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    Chapter 241: Details

    Though the analysis of his words didn't differ much from the original idea the Devil King had initially proposed, it still meant that a portion of the lower-ranking demons in the Devil Realm would come to the Human Realm.

    Moreover, the Devil King's suggestion implied that he wanted direct control, unlike before when the demons transported their goods to the Human Realm and left them to be sold by government-appointed companies.

    No one could decipher the Devil King's true emotions from his words, and Yan Liwen imagined that the Calamity Department would probably need at least ten meetings to discuss and analyze these few sentences alone.

    The Devil King gave them some time to ponder before continuing, "I'll have the resident Court of Judgment notify you ahead of their arrival in the Human Realm, and they will also transport the goods along with them."

    This last statement was the best news they'd heard so far, a glimmer of light in the darkness.

    Pausing for a moment, the Devil King suddenly said, "The acting Chief Justice of the Court of Judgment is right there. You can discuss directly with him."

    Right there? Where? Here, where they were standing now, or the Human Realm? Everyone exchanged looks and scanned their surroundings but found no new demon besides the demon students.

    Wen Ying's eyelids twitched wildly the moment the Devil King spoke. He had been pleased to hear the conversation, but his smile vanished when the Devil King directed the topic towards him.

    The Devil King spoke in a strangely matter-of-fact tone, "Didn't I tell you? The Demon Mirror is the acting Chief Justice."

    Everyone: "??!"

    You definitely didn't say that!

    Stunned, they all turned to the silver-haired demon. Perhaps influenced by the Overlord's words, the demonic mirror suddenly seemed more sophisticated and composed, his face devoid of any smiles, yet calm and collected.

    Indeed, Wen Ying wore a neutral expression. He felt that the Overlord was planning to increase his workload without raising his salary.

    He had never been an elite workaholic, nor did he enjoy wielding power. After becoming a demon, he cared even less about it. In the demon world, power equaled strength, and strength directly correlated with authority in the Realm of Devils.

    The Overlord chuckled. "I'll leave the follow-up of today's incident entirely to him and Lan Jiaying, including the management of the Devil Realm Department Store. If you have any questions, address them directly to them. It'll streamline the process."

    His tone turned grim as his laughter faded. "I hope you can handle your internal affairs properly. Otherwise, don't blame us for stepping in to clean up."

    Yan Liwen responded, "We will definitely deal with this seriously. At least within our country, we will expose and punish every traitor one by one. As for those abroad, we will strive to track them down. We won't allow any non-Blossom Country exorcists to enter our territory in the near future."

    As Yan Liwen made his promise, he subtly emphasized that the mastermind behind today's incident was a foreigner, implying that the people of Blossom Country were innocent.

    The Overlord hung up, and Wu Fei put away her phone, moving closer to Levimo. Levimo, in turn, subtly shifted away from her.

    Wu Fei's lips twitched. At first, he thought that Levimo might have had an issue with him or looked down on him, but later, he realized that it was not the case at all. Levimo simply had severe OCD and a touch of social anxiety.

    This made him so anxious that he couldn't sleep at night.

    The Disaster Response Team took Lena off the ship. With such a huge commotion today, the Logistics Department was understaffed, so they had to mobilize personnel from other departments to deal with the wreckage of the cruise ship and search the sea for any casualties that might have been missed.

    Some also brought people to the hospital, while most were assigned to reassure the surrounding crowd.

    The Network Department staff were working hard to formulate a plan to shift public opinion. Their department head arrived on the scene and bravely brushed past the demons to approach Wen Ying, asking, "May I ask when the Magic Mirror recording will be delivered?"

    Wen Ying took out his phone to check the time. "It should be soon, within ten minutes. Beros just messaged me saying they're heading this way."

    The Network Department head's face lit up with joy. "That's wonderful." The sooner the truth was clarified on the internet, the better. If it was too late, people would only remember the initial explosive descriptions.

    A few minutes later, Beros and the others returned. Wen Ying greeted them with a smile. As he approached Beros, he heard Muershi coughing strangely beside him. "Cough, cough, cough, cough!"

    Wen Ying chuckled. "Are you going to cough your lungs out?"

    Muershi pouted. "It was my suggestion to go to Heavenly Battle Mountain."

    Koroy stated bluntly, "I predicted that Heavenly Battle Mountain would be the location."

    Wei Er nodded.

    Wen Ying hid his laughter behind his hand. He glanced at Kirishino, who had a distinct scent of blood on him.

    "I'll give you a bonus ten times the usual this time."

    Kirishino sighed. "I never thought that a simple tailing mission would nearly get me killed. I thought the biggest danger was getting beaten up by Lan Jiaying."

    Lan Jiaying, supported by Wu Shaluo, approached them. "So it was you who was the demon. I thought it was one of their people."

    Wen Ying turned to her. "Are you sure you don't need any rest?"

    Lan Jiaying was resolute. "No, I don't."

    Wen Ying rolled his eyes. "The Devil King just entrusted us with handling the aftermath of this incident and managing the department store. Since I'm working for the Judgment Bureau now, I won't have enough time for the department store. How about you take more responsibility for its management?"

    "What department store?" Muershi asked, puzzled. "Did I miss something?"

    Muershi carelessly seized the nearby tiger jasper and inquired, "Tell me about it."

    Hupo briefly recounted what had just transpired.

    Lan Jiaying glanced at Wen Ying, whose smile was innocently sincere, and scoffed, "Do you really think I'm stupid?"

    Wen Ying responded subconsciously, "Isn't that the case?"

    Lan Jiaying raised his fist, coughed, then casually pretended nothing had happened and lowered it.

    Wen Ying almost laughed out loud, the corners of his lips and eyes strained with the effort to contain it.

    The head of the Network Department approached again. Noticing him, Wen Ying turned to Kirishino and asked, "Where's the Video Mirror?"

    Boros took it out, "I have it."

    Wen Ying took the small video crystal and played the recording.

    Although this Video Mirror was a product of magic, its playback had a touch of high technology, similar to a holographic projection.

    The surrounding demons turned to look. The head of the Network Department courageously pushed his way through the crowd and took out his phone to record.

    The video clearly showed Yang Bofeng walking up to the victim. After a while, when Yang Bofeng left, the person collapsed on the ground. Lan Jiaying had been standing at the back the entire time.

    Wu Fei scratched his cheek. "Why didn't you say it was Yang Bofeng who killed him just now?"

    Lan Jiaying fell silent, his face burning with embarrassment. When he entered, his attention was immediately drawn to the movie playing on the screen. It took him a few seconds to suppress the urge to destroy the screen.

    Perhaps that was why he had missed the moment when the person fell.

    The cinema room was pitch black, making it impossible to tell how many people were there from behind. Furthermore, the humans, after consuming the Blissful Fruit, released an immense aura that interfered with his ability to locate Yang Bofeng solely by sensing his presence.

    Unable to provide an answer, Lan Jiaying remained silent.

    Wu Fei was about to press for more when Lilith tugged him back.

    "As the second prince of the Demon Realm, you need to accumulate some wealth in the human world," Lilith said. "Come with me. There's still much you need to learn."

    Wu Fei's face fell instantly.

    The video crystal from the cinema room suddenly went dark, precisely at the moment when Kirishino was unexpectedly teleported to Heavenly Battle Mountain after pushing the door open.

    Wen Ying asked the head of the Network Department, "Did you record the completed video?"

    The department head nodded and smiled while looking at the video on his phone, "This is the most powerful evidence."

    Saying that, he immediately left to attend to other matters. The physical battlefield might have ended, but there was still plenty of work to be done in the digital realm.

    Yan Liwen and Li Jie, both holding significant positions within the department, approached them. They had just issued temporary instructions to various departments and assigned tasks accordingly.

    At this moment, the demons didn't seem to hold a high opinion of humans. Despite knowing they were in the wrong, they didn't put on any airs.

    Yan Liwen shared their agreed-upon decision regarding Lena. She would indeed spend her life in prison without the possibility of parole, which dampened Lan Jiaying's spirits.

    Deputy Minister Lou Wangmiao, stroking his immortal-like beard, humbly sought Wen Ying's advice, "Having lived for so many years, I don't understand why the surveillance footage Hai Lige presented couldn't be identified as fake through technological means. Do any of you know the reason?"

    The head of the Network Department had mentioned this issue to him earlier. Feeling it wasn't appropriate to continue pursuing the matter, he seized the opportunity to ask Lou Wangmiao for help.

    Li Jie explained, "The problem likely lies with the surveillance camera itself. Under the urgency of the situation just now, we forgot that cameras can also be enchanted. That particular camera might have been modified, thus capturing a fake video that technology cannot detect as being synthesized."

    Ice Dagger: "Just now, Weiyun and I searched the cruise ship ruins several times, but we didn't find any special cameras. It seems they might have destroyed the surveillance cameras and disposed of them in the sea right away."

    "To think they could do that..."

    "Luckily you had a backup plan," said a man who appeared no more than forty, his brows carrying an air of arrogance and his demeanor extraordinary.

    Upon seeing Wen Ying and the other demons looking at him, the man lifted the corners of his lips and extended his hand naturally with confidence, "I am Mu Suichao, the vice-captain of the Church's Knights in Huajing Country."

    Wen Ying's hand, just about to reach out, withdrew at the last moment. He smiled and said, "We don't usually use handshakes as a sign of politeness." It would be terrible if there were any strange curses or marks on this person's hand.

    The smile on Mu Suichao's face froze, seemingly not expecting to be rejected.

    While Wen Ying was pondering, thinking about the Church, Mu Suichao, is this person from the Mu family?

    Mu Suichao retracted his hand, saying, "Understood, understood."

    Lou Wangmiao stepped forward subtly, standing in front of Mu Suichao. "Tonight, we'd like to delve into the details of what happened to ensure that their hired online trolls have no ground to stand on."

    One side aimed to clarify the entire incident while seeking the other's opinion on the handling of the situation. The other side, in turn, sought to leverage this incident to improve humans' perception of them. Their goals aligned perfectly.

    Lou Wangmiao and the others were curious as to how the Berossus group knew about the Extremists on Heavenly Battle Mountain.

    The Berossus team had returned with two knocked-out Extremist demons and Yang Bofeng, all of whom had been physically incapacitated by Berossus and were still unconscious.

    Koroy held her palm upward, and a translucent crystal ball hovered in the center of her hand. "Divination."

    Fairy enchantresses' divinations typically yielded vague results, but Muershi's keywords were clear. He had instructed Koroy to divine Yang Bofeng's location directly, and the outcome pointed straight to Heavenly Battle Mountain.

    In the screening room, they had witnessed Yang Bofeng leaving, followed by Lan Jiaying.

    Since Yang Bofeng was nowhere to be seen at the scene, Muershi had assumed he was crucial. They intended to capture him first, never expecting to stumble upon the evidence carrier and catch a significant player in the process.


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