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    Chapter 84

    084 (Main Story Conclusion)

    Fantastic! My favorite couple just got married!

    Chu Li and Bai Xian arranged a full health check for Jing Baiyuan, and after confirming there were no issues, they let him go to attend to his work.

    After Jing Baiyuan left, Chu Li joined Bai Xian in studying the information on the Snow Mountain Beast Clan. They picked out the relevant details and sent them to Jing Baiyuan.

    In the evening, after finishing their work, the two returned home together to continue their research on the day's findings.

    "According to this document, if you focus, you can sense changes in your body. Why don't you try concentrating?"

    They spread out a carpet in the living room and placed the documents on the soft surface, sitting beside it.

    Perhaps due to their "reunion after a long time apart," Chu Li refused to sit properly across from Jing Baiyuan, insisting on snuggling into his embrace. Jing Baiyuan allowed it. Listening to his suggestion, he picked up the document, glanced at it briefly, then closed his eyes, attempting to sense any bodily changes.

    However, after several minutes, with no movement from behind him, Chu Li suspected Jing Baiyuan had fallen asleep and turned to look at him.

    No response, his eyes remained closed.

    He had no choice but to stretch further to reach the documents in the distance.

    As a result of these three or two movements... nothing proper happened, but something improper certainly emerged.

    Chu Li froze in the position of leaning forward to grab the documents, oh dear, this was quite embarrassing. It seemed as if he was the boyfriend distracting someone from their serious work.

    Jing Baiyuan Yuanting also helplessly placed a hand on his waist, "Stop moving..."

    Chu Li: "...."

    Could he be blamed for this?

    But he didn't dare to say anything and obediently retreated back to his original spot.

    After a while, Jing Baiyuan Yuanting gave up, "This isn't going to work."

    They put the documents aside, and Jing Baiyuan said, "We need more evidence to examine."

    Chu Li fell silent, unsure how to confront this situation.

    Jing Baiyuan said, "Once we've dealt with everything here, let's visit my father's hometown. Perhaps we'll find answers there."

    Chu Li paused before responding, "Alright."

    Jing Baiyuan's primary responsibility at the moment was to stabilize the old empire and the Qian Yun Alliance.

    Due to his disappearance, unrest had erupted in many regions. To prevent the newly conquered territories from fragmenting, Jing Baiyuan had to quell these disturbances.

    This kept him busy for an entire month.

    A month later, Jing Baiyuan brought Chu Li back to Blue Stripe Star.

    Blue Stripe Star was where Lancelot was stationed and served as the imperial capital. Now that the empire had merged with the Qian Yun Alliance, Jing Baiyuan still designated Qian Yun Star as the alliance's capital, making Blue Stripe Star a complicated issue.

    He needed to handle the people and affairs here personally... As for why Chu Li accompanied him, Ya Lan had told him that they found an old acquaintance of his in the royal palace's dungeon.

    After the palace was bombed, the prisoners in the dungeon were protected by the sturdy cells and emerged unscathed. They had since been transferred to a hospital.

    Some of the mentally affected individuals had been transferred to a specialized rehabilitation center, while those who still had families and could live independently were being discharged today.

    Ya Lan asked Chu Li if he wanted to catch a glimpse of the person before their discharge. Chu Li was uncertain whether his presence would alleviate or further agitate the individual's condition.

    Yet, he went anyway.

    He had a faint premonition that the other person also wished to see him.


    When Chu Li saw Chu Heyang, he was still sitting on the hospital bed. Dressed in a blue-and-white striped patient gown, surrounded by white bedding and the hospital's identical white walls, the scene was so pristine that it almost felt suffocating. Only a sliver of sunlight filtering through the window broke the oppressive atmosphere, offering a small respite.

    He had lost a significant amount of weight, his body beneath the clothes resembling a mere skeleton.

    Moreover, Chu Li noticed that the scent of his pheromones was gone.

    His glands had been damaged.

    Yes, the one who had marked him was dead, and removing the mark inevitably harmed the glands... This was the outcome Chu Li had once destined for himself, but now, it had unexpectedly befallen Chu Heyang.

    Chu Heyang turned his head slowly at the sound of the door opening. Surprisingly, he didn't display any hysterical expression, but rather, a serene... numb gaze.

    Chu Li paused.

    Chu Heyang opened his mouth, his voice hoarse. "You still came."

    "Mm," Chu Li replied, standing by the door, unsure whether he should approach.

    Chu Heyang continued, "I've thought about it for a long time and still don't understand what I did wrong. Perhaps it was because I failed to see through... his facade that I fell for his deception."

    "But you were the same with Jing Baiyuan. Didn't you truly know him when you were together? Why did your outcome turn out so differently from mine?"

    Others might not know the details of his relationship with Jing Baiyuan, but Chu Heyang did. It was because Chu Li forgot to take his inhibitor injection, went into rut outside, and was marked by an unfamiliar Alpha.

    Before the marking, they hadn't even known each other, and after, they likely didn't meet for a long time... yet somehow, they reconnected later on.

    Hearing this, Chu Li couldn't help but sigh. He removed the stool and sat down by the bed. "That's precisely why it was a mistake."

    "What?" Chu Heyang was taken aback.

    Chu Li replied, "Forgetting to inject my pheromones was a mistake, so getting imprinted by an unfamiliar Alpha was the consequence of that punishment... It's just that the outcome turned out this way due to my good fortune. There's nothing more to be said about it."

    "But even if I hadn't been so lucky and didn't encounter Jing Baiyuan, I wouldn't have ended up like you."

    "Why is that?" Chu Heyang grew agitated once more, abruptly sitting upright. However, his sudden movement exacerbated his old injuries, causing him to cough violently.

    Looking at him, Chu Li felt a pang of sympathy.

    "I don't know what's going through your mind, but for me, I've long prepared myself to remove the mark and start anew."

    "So, even if that mistake had unfolded in the worst possible way, it would only mean me leaving Blue Stripe Star alone and living the rest of my life as an ordinary male Beta. Becoming like you... that's highly unlikely."

    "You were wrong from the beginning. Your mistake wasn't about who you met or whether they were good or bad... It was in your desire to rely on someone. The moment that thought emerged, it was already a mistake."

    Chu Heyang stared at Chu Li for a long while before saying, "I still don't understand."

    Chu Li replied, "You will sooner or later."

    Chu Heyang fell silent. Chu Li hadn't come here to reason with him. He wouldn't have said much even if Chu Heyang had asked why.

    Fate differs for all.

    Chu Li's choice might not be flawless; he was simply fortunate enough to encounter Jing Baiyuan.

    "Take care of your health. No matter what has transpired in the past, life goes on." With that, Chu Li rose, preparing to depart.

    He reached the door, his hand already on the handle, when Chu Heyang behind him suddenly spoke, "Wait a moment."

    He halted, but didn't turn back.

    After a while, when the person behind him remained silent, Chu Li pushed open the door and left.

    Outside, Jing Baiyuan was awaiting him.

    Since they were already at the hospital, they planned to get a check-up as well. Chu Li's rut seemed to have been delayed significantly this year; perhaps it was influenced by his emotions from before.

    "Are you done?" The bright sunlight bathed Jing Baiyuan, casting a gentle glow on his chiseled features.

    Chu Li suddenly felt incredibly fortunate.

    He stepped forward and intertwined his fingers with Jing Baiyuanting's, saying, "Alright, let's go."


    They stayed on Blue Vein Star for a month, coincidentally coinciding with the day of the grand inauguration ceremony.

    The ceremony that once belonged to the Qian Yun Alliance had been postponed due to the war with Blue Vein Star and had yet to take place until now.

    Now, Blue Vein Star was also incorporated into Qian Yun's domain... The inauguration ceremony could be held simultaneously.

    In the end, Jing Baiyuanting didn't assume the position of the Chief of the Qian Yun Alliance. He discussed with others and selected a suitable candidate instead. The Chief of the Alliance was different from an emperor; their authority wasn't as extensive. As long as General Jing Baiyuanting kept the military power in his own hands, no major incidents would occur.

    Before the inauguration ceremony, Jing Baiyuanting managed to convince Chu Li to leave the planet with him.

    Their wedding was also scheduled for that same day.

    Together, they went to choose their wedding bands. On the wedding day, under the live broadcast cameras reaching across the entire galaxy, Jing Baiyuanting placed the ring on Chu Li's finger.

    Chu Li was very nervous; his palms were sweaty when the wedding band was being put on.

    Jing Baiyuan, however, held his hand gently and whispered, "Don't be afraid, I'm here with you."

    Chu Li, who had been on edge, suddenly relaxed. He was right.

    He was there.

    Chu Li opened his hand, allowing him to slip the ring on.

    The moment the ring was in place, cheers erupted from the audience below.

    Chu Li could hear Ya Lan shouting at the top of her lungs,

    "Fantastic! The couple I shipped just got married!!"

    Author's Note:

    That's it for the main story!

    Thank you all so much!!

    There will also be some extra chapters. I'll take a two-day break to correct typos... These past few days, I've been barely managing to keep up with the updates. I need to adjust my pace.

    In the extras, I'll write about their journey back to their hometown in search of a way to turn into cats while still retaining their human side – of course, that's impossible! I want both my cat and my human form! I also want to write about two cats cuddling; cat-on-cat cuddles are too adorable! QwQ Every day, when I see two cats cuddling in my yard, I feel like sharing it – they're so cute! But those days are long gone; now, they hiss at each other whenever they meet... There's a reason why Little Key hisses at the Admiral every day.

    Anyway, see you in the extras!

    Next, I'll work on "The Young Master Is Pretending to Be Poor (Showbiz)" – please add it to your collections.

    I'll revise the synopsis and start writing the opening... I'll release it once I've made the necessary changes.

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