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    Chapter 105: The Celestial Beast, Taiyi

    Shuo Zong: "…"

    Housekeeper Zhou: "…"

    The two exchanged glances for a few seconds. Shuo Zong raised an eyebrow. "You saw it?"

    Housekeeper Zhou stared at his hand hesitantly. "…Are you talking about this necklace?"

    Shuo Zong: "Yes, Wei Xi gave it to me."

    Housekeeper Zhou: "????"

    So what? Why are you telling me this? It doesn't seem to be related to me, does it?

    Confused, Housekeeper Zhou didn't know how to react. After a moment of silence, he awkwardly acknowledged with an "oh" and then left alone, still holding the broom.

    His instincts as a living being warned him that staying might lead to danger, either physically or mentally.


    United Righteousness rushed into the house in a fluster to arrange for fresh braised pork for his Celestial Venerated Master. Wei Dedao couldn't help but sigh. Although this sixty-third-generation senior disciple was a bit slow-witted, he genuinely respected him, his Ancestor.

    How could United Righteousness not respect him? This was the deity of Taicang Sect, a god! As an ordinary person working in a superstitious organization, wasn't it only natural for him to worship the god protecting his family?

    On the other hand, he found his master's reaction odd. After the appearance of the Celestial Venerated Master, Master didn't seem particularly excited. Instead, he had been indifferent throughout the journey, as if he didn't care about the Venerated Master at all.

    Seeing Wei Dedao freeze after saying they should maintain distance, Wei Xi waited for a moment, then asked, "Anything else? If not, I'll go to bed."

    Struggling with his own thoughts and being stared at mockingly by Shuo Zong, plus Wei Xi's exhausted squint, Wei Dedao couldn't continue the lesson. "Go to bed."

    Sure enough, Wei Xi left without looking back.

    Standing still, Wei Dedao pulled up his sleeves and "gazed" at his disciple's departing figure, his expression a mix of emotions. He let out a small sigh.

    Master Wind and Master Rain, who currently had nowhere else to go and had followed to the Wei residence, heard his sigh and asked curiously, "What's wrong?"

    Wei Dedao replied, "I'm worried that my disciple is too innocent and kind, and someone might take advantage of him."

    Master Wind, still nursing a stinging cheek, replied, "..."

    Master Rain couldn't help but complain, "Your disciple isn't innocent and kind at all, is he?"

    Wei Dedao promptly retorted, "Nonsense! He hasn't killed a single person these days. Isn't that pure and kind enough?"

    Master Rain: "????"

    No... Not killing people means being pure and kind? I'm not the one to say it, but your sect's moral standards seem rather low.

    Wei Dedao shook his head. "Celestial Lord doesn't understand."

    "I don't," Master Rain said, exasperated by this overprotective parent. "I really wonder where you got this idea from. Your disciple doesn't seem to treat you particularly well."

    Unity Yi happened to pass by and paused upon hearing this. Indeed, he was also puzzled as to why his master treated the Heavenly Venerated with such coldness.

    To his surprise, the Heavenly Venerated expressed disagreement upon hearing Master Rain's words. "Celestial Lord, you are mistaken. How has my disciple treated me poorly?"

    Master Rain: "???"

    Not at all, haven't you noticed your disciple's cold and detached demeanor? Let's set aside the usual conventions of a respectful master-disciple relationship where the disciple would prostrate themselves three times and kowtow nine times, showing utmost humility. Surely, it can't be that your interaction with your disciple is supposed to resemble this?

    Wei Dedao had his own yardstick: "On our journey, have you seen my disciple scold me?"

    Master Rain: "?????"

    Wei Dedao: "Have you seen my disciple harbor any intention to kill me?"

    Master Rain: "..."

    "Certainly, he's never threatened me with violence before," Wei Dedao said, his tone tinged with emotion. "Back then, he merely refrained from killing me, but now he doesn't even scold me. It shows that my disciple is an honest and kind-hearted person, thus granting me, his master, such special tolerance."

    Master Wind and Master Rain: "……………………"

    Master Rain tugged at Master Wind. "Let's go, let's go."

    There was nothing more to discuss. With such biased parents defending their mischievous child to the point of perfection, it was as if there were no flaws left to see. What else could one say?

    United Righteousness: "………………"

    United Righteousness's admiration for his master instantly soared to the height of Mount Everest. It turned out that not only disciples and staff, but even the deities in the Tai Cang Sect had to live under their master's rule.

    Wei Dedao smiled at their astonishment. How could these ordinary gods and mortals understand Wei Xi?

    He narrowed his eyes, gently caressing the sect leader's token that Wei Xi had casually placed in the shrine and never glanced at again.

    As Shuo Zong passed by him on the way upstairs, he said coolly, "What is there to be proud of? Has he ever given you anything?"

    Wei Dedao's expression shifted. He replied slowly, "…When we were in the mountains, my disciple often hunted wild boars for me."

    "Even shared a ghost with me," Shuo Zong sneered, the purple-gold chain around his neck shimmering in the light. "What does sharing food and drink, such mundane things, matter?"

    Wei Dedao: "…"

    Wei Dedao spoke slowly, "Lord Tianlu… I can't see it…"

    Shuo Zong was noncommittal. "Is that so?"

    Wei Dedao: "…"

    The victor of this confrontation was clear. Shuo Zong strode past him, heading upstairs, but before he reached the corridor, he collided with Wei Xi, who was leaning against the corner, peering downward.

    Shuo Zong: "…What are you doing?"

    Careful not to be seen by Wei Dedao, Wei Xi yawned and leaned into his disciple's embrace, asking, "Has your senior brother reminded the kitchen to prepare the braised pork for your grandmaster yet?"

    Shuo Zong wrapped his arms around him: "…."

    Wei Xi was already exhausted. He nuzzled his face against his disciple's shoulder, inhaling his scent, and spoke slowly, "Que'er, remember to remind your senior brother later to retrieve the sect leader's token from the Ancestral Sage's shrine and keep it on his person."

    His disciple's arm around his waist tightened as he spoke, but there was no response.

    Assuming that his disciple hadn't heard him, Wei Xi lifted his head, bleary-eyed, to look at him. "Que'er?"

    The air above him suddenly closed in, sealing his lips before he could repeat himself. His disciple's strong tongue, imbued with inexplicable emotion, invaded his mouth, licking every corner before biting his lower lip irritably. "Don't speak."

    Wei Xi: "?"

    From downstairs, Tuan Jieyi witnessed their revered Celestial smiling all of a sudden. As he chuckled, he shook his head, seemingly moved. "This child."


    Bi Fang cautiously asked, "Old Xia, isn't it impolite for us to show up uninvited?"

    "Don't call me Old Xia. Now, I'm in charge of the Fei Yi breeding project and have been promoted. You should address me as Supervisor Xia," Xia Shouren parked the car at the entrance of the residential area, his face brimming with curiosity. "And what's wrong with it? We need to unravel the mysteries surrounding Wei Dedao. His accumulated virtue and how he survived – I can't rest easy until I understand these things. Hey, did you get through to that old beast?"

    Bi Fang moved the phone away from his ear, seeing the missed call notification on the screen. He didn't dare to mimic Xia Shouren's tone and replied cautiously, "I spent the whole night suppressing Master Wind and Master Rain in Yue He last night. Mr. Shuo Zong must be resting by now."

    "Bullshit," Xia Shouren said. "Do you think I don't know him? He's a thousand-year-old monster, not a human. Why would he need rest?"

    With that, he led Bi Fang straight into Wei's house and caught up with Unity Yi. "Shuo... Where's your junior apprentice brother?"

    Unity Yi was also preparing to go to bed and yawned. "He's already resting in his room. Why are you here at this time?"

    Xia Shouren: "..."

    Bi Fang: "Sigh."

    Xia Shouren: "Shut up."

    Bi Fang: "I haven't even said anything yet."

    Xia Shouren: "So it's to make you shut up in advance."

    Bi Fang shrugged and obediently held back his complaints. The two of them headed straight for Shuo Zong's room, but before they could knock, the door opened on its own.

    Shuo Zong was clad in a bathrobe, with the sash tied tightly around his waist, revealing his long, straight legs and a hint of his chest. He wore slippers and leaned against the door with one hand, his hair slightly disheveled as if he had just gotten out of bed. Despite this, his gaze at the two men outside was clear and unfriendly, his voice low and cold: "Be quiet."

    Xia Shouren glanced behind him but saw nothing. The room was pitch black, with the curtains drawn tightly shut, not allowing a single ray of light to enter. He couldn't help but say, "…Are you really sleeping?"

    Shuo Zong ignored him: "Shut up, don't talk, don't make a sound. Wait downstairs; I'll join you after I change."

    With that, he decisively closed the door.

    Though his action was decisive, the way he closed the door was surprisingly gentle, making no sound at all.

    Xia Shouren: "…Damn it, it's fine if you don't let us in, but what's the deal with not letting us make any noise?"

    Bi Fang whispered his conjecture: "Why do I feel like there's someone else in the room, and he's afraid we'll wake them up?"

    Xia Shouren: "Someone sleeping inside? Where? On which bed?"

    Bi Fang: "On the bed, of course."

    Xia Shouren: "....Are you joking? This old beast is so territorial that he doesn't even let people enter his home easily. How could he allow someone to sleep in his own bed?"

    Bi Fang: "What if they're, you know, engaging in intimate activities with their partner? No territory can be that fiercely protected during such moments, right?"

    As soon as those words left his mouth, Bi Fang noticed Xia Shouren staring at him as if he had seen a ghost.

    Bi Fang: "?"

    While descending the stairs, Xia Shouren burst into laughter, looking up at the sky. "Hahahaha! Hahahaha!! Are you insane?! I've never even had a partner myself! How could that old beast possibly understand sexual life?!"

    Bi Fang: "...."

    The others downstairs: "......."

    Realizing what he had just said, Xia Shouren abruptly stopped laughing and his face flushed red in the next second.

    Bi Fang: "…You've never actually…"

    Xia Shouren interrupted him angrily, "Shut up! With our unique statuses, isn't it normal for this to happen?"

    Bi Fang: "Normal? The Green Bull engages in scientific research daily and still knows to seek a partner. He's even pursuing Chōmei from the company. Occasionally, I and others also date mortals."

    Xia Shouren: "…That's because you're irresponsible, forgetting your duties. Unlike me, who dedicates myself entirely to the peace of this world."

    Bi Fang: "Is that so? Could it really be because of a lack of money?"

    Xia Shouren: "…"

    Bi Fang continued, "And with Mr. Shuo Zong's circumstances, it's only natural for him to want to date, right?"

    Xia Shouren: "Nonsense. Since ancient times, have you ever heard of him seeking a Dao companion?"

    After some thoughtful consideration, Bi Fang's eyes widened in surprise, "You mean… Mr. Shuo Zong has never been in love before, from then until now?"

    Xia Shouren sneered, "Not just never in love. Think about his true form. I suspect he might not even possess that aspect, or as humans say, he's simply indifferent to it."

    Bi Fang: "?????"

    Realizing that he might have stumbled upon some intimate secrets, Bi Fang muttered in disbelief, "…That can't be true, right?"

    Xia Shouren replied with indignation, "Why can't it be? Back when I was smitten with the Phoenix, it was chasing him every day. What did he do? He spent all his time hunting treasures, only to have them taken and devoured by Wei Xi. He was too busy fighting with Wei Xi to even spare the Phoenix a glance. Why do you think that is? If it's not one of the two reasons I suspect, what other explanation could there be?"

    Bi Fang was left dumbfounded.

    Xia Shouren concluded firmly, "In any case, let me tell you this. Despite the collapse of Heavenly Dao over a hundred years ago, which might have changed his behavior and caused me recent injuries, I as his brother would never be mistaken about his core nature. This old beast has no concept of love or affection. If he were capable of such feelings, I, Xia Shouren, would perform a three-hour kiss with a green ox right here, right now."

    Bi Fang: "????"

    Seeing his stunned expression, Xia Shouren scoffed. How could Shuo Zong possibly have a partner?

    Regaining his composure, Xia Shouren noticed that Wei Dedao had already appeared in front of him, his face filled with mixed emotions beneath the radiant glow of his virtuous golden light.

    Xia Shouren: "?"


    Perhaps due to Yue He's inexplicable ascent into the air, after Wei Xi absorbed yang energy this time, he often felt his soul floating lightly while half-asleep in his second disciple's embrace, as if it were being urged by some force to break free from his body.

    Later, as his back was gently patted slowly and softly by his second disciple, that sensation gradually subsided. Through his daze, he seemed to hear his disciple sigh beside his ear, "You shouldn't have touched the Godslayer Whip."

    Upon hearing the name 'Godslayer Whip,' Wei Xi struggled to open his eyes, but ultimately failed. He drifted off to sleep under the slow pats, sinking into slumber.

    At one point, the second disciple's breath seemed to move further away, causing Wei Xi's sleep to become slightly restless. His ear was warmly kissed.

    Wei Xi had a dream. Due to the scattered nature of his memories, he often dreamed of strange scenarios.

    Mostly, in his dreams, he was either fighting or eating. Strangely, despite having no recollection, he instinctively knew he was stealing food, so he remained tense, anticipating the impending danger at every moment.

    In his dreams, his state was vastly different from reality. Eating brought him no joy, nor did he discriminate about taste. Sometimes, he would even gnaw on tree bark and soil, driven purely by extreme hunger.

    Yet, this dream was even more peculiar. He dreamed of a group of indistinct figures surrounding him, chattering incessantly, occasionally engaging in their own conversations.

    They were quite talkative, much like Wei Dedao.

    Wei Xi couldn't see their faces nor hear their voices clearly. He just sensed that a fight was imminent, but he wasn't afraid of it at all.

    The group across from him was paradoxically terrified, surrounding him tightly while they all shouted the same name in unison.

    What was it?

    Wei Xi abruptly opened his eyes.

    He gasped for breath, reaching out to touch, only to find his second disciple absent from the bed. Instead, he was holding the disciple's pillow in his arms.

    The room was pitch black, obscuring his slightly puzzled gaze.


    Downstairs, the memorial gathering was in full swing.

    Regarding past events, both parties mentioned them briefly, as Xia Shouren was already familiar with most of the story. Now, with just a few hints from Wei Dedao, he grasped the essence.

    Shuo Zong was not keen on revisiting the past and kept his gaze coldly averted.

    Xia Shouren could only whisper his admiration to Bi Fang, "The Primordial Seal Array that exhausted the entire cultivation world's power, Sect Leader Wei truly deserves to be the cultivation world's first Grand Cultivator. It's simply remarkable."

    Bi Fang, not well-versed in the cultivation world, asked in confusion, "So what does that mean? I wasn't around in the mortal realm back then, was Wei Xi really that terrifying?"

    Xia Shouren still held a grudge over his severed tail, let alone Wei Xi's multiple raids on his immortal cave. At this moment, he wished to ally with all of Wei Xi's opponents. Upon learning that Wei Dedao was the main force behind the Vast Ancient Sealing Array, his already glowing impression of the man shone even brighter. "He was incredibly loathed, with no redeeming qualities at all. Otherwise, why would they seal him away? It took a resolve to die to do so, which shows how much Sect Leader Wei cares about the world."

    Wei Dedao sighed. "It wasn't that exaggerated."

    How could Wei Xi have no likable qualities? There were plenty.

    But Xia Shouren misunderstood his intentions and cheerfully asked, "What's there to be modest about? Sect Leader Wei, I ask you, do you regret setting up that sealing array?"

    Wei Dedao pondered for a while before shaking his head. "No regrets."

    If he hadn't set up that array, Wei Xi might have been struck down by heavenly lightning like the vengeful Yazi and Qiongqi when the Heavenly Dao collapsed. Then, where would the lively, intelligent, and adorable sixty-second sect leader of Taicang Sect be today?

    "See?" Xia Shouren said to Bi Fang. "Sect Leader Wei is truly amazing. Setting up the array aside, he even sacrificed himself to stay in the array with someone so hated. I admire him. I declare that Sect Leader Wei will be my brother from today onwards."

    This was known as the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Bi Fang: "???"

    Bi Fang cautiously glanced at Wei Dedao's expression. "But, Supervisor Xia... I have a feeling that Head Guardian Wei doesn't really want to talk to you."

    "How could that be!" Xia Shouren replied. "I'm an esteemed ancient totem, a great symbol of auspiciousness. Practitioners adore and love me wherever I go. Do you think I'm like Wei Xi, that gluttonous behemoth?"

    However, when he turned his head, he realized that Wei Dedao had indeed moved slightly away from him in silence, with a faint hint of disdain on his face.

    Xia Shouren: "???"

    Just as he was puzzled, he caught a glimpse of a change in his friend's expression. Then, he heard Wei Xi's slow voice coming from the stairs ahead:

    "A glutton like me?"

    Everyone present wore startled expressions, with Xia Shouren's hair standing on end in fear. "Oh my! Wei Xi!"

    Wei Xi ignored his shock and stood there in his pajamas, looking hesitant. "I've heard someone call me that in my dreams too. Many people have called me that."

    No one replied to him. Wei Xi's gaze narrowed as he stared into Wei Dedao's eyes, sensing something amiss. "Aren't I supposed to be a wandering spirit or a vengeful ghost?"

    The door behind him creaked open, and Tong Juyi poked his head out, half-awake. "Who's there, shouting so loudly... Master? Why are you up?"

    Wei Xi did not receive an answer, so he deliberately shifted his gaze onto his eldest disciple, his chaotic memories intertwined with this unique name, creating a ceaseless stream of images that made his aura turn perilous. "Tianyi, I ask you, what is a Taotie?"

    United Right was taken aback, rubbing his eyes, still somewhat dazed. He replied in confusion, "Er, someone who can eat a lot? Someone who knows how to enjoy eating? Someone who deeply understands food?"

    Immediately afterward, recalling bits and pieces of my professional knowledge, I let out an "oh" and said, "Wait a moment, Master. I'll search for it on Baidu Baike."

    He had just taken his phone out of his pajama pocket when his junior apprentice brother's calm voice suddenly came from below, "There's no need to check. I'll tell you."

    All eyes instantly shifted toward Shuo Zong.

    Xia Shouren was already regretting his carelessness and loose tongue; beads of cold sweat trickled down his forehead as he frantically conveyed with his eyes, "Do you really want to die?"

    Shuo Zong lounged half on the armrest of the sofa, maintaining a composed expression under his scrutiny. "What did you expect? It's merely an ancient and auspicious creature."

    Xia Shouren: "???"

    Bi Fang: "???"

    Wei Dedao caught on, exchanging a glance with Shuo Zong, and promptly nodded. "Indeed."

    Wei Xi froze, the aura of danger visibly dissipating from him. "A fortunate beast with a long history?"

    "Ai, wait, that's not right?" Unity Right searched for the term and spoke in confusion, "Junior Brother, it says here that..."

    His junior brother interrupted him without allowing any protest, "Since when can we trust Baidu? That's all fake information made up by people."

    Unity Right scratched his head, pondering for a moment before realizing, "True, last time when I had pain in my heel, Baidu told me I had a terminal illness and needed an amputation."

    Wei Xi was skeptical but unsure. "Is that so? Then why... were those people in my dream surrounding me?"

    Shuo Zong got up and slowly walked toward him, his expression and tone both ordinary as he asked, "What did they say to you?"

    Wei Xi shook his head. "I couldn't hear them clearly."

    "Then perhaps they were worshiping you," Shuo Zong said. "As Taotie is a fortunate omen, it had many believers in the past and was a highly respected deity."

    Staring into his disciple's eyes, Wei Xi let out an "ah" and suddenly realized the possibility that he might be such an existence, leaving him somewhat at a loss. "Is that so?"

    Xia Shouren's heart pounded as he cautiously whispered to Bi Fang, "Damn, this old bastard is really impressive. He almost had me believing him."

    Bi Fang replied softly, "I feel like Wei Xi's relationship with Mr. Shuo... is rather unusual."

    Xia Shouren patted his chest, feeling the imminent danger fade away. He exhaled in relief. "Of course, they used to fight every day. That guy... even bit off my tail. With old grudges and new feuds combined, it's anything but ordinary."

    Bi Fang said, "That's not what I meant."

    Xia Shouren responded, "?"

    Their mutual friend walked to the staircase and, looking up, spoke calmly, "That's right. Come down."

    Wei Xi seemed to believe this and slowly descended the stairs in slippers. Then, their friend opened their arms and effortlessly embraced him.

    Xia Shouren: "?????"

    The friend leaned in and pressed their cheek against Wei Xi's earlobe, seemingly performing a kiss, followed by a floating voice, "Why did you suddenly come out?"

    With the inexplicable tension gone, Wei Xi returned to his laid-back demeanor. Leaning on his disciple's shoulder, he was carried down the stairs and yawned. "I had a dream and woke up to find you weren't in bed, so I came out to look for you."

    Xia Shouren: "..."

    The wind howls, horses neigh, the Yellow River roars, the Yellow River roars...

    Bi Fang: "Wow."

    Xia Shouren: "...."

    Bi Fang: "What should we do about this?"

    Xia Shouren: "...."

    Bi Fang: "A passionate kiss involves two people, shouldn't I give Green Ox a heads up?"

    Xia Shouren: "...."


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