolving potion, they were convinced that the metallic box held numerous deadly brews.

    Lin Tianbao, who had previously sympathized with Wen Ying's miserable state, was now left speechless.

    Wen Qinxue called Wen Dingjue again, blaming him for exposing their son to all sorts of nonsense.

    Wen Dingjue, for his part, was equally perplexed. How did Arudha manage to influence Wen Ying like this? It shouldn't have been possible.

    Boros crossed his arms, watching the demonic mirror's deliberate antics with a low, disdainful chuckle. Wen Xinxin assumed he disapproved of the demon relying on external tools.

    The demonic mirror had certainly made the most significant impression on human minds today. Lan Jiaying was not pleased, fixating on Wen Ying and contemplating finding the right time and place to give him a sound beating, including retribution for the magic card incident earlier.

    Failing to leave an impression as a leader, Wen Ying feared that his father would deem him inadequate.

    Thus, Lan Jiaying restrained Wen Ying's hand that was about to reach for something again, his gaze conveying a warning. The two demons exerted force with their hands locked in a tense struggle, all this happening within seconds, unnoticed by most but witnessed by a few who attributed it to a mere illusion.

    After all, how could a Mirror Demon dare to defy the elite demon of Lan Jiaying's lineage?

    Lan Jiaying withdrew his hand and addressed the Dean, "Dean, there's something I didn't mention before. Half a year ago, we took in a human who accidentally entered the Demon Realm. Now that the barrier is weakening, we plan to send him back to the Human World and have him serve as our life guidance teacher."

    It was crucial to make humans realize that they held the dominant position among the demons!

    Unfortunately, Lan Jiaying's subtle maneuvering went completely unnoticed by the human side. In their eyes, a Mirror Demon could never be the leader among this group of demons.


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