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    Chapter 206: Surprise

    Someone said, "I heard that once you're accepted into the Exorcist Academy, the country provides a monthly stipend, right? It continues until graduation."

    "I saw it in a video. The country is really generous."

    "For those with financial difficulties, they can apply for the state to help cover basic tuition fees, and other related expenses can be borrowed with interest-free loans."

    In the private room, everyone chimed in with their opinions. Zeng Qiyang couldn't hide his delight, his face radiant as he said, "I'm very grateful for the country's monthly allowance. I have to live up to it and make a contribution to the nation when I graduate."

    After saying this, he couldn't resist teasing Wen Ying, "Wen Ying, you should also find something useful to do. Judging from the current development of the world, there will be more demons in the human realm. Your family has wealth, but what you'll need more in the future is the power of exorcists. With power, money will come knocking on your door by itself."

    "Tonight, when you go back, talk to your elders about investing in industries related to exorcists and demons."

    Wen Ying leaned in to listen attentively. His classmates expected him to refute or get angry, but he didn't. Instead, he wore a thoughtful expression before smiling and saying, "What you said is true. My family should indeed invest in industries related to exorcism."

    Zeng Qiyang couldn't help but add, "I won't comment on investing in industries since I'm not knowledgeable about it. But when you're looking for promising talents to invest in, don't act like you're doing them a favor. You should appear more approachable. Otherwise, truly talented individuals won't bother with you."

    "You're absolutely right."

    Wen Ying propped his chin in his hand, his laughter laced with casualness, as if he were indulging in a child's play.

    Zeng Qiyang was taken aback. The anticipated look of jealousy or resentment on Wen Ying's face never appeared; instead, the other man seemed effortlessly composed. His tone of speaking and the way he gazed at Zeng Qiyang made him feel like a clown.

    Under the table, Zeng Qiyang's fists clenched tightly.

    Back then, Wen Ying could afford to look down on him due to his wealth. Now, Zeng Qiyang had already positioned himself at the forefront of global development. In the future, he would be a powerful exorcist, while Wen Ying remained an ordinary person, with ordinary people in his family. Without power despite their wealth, they would surely decline amidst the world's transformation. How could Wen Ying remain so calm and superior, looking down on him like this?

    Even if Wen Ying didn't chase after him for investment, he should at least be showing signs of envy and resentment!

    What right did Wen Ying have? !

    Zeng Qiyang's eyes burned with fury as he stared into Wen Ying's. Just as he was about to say something more, the door to the private room suddenly swung open, drawing everyone's attention.

    Zeng Qiyang looked over too, but he didn't recognize the man at the front, who seemed to be in charge. He didn't resemble a hotel manager either.

    "Who are you?"

    Ou Yangcheng flashed a cheerful smile. "Are you guys Wen Ying's high school classmates?"

    A voice replied, "We are."

    "You are?"

    "I'm Little Ying's uncle," Ou Yangcheng stepped behind Wen Ying, placing his hand on his shoulder. "I happened to be inspecting the hotel and heard that you all were having a gathering, so I came to take a look."

    He turned to the manager who was following him and said, "There's no need to charge for this private room. Consider it on my tab."

    Zeng Qiyang discreetly observed the reactions of his classmates, seeing their surprised expressions. His grip on his utensils tightened, but he forced a natural smile and said, "There's no need for Uncle to spend money. I'll cover the bill. After all, I invited my classmates here today to celebrate my acceptance into the Exorcist Academy."

    Zeng Qiyang had intended to subtly reveal his current status, hoping that this seemingly high-ranking man would learn of his new position and potentially consider investing in a future powerful exorcist. Then, Wen Ying's elder would advise him to be more polite towards him.

    This would allow Zeng Qiyang to smoothly enter the circle of wealthy second-generation heirs...

    In just a few seconds, Zeng Qiyang had imagined a bright future. Little did he expect the middle-aged man to respond with even more enthusiasm, "That's great news about entering the Exorcist Academy! My daughter was also accepted into the academy this semester!"

    His fantasy shattered, Zeng Qiyang barely managed to keep a straight face as he forced out a congratulations.

    A few students raised their hands, pretending to support their chins with the backs of their hands, actually hiding the upward curves of their lips that they couldn't suppress as they chuckled.

    Others pretended that something had fallen on the ground and bent down to pick it up.

    "Let's celebrate together. I'll treat you all for this meal. It's just the cost price since it's my family's hotel anyway."

    Someone whispered in awe to a close friend beside them, "Uncle Wen Ying is actually the owner of the Lucky Blessing Hotel. Ouch..."

    "I thought Wen Ying was just an ordinary rich kid, but I didn't expect him to be so impressive. With his uncle owning the Lucky Blessing Hotel, the Wen family mustn't be doing too badly either."

    Upon hearing this 'bad news,' Zeng Qiyang's jealousy surged even more, threatening to overwhelm him.

    Ou Yangcheng walked up to Zeng Qiyang and examined him more closely than before. "My daughter is called Wen Xinxin. I heard that not many ordinary people are accepted into the Exorcist Academy, so you must have met her, right?"

    Wen Xinxin? The image of a terrifying demon popped into Zeng Qiyang's mind, and he instinctively asked, "Is that the Wen Xinxin who made a contract with the Cerberus from hell?"

    "That's right, that's her!" Ou Yangcheng was extremely proud and eager to share, starting to boast about his daughter's accomplishments.

    Zeng Qiyang listened passively as Ou Yangcheng lavishly praised his daughter. Compared to Wen Xinxin, he felt even more diminutive in the eyes of his classmates. Bitterness and envy swelled within Zeng Qiyang as he listened.

    Why should someone be blessed with affluent parents and exceptional magical talent? Not only is he more outstanding, but he also has a contract with one of the most powerful demons among their kind.

    As a demon, Wen Ying could sense the abundance of negative emotions within Zeng Qiyang: intense resentment, hatred, frustration, and inferiority...

    Wen Ying licked his lips, he understood the demon's notion of "liking". Zeng Qi Yang exuded an irresistible scent that even though he was once human, Wen Ying couldn't help but crave a taste.

    Individuals with magical abilities tend to generate more intense negative emotions than ordinary people, and their emotional energy is more abundant.

    Just how much hatred did Zeng Qiyang have for him, for the aura of negativity to be so dense?

    Ou Yangcheng finally left, leaving Zeng Qiyang struggling to control his erupting emotions. He turned to Wen Ying and said sarcastically, "Your cousin is really impressive, not like you. In the future, you can rely on her."

    Wen Ying nodded seriously. "That's exactly what I was thinking."

    Damn it, Zeng Qiyang took a deep breath and tried again, hoping for a different response. "But you still need to take good care of yourself. I think girls in the future will like guys with heroic qualities, don't you think, Shi Yuan?"

    Caught off guard, Shi Yuan nodded absentmindedly. With little time to ponder, he quickly offered a neutral response, "Well, it depends on personal preference, but generally, someone capable of protecting you would be good."

    "In the future world, ordinary people are likely to encounter more evil demons. Someone like Wen Ying..."

    Zeng Qiyang was just about to burst into laughter when the private room's door suddenly opened again. He glared at the intruder angrily, wondering who else could be disturbing his joy in overpowering Wen Ying.

    However, Zeng Qiyang's fury extinguished the moment his eyes met the newcomer's.

    "Evil... Evil... Evil..."

    Zeng Qiyang stammered, struggling to utter the word "demon." Wen Ying stepped in to complete his sentence, "A demon."

    "A demon!" Zeng Qiyang's voice trembled with fear as he shrieked the word.

    The already anxious classmates in the room felt their fear escalate upon hearing Zeng Qiyang's high-pitched cry. Some of them stood up, ready to flee.

    The being that entered had silver-white hair that reached its hips. Though it wore a long coat and had no visible wings or demonic tail, its silver-white eyes were undeniably non-human.

    "Wen Xinxin?" Zeng Qiyang recognized the follower, and his fear subsided slightly.

    The demon standing by the entrance casually surveyed the room before fixating on Wen Ying. Zeng Qiyang secretly rejoiced, gloating even more as he saw the demon approach Wen Ying. His fear diminished further.

    Wen Ying, aware of Zeng Qiyang's emotions, found his reaction absurd.

    All his other classmates, whether male or female, were quite normal. But only Zeng Qiyang had an unusual way of thinking compared to them.

    He had never revealed who his parents were in school, and it was only today, with Ou Yangcheng's appearance, that some clues about his background emerged. The fact that Zeng Qiyang was jealous of even an ordinary rich second-generation was absurd. He hadn't done anything tyrannical.

    He even frequently treated his friends, taking them out to play and mostly paying for their meals.

    When Wen Xinxin saw the devil from the magic mirror approach someone, she took a closer look and gasped. She then rushed over.

    "Wen Ying, are you... having dinner with your classmates today?" Wen Xinxin looked around.

    Wen Ying nodded. After glancing at Wen Xinxin, he returned his gaze to the devil standing before him.

    As Wen Xinxin observed the demon and her cousin, the fog in her mind suddenly lifted. She finally understood why the teacher found the magic mirror devil familiar – the devil's facial features bore a striking resemblance to her cousin!

    The devil removed its mask, and soon, gasps filled the private room.

    "So... similar..."

    "That devil looks so much like Wen Ying."

    "What's going on here?"

    Murmurs filled the private room, everyone speaking softly in awe. Initially, they had been hesitant to speak, but the current situation was so bewildering that they were eager for an explanation.

    Zeng Qiyang was stunned, an excited thrill creeping through him as he considered a possibility. Wen Ying looked so much like that devil from the live broadcast – could there be something wrong with Wen Ying? Reaching into his pocket, Zeng Qiyang rubbed his phone screen, itching to call the Calamity Department to report this.

    "Were you the devil in the magic mirror from that live stream?" Wen Ying himself asked the mirror image, his tone filled with surprise and hesitation.

    Wen Xinxin was taken aback, whispering, "Why do you two look so alike?"

    Could this devil in the magic mirror be a relative of Wen Dingjue's from the demon realm?

    The devil in the magic mirror shook its head. "I'm also curious. It's quite a surprise to find a human who looks so much like me."

    At the entrance of the private room, a group of people still stood, whispering to each other. They were the exorcists who had arrived by helicopter.

    While the mirror image watched the second movie with Beros, it hadn't seen the end. The moment the original Wen Ying stepped into room 12, the mirror image inside the cinema immediately requested dinner, expressing a desire to try the best hotel in Mu City.

    The most luxurious establishment in Mu City was the Auspicious Hotel.

    Then, the mirror clone requested for Booth 13. Upon entering, it expressed its desire to visit the kitchen.

    The mirror clone and Beros wandered around in the kitchen. When the original body felt that the time was right, the clone immediately took the elevator back up, pretending to have made a mistake by entering Booth 12. This allowed the exorcist who had been following the clone to witness with their own eyes that the clone and the original were two separate entities, proving that Wen Ying and Wen Jing were not the same person.

    Standing outside, Beros informed Wen Ying that they had gone to the wrong booth. However, as soon as he spoke, he received a kick from Wen Ying. Now, he stood with a sinister frown against the wall.

    Booth 12 was bustling with noise. The exorcist who had followed them stood at the entrance, chatting animatedly. Beros found the commotion irritating.

    Suddenly, Beros overheard someone say, "That person looks strikingly similar to the Devil Mirror."


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