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    Chapter 76


    What's mine is yours.

    Jing Baiyuan repeated what he had just said.

    The two of them talked until dawn. Chu Li couldn't hold on any longer and leaned against Jing Baiyuan, nodding off. Gently, Jing Baiyuan pulled the Omega into his embrace, patting his back to lull him to sleep.

    Sleeping Omega emitted an extra touch of tenderness. His lips were slightly pursed, as if he was happy or perhaps thinking about something troubling.

    Jing Baiyuan reached out to caress his earlobe, which felt slightly cold. He held it in his palm to warm it up.

    If Mother knew, she would be happy, he thought.

    Lowering his eyes slightly, he regretted not having the chance to tell her.

    The next morning, Chu Li woke up to the warm and gentle sunshine. As he moved, he realized that his back was resting against something warm. Turning his head, he saw a stubbled chin and was momentarily stunned before recognizing it as Jing Baiyuan's.

    Jing Baiyuan usually had a busy schedule, and by the time Chu Li woke up, he was already gone. It was rare for Chu Li to find him still asleep when he woke up.

    Feeling curious, Chu Li shifted slightly but noticed a weight on his arm, as if something was pressing against it.

    Looking down, he saw the little key nestled in his embrace, sound asleep.

    It was quite delightful – the big cat held onto him while he held onto the little one.

    Chu Li smiled and gently pushed the kitten forward. It stirred, looking at him with a hint of reproach – clearly, despite its clinginess, the two-legged creature still preferred the big cat. Hmph, the kitten curled up into a ball, showing its disdain and ignoring these two-legged beings.

    For his part, Chu Li freed some space to turn around, rolling onto his side to face Jing Baiyuan.

    The warmth of the covers enveloped him. He stretched out his hand to stroke Jing Baiyuan's stubble, then traced his Adam's apple.

    As his hand continued downward to touch Jing Baiyuan's chest, his wrist was suddenly caught.

    Looking up innocently, Chu Li found that Jing Baiyuan had awakened.

    Jing Baiyuan's gaze was profound as he gazed at him quietly, "What are you doing?"

    With an innocent expression, Chu Li attempted to retract his hand but failed, causing his face to flush immediately as he hurriedly said, "What are you doing... Get up now that you're awake!"

    However, he still couldn't escape and ended up being kissed thoroughly while pressed against the bed.

    After that, he started throwing a tantrum, refusing to get out of bed and asking Jing Baiyuan to cook for him instead.

    Jing Baiyuan didn't resist at all. He gently patted Chu Li's head before getting up and leaving.

    Chu Li lingered in bed for a while before finally getting up in his pajamas to look for Jing Baiyuan. It was already early summer, and the room wasn't cold. He hadn't even put on any shoes. When Jing Baiyuan turned around and saw that Chu Li had come down barefoot, he immediately frowned and carried him to the sofa in the living room.

    Chu Li was dissatisfied. "Aren't you not wearing clothes either?"

    This person disliked wearing pajamas and usually slept in loose short-sleeved shirts and shorts. After being together with Chu Li, they spent most of their time in close contact, and Chu Li enjoyed the feeling of being able to touch his abs anytime he wanted. Gradually, Jing Baiyuan stopped wearing a top altogether.

    It had to be said that Jing Baiyuan's appearance in just shorts was incredibly enticing. His well-built and muscular physique, firm waistline exuding strength, and all the suggestive contours concealed beneath the elastic waistband of his shorts were simply irresistible.

    One couldn't help but want to reach out and pull down those slightly loose shorts.

    But Jing Baiyuan replied, "I found that Little Key had urinated in my wardrobe, so I can't wear any of my clothes."

    Chu Li's eyes widened in surprise as his gaze fell on the little Key, who had just emerged from the bedroom. The kitten, sensing something, paused in its lazy movements and meowed questioningly, "Meow?"

    "Little Key!" Chu Li complained. "How could you pee in the wardrobe?!"

    "Meow..." What malicious intentions could a little kitten have?

    Realizing that it had been caught in the act, Little Key darted back into the room. Chu Li struggled to get up to scold the cat but was firmly pressed back onto the sofa by Jing Baiyuan.

    Chu Li protested, "I need to teach it a lesson! Otherwise, it'll do it again!"

    Jing Baiyuan, however, suggested, "Let's eat first... Besides, it's too late for any scolding now. The urine has already dried by the time I found it."

    Disciplining small animals only worked when the mistake was fresh in their minds. After so much time had passed, even if they were to reason with Little Key by the wardrobe, the kitten would merely think that the bipedal creature was being unreasonable.

    "Alright then." Chu Li was pushed back down again. He sat on the sofa, looking at Jing Baiyuan. "What will you do about it?"

    Jing Baiyuan replied, "There's still the shirt. We can buy a new one when we go out later."

    For now, they would deal with it at home.

    Chu Li blinked innocently. Was this really unintentional?

    But cooking in a shirt at home seemed even stranger.

    Chu Li quickly gave in. "Alright then." After all, he would still get to enjoy the view.

    Jing Baiyuan, however, had no other intentions. Sometimes, this man was just disconnected from romance. He calmly entered the kitchen and even put on the pink apron with a cartoon cat design that Chu Li had received as a gift when they last went grocery shopping two weeks ago.

    How meticulous.

    Sitting on the couch in the living room, Chu Li peered through the kitchen door. As he watched, he couldn't help but laugh, rolling onto the depths of the sofa while hugging his pillow.

    After a while, Jing Baiyuan finished cooking and came out. He set the table and fetched Chu Li's slippers from the kitchen, placing them before him to wear.

    Chu Li deliberately remained seated on the couch and stretched his foot out towards Jing Baiyuan.

    The foot was fair and slender, with rounded nails that had a slight pink tint. Jing Baiyuan glanced at it, suddenly recalling the image of that foot buried beneath the sheets, tense and taut. His Adam's apple bobbed as he reluctantly crouched down to help Chu Li with his shoes.

    After putting on the slippers, he stood up again and asked, "Do you need me to carry you?"

    Feeling slightly embarrassed by such attentive care, Chu Li got up from the sofa himself and whispered, "I'm not crippled, you know."

    To be honest, he had just a moment ago wished for Jing Baiyuan to carry him.

    Jing Baiyuan merely watched from the side without exposing his thoughts.

    Chu Li went to the bathroom to wash his hands, and Jing Baiyuan followed closely behind. As they reached the door, Jing Baiyuan suddenly paused as a call came in.

    He answered it and listened for a while before responding, "Mm, I understand. I'll head over this afternoon."

    After hanging up, he found Chu Li already seated at the dining table. As he went to wash his hands, he informed Chu Li, "I have something to attend to this afternoon. Come with me."

    Chu Li, who was already holding chopsticks, froze upon hearing this. "Where are we going?"

    "To Qian Yun Star..." Jing Baiyuan entered the bathroom and spoke while washing his hands, "The one we mentioned earlier, the planet that's being prepared as the new capital."

    "Ahh!" Chu Li immediately perked up. "Sure!"

    They quickly finished their meal and left the house together.

    Lukang was not far from Qianyun Star, and the journey took just over two hours.

    Qianyun Star was a bustling planet with technological development comparable to that of Lanwen Star. It had once been a satellite planet of Lukang, and many members of the Expeditionary Force would settle their families there, creating a vast ecosystem. Half of Qianyun Star's prosperity was due to this reason.

    Walking down the streets of Qianyun Star with Jing Baiyuanting, Chu Li felt as if he had returned to Lanwen Star.

    No, this place is still different from Lanwen Star.

    Jing Baiyuanting held Chu Li's hand, interlacing their fingers. "We might settle on this planet from now on."

    Qianyun Star left a beautiful first impression on Chu Li. The pedestrians strolling along the road all seemed relaxed. In the interstellar era, even during wars, it was difficult for conflicts to affect those living on planets... After taking a look around, Chu Li found the place delightful. He tightened his grip on Jing Baiyuanting's hand and said, "Sounds good."

    Jing Baiyuanting suggested, "Let's take a stroll and see what's around."

    The two of them walked down the street like any ordinary couple.

    After a while, they came across a pet store. In the display window, there was an animal with a long, fluffy tail that resembled a squirrel. Out of curiosity, Chu Li approached for a closer look. Unintentionally, he startled the pet, which let out a sharp squeak before pouncing at Chu Li's face and darting back into its nest.

    Chu Li was startled too and stood up straight, innocently touching his nose.

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting tugged at him. "Are you hurt?"

    Chu Li was helpless. "No... with the glass barrier, how could I get hurt...?"

    He just couldn't understand why that little creature was so afraid of him. Was he... that disliked by small animals?

    At that moment, the pet store owner emerged from inside and leaned against the door frame, smiling at him. "Do you have a cat at home?"

    Chu Li was taken aback and nodded. "How did you know?"

    The owner explained, "This is a hopping hare. Although its name has 'hare,' it's actually a rodent, and they're terrified of cats. They have a keen sense of smell, so probably they caught a whiff of your scent."

    As he spoke, the owner stepped aside to let Chu Li see the store's interior. Inside were numerous cages filled with small animals that could fit in one hand.

    The owner continued, "I run a pet shop, but I don't keep cats here."

    Baiyuan asked Chu Li, "Do you want to go in and take a look?"

    Chu Li quickly shook his head. "Never mind, never mind. There must be many hopping hares inside. Our entrance would surely scare them to death."

    The shop owner beamed and said, "Come back next time after you've taken a bath and changed clothes. You're so good-looking; I can even give you a hopping rabbit as a gift."

    The owner was an Alpha. Upon hearing this, Jing Baiyuan immediately changed his tune. "Forget it then, let's not go in. It wouldn't be good if we scare them."

    Chu Li never expected to be flirted with in such a place, and Jing Baiyuan took it so seriously. He felt utterly embarrassed and quickly flashed a smile at the owner. "Alright, I'll definitely come back next time."

    Then, he nudged Jing Baiyuan to leave.

    After walking a considerable distance, he glared at Jing Baiyuan and said, "He was just joking with you!"

    Jing Baiyuan felt invigorated from being glared at and reached out to embrace Chu Li, but Chu Li dodged him.

    They strolled around for a while longer until Jing Baiyuan received a message from Ya Lan asking them to meet at the city hall entrance.

    In this world, each planet had a high degree of autonomy. Essentially, a planet functioned as an independent nation, merely affiliated with the Empire or Alliance. There were some planets with advanced economies and technologies that even Blue Stripe Star couldn't control.

    Qian Yun Star used to be one such planet. However, it was developed by the Expeditionary Force, so its residents had always held a distant attitude towards Blue Stripe Star, instead having a strong affinity for the Expeditionary Force.

    Upon learning that Jing Baiyuan intended to make this place the capital, the Planet Governor immediately agreed without hesitation and even offered to vacate his position.

    Jing Baiyuan, however, remained silent. He knew how to wage war but might not be proficient in governing a nation. A reliable politician was precisely what he urgently needed. The Planet Governor held deep affection for the Expeditionary Force; he couldn't possibly evacuate them just to establish the capital here.

    More discussion was required on this matter.

    Nonetheless, the decision to establish the capital was essentially settled. Jing Baiyuan's visit today was to inspect the local situation.

    The Planet Governor had already summoned all the district mayors to meet with Jing Baiyuan.

    Their brief stroll ended there, and Jing Baiyuan led Chu Li towards the City Hall.

    In front of the City Hall stood an expansive square, with a musical fountain at its center. From afar, they could see someone waiting by the fountain.

    As their taxi pulled over, a short, plump man in a suit approached them. "Excuse me, are you General Jing Baiyuan?"

    Chu Li alighted first. The man probably didn't recognize Chu Li, so his gaze wandered over him before he stammered, "Um... How should I address this gentleman?"

    Chu Li replied, "I'm surnamed Chu."

    "Mr. Chu..." After a brief greeting, the man couldn't help glancing behind Chu Li.

    At that moment, Jing BaiyuanYuanting alighted from the vehicle. He stood beside Chu Li and casually draped an arm around his shoulders. With a detached expression, he nodded at the captain of the starship, "It's me."

    "Admiral!" Brightness flickered in the eyes across the planet, but upon seeing Chu Li standing beside Jing Baiyuan, confusion clouded their expressions.

    May I ask... what is the relationship between Mr. Chu here and their Commander? Why do they appear so close?

    Only now did Chu Li realizet that his relationship with Jing Baiyuan, or Yuanting for short, was not exactly "public."

    While the people of Lu Gang may be aware, others beyond this place are not. At most, I could be considered Jing Baiyuan's lover or boyfriend.

    However, Jing Baiyuan's status was unique now. This relationship wasn't substantial enough to be showcased before others... Understanding this, Chu Li was about to step away from Jing Baiyuan, but Jing Baiyuan held him firmly and said to the planet leader, "He is my beloved."

    The term 'beloved' carried a particular connotation in this world, signifying a married spouse.

    Only those who were legally wed could be referred to as one's 'beloved.'

    Chu Li swallowed his words. He turned to look at Jing Baiyuan, hesitating to speak further.

    But with outsiders present, he found himself unable to voice his thoughts and thus remained silent.

    The Planet Governor was evidently startled as well, casting another glance at Chu Li before immediately realizing the inappropriateness of his question. He quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, I... I didn't know..."

    Jing Baiyuan said, "We haven't had the chance to hold our wedding ceremony yet. If everything goes smoothly, it will take place on Qianyun Star very soon."

    The Admiral was going to hold his wedding on Qianyun Star! The Planet Governor's face flushed with excitement as he rubbed his hands together, saying, "Well... then let me offer my advance congratulations to the both of you."

    Chu Li: "..."

    After a while, once the initial greetings were exchanged, the Planet Governor led the way forward. Chu Li leaned closer to Jing Baiyuan and pinched the soft flesh under his shirt, gritting his teeth. "Who said anything about marrying you?"

    Jing Baiyuan held his hand and whispered, "I'm sorry, Xiao Li."

    Chu Li: !!

    He sure apologized quickly! But did he truly understand where he went wrong?


    This was clearly not the time for emotional disputes. They soon entered the main hall of the City Hall, where many people had been waiting for them.

    In front of outsiders, Jing Baiyuan was always stern and unsmiling. He didn't speak much, leaving all the talking to Ya Lan.

    They discussed many matters, encompassing independence, nation-building, selecting a capital... and naming their nascent country.

    Currently, there are two nations in the galaxy: the Steinar Alliance, whose name, in ancient parlance, conveys a bond as close as brothers; and the Butler Empire, whose meaning is quite evident without further explanation.

    As for Deerport's intention to establish a new nation, it would naturally opt for a federal system, granting autonomy to its constituent planets, perhaps even more so than the Alliance itself. However, when it came to selecting a name for the nation, it seemed that opinions among the people diverged.

    Some proposed to name it after the expeditionary force, but Ya Lan vetoed the idea, citing the overly ominous aura of warfare associated with military names. Another suggestion arose to honor it with the name "Deer Harbor," yet Jing Baiyuan firmly dismissed this proposal as well.

    After hours of discussion, no conclusion was reached. Chu Li, who had been listening quietly by the side, gradually understood the situation. The problem was actually straightforward, but unfortunately, the people present were all military men with no knack for naming; thus, their suggestions were peculiar and unconventional. He certainly did not wish to introduce himself as someone from the "Great Fortunate and Beneficial Nation" when he stepped out in the future!

    Seeing that they were still deeply engrossed in their debate, Chu Li cautiously spoke up, "Since we've decided to establish the capital on Qian Yun Star, why not simply name it Qian Yun... It would be easier to remember."

    Everyone fell silent, turning their attention to Chu Li.

    Uncertain if he had said something inappropriate, Chu Li shifted nervously closer to Jing Bai Yuan Ting.

    A moment later, Ya Lan slapped his thigh and exclaimed, "Right! There's already a suitable name. Why are we even discussing this?"

    Naming, perhaps, is a process where a group debates fervently until their hair falls out, only to realize in retrospect that the initial choice was best... In any case, simplicity is key.

    Chu Li suddenly felt that this newly established nation was different from what he had envisioned.

    After the naming, came another lengthy meeting. Chu Li realized that, for them, it was merely the beginning.

    The current ceasefire was due to the decree issued by the Galactic Court. Lancelot had reluctantly signed the agreement under duress... But he would not let things rest there.

    Once the truce period ended, Port Deer and Blue Stripe Star still had a battle to fight.

    But that was a matter for the future. For now, everyone was thrilled and joyful.

    The meeting dragged on until nightfall. After hastily eating a boxed meal, Chu Li was whisked away by Ya Lan, while Jing Baiyuan stayed behind on Qian Yun Star, seemingly occupied with other tasks.

    Unable to sleep at home, Chu Li decided to visit the base. As expected, the lights in the military medical department were still on, and no one had left.

    Before, Jing Baiyuan had assigned him a team, but the negotiation interrupted their plans. Now, these individuals had returned to the base and were studying in the military medical department.

    After the lesson from Jing Baiyuan, these people were much more obedient and studied diligently.

    Chu Li decided to join in as well, taking on his responsibilities as team leader.

    He knew that the situation was far from over and that they might resume fighting at any moment. This temporary truce was a precious opportunity they had to cherish.

    They were busy for about a week or so. Jing Baiyuan, once again, disappeared from sight. Chu Li asked the others from the expedition force, who told him that Jing was preparing for the grand ceremony of establishing their new nation. As the highest-ranking officer in Qianyun, Jing Baiyuan would undoubtedly take on the position of Supreme Commander. At the same time, he would also hold the title of Marshal in Luguang.


    A title that Blue Pattern Star had never given him, he now bestowed it upon himself.

    Eight days later, Chu Li received a call from Jing Baiyuan, asking him to visit Qianyun Star.

    Chu Li took leave from Li Yunhua and went to find Jing Baiyuan.

    Jing didn't specify what they would be doing but only instructed him to wait at the Music Plaza. Not long after Chu Li arrived, a car pulled up in front of him. "Are you Mister Chu?"

    Chu Li, who was still on the phone with Jing Baiyuan, was slightly taken aback. "Yes, it's me..."

    On the other end of the line, Jing Baiyuan said, "Is the person picking you up there? His name is Tang Feizhuo."

    Chu Li inquired, "Is your surname Tang?"

    The man hastily replied, "Y-yes, yes, the Marshal sent me to pick you up."

    Chu Li was impressed. They had already changed their tune... However, Jing Baiyuan hadn't been home for five or six days, yet he arranged a meeting without showing up himself. If it were anyone else, there might have been trouble at home. But Chu Li didn't bother arguing with him.

    Perhaps it was because this man gave him a sense of security that allowed him to trust Jing Baiyuan completely. Even if they didn't see each other for a few days, he felt no unease.

    Having confirmed that this was the person Jing Baiyuan had dispatched to fetch him, Chu Li got into the car.

    The vehicle weaved through the city and eventually arrived in a residential area, where standalone houses stood spaciously apart. Each was beautifully decorated, and some even had rose trellises in their gardens, now in bloom.

    Peering out the car window, Chu Li admired the scenery, inwardly sighing at its beauty.

    He could roughly guess what Jing Baiyuan wanted him here for.

    Sure enough, the car stopped in front of one of the houses. Tang Feizhuo didn't get out but simply smiled at Chu Li and said, "The Marshal is inside waiting for you."

    Chu Li raised an eyebrow, got out of the car, and walked into the courtyard. Coincidentally, another group was exiting the house. They greeted each other with a nod.

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting followed closely behind, spotting Chu Li and waving at him. "Come here."

    Chu Li replied, "Did you buy another property? This would be your third house."

    Even if houses in the interstellar era weren't valuable, it was still too provocative to have so many.

    But Jing Baiyuan Yuanting chuckled. "No, this is the Marshal's residence."

    Chu Li walked over to him, and he pointed around. "That one next to it is Ya Lan's, then over there is Hong Feng's, and that one over there is..."

    He mentioned several names, all of which were familiar.

    Got it, government allocation.

    Chu Li asked with a grin, "So, do I have one too?"

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting was taken aback and didn't respond for a while.

    Chu Li pretended to be disappointed. "Alright, I guess I'm not included..."

    He was about to step in when Jing BaiyuanYuanting pulled him back and embraced him tightly. Apparently, he wasn't skilled at expressing such sentiments, but he still managed to stammer through his words with determination: "Your... I... Mine... Isn't it already yours?"

    Author's Note:

    If you find the plot terrible, it's definitely my fault "Waste Sighs";

    I wanted to say something... Oh, I forgot "Gah".


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