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    Chapter 265: Self-Exposure

    Lin Tianwang took another step forward and peered through the opening. Suddenly, he froze as if struck by lightning.

    Shi Cailing was eagerly waiting for Wen Ying to be declared a demon. Seeing the slow progress, she rushed over and asked, "Why aren't you coming upstairs with me?"

    Shi Cailing approached one of the exorcists to speak, casually glancing at the phone screen in his hand. She froze for a moment.

    The video playing on the screen showed what had happened in the room upstairs last night. Shi Cailing realized what it was and immediately tried to snatch the phone, attempting to fast-forward it while saying, "There's no need to go upstairs for high-tech examinations. This video is evidence. Look, in the end, Wen Ying... "

    Her tone was filled with excitement, but it abruptly ceased when she realized that the video ended with the exorcist strangling Wen Qinxue.

    "How... How can there not be more?" Shi Cailing found it hard to believe. "After that, Wen Ying killed those three exorcists!"

    The two exorcists ignored her. One of them, Li Zhiyuan, with a complicated expression, asked Wen Ying, who was calmly brewing coffee, "What do you want to say with this video?" The complexity of the situation left him unsure of what to ask immediately.

    Amidst the rich aroma of coffee, Wen Ying poured milk into the brew, stirring as the white liquid swirled into the dark coffee.

    "Those three exorcists didn't die. They're currently being held in the nearby Demon Realm Court."

    Li Zhiyuan's tone was heavy with gravity. "By saying that, does it mean you're acknowledging that you are... a demon?"

    This young man's aura had completely transformed. If one were to draw a comparison, it would be like the difference between a polar rabbit crouching in the snow and the same rabbit standing up, a contrast so shocking and unbelievable.

    Was this young man really a demon?

    Under the tense gazes of Wen Qinxue and Lin Tianbao, Wen Ying admitted candidly, "I am indeed a demon."

    The crowd was stunned, but Shi Cailing was convinced without a doubt. She immediately cried out emotionally, "You all heard him! He admitted it himself. Arrest him now!"

    Wen Ying looked at Shi Cailing with a smile that wasn't quite a smile. "Who said demons can't escape capture? There are plenty of demons within the Exorcist Academy."

    Shi Cailing was taken aback but tried to argue, "Well, those exorcists didn't attack the demons. You did, and you even sliced their arms down to the bone."

    Lin Tianbao replied, "If those people hadn't made a move, Little Ying wouldn't have either."

    Lin Gubing spoke up, "Why would an exorcist provoke a demon for no reason? There must be something more to this."

    Lin Tianbao was also furious, suppressing his anger as he shouted, "It was those three exorcists from the churches who barged in for no reason and tried to capture Qinxue."

    Lin Hang suddenly spoke with a trembling voice, "Do you guys want to... want to see the news first?"

    "What news?"

    Li Zhiyuan, holding Wen Ying's phone, was stunned to see the new post on the account of the Demon Realm Judiciary Board. It was the recording of Shi Cailing's voice from just now – Wen Ying had somehow managed to record it and upload it online without anyone noticing.

    "But your phone was in my hand, wasn't it?"

    Wen Ying pulled out another phone and said, "My family is quite well-off. It's not unusual for me to have more than one phone, right?"

    Li Zhiyuan carefully read through the lengthy post published by the Demon Realm Judiciary Board's official account. An idea flashed across his mind as he looked at Wen Ying in astonishment, "You planned this!" There was no way such a lengthy and logically persuasive paragraph could have been composed in such a short time unless it was premeditated.

    The others also gathered around to read.

    Shi Cailing and Lin Gubing were not very proficient in using smartphones, so they leaned in to look at what was on the screens of their son and grandson. As they did, Shi Cailing, who had been seething with the urge to hit Wen Ying, fell silent as if she had vanished into thin air.

    She dared not speak, while Lin Gubing exclaimed in shock, "A... A Mirror Demon?"

    Wen Ying beamed at them, "Are you happy?"

    What's there to be happy about?

    Wait, Lin Gubing turned to Wen Qinxue, "Then you're a demon too! Your entire family is a clan of demons!"

    Wen Qinxue rebutted calmly, "I'm not a demon."

    Lin Tianwang was astonished as he asked Lin Tianbao, "Brother, did you guys pick him up somewhere?!"

    The corner of Lin Tianbao's mouth twitched. "He's our biological son."

    "If you're not a demon, and Wen Qinxue isn't, then how can he be?" Lin Tianwang found it hard to comprehend.

    Li Zhiyuan and Lin Kaiguang, the two exorcists, knew something. The latter asked, "Has he undergone atavism?" His question was posed with a tone of certainty.

    After the separation between the Demon Realm and the Human Realm, the bloodline of the demons in the Demon Realm remained in some humans who had intermarried with them. Occasionally, there would be cases where two humans gave birth to a demon, but such occurrences were extremely rare.

    Observing the expressions on Lin Tianbao and Wen Qinxue's faces, the two exorcists were certain that they were aware of this matter.

    Wen Ying chimed in from the side, "Isn't now the time to discuss my family affairs? We're facing a public relations crisis."

    Last night, he had extracted every detail from the three exorcists and composed several essays to be posted in the morning. As he had breakfast, he waited for the impatient Shi Cailing to spread the news online, then "reluctantly" released the video from last night to prove that the three exorcists were the initiators.

    After extracting from Shi Cailing the information that the three were indeed Church exorcists, Wen Ying uploaded the audio recording and published a short post questioning the Church. He asked why they would target his family – was it because he had foiled the Asefa Academy's plans earlier?

    He purchased a few trending topics to greet those who woke up early with explosive gossip. This time slot coincided with when many people casually scrolled through their phones, so the information spread rapidly. The initial trending topics were bought, but the subsequent heat was entirely organic.

    Not only humans, but demons too, were stunned when they woke up to find the top trending keywords on various platforms.

    What was known:

    1. A member of the Wen Corporation had been attacked.

    2. Wen Ying managed the account of the Demon Realm's Judgement Bureau.

    3. The account of the Demon Realm's Judgement Bureau mentioned the word "family."

    What was the answer they received?

    The demons all wore expressions akin to that of an elderly person reading their phone on the subway, clueless as to what "family" meant.

    Upon waking up, the Pope was informed about the news from Huaxia. He widened his eyes in surprise, never expecting Wen Ying to expose himself.


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