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    Chapter 242 - Fate

    The exorcists looked at each other, their expressions grim as they gazed at the unconscious Yang Bofeng. Hai Lige and the others were from Asaph Academy, but Yang Bofeng was from their country and still a student of the academy.

    Wu Shaluo's face was dark. The person he had chosen to contract with had slapped him hard in the face. This didn't reflect well on his judgment, and everyone would remember this. In the future, demons would surely laugh at him when discussing the matter.

    Mu Suichao frowned and said, "We will definitely deal with him seriously. As for those two demons over there, we will also interrogate them..."

    Beros interrupted, "We'll handle those two extremists ourselves."

    Muershi spoke with a meaningful tone, "There are still quite a number of your fellow conspirators within your ranks that haven't been exposed. We can't entrust such a situation to you for interrogation."

    Wen Ying said with a teasing tone, "If you were to handle it, there's a high chance that they'd suddenly die the moment we leave, right?"

    Everyone felt a burning sensation on their faces and wished they could find a hole to crawl into.

    Dean Chang Mufeng said, "Rest assured, I'll turn the entire school upside down when we get back. There won't be any more traitors like Yang Bofeng."

    Wen Ying remained silent. The Church was almost becoming an extremist branch, so Chang Mufeng's promise wasn't particularly convincing.

    Scarlet held an extremist in each hand and addressed the surrounding demons, "There's nothing to do here. I'll deal with them first."

    Wen Ying turned his head and said, "Don't go looking around randomly. Just head straight for the Judgement Bureau in Nandu City. They have rooms there."


    Lilith carried Wu Fei along. "We'll come too."

    Wu Fei hesitated. "Won't it be too gory?"

    Lilith turned her head. "That's exactly what we want."

    Wu Fei exclaimed, "!" He really didn't want to mature, nor did he have any interest in the position of the Demon King. Wu Fei was on the verge of tears.

    Levimo commented, "You'll get used to it with more practice."

    He hadn't expected Wu Fei to think of live-streaming to the Demon King. Indeed, Wu Fei had potential, and it had shown during this crisis.

    Many demons wanted to join in, but in the end, only a handful remained where they were.

    Not only did they take away the two extremist demons, but Phileas also casually abducted Yang Bofeng, telling Chang Mufeng that he would return them later.

    Wen Ying pitied the two extremist demons and Yang Bofeng for a few seconds. He imagined how it must feel to wake up to over twenty powerful demons staring at them, sending shivers down their spines.

    Curious to witness their reactions, Wen Ying sent Lilith a message, hoping she could snap photos of them when they regained consciousness.

    After sending the message, Wen Ying said, "I suppose there's nothing more we need to do here, right? I trust you all can handle everything, including public opinion, correct?"

    "We're already dealing with it. There's no way they'll twist the truth again," the speaker gritted their teeth, despising those abroad who enjoyed distorting facts. This time, they had solid evidence, ensuring such incidents wouldn't occur again. The public had eyes to see the truth.

    Lan Jiaying nodded in the direction of the academy, addressing Wen Ying. "Let's head back to the dorms and discuss the department store issue."

    Wen Ying: "..." Couldn't you see how pale you look, like a ghost?

    Muershi suppressed a chuckle.

    Upon hearing the words "department store," Yan Liwen, who was about to leave, turned back and asked cautiously, "Is this department store operating solely within our country?"

    Lan Jiaying replied, "If you handle the aftermath of tonight's incident well, our focus will be on it."

    Wen Ying inwardly added: Mental intrusion would be no different.

    Resources from the demonic realm could rapidly nurture a large number of exorcists domestically, alongside increasing the presence of intimidating figures. However, the downside was that the country would be silently infiltrated by demonic elements in every aspect.

    But it didn't seem like there were any benefits for foreign countries either. They were still plagued by extremist factions who advocated the conquest of the human world through force. These radicals were currently wreaking havoc in other nations.

    Small countries would be directly conquered by force, while major ones would first see their politicians and businessmen bought off, gradually being occupied.

    After sending Lan Jiaying away, who insisted on discussing department store operations with him right then, Wen Ying forcefully closed the door. He let out a long sigh and glanced at the clock on the wall. He wanted to call his parents. By now, the internet was likely flooded with explosive news regarding tonight's cruise ship incident.

    Boros was currently in the bathroom showering, so Wen Ying took out the phone belonging to Human Wen Ying.

    Glancing at the bathroom and confirming that the sound of running water was still audible, he created a soundproof barrier around him before dialing Wen Qinxue's number.

    Wen Qinxue and Lin Tianbao had been frantically browsing various platforms for news updates and personal opinions, extremely worried. They wanted to call Wen Ying but feared it might be inconvenient for him, so they could only keep refreshing the content, hoping to glean some information about Wen Ying's current situation from online news.

    Wen Ying had said he was going to the port city of Nandu, but he hadn't mentioned anything about such a thrilling and dangerous event taking place tonight!

    Lin Tianbao paced restlessly in the living room, his brows knitted so tightly that they could have crushed a fly.

    "How can you be sure that's really our son?" Lin Tianbao couldn't help asking. "How dare he be so bold, single-handedly storming into the enemy's headquarters and engaging in a group fight? I'll have to give him a good talking-to when he gets back."

    His heart had almost stopped when he saw Wen Ying fighting against a dozen others. The scene had left him momentarily blinded.

    Neither Lin Tianbao nor Wen Qinxue could determine from subsequent videos whether Mirror Demon had emerged victorious or defeated, or the extent of his injuries. They were so anxious that they wished they could fly to Nandu City themselves.

    Later, they caught the live broadcast, but it was too distant to discern what was happening on the cruise ship. All they knew was that the ominous beam targeting Wen Ying had vanished.

    Fortunately, official media soon released a brief summary, which alleviated some of their worries since there was no mention of any casualties among the demons.

    "Wen Ying's calling!" Wen Qinxue exclaimed excitedly, and Lin Tianbao hurried over.

    Meanwhile, abroad, Wen Dingjue was also experiencing an unusual emotional rollercoaster as he watched Wen Ying take on more than ten opponents. He was nervous, knowing all too well how vulnerable Mirror Demon could be.

    After reading the official post-event news, he scoured various apps for any firsthand accounts from people nearby. As he absorbed the information, Wen Dingjue's spirits soared.

    His great-grandson had been the MVP of the night! Wen Dingjue felt even more convinced that Wen Ying was on track to becoming a Devil King.

    Wen Dingjue gazed at his phone, contemplating for a moment before deciding to return home.

    The situation abroad was chaotic. Although he could better conceal himself, he had just experienced a harrowing night in a hotel that collapsed due to a battle between extremist factions and exorcists. A third of his fellow travelers were forever left behind in that tragedy.

    The week prior, their bus was hijacked on the highway, and the week before that, they encountered extremists causing havoc; his agile movements almost aroused suspicion from his fellow tour group members.

    It was a tale of woe.

    Wen Dingjue considered that the magical potions crafted by Wen Ying could prevent him from being detected by official authorities for his demonic heritage, while Wen Ying's own power could come in handy in a group conflict. He deemed it safe to go back now.

    Returning home, Wen Ying would daily instill in him the grand ambition of becoming a mighty Demon King.

    After soothing his parents, Wen Ying dispelled the barrier. Suddenly, he sneezed. Bellerophon emerged from the bathroom, casually toweling his hair dry while using magic to remove the water droplets. Hearing the sound, he turned his head.

    "You sneezed again?"

    Bellerophon walked over and sat beside Wen Ying. Wen Ying concealed his phone from Bellerophon's sight, subtly placing it into the ring on the tip of his tail.

    "Were they either Extreme Sect demons cursing me or the Church exorcists collaborating with them?" Wen Ying chuckled. "They really dared, sending Hailige, the next Pope candidate, here, only for him to fail in the end."

    Wen Ying leaned casually against the side, while Bellerophon had just emerged from the bathroom, the steam from his shower dispelled by magic, but the scent of his shampoo lingered, light and subtle, just right for a demon's sensitive nose without being overpowering.

    The faint aroma mixed with Bellerophon's own aura almost made Wen Ying reveal his hybrid secret. Fortunately, he caught himself just in time before speaking.

    Bellerophon's mood was soured. "This progress is too slow."

    "We're already entering the next phase. Have some patience," Wen Ying replied, leaning against Bellerophon and snuggling into a nearby pillow.

    Looking down at Wen Ying, Bellerophon said, "If only you could make those laws stop targeting demons."

    Wen Ying rolled his eyes. "Daydreaming. Even if my bloodline does contain fragments of the laws, it's impossible to achieve that."

    And even if it were possible, he wouldn't do it.

    Wen Ying heard the sound of a message on his phone. Languidly, he lay down on Bellerophon's lap, unlocked his screen, and found a message from Lilith.

    Lilith had sent several photos – pictures of the Extremists and Yang Bofeng. Focusing his finger on their faces, Wen Ying examined them with great interest.

    "Laughable," Wen Ying chuckled, eager to share the amusing images with Bellerophon, who glanced at them briefly.

    Suddenly, an unknown caller popped up on Wen Ying's phone. Startled, he answered.

    "Is this Wen Jing?"

    Wen Ying found the voice familiar and asked hesitantly, "Who are you?"

    "We've met before. I'm Guo Desheng, the head of the Disaster Countermeasures Department in Wijo City. Do you remember me?"

    The name Guo Desheng jogged Wen Ying's memory. "No need for formalities, it sounds awkward. Are you calling because the excavation of the ruins is about to begin?"

    Guo Desheng replied, "Yes, we'll start the protective excavation the day after tomorrow. The experts have confirmed that it's an underground palace built during a war several thousand years ago. There's an image of a mirror on the entrance, and behind the mirror, there's a pair of white feathered wings."

    Wen Ying's eyes widened as he abruptly jumped off Bellerophon's lap. "A mirror and white feathered wings?"

    How coincidental?

    "That's what we're thinking too. After hearing about the foreign girl's story tonight, I immediately connected it to the door of the underground palace, so I called you right away."

    Guo Desheng was equally intrigued by the strange coincidence.

    "Wen Ying..." His curiosity and anticipation suddenly dwindled. He found it arduous enough to read demonic script, let alone ancient demonic script.

    Beros: "I can."

    Wen Ying: "!!!" He turned his head in surprise to look at Beros, feeling as if the demon's entire being was radiating light.

    "You're amazing!" Wen Ying exclaimed.

    Beros spoke with a hint of pride: "It's not something difficult to learn."

    Wen Ying inwardly scoffed: For humans to learn ancient demonic script was like foreigners attempting to study oracle bone script.

    The picture from the text message arrived promptly. Wen Ying passed his phone to Beros, watching him with expectant eyes. Beros seemed to relax as he looked at the image.

    However, after studying the picture for a while, his features furrowed again, and his expression turned solemn.

    Wen Ying leaned in. "What's wrong?"

    Boros said, "That ruin holds the remains of the angel and the demon from the magic mirror back then."

    Wen Ying blurted out, "Damn it!"

    His eyes widened in surprise, filled with uncertainty. "Are you serious?"

    Hailige and his ilk wanted to take him abroad because he had fragments of the law within him. Now that a pure-blooded angel's remains had appeared, they would likely go crazy.

    "The stone tablet says only their descendants can unlock the true entrance to the underground palace."

    Wen Ying pondered, "I suppose the higher-ups around the world now know that I'm the descendant."

    At this moment, he declared that Lena was even more troublesome than the devil king.

    Boros replied, "No one will bother you."

    Wen Ying snapped out of his thoughts and leaned against Boros, chuckling. "My boyfriend is quite dependable."

    Though he wasn't good with sweet talk, he was reliable.

    Wen Ying playfully teased Berlos's earlobe, suddenly whispering, "Berlos, do you believe in fate?"

    The series of events seemed too natural and coincidental, making Wen Ying more and more alarmed the more he thought about them.

    Berlos gently stroked Wen Ying's silver hair with a casual air, saying, "I believe in destiny that is manipulated by someone. The Fairy Demon Clan often has individuals who enjoy weaving destinies. After they see the future through divination, they intervene to guide the script of fate."

    Wen Ying exclaimed emotionally, "I always feel that the Devil King is suspicious, and so is the current leader of the Fairy Demon Clan!"

    This feeling that his fate had already been predetermined sent shivers down Wen Ying's spine. Hugging Berlos, the warmth from his body could at least alleviate some of his chills.

    "Muershi's mother is also suspicious."

    Now, Wen Ying found everyone suspicious. Berlos looked at the babbling Mirror Demon and, after some thought, came up with a comforting remark—

    "Lan Jiaying is quite beatable right now."

    Wen Ying's wandering thoughts were abruptly pulled back. His lips twitched. "I can't bring myself to do it."

    He wasn't that deranged. In Berlos's eyes, and in the eyes of these demons, how terrible was he?

    Distracted by Boreas's interruption, the twisted feeling in his mind dissipated, and the fear he had just experienced no longer lingered.

    Meanwhile, across the internet, fierce battles were unfolding in various countries, captivating spectators who were enjoying the drama. Experienced netizens could distinguish between bots and real people, and many of the arguments under videos of the NanDu cruise incident turned out to be bots on both sides, which was hilarious.

    Both parties presented their videos, which were confirmed to be authentic. The Church seized this point to counterattack, accusing the Huaxia nation of coldly observing the death of their Holy Son and blaming the demons for randomly taking lives.

    Ordinary people were momentarily confused about who was right or wrong. Eventually, someone suggested that the cinema's surveillance cameras might have been enchanted, capturing an illusion created by magic.

    In the midst of the chaotic information, one thing was clear: the demon Scarlet Crow had chosen a contract partner who had connections with extremist factions and was attempting to kidnap him.

    Amidst hashtags like "Lan Jiaying is unlucky," "The Demon Prince commits murder," and "The Mirror Demon challenges Asaph Academy," "Scarlet Crow has poor judgment" gained significant attention.

    Wu Shaluo spent the night engaging in online battles with trolls, inadvertently fueling the popularity of that hashtag, causing him immense frustration that nearly made him lose his human form.

    Over at Asaph, Feimia and Vincen, upon returning to their country, immediately contacted the Church's top brass. The Church leaders were both shocked and enraged – they had failed to complete any of their missions during their trip to Huaxia!

    The Pope's face darkened as he whispered to someone beside him, who nodded respectfully before retreating.

    Hai Lige's death came as a complete surprise to him. He had clearly provided an enchanted item for long-distance teleportation.

    That Mirror Demon was truly hateful, as were those extremist demons who were all empty talk and no action. With the Video Crystals in the hands of the demons, they still allowed their enemies to escape their territory.

    Yet, this was merely a Mid-Rank Demon who had spent decades in the Human Realm. Among the numerous extremist demons in Heavenly Battle Mountain, they couldn't even eliminate him; instead, he managed to slip away from them.

    Suddenly, someone else approached, whispering a report to the Pope.

    The Pope's eyes gleamed. "This time, we'll mobilize two-thirds of our internal forces within Flower Planting Nation. We must obtain the remains of the angel!"

    He sensed that his time was running out, and he could no longer afford to wait.


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