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    Chapter 217: Ghostly Pregnancy

    Lu Qingyuan sensed that Wen Ying seemed to be in a bad mood, but there was no sign of unhappiness on his face.

    After a while, they received a message broadcasted to their entire grade – the same one that Perseus had mentioned earlier. It seemed that Perseus would be placed in the same class as Wen Xinxin, and apparently, the first-year group chat had been informed earlier.

    "Excitement Park! Oh my god!"

    "A crowded Excitement Park! I've always wanted to go, but the long queues deterred me. Plus, the membership tickets are too expensive for what they offer. Who would have thought we'd get to visit as part of our school's outdoor practice?"

    "Will they be closed on the day we go?"

    "Well, doesn't that mean it'll be like we're having a private session? Hahaha—"

    Wen Ying had heard of Excitement Park before but had never been there. It wasn't a matter of money or time; it was his body. He had always wanted to try their roller coasters, but with his previous condition, he couldn't. Now, with this new body, he could.

    And the fact that it would be a private session meant they wouldn't have to wait in lines for most attractions.

    The group chat quickly followed up with another announcement.

    In response to the students' private messages, here's a unified reply: After arriving at the outdoor practice site, you will not be able to participate in any activities there. However, the park has agreed to allow one hour of facility usage starting from 5 PM.

    The classroom echoed with sighs, and Wen Ying fell silent. He pondered if the Demon Realm's Interworld Judiciary Bureau could request permission from the Disaster Prevention Department to visit Thrilltopia. Would the department close the park for a day, allowing demons to play exclusively?

    After some thought, Wen Ying decided against causing trouble for the Disaster Prevention Department's finances.

    Yan Liwen inexplicably shivered.

    The group chat then shared the lists of paired classes. Lu Qingyuan was in Class 3, which would be assisting Class 2, where Wen Xinxin was, from the first year.

    Without needing to suggest it himself, the academy seemed eager to pair him with Beros.

    Wen Ying smiled silently. Were they afraid that no one could stop Beros if his temper flared?

    With the allure of outdoor practice, everyone's attention in class waned over the next few days, even Lu Qingyuan's.

    Finally, the day of the outdoor practice arrived. The classes assigned to other locations looked on enviously as those going to Thrilltopia departed. It was akin to having the entire park to themselves, albeit only for an hour. But Thrilltopia offered more than just rides; it was filled with scenic attractions, and the best part was avoiding the usual crowds.

    Boarding ferries to leave the island, they took a flight from Nandu City's airport to reach the city where Thrilltopia was located. They arrived a day early, staying in a hotel overnight before entering the park at eight the next morning to search for the elusive bees.

    Throughout the journey, Berlos and Wen Ying sat together, as well as in the hotel rooms. The academy had booked doubles, leaving everyone to choose their own partners.

    Looking at Berlos and Wen Ying paired up, Wu Shaluo glanced around in annoyance, his dissatisfaction practically written on his face.

    There were four classes altogether, two second-years and two first-years, with a total of seven demons. Despite the large number, he still hadn't run into Ige or any of his acquaintances. All he was left with were either strangers or demons he disliked.

    Wen Ying, Di Ji, Berlos, Wei Er, Levimo, Muershi – especially Wen Ying and Muershi. Whenever they were teamed up for missions, Wu Shaluo had a nagging feeling that something unpleasant would happen, something that would affect him negatively.

    Spotting Wu Shaluo's gaze, Muershi waved cheerfully, "Do you want to share a room with me?"

    Wu Shaluo scoffed. He'd rather share with a human than Muershi.

    Muershi's expression turned regretful as he turned to seek out Wei Er.

    Noticing that Di Ji was the only female demon present, her contractor offered to share a room with her. Di Ji didn't really mind; demons typically didn't object to sharing a room regardless of gender when traveling.

    Di Ji nonchalantly nodded in agreement.

    The cleanliness-obsessed Levimo rushed to the front desk to pay for a single room by himself. Wu Shaluo followed suit.

    Entering the room, Wen Ying habitually scanned his surroundings before sitting down in a chair and saying, "Persephone, there should be an unexpected event tomorrow, if nothing goes wrong."

    Persephone turned his head, his first reaction being, "What do you and Muershi plan to do?"

    That shouldn't be the case. He had been keeping a close eye on Wen Ying and Muershi these few days. They didn't meet secretly, so could they have communicated through their phones? It was true that Wen Ying spent a lot of time using his phone.

    Wen Ying rolled his eyes. "Is my reputation that bad? The surprise I mentioned is about the exorcists from the Mu family. There might even be members of the extremist faction. The Mu family belongs to the Church, so they might have ties with the extremists. My most-wanted notice is still hanging within their ranks."

    "Hold on, if I were an extremist, I would take advantage of the fact that I'm in the human world, where my magic isn't as strong, to give me a life-changing experience," Wen Ying supported his chin, muttering to himself. "They wouldn't kill me, but they'd surely severely injure me."

    Persephone replied, "You can recall yourself back to the Demon Realm at any time."

    Looking directly into Persephone's eyes, Wen Ying said without a second thought, "There's a way around that too."

    Without even considering it, this guy must have already thought of several ways in advance.

    If he had already come up with a solution, he should have also considered preventive measures.

    "I'll go take a shower." Persephone headed towards the bathroom.

    Wen Ying leaned back in his chair with a crooked posture, his tone laced with teasing curves, "Boros, you don't care about me~"

    Boros, who had been walking at a normal pace, rushed towards the bathroom upon hearing Wen Ying's words, slamming the door shut with a loud "bang."

    Wen Ying's eyes curved into a smile as he burst into laughter.

    In another room, Wu Shaluo's quarters, a figure climbed in through the window. Upon entering, he was immediately overwhelmed by Wu Shaluo's deliberately released magical pressure, as if a thousand-pound barbell rested on his shoulders, making it difficult to even breathe while speaking.

    "I came to inform you of how to make the Mirror Demon appear useless before everyone tomorrow."

    Wu Shaluo sat on a single-seater sofa, his hands resting naturally on the armrests, leaning back against the chair with an open and unguarded posture that still exuded immense pressure.

    Hearing the masked man's words, he chuckled, tilting his body to the right, propping his chin up with his right hand. His tone held a hint of interest, "Make him appear useless?"

    If he recalled correctly, those demons with similar intentions in the past, like himself, not only failed to succeed but also fell into traps. Wu Shaluo was now waiting for his own maturity.

    Although he was unwilling to admit it, he indeed couldn't defeat Wen Ying before reaching adulthood.

    With Wen Ying now matured, Wu Shaluo comforted himself that his inability to defeat Wen Ying was due to his own lack of maturity, while Boros and other demons were also awaiting their own coming-of-age moments.

    Once they reach adulthood, Wen Ying is doomed!

    The mere thought of the future scene thrilled Wu Shaluo, fueling his destructive urge and intensifying the pressure on the masked man.

    When that day comes, he would repay all the suffering he endured at Wen Ying's hands!

    Even if Perseus tried to stop him... Wu Shaluo felt that Perseus himself would give him a beating first.

    With a cheerful mood, Wu Shaluo flashed a genuine smile at the masked man, who was drenched in cold sweat. "What's your plan?"

    Wen Ying sneezed.

    Wen Ying rubbed his nose. Lately, he had been sneezing a lot. There were just too many people cursing him. In the past, it might have been those who bought his magic cards, but at this moment, it was most likely the fanatics.

    Extending the tip of his tail, the platinum ring on its end glimmered slightly. A silver-white rod appeared in Wen Ying's hand. The short blade at one end snapped out, and as he spun the rod, the blade reflected a chilling gleam under the light.

    Wen Ying narrowed his eyes slightly and muttered to himself, "They'd better not come."

    Perseus had just finished his bath and pushed open the door, catching sight of Wen Ying sneering at his enchanted weapon – a textbook villain's expression.

    Wen Ying: "..."

    Beros emerged from the bathroom, and with each step, the moisture in his hair diminished. By the time he reached Wen Ying, his hair was completely dry, its black, slightly curly strands having grown longer without notice, falling loosely around his shoulders with a touch of untamed disorder.

    "We're also here to deal with the collaboration between exorcists and the extremist faction," Beros said. "Leave someone alive tomorrow, don't kill them all."

    Wen Ying nodded. "I won't forget."

    He got up to take a shower. When he came out, he saw Beros looking at his phone. He approached curiously and leaned in beside him. "What are you looking at?"

    "I'm reading the flattery your fans are spewing about you."

    There was a dedicated topic square for Wen Ying on Wibo, filled either with adoration or complaints about his blind draws and lack of magical activity.


    "These fan artworks are getting more outrageous by the day." Wen Ying sighed.

    The explicit illustrations were becoming increasingly extreme. If not for the strict guidelines on Wibo that would lead to censorship, Wen Ying suspected that the creators might even release even more 18+ content.

    Belphegor was too intimidating, so they didn't dare to draw him. Instead, they only dared to create illustrations featuring Wen Ying, often with hints of a romantic pairing, depicting certain body parts to imply the presence of the hellhound.

    Belphegor observed silently, sensing the air growing slightly tense.

    These humans had the audacity to match the sun in bravery.

    "I, the Demon Prince, am right here, yet you're still looking at your phone." Wen Ying snatched the device from Belphegor's hand, curling his toes slightly. Some of these fanarts really made him want to dig three rooms and a hall out of frustration.

    Belphegor chuckled softly, his tone unusually teasing. "You should really let those humans see your true nature."

    Wen Ying averted his gaze and sighed. "It's terrifying. They actually drew me as a weak and clingy demon."

    Those illustrations could easily kill him.

    It wasn't his fault that he didn't have a muscular physique like a double-door fridge, but it was excessive for them to make his thighs thinner than Belphegor's forearms!

    Since they dared not draw Belphegor, they often resorted to depicting his arms alone. The comparison between the thickness of that arm and Wen Ying's thighs was visually disastrous.

    Thankfully, there were still some normal illustrations, which brought great comfort to Wen Ying.

    Boros rarely saw Wen Ying being outwitted, so he was in an exceptionally good and relaxed mood. Unconsciously, he reached out and pulled the grumbling Wen Ying into his embrace.

    "Were you possessed?" Wen Ying asked curiously as he sat on Boros's lap.

    Boros's carefree feeling of floating on clouds vanished instantly, as if he had just fallen from the sky.

    "…Sometimes I wish you were mute."

    Wen Ying nonchalantly replied, "Sometimes I wish you could be coquettish towards me."

    "It'll never happen in the next lifetime," Boros firmly denied Wen Ying's suggestion.

    Wen Ying looked at Boros, gradually lowering his gaze from his chin to his collarbone, then lower still, speaking with a suggestive tone, "That remains to be seen. I've learned a few tricks, and we can try them after you come of age."

    Despite being covered by a blanket, Wen Ying felt a cool breeze below his waist.

    Boros wasn't sensitive to such topics, but he was acutely aware of gazes.

    "One thing those illustrations got right is that I'm stronger than you."

    Beros seemed to have misunderstood something, but Wen Ying chuckled indulgently. "Mm-hmm." Next time he returned to the Realm of Magic, he would get his hands on some trinkets.

    Wen Ying leaned against Beros, savoring the sense of power hidden beneath the skin of the body behind him, his expression content.

    That night, some were too excited to sleep, others too anxious, while still others slept like logs.


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