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    Chapter 255: Discussion

    After Wen Ying finished speaking, the entire room fell into a deathly silence. Beros stared blankly at Wen Ying, overwhelmed with immense shock that left him speechless.

    What had he just heard? Wen Ying said he was a second-generation... angel?

    After a long moment, Beros muttered, "You must be joking."

    Wen Ying replied, "Unfortunately, I'm not lying this time."

    Beros: "... How did you manage that?"

    He knew that Wen Ying was capable of causing trouble and often did things beyond his expectations, but he never imagined that he could obtain the identity of an angel.

    Wen Ying opened his mouth, wearing a strange expression. "Would you believe me if I said it fell from the sky?"

    Beros's expression clearly indicated disbelief.

    Wen Ying shrugged. "The story behind it is... simple."

    Wen Ying shared the story of the underground palace with Belos, naturally, a version that wasn't entirely truthful. He omitted certain specific details and trivia, such as how he could use the power of the law to imprint Belos's soul, ensuring a high likelihood of them being together in their next life, or how, despite aging normally, the fragments of the law would help him recall memories from his past lives.

    Wen Ying only told Belos that he had inherited an angel's law fragment, but unlike the first generation angels, he wouldn't be recalled by the law after death.

    Belos, recovering from his shock, asked, "Do you plan on telling the other demons about this later?"

    Wen Ying scratched his cheek. "We'll see. I'm not sure yet. For now, only you know."

    Speaking with a full-bodied voice, Wen Ying continued, "See how good I am to you? I didn't lie, and I told you the most important thing right away."

    Looking at Wen Ying's bold and unrestrained smile, Belos's face flushed, and he averted his gaze.

    Wen Ying tsked. "Belos, do you know your tail is betraying you?"

    A jolt ran through Belos's heart. He quickly turned to look behind him, only to find his tail wagging happily, much to his displeasure. His face turned green, but he was relieved that only Wen Ying was present, no outsiders around.

    "Your idol image really weighs heavily on you," Wen Ying said, crossing his arms and shaking his head.

    Boros protested stiffly, "Not at all."

    Boros suddenly thought of something and asked, "How are your wings?"

    What would the wings of a demon turned angel look like?

    Wen Ying stretched towards the balcony curtains, and from the shadows, two silvery-white branches emerged, swiftly drawing the curtains closed. A third branch then switched on the light.

    Under the soft glow of the lamplight, pure white wings unfurl, their plump and sleek feathers shimmering with a subtle luster, like scattered pearls, creating a dreamlike radiance.

    Amidst the trio of angelic wings, a pair of white bat-like wings intermingled, their lustrous beauty akin to that of fine bone china.

    Perseus's eyes momentarily lost focus. The demon in the magic mirror, with his innate silver tresses, glistening horns, and silver eyes, seemed to blend seamlessly with the pure white plumage symbolic of angels. It was as if they were meant to be together.

    A sacred devil - this paradoxical fusion of purity tinged with a hint of fallen malevolence created a being imbued with a colorful array of contrasting traits. Divine essence intertwined with malice, making this creature a chameleon of appearances.

    In the eyes of any creature, he took on different forms. To an innocent child, he could be the virtuous enforcer of justice, while to those harboring inner demons, he was a deity embodying base desires.

    A strand of Wen Ying's silver hair, hanging down his forehead, brushed against Perseus's face, tickling him and drawing his wandering gaze back into focus.

    He had always found the silver demonic mirror devil to be visually appealing.

    Wen Ying retracted his three pairs of wings, leaving only one pair of demonic bat wings. He did so slowly, and during the process, the wings repeatedly shrank and expanded. It took him a while to complete this action.

    Wen Ying stroked his bat wings and said, "As you can see, I have control over them for now. No one will detect the problem unless I use the power of the Law Fragment. Unless an angel comes here in person, no one else will find out."

    Beros, still recovering from his shock, twirled a strand of Wen Ying's loose hair that had drifted onto his face between his fingers before tucking it behind Wen Ying's ear.

    "Be careful on your own," Beros advised. "The power of the Law Fragment was originally meant to be contained only by pure humans." He paused. "Its power might clash with your demonic magic. Try not to use it if possible."

    A sense of satisfaction filled Wen Ying. Leaning his head on Beros' shoulder, he gazed at the golden collar around the latter's neck and suddenly said with a mischievous tone, "Beros..."

    "Meng City..."

    Wen Ying spoke just as Beros did. They both froze for a moment. Wen Ying said, "Go ahead. What's up with Meng City?"

    His main body was almost at Meng City, and Wen Dingjue had already met with the demon from the Judgment Bureau as planned. They were currently traveling by car from Asefa's border to another country where they would catch a flight. There was nothing more for his mirror clone to do regarding the progress of the matter.

    Boros: "What's the deal with this other Wen Ying? Is that why you asked us to call you Wen Jing in the human world?"

    Regret tinged Boros's voice as he mentioned Wen Ying: "When I first went to the Demon Realm last year, I never imagined that I would one day return to the human world openly as a demon, so I didn't consider changing my name."

    Wen Ying extended his tail in front of Boros, coiling it around a magic card he had retrieved from his platinum tail ring. He flipped it over to face Boros, revealing the card labeled "Puppet on a String."

    "Wen Ying in Mu City is also me," Wen Ying said.

    Looking at the "Puppet on a String" card, something suddenly clicked in Boros's mind.

    "Bloody Puppeteer..." Boros was astonished. "You used her magic to control the duplicates you created with your Magic Mirror?"

    Wen Ying nodded approvingly. "Very clever."

    The tone of Boros's voice shifted. "I'm not stupid, just not fond of stirring up trouble like an Archfiend Bird."

    Wen Ying raised an eyebrow. "Sometimes you say things that go completely against your image, don't you? It makes you sound like a schoolchild."

    Boros: "I'm just speaking the truth."

    "Indeed," Wen Ying chuckled, leaning affectionately against Beros, "you're incredibly clever."

    Boros was displeased with Wen Ying's tone, his lips pursed slightly.

    Wen Ying said with subtle understanding, "In matters of love, one should not be overly concerned with saving face."

    Boros hummed softly, a sound so faint that only someone as perceptive as Wen Ying could have heard it.

    In the meantime, Wen Ying's true form had finally flown outside his residential area. He didn't enter immediately but cautiously surveyed the surroundings from outside.

    He spotted two demonic agents from the Judgment Bureau, one pretending to sell sugar-coated haws, and the other feigning to collect trash around the neighborhood. Seeing them, Wen Ying felt a slight relief. During the time it took for his true form to reach Mu City, no extremist had apparently come here.

    He wondered about the situation at Lin Tianbao's company and Wen Qinxue's studio.

    At this hour, they should all be at home. Wen Ying confidently walked in as a regular human.

    Upon arriving home, he unlocked the door only to find Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue holding a knife and a golf club respectively, both tense and watching him—more precisely, the person entering the house.

    Upon recognizing Wen Ying, their tension visibly dissipated.

    Wen Ying was filled with uncertainty. "Dad, Mom, what happened to you two?"

    Lin Tianbao put down the golf club in his hand and said, "I should be the one asking you that. Your phone call was unclear, but it seems like the situation is severe. We need to be cautious."

    Wen Qinxue chimed in, "Exactly, quickly tell us what's going on?"

    Wen Ying found the situation both amusing and worrying. "It's not that serious."

    Closing the door, Wen Ying wandered around the house, making sure there were no traces of demonic or human magic left behind.

    As he surveyed the area, he spoke in his usual casual tone, "Great-grandfather said he was mugged by some extremist group abroad. While fleeing, he might have been discovered as a demon."

    Wen Qinxue gasped. "What did you say—?!"

    Lin Tianbao's face paled. "D-Detected?!"

    Wen Ying nodded calmly. "The problem can be either big or small."

    After pondering over the situation, Wen Ying believed that even if those extremists reported Wen Dingjue's abnormality to the Church, the Church wouldn't disclose the information anytime soon. Instead, they would likely keep it hidden, using it as leverage against him.

    Surely you don't want the demons in the demon realm to find out that your great-grandfather was a demon and your great-grandmother was human?

    As for Lin Tianbao's side, they might threaten: You wouldn't want humans to know that you have demonic blood, especially the fresh kind, right?

    His family, along with his aunts' families, were all major business tycoons, possessing abundant resources and wealth. Threatening them could indeed yield considerable benefits.

    His aunts and uncles were still unaware of his demonic identity. If the Church intended to threaten him, they would undoubtedly reveal this fact to them first. Wen Ying was already dreading the moment he had to break the news to them.

    "Dad, how are the sales of the demonic ingredients from the Judgment Bureau that I prioritized for you recently?" If the Wen family's demonic heritage came to light, their business operations would likely experience some fluctuations.

    Lin Tianbao, entering his domain of expertise, spoke with confidence, "Our family restaurant's signature dishes, which use magical ingredients, have already gained popularity. Your second uncle's hotel has also started hosting banquets, while your eldest uncle's supermarket now stocks demonic fruits."

    Wen Ying looked at Wen Qinxue, who replied, "I believe that if our bloodline is exposed, after the initial tension, many people will come to me to write scripts about demons. We won't even need to think about marketing strategies."

    After a moment of contemplation, Wen Ying said, "Mom, call your aunts and grandparents and invite them over for dinner tonight."

    Wen Qinxue's expression turned solemn. "Are you going to tell them that you're a demon?"

    Lin Tianbao frowned and hesitantly added, "...And also about the revelation of your great-grandfather's identity."

    Wen Ying nodded, a casual smile gracing his lips. "There's no need for you to be so nervous. I've assigned demons to protect you."

    The two of them were startled.

    "But won't they be watching us very closely?"

    A sly grin tugged at the corners of Wen Ying's mouth. "I told them that the Extremists' demons are planning to collaborate with the Wen family and their allies. I instructed them to keep a close eye on you and not allow the Extremists any chance to discuss cooperation with you."

    "Uh... Huh?"

    Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue exchanged odd expressions.

    Lin Tianbao hesitantly whispered, "Isn't this a bit... not right?"

    Wen Ying glanced sideways. "Hmm? What's not right about it?"

    Wen Qinxue chimed in, "Like, our reputation or how those demons you arranged might feel?"

    "Reputation can be regained later. As for those demons..." Wen Ying paused. "They're easy to please. Just give them magic crystals."

    Wen Ying pitied the demons in the human world. Due to the scarcity of magical resources, their affection for magic crystals surpassed that of humans for gold.

    "I'll call your aunties right now, then."


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