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    Chapter 107: Being a Auspicious Beast is So Troublesome

    Outside the towering office buildings in Jing City, Ning Tian's domain.

    Wei Xi accompanied Unity Righteousness out of the car. Unity Righteousness looked up at the skyscrapers piercing the sky, his eyes glowing green with excitement. "…I never dreamed that one day I would collaborate with Ning Tian. Do you still remember the names of their partners listed on the official website, Master? Our Taicang Sect is about to prosper big time!"

    Hearing Unity Righteousness’ excitement throughout the journey, Wei Xi's mood also lifted, and most of his regret over his second disciple's absence vanished.

    Unity Righteousness shook his head, reflecting on the reason they could partner with such a powerful commercial entity. "I'm so fortunate. What kind of luck did I have to be able to apprentice under an auspicious beast?"

    He then gazed at his master with even greater admiration. "As an auspicious beast, you protect justice and fairness in this world, carrying a heavy responsibility. Don't worry, although I used to engage in petty theft, as your top disciple, I'll reform myself and follow your example from now on. I will never disgrace you or our Taicang Sect!"

    Wei Xi straightened his back, his expression calm as he tried to hide his slight confusion.

    Although he had been told that he was an auspicious beast, truthfully, he still didn't feel a strong sense of identity with it.

    A short gasp sounded nearby, catching Wei Xi's attention. He turned to see a young, office worker-like woman at the subway entrance, her face filled with panic and disappointment. "Where's my wallet?! Where did it go?"

    She appeared on the verge of tears, but Wei Xi didn't feel any particular emotion. Since the restoration of Taicang Sect, he had helped many mortals out of their predicaments, but those acts of assistance were merely transactions in disguise.

    This girl wasn't his follower, nor was she his client; they were strangers to each other. Hence, Wei Xi couldn't even afford to give her much attention. After understanding the situation, he calmly turned away.

    But as he turned, his gaze met that of his senior disciple.

    Wei Xi: "..."

    Yes, I'm now a blessed beast.

    Wei Xi pondered for two seconds, suddenly feeling an immense weight on his shoulders, heavier than when he descended the mountain with the Taicang Sect's leader's token.

    If he were more literate, he would have recognized this burden as the weight of being an idol.

    Unity Yiyi witnessed her master abruptly turn around, rise up, and deliver a graceful flying kick, sending a middle-aged man attempting to sneak away from the white-collar woman at the subway entrance flying.

    Everyone around them was startled by this sudden commotion. The middle-aged man cried out in pain and exclaimed, "Who are you?!"

    Wei Xi wasn't sure why he did such a baffling act, and his mood was far from good. Hearing this, he darkened his face, stepped on the man's throat, and coldly commanded, "Hand it over."

    The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment, attempting to feign ignorance, but in the next second, he felt the foot on his throat applying unyielding pressure. Meeting Wei Xi's icy glare filled with killing intent, he was instantly chilled to the bone. He promptly weakly fished out the wallet he had just stolen and pleaded, "P-Please spare me..."

    Wei Xi stared at him for a few seconds without reaching for the wallet, slowly lifting his foot with obvious displeasure.

    His murderous aura still lingering, a familiar voice echoed nearby, "M-Master Wei?!"

    Looking towards the source of the sound, Wei Xi saw that the speaker had red hair. After a moment of recollection, he said, "Chōmei?"

    They had crossed paths when they both went to Ocean City to capture the Azure Dragon previously.

    Upon recognizing him, Chōmei's gaze became even more cautious. Pushing through the crowd hastily, she asked warily, "Master Wei... Why are you here?"

    Before coming, Wei Xi had studied the extensive information about auspicious beasts compiled by his eldest disciple. Now, he slowly savored her name, "Chōmei... You're Chōmei Bird?"

    Chōmei exclaimed, "How do you know?!!!!!"

    Chōmei was almost scared to tears. What did this mean?! Had he regained his memories?!

    Considering Wei Xi's identity and abilities, a myriad of terrifying consequences flashed through Chōmei's mind, sending shivers down her spine. Glancing back at her company building, her internal alarm bells rang louder than ever, "Y-You came here... for...?"

    Wei Xi had no idea what she was cautious about, so he answered honestly, "I guessed it."

    Chōmei: "???"

    Didn't he regain his memory? The tension that almost crushed Chōmei relaxed slightly, only to hear Wei Xi continue, "I came to your company to discuss cooperation and register my identity as a Taotie."

    Chōmei: "Tao... Tao... Tao... TIE!!!"

    So he did remember after all!!!

    Heavens above!!!

    What should I do???

    For a few seconds, Chōmei's knees went weak. Wei Xi calmly asked her, "You haven't heard of it?"

    Sweat trickled down the back of Chōmei's neck to her tailbone. She didn't know what Wei Xi intended to do and dared not make a move without caution. Her facial muscles twitched wildly. "How could that be!"

    The name Taotie – since the beginning of chaos, which divine beast in heaven and earth hadn't heard of it?!

    Not only had she heard of it, but she also knew that one should avoid crossing paths with it, or else end up like Xia Shouren – losing one's tail would be the least of one's worries, being swallowed alive was the true tragedy!

    Yet, Wei Xi was oblivious to her panic and said, "I told you, as fellow auspicious beasts, with my numerous followers, how could you not have heard of me?"

    Chōmei: "????"

    Chōmei: "Excuse me?"

    What did he just say he was?

    Tuan Jiyi approached gleefully at that moment, flattering his master with reverence, "Master! Amazing! As expected of an auspicious beast defending the righteous path in the human world!"

    Chōmei: "????"

    Defending the righteous path?

    Confused, a teary-eyed young girl suddenly dashed over and snatched the wallet from the middle-aged man lying on the ground. With tears still streaming down her face, she expressed her gratitude to Wei Xi, "Thank you! Thank you! I just withdrew cash from the bank this morning. If not for you, the thief would've gotten away, and I would've been... sniff sniff... for the next month..."

    Her sobs were accompanied by whispers at the subway entrance.

    "Well, I initially thought it was a fight. I got quite a scare."

    "Who would've thought it was a heroic act? Did you see how he jumped and kicked just now? So cool!"

    Chōmei: "???"

    Stunned, Chōmei stared at the injured middle-aged man who couldn't even crawl to his feet. "...What was Sect Leader Wei doing just now?"

    Unity Righteousness: "Definitely catching a thief, right? What did you think my master was doing?"

    Chōmei felt a bit dazed. "I thought... he was hungry and wanted to eat this person."

    That was why he had approached earlier with the intention of stopping Wei Xi.

    Wei Xi quickly glanced at Chōmei, feeling unusually guilty. How did she know? At that moment when the thief tried to resist, he indeed considered devouring him instead.

    Unity Righteousness was displeased. "What's wrong with you? Why would you think such things about my master? My master is a benevolent beast, protecting and assisting humans is their nature. How could they possibly eat them? Right, Master?"

    Wei Xi: "....Mm."

    Chōmei: "..."

    You have this side to you?

    Chōmei felt as if he were dreaming at that moment. Then, Bi Fang panted as he ran over. "Headmaster Wei! I've been waiting for you at the company for so long, but I didn't expect to find you here."

    Staring blankly at his anxious colleague, Chōmei had a lot he wanted to pour out. "Bi Fang, did you know that Headmaster Wei actually told me he's a auspicious beast?"

    Surprisingly, his colleague didn't seem surprised at all. Instead, he replied matter-of-factly, "What else could he be? Isn't a Taotie an auspicious beast by definition?"

    Then, he switched to a polite and respectful tone. "Come, come, Headmaster Wei, let me escort you to the top floor for registration. With Headmaster Wei's blessings, our Ning Tian will surely soar to greater heights!"

    Chōmei: "...."

    Bi Fang seemed completely unconcerned about shattering her worldview. Before leaving, he heard the girl who lost her wallet expressing her gratitude. As they walked, he continued to murmur in a peculiar manner, "I never would've thought that Headmaster Wei would be such a hero. Truly, he is a kind-hearted ancient auspicious creature!"

    Wei Xi remained silent the whole time.

    Jiuyi, on behalf of his master, humbly responded, "Oh no, my master has always been like this. He carries himself with the responsibility of an auspicious beast and is incredibly capable!"

    Saying this, his gaze swept sharply around the area, occasionally tugging at his master's sleeve. "Master, that person fell down!"

    "Master! That person left their phone at the entrance!"

    Wei Xi frowned but didn't speak. After staring at his disciple for a moment, he slowly stepped forward to help the fallen person up and returned the forgotten phone to its hurried owner.

    At such moments, Tuan Yu Yi would be on the verge of tears with emotion.

    Bifang, on the other hand, was speechless.

    Chōmei was dumbfounded. Could it really be that there was something wrong with my worldview?! Or were there too many misconceptions about the past, and the Tiānshòu was actually such a kind and friendly divine beast?!

    She was utterly astonished, unaware that Wei Xi wasn't feeling much better. His face remained dark, and he was far from happy.

    Wei Xi thought to himself, Being a auspicious beast is really annoying.

    Was I really that hard-pressed in the past?


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