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    Chapter 244 - Taking Residence

    Lan Jiaying had no interest in the polite compliments from those around him. He casually replied to a few and then walked directly to the spatial rift, calling the other side to signal that they could enter the passage.

    Ye Wang and Kirishino arrived with a group of several dozen native demons from the human realm, each holding a stack of papers. Upon seeing Wen Ying, they approached him.

    "What's this?"

    Kirishino replied, "These are some forms for arranging the demon soldiers later."

    Wen Ying took them and examined them carefully, finding the location where the soldiers from the Cerberus family were assigned.

    Wen Ying was unfamiliar with the demonic army. He had no intention of getting involved today. On the way to Buerhos, he overheard his mother on the phone and was surprised to learn that the demonic armies were not centralized under the rule of the Demon King but were instead controlled by various upper-class demon families.

    There were many branches of the demonic army, each one belonging exclusively to a particular family. The Demon King also had a personal army unique to their own family.

    The highest commander of each army was the patriarch of the respective family, and the selected demon generals all had distinct racial characteristics.

    Normally, each army was stationed within the territory of the family it belonged to and would not easily venture into the territories of other demons.

    The lower-ranking demons sent by the Devil King hailed from various families. Based on Perseus's conversation with his mother, Wen Ying speculated that their purpose was to stake out territories within the Flower Nation.

    When Perseus took the call, he didn't exclude Wen Ying from the soundproof barrier he created.

    The atmosphere was solemn. Even those in the management, who were trying to maintain a friendly and relaxed demeanor, couldn't help but appear grave and tense.

    As the first soldier from the demonic realm stepped out of the spatial rift, the gravity of the situation intensified.

    One by one, the demon soldiers emerged from the rift, exuding a bloodthirsty and domineering aura. Their various wings were strikingly prominent, evoking a sense of monstrous oppression.

    The instinctive fear of demons in people's blood caused many to uncontrollably feel terrified. Just a glance was enough to envision these demons as fierce warriors on the battlefield, sending chills down their spines.

    These were only low-ranking demons, and their collective presence was so intimidating. It was unimaginable how overwhelming their superiors would be.

    Those assessing the relationship between both realms prioritized maintaining peace above all else.

    It was Wen Ying's first encounter with demonic soldiers. They were dressed in uniform attire, with a tangible aura of bloodlust. Their visual impact was highly aggressive and striking, leaving a profound impression.

    Wen Ying watched them with a smile on his face, though it was a perfunctory one, and his mind wandered off.

    How did people from thousands of years ago manage to banish demons from the Human Realm? Wen Ying found it inconceivable, as if it were a miracle, to witness the demonic legion with his own eyes...

    Speaking of which, angels were themselves miracles crafted by the divine.

    Angels truly were magnificent.

    Scanning his surroundings, he noticed that some people had already lost control of their worried and anxious expressions, causing a slight commotion in the crowd.

    The Calamity Department had cleared the area around them earlier. The demon soldiers stood in formation, awaiting the final demon to emerge. After the last one appeared, Wen Ying looked around, spotting Lan Jiaying, and walked over to have a conversation with him.

    Lan Jiaying also held a stack of papers. After speaking with the demon, Ye Wang promptly approached and designated two demons from the Judgment Bureau to escort the leader of the last batch.

    Hundreds of demons unfurled their wings in unison, creating an awe-inspiring sight. Fueled by their bloodlust, they took to the sky, migrating like a flock of birds led by their leader towards their destination.

    The dark sky reverberated with the sound of their flapping wings.

    Members of the Calamity Department immediately followed suit.

    The arrangements for today's event had been hastily made. They had only given the public a couple of hours' notice early in the morning, leaving everyone in disarray upon hearing that the demonic legion would arrive soon.

    This was too hasty. They only mentioned it yesterday. Are all demons in the Demon Realm so efficient?

    Wen Ying lifted his gaze to watch the departing demon soldiers, whispering to Belos, "They aren't afraid of exhausting themselves mid-flight."

    Demons flapped their wings as humans walked, making little noise unless they stomped. Listening to the powerful beats, Wen Ying could feel his own wingtips beginning to ache.

    They were truly giving it their all to impress humanity.

    Just as Wen Ying finished his sigh, another batch of demon soldiers arrived.

    Each legion belonging to the upper-class demon families in the Demon Realm had dispatched low-ranking demons, seemingly one squad from each family.

    A demon soldier emerged every ten seconds, from morning till night. The spatial rift continued to spit out low-ranking demons.

    Ye Wang held up a map for Wen Ying to see. Whenever a group of demons passed, he pointed out where they were headed.

    Wen Ying dragged a chair and sat down, staring at the spatial rift that had been active since morning. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he thought to himself, This is what the Devil King considers not many? The humans around them looked rather pale.

    It wasn't until late at night that all the demon soldiers the Devil King had arranged finally arrived.

    People sighed in relief, and Wen Ying did the same.

    A group of demonic soldiers remained – they were from the Cerberus family.

    From this arrangement, Wen Ying confirmed that the Devil King must know about his half-human, half-demon status. Perhaps he even had knowledge of Wen Ying's human life.

    In the demonic army, groups were organized by hundreds. The leader of this group approached Belphegor, bowing respectfully. "Lord Belphegor, I am Algara."

    Belphegor glanced at Wen Ying. "Hear him out."

    Algara was surprised for a few seconds before he quickly bowed to Wen Ying respectfully. "At your command."

    Wen Ying said, "You can go to the designated area prepared by the humans first."

    After learning in the morning that the demonic army would be stationed in various provinces from the demons of the Judgment Department, the Disaster Response Department held an emergency meeting and issued orders to the provincial departments to find a place for these demonic soldiers to stay, preferably in sparsely populated suburban areas.

    Today, all the disaster response departments across the country were in chaos, as were the provincial governments. They were working closely with the Disaster Response Departments to handle various issues regarding the demonic soldiers. The workload of the Internet departments was enormous, and their keyboards were smoking from the intensity.

    "Demons are way too quick to act once they make a decision. It's only been one day."

    "Well, I've learned my lesson. I'll have to prepare in advance next time."

    Online opinions swirled, fueled by external forces, intensifying the buzz.

    Wen Ying declined Xiao Le and others' invitation for late-night snacks, preferring to return home and sleep. He had been woken up early that morning by Muershi and hadn't rested during the day, leaving him exhausted.

    Lan Jiaying forcefully stopped Wen Ying from sleeping and pulled him into a discussion about the operational plans for the Demon Realm Department Store. The topic involved the distribution of interests among the higher-ranking demonic races, ensuring that no family's territory was unfairly favored when sourcing goods.

    Determined to manage the store well and earn the praise of the Demon King, Lan Jiaying remained energetic throughout the night.

    Frankly, some of the management policies were beyond Wen Ying's understanding, as they pertained to both business administration and politics. However, as long as Lan Jiaying was happy, he didn't mind. Finally, at dawn, Wen Ying could go to bed, collapsing onto it and quickly drifting off.

    But not long after, he was awakened by Muershi's call. With a darkened face and a hoarse voice, Wen Ying said, "I hope you have a damn good reason this time."

    Muershi replied, "I think it's pretty important. Lena has either committed suicide or died suddenly due to some kind of curse-like magic."

    Wen Ying's senses sharpened slightly, and he frowned. "Did she say anything?"

    "She muttered something that sounded like 'Tian,' as in the sky, before she died," Muershi paused, his tone carrying a deeper meaning, "or maybe 'Angel's Tian.'"

    Wen Ying felt a throbbing sensation in his temples. "This requires too much brainpower. Let's talk about it later. I'm really tired right now."

    His alter ego soon woke up and sought Lin Tianbao to get an early scoop on the merchandise and prices at the Demon Realm Department Store.

    They were at a critical juncture. If they weren't careful, their family's position as the leading food provider could easily be toppled.

    Not just exorcists, but ordinary people had also started seeking out magical foods due to their health and longevity benefits. In particular, there was a high demand for fruits with special properties that couldn't be met by the market.

    Entrepreneurs with a keen sense of business began producing magic-infused food products, initially selling them at exorbitant prices to the wealthy. Later, they diluted the Demon Realm food to cater to the masses.

    Renowned hotels and restaurants, both domestically and internationally, were vying for access to these magical ingredients.

    At recent social gatherings, Lin Tianbao had constantly heard people boast about the resources they had secured. He yearned to brag but couldn't, causing him great frustration.

    He desperately wanted to loudly flaunt that he didn't need to pull strings; his son could directly arrange for the procurement of Demon Realm ingredients at internal prices, reducing costs significantly.

    Recalling how others would proudly talk about their children's achievements, overseas education, abundant resources, and startups, while condescendingly reminding him that health was most important, and that they didn't want their children to be overly successful since it kept them from family dinners, Lin Tianbao was itching to declare that his son was undoubtedly doing the best.

    But he couldn't. Frustrated, Lin Tianbao could only channel all his energy into expanding his business and making more money, just to make those envious.

    Wen Ying prepared a list of magical items from Lan Jiaying's final catalog for Lin Tianbao to choose from.

    After settling the significant affairs of his family business, Wen Ying's main body began pondering over what Muershi mentioned in the morning call. Lena's death must have been related to something she couldn't reveal, tied to the angels.

    He had only admired the angels yesterday, but now it seemed as if they were about to be exposed.

    He had a nagging feeling that their trip to the Ruined City of Jiao Tail wouldn't proceed smoothly.

    In the evening, Wen Ying's mirror clone woke up and sent Guo Desheng a text message informing him of his plan to visit the ruins the next day.

    He didn't include the translation of the demonic ancient script, believing that Guo Desheng had already learned about it through various channels.

    Guo Desheng didn't inquire further, simply confirming with Wen Ying the time he would arrive tomorrow.

    The plan was to enter the ruins in Jiao Tail City at nine o'clock the next day.

    On the second day, apart from Wen Ying and Beros, many other demons also joined in on the excitement. The journey was a grand spectacle, with yesterday's demon soldiers escorting them across different regions. Once they reached the borders of their assigned provinces, they were replaced by soldiers from the next province, all for the purpose of showcasing their protection of the young demons to humans.


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