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    Chapter 234: Movie

    Beros's hand lingered at Wen Ying's waist, causing the latter to open his eyes.

    "What are you doing, Beros?" Wen Ying's tone was casual, but the end of his sentence rose slightly, imbued with a hint of emphasis.

    The way Wen Ying called out his name was different from how other demons did, and Beros lowered his gaze. His hand remained on Wen Ying's back, though it didn't continue its descent.

    Wen Ying removed his coat and sprawled on the beach chair, wearing only a tight black sweater that outlined his figure perfectly. The slender and toned lines of his waist were even more visually appealing under the black fabric.

    "Massaging you," Beros replied.

    Wen Ying chuckled softly and said with a meaningful undertone, "I thought you had something else in mind."

    In demon years, eighteen equaled ninety for humans. Otherwise, how could Essence have roamed around, showing off like a peacock?

    Suddenly, Wen Ying felt the pressure on his waist increase.

    The warm sun shone down upon him gently, and with a beloved demon behind him, the atmosphere was truly pleasant and relaxing.

    "Wen Ying, speaking of Perseus, when is your birthday?"

    Perseus replied, "Sometime in the second half of the year."

    Wen Ying grumbled, "That's quite a while from now."

    The phone on the table rang, and Wen Ying picked it up to check the caller ID. He casually mentioned to Perseus, "It's Essence calling." As he answered the call, he said, "Essence, have you gathered any intel from those people?"

    With a lighthearted tone that reflected his relaxed mood, Wen Ying asked, "Essence, did you manage to get any information from them?"

    In the past couple of days, only Essence had been operating alone. After they warned everyone not to be alone, the succubus continued to behave like a naive, love-struck fool, staying with the students from the Aserfa Academy.

    Essence was practically offering herself up, Wen Ying thought to himself, as if returning to her most primitive instincts. It was unclear whether the succubus's lovey-dovey behavior was genuine or just an act.

    On the other end of the line, Essence's voice was equally light and playful, with a hint of musicality, as if there were notes dancing within it. "Are you underestimating me?"

    This was... a rather vivid image, one that was not suitable for children, and Wen Ying fell silent.

    Essence chuckled softly. "Those little darlings are rather conceited. Although they didn't come out and say it directly, I just had to nudge them a bit, and they couldn't resist spilling a tiny bit of vague information."

    Wen Ying chose to overlook Essence's term of endearment and asked, "What's the plan?"

    Essence pondered for a moment before replying, "They're very confident that their plan will succeed because they possess something powerful."

    Recalling Koroy's episode of coughing up blood, Wen Ying pressed on, "Any leads on what that thing might be?"

    "Unfortunately, they're keeping mum about it," Essence sighed. "I'm a bit discouraged. I thought I was quite charming, and they seemed pleased with me."

    Wen Ying couldn't help but comment, "Perhaps your charm is why they didn't choose you as their target."

    A low, magnetic chuckle echoed from the other end of the call.

    After a moment of laughter, Essence regained some seriousness, his tone no longer as casual as before.

    "Wen Ying, those people are resolute in their conviction. Whatever they have in their possession makes them believe their plan will definitely work, so much so that they couldn't resist giving me a small hint," Essence shared. "They said they might not be weaker than us. Do you have any ideas about this mysterious item?"

    The information Essence provided overlapped with what Koroy had shared, so Wen Ying responded, "I have a hunch, but it's uncertain. Keep playing along. Their target should be Lan Jiaying."

    Putting down his phone, Wen Ying heard a knock on the door just in time. He looked at Pluto and gestured for him to answer it.

    Boros approached the door and upon opening it, he saw Hai Lige, prompting him to attempt to close it immediately. However, Hai Lige smiled, saying, "The sunset is almost upon us. Would you like to watch it together on the deck?"

    "I don't want to," Boros replied.

    Hai Lige's smile remained unwavering as he slightly tilted his body, his gaze passing over Boros to rest on Wen Ying, who was lying on a beach chair. "What about Wen Jing?"

    Wen Ying sat up. "I'll go."

    Boros's gaze was as sharp as a dagger, piercing through Wen Ying. The latter got off the beach chair and walked towards the door, discreetly pinching the back of Boros's waist as he passed by.

    "The view from the deck is supposed to be magnificent, Boros. If you're not fond of crowded places, you can stay in your room."

    Hai Lige addressed Boros, expressing his regret.

    With a subtle glance, Wen Ying signaled to Boros not to suggest joining them. Boros, feeling discontent, watched as Wen Ying and Hai Lige headed for the deck together.

    It seemed his assumption was correct – Hai Lige indeed intended to spend time alone with him. As they walked, Wen Ying discreetly assessed Hai Lige's attire and accessories, noticing that Hai Lige was doing the same with him.

    Hai Lige was caught in the act but didn't seem embarrassed at all; he merely rubbed his nose sheepishly. "Sorry, your hair color is really lovely, I couldn't help but stare for a bit longer."

    Wen Ying replied, "Demons have different aesthetics from humans. No one in the demon world has ever praised my hair."

    Hai Lige looked embarrassed and spoke softly, "Can I keep some of your hair?"

    "I'm afraid Belphegor would be furious if I gave you my hair," Wen Ying shrugged.

    Hai Lige's expression turned regretful. "I apologize for being too forward, but what I said is true. You complement our church, both of you possess a divine aura. If you were to visit our church headquarters, I believe the high-ranking officials there would treat you exceptionally well."

    Wen Ying chuckled and teased, "Do you say this to every demon?"

    "How could I?" Hai Lige raised his tone for emphasis, his voice taking on a melodic cadence. "Only you are suitable for the church."

    A shadow flickered across Wen Ying's eyes. "Is that so?"

    Wen Ying felt a bit anxious. His mixed demon-human heritage shouldn't have been discovered by the church, right? Wu Fei was also a hybrid, yet no one from Acefa Academy had tried to sweet-talk Wu Fei into joining them.

    What did it mean to say that only he was suitable for the church? Wen Ying found the statement a bit absurd, yet upon closer reflection, it made his toes curl. Did Hai Lige truly not understand the concept of embarrassment? He was indeed a super awkward person.

    "When the country where the Church's headquarters is located starts seriously hunting down the extremist faction, the Demon King should allow us to leave," Hai Lige said with a serious expression.

    "It'll happen soon," the blond exorcist replied, bathed in the glow of the setting sun, radiating a sacred and solemn aura.

    This villain was truly like a hero, Wen Ying thought to himself. Hai Lige perfectly embodied the image people had of a golden-haired holy son, with an upright and divine demeanor, bright and radiant.

    Wen Ying smiled but didn't say anything.

    The human and demon stood at the ship's railing, watching the sun gradually sink below the horizon until the last trace of light vanished.

    The lights on the cruise ship flickered on, and people strolled around in pairs or small groups under the atmospheric illumination, unlike yesterday. Today, the puppet master hadn't laced the food with Bliss Fruits, so the level of vitality emanating from the guests was quite normal, and the scents were unremarkable.

    "Wen Ying!"

    Wen Ying suddenly heard Lu Qingyuan's voice and turned to see him approaching with a few others.

    "Did you also invite exorcists from our academy?" Wen Ying asked Hai Lige, glancing sideways at him.

    Hai Lige: "We'd love to have more Exorcists from the Flowering Country join us, but unfortunately, this cruise ship has limited capacity. Hence, we've only invited a portion of them for the movie premiere."

    "All the students who have made contracts with us should be here. We've also invited the headmaster of the Flowering Country Exorcist Academy, as well as the Minister of Calamity Response, and others."

    "There are quite a number of people."

    Wen Ying now strongly agreed with Essence's observation. The people from Asaph Academy were firmly convinced that their plan would succeed.

    They had even invited powerful Exorcists... Wen Ying truly couldn't fathom what Hai Lige was up to. His true form hovered discreetly near the cruise ship.

    Perseus noticed that Wen Ying had been gone for a while and returned with several individuals in tow. His blood-red eyes were cold.

    Under the light, Perseus's expressionless face was half-shrouded in shadows, giving him an especially terrifying appearance like a boss about to make a move. Lu Qingyuan's foot hesitated in mid-air for a long time before he dared to step forward.

    "We went to eat," Wen Ying said. "I didn't call you because you were cultivating." It was a lie; Wen Ying knew that the demons were still experiencing anorexia.

    Perseus: "Where's that guy?"

    "He went to the cinema hall first, according to Hai Lige," Wen Ying replied. "Come on, let's head over too. The movie starts at seven."

    Boros's gaze swept over Lu Qingyuan and Wen Xinxin. "Why are they here?"

    "Hailige said he invited them to the premiere as well."

    Wen Xinxin whispered, "The Dean and the others are here too."

    Upon hearing this, Boros looked at Wen Ying. The Acesfa Academy had invited those exorcists with exceptional abilities, making it seem like tonight would be peaceful.

    Wen Ying shook his head slightly and continued watching.

    The group headed to the cinema hall, encountering many acquaintances along the way. Inside, the lights were bright, and Yan Liwen and the others exchanged polite greetings.

    The cinema hall was spacious, mostly filled with demons and exorcists. Ordinary people were limited to the invited journalists who were there to cover the premiere; they were easily recognizable with their cameras in hand.

    Lan Jiaying walked over to Wen Ying and sat down beside him.

    Lu Qingyuan: "?" Since Boros had taken one seat, he had no choice but to sit next to Wen Xinxin.

    Wu Shaluo sat beside Lan Jiaying, followed by Yang Bofeng, who took a seat next to Wu Shaluo.

    "Impressive," Lan Jiaying remarked.

    Wen Ying tilted his head slightly. "Indeed, quite unexpected."

    As he spoke, Wen Ying took out his phone and typed a few lines for Lan Jiaying to read.

    "Essence mentioned that those people are overly confident bordering on arrogance, so tonight might still be their chosen time to make a move."

    Lan Jiaying's expression remained calm and composed. "We'll see what they can do." His confidence was not blind; it stemmed from an absolute disparity in power.

    The lights in the cinema dimmed, and everyone fell silent with great manners as the movie began on the big screen.

    Compared to the demon-themed film funded by the local church branch in Huaxia, this one backed by the church headquarters clearly aimed to appeal more to the demonic audience. The special effects were top-notch, without any melodramatic or derogatory portrayal of demons.


    In the darkness, Wen Ying subtly glanced at Lan Jiaying sitting beside him. There was something subtle about the main characters and storyline of this movie. Not only Wen Ying, but a few others who knew the inside story also cast veiled glances at Lan Jiaying.

    The male lead in the film had black hair and black eyes, a high-ranking demon, while the female lead was a golden-haired, lower-ranking snake demon. The movie ended happily, with the couple overcoming numerous obstacles to get married and eventually having twins after their nuptials.

    In the darkness, Lan Jiaying's expression was blank.

    Wen Ying shifted sideways and whispered, "Bear with it?"

    A hint of a smile tugged at Lan Jiaying's lips. "I'm curious to see what else there is." The smile didn't reach his eyes; his dark gaze was cold.

    He would obediently follow the Devil King's orders and disguise himself until the plan reached the stage where they could take action...

    As the movie ended, the audience applauded in unison.

    Minister Yan Liwen of the Disaster Department couldn't help but want to give a hard slap to everyone in the country who had produced that movie that slandered the Demon Realm. He caught sight of the reporters quickly recording the event on their phones and already imagined what tomorrow's news headlines would be.


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