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    Chapter 248: Inheritance

    Upon hearing this, Wen Ying's expression first froze, then turned to shock. "Why didn't you tell me about this from the beginning?"

    The angel pressed the back of his hand against his lips and said rather uneasily, "If I had mentioned it directly, it might have seemed like a threat. Actually, I was hoping that after listening to what I had to say, you would be willing to inherit my power."

    Wasn't the latter part a threat too? The corners of Wen Ying's mouth twitched. He could no longer look at the word "angel" without feeling a sense of irony. Originally, just seeing these two words invoked a feeling of purity and holiness.

    The name "Great Angel Church" itself conveyed a solemn and majestic atmosphere, as if it were untouchable and sacred. But now, knowing they were involved in shady dealings, it proved that one couldn't simply judge based on the impression given by words alone.

    The angel smiled awkwardly. Despite his higher status and power, he didn't put on any airs, making Wen Ying feel as if he was talking to an ordinary, handsome young man rather than someone of great authority.

    "The prophecies involving fate from the Demon Witch and Fairy usually don't go wrong and can't be altered," the angel spoke with sincerity. "Although it may seem like I'm shirking responsibility, I believe this is an inevitable development. You are the chosen successor according to the Law."

    The Law that had birthed them wasn't as indifferent as it seemed. At least, it had given them the chance to renounce their power and mission.

    Wen Ying was lost in thought, recalling the visions he had seen through Koroy's crystal ball of the vast river of history.

    He was a demon born in the Human Realm. Could it really be the arrangement of the Law? For a moment, Wen Ying felt a strange sensation. He had graduated from his adolescent delusions, but now they suddenly resurfaced.

    The angel joked, "Perhaps the Law feels that isolating the Demon and Human Realms indefinitely isn't feasible, that blocking is worse than allowing some interaction."

    Wen Ying asked, "Do other angels have descendants too?"

    He thought of Wu Fei. Such a thing couldn't only happen to him. The idea of sharing joy with others flashed across Wen Ying's mind.

    The angel shook his head. "I don't know. They all reside beyond the Human Realm. Only Wu Mixiu made preparations before leaving."

    Wen Ying felt regretful.

    The angel wasn't in a rush to urge Wen Ying to accept the transfer of the fragment of the Law's power. Having not conversed with anyone for thousands of years, he had become quite talkative from loneliness.

    With the end of thousands of years of anticipation finally in sight, the angel was in a delightful, even excited mood. He could sing at any moment. It was already remarkable that he hadn't gone mad after spending thousands of years alone in an enclosed space, passing the days through slumber.

    Wen Ying quickly got ready. He asked the relaxed angel, "What do I need to do?"

    Flying to the edge of the transparent platform, Wen Ying stepped on it. The angel walked toward him with a light, composed stride and said with a smile, "Just relax. Don't resist the power I'm transferring to you."

    Wen Ying nodded. The angel flew beneath the translucent, resplendent tree and gestured for Wen Ying to follow.

    "The power of the Law Fragment will first be soothed within this tree before I infuse it into your soul," the angel explained. "Don't underestimate it; I had to corrupt quite a number of divine stones to create it."

    Intrigued, Wen Ying asked, "How many divine stones did you corrupt?"

    The angel pondered for a moment. "Around a hundred, I'd say."

    Wen Ying gasped softly.

    "Shall we begin?" the angel suggested.

    The angel transmitted the Law Fragment into the transparent tree. The artificial tree was very translucent, and the glowing Law Fragment was clearly visible as it entered. Gradually, the fragments illuminated the entire transparent tree.

    Watching the tree fill up, Wen Ying felt a bit uncertain. Standing beside the angel, he inquired, "Will receiving the Law Fragment hurt?"

    The angel chuckled. "Demons aren't supposed to be afraid of pain, right?"

    Wen Ying replied, "Until mid-last year, I thought I was just an ordinary human. My mindset is still quite human."

    "I see…" The angel paused for a moment. "It shouldn't hurt too much, perhaps just a little pressure?"

    Wen Ying felt even more anxious. Nurses at the hospital also claimed that injections didn't hurt; there was no turning back now. He steeled himself and stood his ground, allowing the angel to guide the fragments of the law's power within the translucent tree into his soul.

    At first, he sensed a prickling electric sensation, which gradually turned into a numbing ache, a sour and painful feeling that made him want to run away immediately. The influx of power was not gentle; it was like the twisting tip of a needle, causing a bloating, sore pain.

    The angel coaxed in a tone used to placate a child, "It'll be over soon, soon."

    Wen Ying's entire body tensed up, and his shirt on his back was soaked with cold sweat. He clutched the translucent tree tightly, his demonic nails piercing directly into its body.

    "Maybe in your next life, you'll become a doctor or a nurse..." Wen Ying forced out the words from the depths of his throat. Saying them only made him feel worse.

    The law fragments entered his soul directly, creating an unbearable pressure as if his soul was about to burst. It was a discomfort similar to being overstuffed after a meal.

    The angel chuckled awkwardly, "It really will be over soon. Trust me, once you inherit my legacy, you can hit anyone you don't like."

    With all his strength, Wen Ying asked, "Can I hit the Demon King?"

    The angel was taken aback for a moment before considering, "Not right away, but with a few years of cultivation, it should be possible."

    Wen Ying felt invigorated again. He relied on the mental image of the Demon King kneeling and weeping in agony a few years later to suppress the intense bloating and numbing pain.

    The Demon King shuddered in the Realm of Demons.

    As for Wu Shaluo, Wen Ying chuckled intermittently through his agony. Those demons who had been waiting to retaliate against him when he reached adulthood surely never expected that he would have a second "coming of age."

    The angel listened to the neurotic laughter of the Demon Mirror and hesitated, wondering if there was something wrong with his research, causing the fragment of the law to affect the demon's mind.


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