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    Chapter 218: Vibrations

    At eight in the morning, everyone assembled punctually at the entrance of Thrillseeker's Paradise. After the four teachers in charge counted the students in their respective classes, they allowed them to enter.

    Most exorcist classes consisted of slightly over thirty students, and with four classes combined, there were merely a hundred and twenty individuals. Adding a few demons to the mix, their presence was barely noticeable in the vast and sprawling Excitement Paradise.

    "Paired in twos, if you encounter a magical beast, probe its strength first. If you feel incapable of defeating it, immediately call for assistance!"

    As the leader among the four instructors, Wu Zunlin tirelessly repeated himself, amplifying his voice with magic – much like using a megaphone – ensuring that every student in the enthusiastic crowd could hear him clearly.

    Wen Ying stepped in and, as he passed by Wu Zunlin, casually asked, "What about that demon?"

    Wu Zunlin replied, "As long as I'm with my contract partner."

    "Very well."

    Walking alongside Lu Qingyuan, Wen Ying passed by a cluster of students gathered at the entrance, each of them selecting their companions for the journey to their designated class.

    Some had made arrangements in advance at the hotel last night and simply left directly. Those who hadn't pre-arranged anything were here to view their options on the spot.

    Boros strolled naturally beside Wen Ying, leaving Wen Xinxin no choice but to join them. It seemed she was destined to be with Lu Qingyuan.

    She had heard the rumors - Lu Qingyuan ranked first in written exams but was at the bottom for combat abilities... That was quite an extreme bias in his skills.

    Lu Qingyuan had been at the very bottom last semester, but gradually climbed to the middle of the pack towards the end.

    Although Lu Qingyuan might not be great in combat, Wen Xinxin was also a novice in magic, so she wasn't nervous at all.

    They had two demons on their side; any magical beast they encountered would be easily dealt with.

    Wen Xinxin noticed the envious glances from her classmates and walked with even more ease.

    Stopping in front of Lu Qingyuan, she asked, "Shall we be partners?"

    Lu Qingyuan glanced at the Mirror Demon and the Hellhound. "We have to, don't we?"

    Wen Ying looped her arm through Boros's and tilted her head towards him, smiling. "This is a very famous amusement spot in the human world. I've heard it's incredibly fun. Would you say we're on a date today?"

    Upon hearing this, Wu Shaluo's lips twitched. He thought to himself, Your date, their hunt.

    Recalling the plan that the masked man had mentioned the previous night, Wu Shaluo prodded his contracted demon, Yang Bofeng, with his finger. "Choose one without a demonic contract, someone more obedient."

    Although he believed there was a 99% chance that their plan would fail, there was still that slim possibility of seeing Wen Ying in an awkward situation. Thus, Wu Shaluo decided to follow them and observe.

    Yang Bofeng nodded and picked a seemingly shy and quiet individual.

    The leading teacher didn't assign them specific areas; they were free to explore as they wished. It was an outdoor practical, and whoever found and dealt with a magical beast first would earn extra credits. Discovering traces of one would also grant points.

    Wen Xinxin raised her phone. "I studied the map last night. Let's follow this route."

    There were many scenic spots, some they had visited before, but they were usually crowded.

    The group had no objections and followed the path suggested by Wen Xinxin.

    With great enthusiasm, Wen Xinxin took pictures at the front, while Wen Ying stuck closely to Bellerophon at the back. Only Lu Qingyuan, walking in the middle, was earnestly searching for signs of magical beasts.

    Feeling rather pessimistic, Lu Qingyuan sighed inwardly, unsure if there were any bees that had escaped the net.

    Walking together, the two humans and two demons covered some distance. Wen Xinxin's phone was now filled with nearly a hundred new photos, yet there were still no signs of any magical beasts around them.

    Lu Qingyuan paused and turned to ask, "Have either of you noticed anything suspicious? I remember that demons are quite sensitive to the aura of living creatures."

    Hearing the voice from behind, Wen Xinxin stopped walking and looked back, replying, "I haven't found anything. Have you guys noticed anything?"

    Aside from taking pictures with her phone, she had also been observing her surroundings, but everything seemed normal.

    In Mu City, Wen Xinxin had never had a direct encounter with a magical beast, but she could sense their aura from hundreds of meters away – that raw, bloodthirsty hunting aura that sent shivers down her spine.

    On this journey so far, she hadn't experienced that sensation.

    Wen Ying shifted his gaze from the surroundings to them and said, "I don't feel any presence of magical beasts nearby." He spoke the truth.

    Lu Qingyuan furrowed his brow slightly. "Could it be that the magical beast isn't in this area..."

    Wen Xinxin pointed ahead. "Let's walk a bit further. Bees usually like sweet scents and flowers, right? There's a fairy tale flower garden up ahead, and there's also a shop selling sweets nearby."

    "Let's go take a look." Wen Ying recalled the flower garden attraction, which was a one-to-one replica of a town from a fairy tale, complete with life-sized anthropomorphic animal figurines.

    Wen Ying rushed ahead with great enthusiasm, soon spotting a signpost that led to a quaint path winding into a small forest. Artificially crafted, brightly colored fake fruits hung from the trees on either side.

    As they proceeded further, their view opened up to reveal a fairy tale-like village. At the entrance stood a life-sized doll, a figure with a human upper body and a wolf's lower half, complete with wolf ears on its head and clawed hands.

    Boros immediately understood why Wen Ying had been running so swiftly upon seeing this.

    Lu Qingyuan and Wen Xinxin suddenly sensed a rise in temperature around them. Peeking discreetly at Boros, they then observed Wen Ying, who was eagerly circling the life-sized doll, admiring it with delight. They inwardly gasped.

    For a Mirror Demon to engage in such behavior before their boyfriend, a three-headed hellhound notorious for his fiery temper, was truly courageous!

    "Bellerophon, come here and see, this ear is actually soft."

    Bellerophon approached with a cold expression, silently pointing at the sign standing next to the doll, which read 'Do Not Touch.'

    Wen Xin Xin and Lu Qingyuan dared not get too close, watching Bellerophon's actions from a distance, almost bursting into laughter. It was as if he was trying to convey, "I'm fierce, but I'm also aggrieved." The action of a three-headed hellhound doing this was quite dramatic.

    "I didn't expect that the three-headed hellhounds would be quite considerate in choosing their lovers," Wen Xin Xin remarked with a sigh. "I thought they'd be self-centered and maybe even aggressive."

    Lu Qingyuan agreed, "Yes, indeed, one cannot judge a demon by its appearance." Who could have guessed that Wen Ying, with his demeanor, was capable of concocting outrageous poisons?

    Both of them dared not laugh, but Wen Ying did. Seeing the anger in Beros' gaze, he covered his lips with the back of his hand, unable to suppress the curve of his smile for a moment.

    "Alright, alright, I won't stare anymore." Wen Ying approached Beros and, on tiptoe, gently touched his ear.

    "Let's go take a look." Wen Ying started walking forward.

    After Wen Ying turned and began walking, Beros followed suit. As he passed the life-sized dolls, Beros' tail extended to one side, ready to swish down.

    Wen Ying, as if having eyes on the back of his head, turned around and said, "You can't just destroy anything here."


    Boros marched forward with an aura of suppressed tension.

    Lu Qingyuan and Wen Xinxin watched in astonishment from behind.

    Wen Xinxin whispered to Lu Qingyuan, "My cousin looks so much like the Magic Mirror Demon, but why isn't his skill in finding girlfriends anywhere near similar?"

    The Magic Mirror Demon held sway over others as if he were wielding the leash to Cerberus, the hellhound.

    "Wen Ying, aren't you leaving?" Having walked some distance ahead, he called out to the two trailing behind him.

    Wen Xinxin jogged along, replying, "Coming, coming."

    After a short walk, passing through various little huts, they arrived at their destination, the Sea of Flowers. The four—two humans and two demons—scanned the area but found no trace of the magic beast.

    "So strange…" Wen Xinxin murmured. "This sea of flowers is the place with the most blooms in the entire park."

    "It's possible they're carnivorous and don't feed on honey," Wen Ying suggested. Suddenly, he sensed an unusual fluctuation. He paused, trying to recall and locate its source before slowly turning his head towards a particular spot.


    Perseus responded, "Mm, I sense it too, an unpleasant aura."

    Wen Xinxin promptly rushed to Wen Ying's side, anxiety etched on her face. "Did you find the magic beast?"

    Lu Qingyuan closed his eyes, sensing carefully but found nothing. He frowned. "I'm not picking up anything."

    "The fluctuation has vanished," Wen Ying pondered. "It felt somewhat like… the sensation of something awakening. It doesn't quite resemble a magic beast. Perseus, did you find this fluctuation familiar?"

    Boros shook his head and headed in the direction he had sensed earlier, where a forest lay.

    Wen Ying said to the pair, "Come on, let's go take a look."

    Wen Xinxin instinctively followed the demon mirror who resembled her cousin, and the atmosphere of their outing suddenly transformed into that of a suspenseful horror film.

    The previously clear sky was now overcast with dark clouds, as if rain was imminent.

    Boros walked forward until reaching a fork in the path. Hesitating, he didn't proceed further. Suddenly, the fluctuation appeared again for a moment, and Boros walked in the direction it originated from, ultimately arriving beneath a roller coaster track.

    Wen Ying scanned the surroundings, which were styled like a steep cliff adorned with vivid statues of fierce beasts.

    His gaze swept past a spot about a hundred meters from the ticket booth, where it lingered. There was a shop, seemingly a gift store, with a life-sized figure of a demon from a mobile game standing at its entrance.

    It was a fox, complete with ears and three tails.

    Without a second thought, Wen Ying started walking towards it.

    Boros' face darkened instantly. Just as he was about to approach, another, even stronger fluctuation emerged elsewhere, catching him off guard.

    "Just now, I was sure it was here..."

    Wen Ying turned his head. "Boros, go check out where the new disturbance is coming from. I'll search this area."

    Despite wanting to see the dolls, Boros couldn't help but roll his eyes. The only thing that brought him some comfort was that the gift shop was locked, so Wen Ying wouldn't be able to bring back a pile of merchandise.

    As Boros left, Wen Ying made sure he was truly gone before gazing at the life-sized doll at the entrance of the store with the fervor of a fan.

    The ears were so adorable, and there wasn't even a sign saying 'do not touch'. After much restraint, Wen Ying couldn't resist reaching out to stroke the soft, large tail. The texture felt incredibly realistic, causing his eyes to widen in delight as he reached for the ears again.

    While Boros might allow him to touch now, there was a difference between touching a living being and an inanimate doll. He could touch however he pleased without worrying about being perceived as creepy.

    Lu Qingyuan, still confused, had followed along and watched Boros leave just as perplexed. He hadn't sensed anything and began to doubt his own abilities, feeling disheartened and sinking into a meow-like state.

    As Wen Ying continued to indulge in his tactile exploration, he suddenly sensed the presence of a magical beast. This time, Lu Qingyuan also caught on. The creature seemed to be coming from the direction of the roller coaster, though it was quite a distance away.

    The commotion was immense, with the beast making no effort to conceal its aura. Behind it, a group of people were also exposing their magic, filling the air with their power and noisy chatter. To Wen Ying, it was like a glaring lightbulb in the night, impossible to ignore.

    Lu Qingyuan commented, "It seems like a group of people are chasing a magical beast towards us."

    Wen Xinxin spoke excitedly, "Does that mean we have an advantage? We can strike first and defeat the magical beast before it even reaches us!"

    Wen Ying looked at Wen Xinxin. True to her upbringing in Taekwondo since childhood, her words exuded confidence and determination.


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