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    Chapter 268: Response

    Boros remained unperturbed under the scrutiny, his gaze calm and composed.

    So what if he's a hybrid, Boros thought. They're making such a fuss over a mere hybrid now; imagine their reaction when they find out Wen Ying is an angelic successor.

    With a subtle hint of pride and superiority, Boros said leisurely, "It's not a big deal. Your reaction is overly dramatic."

    "Huh—?" Wu Shaluo's eyes widened in disbelief as he scrutinized Boros from head to toe. "Are you possessed? Aren't you someone who dislikes the weak? His human bloodline within him..."

    Wu Shaluo paused abruptly mid-sentence. It was one thing for a pureblooded Mirror Demon to overpower him, but for a hybrid, especially one with a significant portion of human blood, to do so was suffocating to contemplate.

    Back then in the underground palace, they had known that Wen Ying's Mirror Demon lineage included a hybrid, but it was angelic blood. Besides, how long ago was that? The human bloodline must have been diluted by now. However, things were different now. The Wen couple were ordinary humans!

    Before, it was a large amount of demonic blood mixed with a little human blood. Now, it was the opposite.

    Wu Shaluo was overwhelmed with self-doubt and disdain. He couldn't even defeat this particular hybrid.

    Muershi teased, filling in the gap, "Boros does despise the weak, but Wen Ying doesn't fit that description at all."

    Indeed, it was a straightforward and logical explanation.

    Beros did despise the weak, but Wen Ying, the Mirror Demon, had nothing to do with being weak!

    The other demons fell into a silence.

    "Wen Ying, stop blocking the way. Class is about to start," he pushed aside Lan Jiaying and pulled Beros down the stairs.

    The demons remained silent, watching them leave.

    Koroy turned to Lan Jiaying, "I have a question."

    Lan Jiaying forced a smile, "I decline to answer." He could guess what it was—why Wu Fei, with his Black Dragon lineage, wasn't as strong as Wen Ying, who had the Mirror Demon bloodline.

    Koroy shrugged and continued, "But how did the Church figure out Wen Ying's identity? None of us did."

    Wen Ying had kept it hidden for so long, only to suddenly reveal himself in such haste. Coupled with the attack from the Church's exorcists, anyone with a thinking brain would connect the dots that the Church knew, prompting Wen Ying to expose himself beforehand to gain the upper hand.

    "Lilith commented, "The human administration likely has more detailed records. They might have noticed something amiss about Wen Ying's behavior in Mu City," "I never thought of that. No wonder Wen Ying lacks common sense; his understanding of it is based on human knowledge."

    Essence: "No wonder he's so protective of those humans at school."

    Muershi narrowed his eyes slightly. "There are still many questions about this. He sure knows how to run."

    Was Wen Ying born in the Human Realm? Was he a demon from the start? How did he travel between the two realms? And... Wen Ying's true age – Muershi needed more information. Based on what he knew now, Wen Ying was only in his early twenties! Not even close to a hundred years old.

    Wei Er looked at Muershi. "You can't escape your roots, even if you run away."

    Muershi clapped his hands. "True. I'll visit Mu City this weekend and ask his parents."

    Wei Er's ears perked up. "No, that's not what I meant..." He meant to suggest ambushing Wen Ying at his dormitory; he had to come back to sleep eventually.

    Lan Jiaying spoke up. "Count me in too."

    Lilith: "How unusual."

    As Wen Ying walked along the path, he attracted even more stares than before.

    Initially, the students had grown accustomed to the demons' presence and their initial fascination had waned. Now, it seemed like they were back to staring as if it was the first time they'd seen a demon.

    "Yet they're reacting like this to just this matter... Imagine their response when they learn about that other thing," Beros glanced sideways, his voice barely audible.

    "Were your reactions any better back then?" Wen Ying raised an eyebrow.

    Beros remained silent, maintaining his cold and ill-tempered demeanor.

    The mirror clone attended classes while the original slept. Online fervor continued to escalate as the church's hired trolls fueled the chaos. It was a frenzy akin to the excitement of New Year's celebrations.

    As the church's online troops were busy pushing the narrative of "the demon staging his own drama," Lin Tianbao, following Wen Ying's advice, disclosed the bloodline history of their family. They revealed that the demonic lineage originated from Wen Dingjue and issued an apology letter, roughly stating:

    An elder of the Wen family, Wen Dingjue, was forced to forge his identity after unexpectedly crossing a spatial rift from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm. He later fell in love with the then heiress of the Wen family. Among their descendants, only Wen Ying awakened the demonic bloodline, while the others remained ordinary humans.

    Wen Dingjue expressed deep regret for the consequences of his deceit and offered to personally sponsor a cash gift of five thousand yuan to one hundred randomly selected netizens. He also strongly condemned the church exorcists who targeted his family.

    Then, he published the threatening text messages received, further fueling the backlash against the church's trolls.

    Upon waking up, the online public opinion split into two camps.

    As night fell, the internet was abuzz with heated discussions and diverging viewpoints, the hype reaching new heights.

    At nine o'clock in the evening, the Calamity Department's official account finally issued an official response to the matter, which read roughly:

    Regarding the highly-discussed incident at hand, we have conducted an urgent investigation during the day. Here are the preliminary findings; they are not definitive and may be subject to change based on new information that may arise from further investigation.


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