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    Chapter 221: Falling Stones

    Wen Ying looked outside with great interest, "It's so lively out there. They seem to be discussing my strength."

    Wu Shaluo crawled out of the human-shaped pit on the ground, his hair disheveled, blood dripping from his forehead, his expression resembling that of a devil from hell. His body was riddled with cuts from sharp weapons, still bleeding profusely.

    The magical beast no longer held its original divine and sinister appearance. Cracks appeared on its mineral-like skin, and three of its six arms had been cut down to just one by Wu Shaluo, leaving it blind in one eye.

    "I...hate...the human world," Wu Shaluo gritted his teeth. In the Demon Realm, he would have reduced this magical beast to ashes long ago. It was impossible for him to be in such a desperate situation now.

    There was even someone watching the spectacle and making sarcastic remarks nearby.

    That masked person better not show their face again, or he would definitely kill them! Cutting them into pieces wouldn't be enough to vent his anger!

    Wen Ying flew in front of Wu Shaluo, extending his tail forward. Ice crystals rushed out of his magic card, colliding with a wave of red light blades. The resulting explosion of smoke instantly obscured everything around them.

    Wen Ying wrapped his tail around Wu Shaluo's waist and swung him towards a nearby location. Just as he finished swinging, a red laser pierced through the smoke, charging directly at Wen Ying. Anticipating this, Wen Ying dodged aside, and dozens of silver-white vines shot out from his shadow, targeting the source of the aura.

    When the smoke completely dissipated, everyone saw the magical beast's arms bound by several unfamiliar silver-white vines, while the red cone's intended attack was redirected skyward.

    A red laser shot from the beast's compound eyes, attempting to sever the vine. However, instead of being cut immediately, the vine held on for a good five or six seconds before finally snapping.

    "What a tough vine!"

    There were many more such vines on the beast, at least five on each hand. As it slowly severed them, Wen Ying approached, hoping to replicate his method against the horned beast. When he slashed at the beast's neck with his blade, the force reverberated through his palm as if he had struck stone.

    The beast locked its gaze upon Wen Ying, firing projectiles from its eyes. He dodged, and several vines wrapped around its head, forcing it to stare in one direction.

    Two magic cards emerged from his ring, flying to his side and transforming into white light that merged into his hands. A massive phantom claw appeared on Wen Ying's palm.

    With a fierce swipe, the claw ripped open the beast's stone-like hide, black, viscous fluid seeping out. The beast let out a shrill, reverberating roar.

    Reacting swiftly, Wen Ying pierced the beast's wound with his tail. The Flaming Burst spell within his ring erupted from inside.

    The beast let out an ear-piercing screech, so loud that everyone momentarily lost their hearing. It took a few seconds for sound to return, leaving them with buzzing heads, dizziness, and persistent ringing in their ears.

    Outside the transparent barrier, people covered their ears, some losing their balance and falling to the ground.

    "My god..."

    "I must be going deaf."

    "Wen Jing's hearing is still fine, right? Mine, on the other hand, is terrible."

    Wen Ying was in a terrible state. He had been caught off guard by Wu Shaluo's attack. From what he observed, this magical beast had only two modes of magic attacks: emitting red blades from its hands or shooting lasers from its eyes. Its physical attacks consisted of powerful slams with its fists, which had buried Wu Shaluo into the ground multiple times.

    After slamming, it would follow up with a piercing strike that needed to be dodged instantly.

    Wen Ying never expected an auditory attack. The sound nearly took him out.

    His head buzzed, and a wave of nausea rose from his stomach to his throat, almost making him vomit. Unconsciously, his grip on his weapon loosened, causing the surrounding vines to snap one after another.

    "Goodness..." Wen Ying flew away from the beast, covering his ears, and cast a healing spell on himself.

    That sound was truly torturous to a demon's ears.

    He glanced at Wu Shaluo, who had already fainted.

    Wen Ying raised his hand, using his magic to extend several branches from the fallen trees around them, wrapping Wu Shaluo within the dense foliage.

    Switching his gaze to the magical beast, it was now engulfed in black flames. Its skin, dried and charred, was peeling off in chunks like stones falling from a cliff. Eventually, its body split apart as if made of building blocks, crumbling into fragments.

    Black, viscous liquid flowed across the ground.

    The devouring flames still flickered, but Wen Ying waved his hand, extinguishing them. The burnt remains of the magical beast, if they could even be called that, were more like oddly shaped stones when viewed individually.

    Wen Ying approached cautiously, for these remnants seemed as though they might come back to life. He couldn't afford to be careless.

    As he moved closer, the transparent barrier vanished, and Wu Zunlin, along with three other academy teachers, arrived on the scene. They, too, approached with caution.

    The sight was nauseating, and Wen Ying's eyes reflected his disdain. If not for an unusual fragrance emanating from the remains that caught his attention, he would have left immediately.

    Humans couldn't detect this scent, for it originated from the aura of negative emotions.

    Within these stone fragments, a great deal of negative energy was concealed. Using magic, Wen Ying conjured a simple green branch, using it to prod and turn the debris.

    With the branch, Wen Ying searched through the stones, but found nothing that appeared particularly remarkable.

    This creature, it probably couldn't be called a magical beast anymore. At this point, it didn't even seem alive, lacking normal flesh and blood, with its blood an eerie black color.

    "Wen Ying asked Pelos, who had already walked over, "Do you know what kind of magical beast this is?"

    Pelos was certain: "There's no such creature in the Realm of Devils."

    Wen Ying looked at the academy teachers, subtly observing their reactions to this thing.

    "Do you have any idea what this is?" Wen Ying asked them.

    Wu Zunlin's brows were deeply furrowed, his expression grave.

    One of the female teachers spoke with a heavy tone, "Teacher Wu, could this thing possibly be...?"

    "The two of you know it?" The others were perplexed.

    Wu Zunlin shook his head. "It's too early to tell."

    "Can you enlighten me on what you're discussing?" Muershi approached with a cheerful smile.

    "A monster born from a fallen stone?" A hollow feminine voice echoed, drawing everyone's attention to its source.

    It was Di Ji who spoke. She approached the creature on the ground and looked at Wu Zunlin. "A Fallen Stone monster, right?"

    "Winged... Fallen Stone?" Wen Ying felt that the term sounded familiar, as if he had come across it before.

    Beros inquired, "A divine stone that has fallen and transformed?"

    Wen Ying suddenly recalled. However, this creature was too far removed from what he imagined a divine stone would be. No wonder there was an eerie sense of holiness about it – it must have originated from a divine stone.

    Absorbing excessive negative emotions from humans, it had degenerated into a monster, thus known as a Fallen Stone.

    The students' voices swirled with chatter.

    "How could there be a Fallen Stone just days after they were released?"

    "The magic in the Human Realm is growing denser every day. Yet, it still can't satisfy the energy requirements of the divine stones?"

    "There aren't many divine stones to begin with. With some turning into Fallen Stones, our chances of accessing their resources have significantly decreased."

    "But why is the Rockfall Monster here? It even resembles a demonic bee-type monster from the Realm of Devils," Wu Zunlin mused, his head aching. What had started as a routine outdoor exercise had turned into a serious problem.

    He stepped away to make a call, needing to verify the origin of this divine stone and the status of all such stones across the nation.

    Seeing Wu Zunlin leave, Lu Qingyuan pushed through the crowd to stand before Wen Ying, examining him with concern. "Are you alright? You really scared me just now."

    Wen Ying opened his arms wide in reassurance. "Don't worry, I'm fine." It was Wu Shaluo who needed help.

    Muershi casually picked up a stick and began to prod at the debris, carefully moving a smaller piece aside. He leaned in for a closer look, but after a moment, he spat out repeatedly, making a face of disgust.

    "Sure enough, it's only good for looking at, not eating," Wen Ying commented.

    Muershi tossed the stick aside and stood up, sticking out his tongue in frustration. "Whatever this is, it tastes terrible. There's no vitality at all, only a decent smell."

    Realizing what he had done, he added, "You were waiting for me to test if it was poisonous, huh?"

    Wen Ying smiled and approached Wu Shaluo, who he had hidden in the branches. Using a healing magic card, he administered first aid.

    During the process of treating Wu Shaluo, Wen Ying pondered over the matter.

    Had it not been for Wu Shaluo's fortuitous intervention, I would have found myself trapped within the transparent barrier, face to face with the monstrous Gorgonite, precisely as the puppeteers had intended. In their scheme, my powers would have been greatly diminished in the mortal realm, leaving me either gravely wounded or barely clinging to life, my very essence stripped away.

    Not only did the invisible barrier bind him, but Wen Ying could sense that the surrounding space had also locked down, making it likely impossible for him to break free and return to the Demon Realm.

    The fluctuation at the second location was likely their doing as well, a ploy to distract Boreas and ensure that he would be the one to defeat the bee-like magical beast.

    The mastermind behind the scenes was indeed meticulous in their planning. Unfortunately, they were unaware of his hybrid nature, and thus underestimated his strength in the human realm.

    "Why do you always have traces of my innate magical power on you?" A voice devoid of emotion startled Wen Ying out of his reverie.

    Wen Ying's heart pounded as he turned back, forcing a smile. "Di Ji, could you please not suddenly speak behind me in the future?"

    Di Ji's voice was truly eerie, especially when she appeared unexpectedly and spoke without warning.

    It was like being in the bathroom, engrossed in your phone while sitting on the toilet, only to have a full horror movie effect voice emerge right behind you.

    Not to mention the frightening content of Di Ji's words – she had detected the remnants of the Puppet Strings spell on Wen Ying's body.

    Since the incident with the magical beasts in Mu City, his true form had been staying there, while his illusory clone was at the academy.

    When Lu Qingyuan's summoning magic power ran out, both Wen Ying's true form and his illusory clone would return to the Realm of Magic together.

    The next time he was summoned, Wen Ying would have Lu Qingyuan summon him outside the island. Then, he would repeat the exhausting process of duplicating his illusory clone and rushing back to Mu City.

    Lu Qingyuan actually had a vague feeling about this, as he could sense two presences in their contract. He pretended to be ignorant and didn't inquire why there were two Wen Yings.

    Di Ji: "Alright, why do you always have traces of my magic on you?"

    Wen Ying: "Are you mistaken?" He took out a "Puppet on a String" magic card.

    Di Ji looked at the card, then at Wen Ying. From her empty, large eyes, Wen Ying sensed disdain. Did she think he was foolish?

    Wen Ying: "..."

    Di Ji didn't say anything else and turned to leave.

    Forget it, he'd continue treating the unlucky Wu Shaluo.

    Yang Bofeng observed numerous individuals clustering around Lu Qingyuan, their former mocking attitudes replaced with amiable smiles as they inquired about the Magic Mirror Demon. Envy gripped his hand tightly.

    As long as Lu Qingyuan maintained his friendship with the Magic Mirror Demon, his future was bound to be prosperous. Naturally, such a classmate was worth befriending; after all, having more friends meant more opportunities, especially when this friend was destined for greatness.

    Lately, everyone had witnessed the close interactions between the Magic Mirror Demon and Lu Qingyuan. No other demon in the academy treated their contractor with such genuine camaraderie, unlike superficial courtesy. The Magic Mirror Demon was wealthy, his magic card accumulating considerable wealth from the human world, and he held power as the boyfriend of the Three-Headed Hellhound. Moreover, it seemed he wielded significant influence in the Demon Realm.

    He had even surpassed the likes of the Prince of the Demon Realm and other high-ranking demons to secure the top spot in overall academic performance.

    Lu Qingyuan felt overwhelmed by the sudden friendly smiles from the once-disdainful members of prominent families. He had never experienced being the center of attention before.

    Admittedly, the feeling was exhilarating. In the corner of his eye, Lu Qingyuan caught a glimpse of Wen Ying. He knew that Wen Ying harbored many secrets; respecting his silence, Lu Qingyuan tactfully refrained from asking.

    Intuitively, Lu Qingyuan believed the Magic Mirror Demon was not an evil demon, so he chose not to report him.

    Soon, a row of vehicles arrived, discharging personnel in Disaster Department uniforms along with non-combatants. Armed guards stood by, assisting them with large and small bags of equipment.

    After these arrivals, more people came in waves, continuously filling the area until it became densely packed.

    Each student was surrounded by a few individuals, being questioned about the recent events.

    Among them were some who seemed to have a dramatic streak, gesticulating wildly as they spoke and occasionally glancing at Wen Ying, who was still attending to Wu Shaluo's injuries.

    Three healers approached, with the one in the lead asking, "May we assist with any treatments needed?"

    Wu Shaluo lay listlessly on the ground. Wen Ying turned to him and asked, "Do you need it?"

    Without even moving his eyes, Wu Shaluo stared blankly at the sky, "No." Let nature take its course. He didn't want anyone's help.

    The three of them exchanged glances, each unable to resist stealing a look at the Demon Mirror Devil. Despite its victory over all the other demons, it didn't appear particularly formidable. It didn't exude an intimidating aura, leaving the trio with an itch in their hearts, as if bugs were crawling beneath their skin.

    Hearing about it was one thing, but it was truly hard to believe without seeing it for themselves.

    Wen Ying glanced sideways and asked, "Is there anything else?"

    The trio awkwardly shook their heads and hurriedly left.

    Wen Ying spoke to the introverted Wu Shaluo on the ground, "I seem rather weak, don't they look like they don't believe I'm capable?"

    Wu Shaluo replied, "Why don't you give them a live demonstration?"

    Wen Ying: "It's not worth the effort."

    Upon hearing this, Wu Shaluo felt another stab to his heart. He had indeed done something that wasn't worth the effort, damn it, he didn't want to see that masked man from last night again.

    The stones were carefully packed into special metal containers. The area where the fallen stone monster had died was cordoned off with yellow tape, guarded by armed soldiers.

    For the time being, Euphoria Park wouldn't be opening its doors anytime soon... As Wen Ying thought of this, an idea flashed through his mind, causing him to widen his eyes. He paused in the act of healing Wu Shaluo and handed him a magic card. "I have an urgent matter to attend to. Use this on yourself."

    With that, Wen Ying stood up and walked away.

    Wu Shaluo: "..."

    Wu Shaluo's face remained expressionless, but his heart was twisted with anticipation.

    Just you wait! Until he reached adulthood!

    Wu Shaluo gazed at the sunless sky, his heart ablaze with fury and a burning desire for revenge. There's a saying in the Flower Planting Country: Do not underestimate a youth in poverty, for fortune may shift in thirty years.

    Wen Ying, standing aside, excitedly pulled out his phone to compose a message.

    Beros's footsteps sounded behind him. The aftermath of the battle left the area in ruins, with debris scattered everywhere. Each step produced a crunching sound underfoot.

    "What are you doing here?" Beros asked as he walked beside Wen Ying. "Is Wu Shaluo alright?"

    "I gave him first aid. Now he can use my magic cards on his own," Wen Ying replied, waving his phone with a smile in his eyes. He was visibly thrilled. "With the Falling Rock Monster dead here, the amusement park will be closed for at least a few days. Perfect, we can come here and have fun."

    "Why do human facilities excite you so much?"

    Wen Ying rolled his eyes and looked away. "I think they're pretty fun." Before he had grown wings, he found them exhilarating.

    The Minister of Disasters soon received an email from the Demon Realm's Human World Judicatory. Upon opening it, he fell silent for a long while before replying.

    — I'm very sorry, but the amusement park will resume operations tomorrow. You can enjoy it now.

    Wen Ying clicked his tongue. "Typical." They were utterly disregardful of human life and safety, fearless of any potential danger.

    Author's Note: Don't skip the postscript. There's an additional 400+ words of story content here.

    The author has something to say:

    Wen Ying almost had a sinister plan in mind.

    When he saw Wen Ying's mood dampen, Beros asked, "Didn't go well?"

    Wen Ying wrapped his arms around Beros' waist, and Beros instinctively opened his arms to listen to Wen Ying's unhappy complaints.

    "They're actually going to resume business tomorrow."

    "There's nothing much to do anyway," Beros patted Wen Ying's back. "How about we go skiing at a resort abroad?"

    Wen Ying was taken aback, and his sighing ceased. He looked up and asked, "Beros, why would you suddenly want to go abroad?"

    "Abroad?!" someone nearby exclaimed even more enthusiastically.

    Both Beros and Wen Ying turned to look at the speaker, who chuckled awkwardly. "No, I wasn't eavesdropping. I just passed by and heard the word 'abroad,' which made me... surprised." In reality, it was a startled reaction.

    Recently, there had been an abundance of foreign spies infiltrating at the grassroots level, prompting the idea to lure these thirty demons away. Although the attempt failed, it still made everyone break into a cold sweat. This matter was practically common knowledge in the Flower Planting Nation.

    The general public's enthusiasm was high, with many volunteering to monitor their surroundings and report spies – a walking reward of half a million! Reporting one could shave off years of hard work.

    This incident had seemingly passed, so why would the demons themselves suddenly express a desire to go abroad? The man was so nervous that his fingers fumbled on the keyboard as he conversed with the demons while hurriedly sending a message to his superior.

    In his anxiety, he sent it to the wrong group, the Disaster Prevention Department's Weijiao City branch. Within seconds, the group exploded with messages, reaching the 99+ notification threshold in less than half a minute.


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