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    Chapter 243: Lying

    Wen Ying didn't send Bai Luosi's interpretation to Guo Desheng immediately. He planned to do so the next day. However, he was woken up by Muershi's call while still in bed the following morning.

    Wen Ying opened his eyes groggily and mumbled, "You better have something important to say."

    Bai Luosi's ears twitched as he sounded displeased. "Why does he always like to call early in the morning?"

    Wen Ying patted Bai Luosi gently and listened to the voice on the other end of the phone with his eyes closed.

    Muershi asked, "Have you seen the stone tablet at the entrance of the Ruined City's underground palace?"

    Wen Ying sat up abruptly from his near-death-like state, his tone rising in surprise. "How did you know about that?"

    Hearing Wen Ying's tone, Muershi guessed that he already knew. "You're not being fair. You haven't been sharing any interesting things with me lately."

    Wen Ying scratched his messy hair. "No, tell me first where you got the information from?"

    "One of my demons reported it to me. Many factions are currently paying attention to the ruins in Tail Horn City," Muershi said cheerfully. "I reckon the other demons in our class have also obtained this news."

    Muershi's teasing laughter echoed through the phone, "Right now, you're a walking key."

    Wen Ying was in a terrible mood early in the morning. The blinding sunlight outside seemed to mock him.

    Boros gently stroked Wen Ying's shoulder, but his words didn't provide any comfort.

    "I received a message from my subordinate late at night," he said.

    Wen Ying: "..." He had an impulse to rush to Weijiao City and grab Guo Desheng by the collar to question him. What kind of sieve-like secrecy were they practicing?

    After Muershi finished laughing, he continued with a still amused tone, "Oh, by the way, we interrogated them all night, and they spilled quite a bit of useful information. Lena was lying. The church's higher-ups want you, not for the fragments of law within your body to prolong their lives."

    Wen Ying's eyes narrowed slightly. He was wide awake now, despite it being early in the morning.

    "Do you remember? Those extremist Ding on Mount Tiandou wanted to use Yang Bofeng to lure Wu Shaluo over, but their target wasn't Wu Shaluo. They intended to use him as a bargaining chip to exchange for you with the church."

    "According to their confessions, some of the church's high-ranking officials, who are close to death, want to use Wu Shaluo's blood to extend their lifespan."

    Wen Ying was somewhat puzzled. "The Extremists wouldn't have any use for fragments of the Law."

    Muershi agreed. "Yes, I think so too. That's why I believe Lena might be lying, but her lie is composed of two truths that she's combined."

    "I coincidentally share the same thought," Wen Ying said. "But what would the Church want with Law fragments? To create barriers like the one yesterday?"

    Muershi replied, "Probably. I'll go to the Disaster Prevention Department later and pull Lena out for questioning."

    "I'll come with you..." Wen Ying started, but his other phone rang. He paused, then told Muershi, "Wait a moment, the Devil King is calling me."

    He answered the call and hung up on Muershi.

    "My Lord Devil King, do you have a new assignment?" Wen Ying asked, casually casting another barrier around them to prevent eavesdropping – better safe than sorry.

    The Devil King's voice was light and cheerful. "The legion sent to the Human Realm has already departed. You and Lan Jiaying should make arrangements to receive them."

    Wen Ying responded instinctively, "Already?" The Devil King had been planning this for a while.

    The Devil King sounded extremely pleased. "Ask the manager of the Judgment Bureau headquarters to go along as well. There will be quite a number of them, and we'll need someone to handle the coordination."

    Wen Ying's eyelids twitched. "Your Excellency the Devil King, may I ask how many Low Rank Devils you've dispatched?"

    "I calculated the number of cities in Huaxia, and I've arranged for some to be stationed in each, along with mobile units. The number isn't overly extravagant, considering they're only Low Rank Devils. I haven't sent any Mid or High Rank Devils from the legion; the current barrier isn't suitable for them yet."

    The number was undoubtedly extravagant. Wen Ying hesitated before asking, "Your Excellency the Devil King, do you know about the history of my Mirror Devil lineage? The story of how our ancestor fell in love with an angel?"

    The Devil King was vague. "I suppose I do."

    "Are many devils aware of this?"

    "No," the Devil King answered promptly. "Before yesterday, there probably weren't more than five devils in the Demon Realm who knew about it."

    "Rest assured, no devil in the Demon Realm will discriminate against you," the Devil King said hastily. "Just do your job well, and your future will be secure." With that, the Devil King hung up.

    Listening to the beeping sound in his phone, Wen Ying's lips twitched. He called Muershi back to tell him that he couldn't accompany him today. Instead, he had to go to Mu City with Lan Jiaying to greet the Low Rank Devil team from the Demon Realm's legion through the rift.

    Boros watched the entire exchange. After Wen Ying hung up, he spoke immediately. "My family should have no knowledge of this matter."

    Wen Ying sighed, not because of his origins but because the Devil King's plan had now progressed to the point of a military deployment. It seemed that the final step of mental domination was not far off.

    At times, he truly felt conflicted. He would even wake up in the middle of the night, ruminating over this matter until he couldn't fall back asleep, weighed down by a sense of urgency and anxiety.

    Boros thought Wen Ying was troubled because he couldn't accompany Muershi to solve the mystery. After some consideration, he took the initiative to lower his head, pressing Wen Ying's hand against his earlobe.

    Wen Ying looked at him in confusion.

    Boros whispered, "Does this make you feel better?"

    It seemed Boros had misunderstood something, but that didn't stop Wen Ying from gleefully petting the fluffy ears that were offered to him.

    The texture was incredibly pleasant—smooth, warm, and sensitive. They twitched vigorously or trembled gently in his palm.

    "Knock, knock, knock!" A loud knocking interrupted Wen Ying's enjoyment.

    "Wen Jing, are you ready? It's time to head to Mu City," Lan Jiaying's voice boomed with energy. Apparently, he had fully recovered overnight.

    Then again, it could also be the effect of the devil king's adrenaline boost.

    Wen Ying sighed, got out of bed, and went to open the door. When he saw Lan Jiaying's relaxed and joyful smile, he almost got blinded by its radiance; the man seemed to be glowing golden all over.

    Compared to him, Wen Ying looked utterly defeated. "Did you inject yourself with adrenaline? You're so energetic early in the morning."

    "Lan Jiaying spoke sharply, "Hurry up and get ready. Today is an important day for the Demon Legion to settle in the human realm. Don't waste time."

    "Wen Ying closed the door. "Wait a moment."

    Beros was changing clothes. His broad back already had the frame and contours of an adult man. As he raised his hand, the muscles on his back flexed, like a meticulously carved humanoid statue, full of explosive strength and sexual tension.

    The tail at the end of his spine slightly lifted, evoking fantastical thoughts beyond the human realm that stirred one's emotions.

    Wen Ying walked over and wrapped his tail around Beros' non-canine-like tail.

    Beros turned his head without speaking, his red eyes turning profound.

    Wen Ying stood behind Beros to the side, his hands lightly pressing against his waist. The smooth lines of his waist beneath his touch were free of any excess flesh, making it irresistible to slide his hands further down.

    "You've changed a lot," Wen Ying said meaningfully, "Before, you would say 'get your hand off me' or 'stay away from me' at this moment."

    Upon hearing this, a hint of mockery flashed across Beros' face. "Back then, you would tremble when you saw me." Back then, his harmlessness was genuine, as was his weakness.

    Even a mere glance at Wen Ying was like beholding a rare, silver-haired demon in a mirror, an anomaly among devils.

    Lan Jiaying knocked on the door again, disrupting the atmosphere within.

    Wen Ying turned towards the door, "… Only Lan Jiaying remains unchanged." Still that pampered devil child.

    After hastily tidying up, Wen Ying went to open the door, only to discover Wu Shaluo standing outside.

    "You're coming along too?"

    "Is there an issue?" Wu Shaluo had battled critics from various countries who questioned his judgment last night, and now he bore dark circles beneath his eyes, exuding a gloomy aura. With his feathered ears, the entire demonic being gave off a dark, alternative heartthrob vibe.

    "I merely think you could use some rest."

    Lan Jiaying intervened, "Let's get going once we're packed. Today's mission is crucial."

    Wu Shaluo huffed but followed along.

    Wen Ying wasn't bothered. Whenever he saw Wu Shaluo now, his mind was filled with the witty comments he'd read online last night and the myriad of memes that had surfaced.

    Wu Shaluo had completed the task of boosting human goodwill assigned by the Demon King with excellence. The corners of Wen Ying's lips lifted, and his eyes gleamed with unbridled mirth.

    This time, their journey was an open one. Wen Ying didn't have to fly in misery; they took a plane to Mu City.

    Upon arriving in Mu City, Wen Ying first summoned his Mirror Image, sending his main body home while the Mirror Image joined Lan Jiaying and the others to greet the demonic army.

    Outside the spatial portal in Mu City, Disaster Countermeasures Department personnel and part of the military were stationed there, all on high alert after receiving notice.

    The mere mention of a demonic army conjured up images of danger and impending calamity. Although the Demon King had said that only low-ranking demons were being sent over, for the purpose of protecting young devils studying at the Exorcist Academy and also serving as employees of the Demon Realm Department Store, everyone still felt a heavy sense of foreboding.

    All the local leaders of the Mu City Disaster Countermeasures Department, big or small, had arrived. It was a grand spectacle.

    When Wen Ying's group arrived at the airport by car, they were greeted by a sea of people. Despite the crowd, it was eerily quiet, the atmosphere solemn and collectively imposing.

    As soon as the car stopped, someone immediately opened the door, followed by several others who approached with beaming smiles and warm tones.

    "Welcome to Mu City, Mr. Wen Jing. Last time, you saved our city, and all the people of Mu City hope that you'll stay here for a few days. They're willing to cover all your expenses."

    While one person spoke to Wen Ying, another addressed Lan Jiaying. Similarly, someone was speaking to both Belos and Wu Shaluo, ensuring no one was overlooked.

    A parasol was held over Wen Ying, and Beros looked at the approaching figure with narrowed eyes. The person, seeing Beros's blood-red gaze, didn't dare to proceed any further, a chill running up their spine.

    Stuttering, they said, "I-I'm here to help hold the u-umbrella, to shield you from the sun."

    "He means no harm, perhaps his proximity caused misunderstanding," a familiar voice intervened. "Welcome to Mu City. I am Xiao Le, the Minister of Disaster Response. If you have any issues during your stay, feel free to approach me."

    Wen Ying was astonished. The Cosplayer he had a crush on, Hell Orange, had actually become the Minister of Disaster Response?

    So Xiao Le hadn't just transitioned from Cosplayer to actor, but had also advanced in his career as an exorcist.

    Wen Ying spoke softly, "Lately, some have claimed that I'm a 'walking key,' so Beros is cautious about strangers getting too close."


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