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    Chapter 55: Thank You for Everything You've Done for the Mo Family

    Li Liang was in the midst of a heated argument with the He family when he saw his wayward daughters fighting once again. It was like having two headaches at once.

    Disregarding the He family's insults, he hurriedly pulled his sons to intervene in the family feud.

    The He family, witnessing this spectacle, felt a sense of schadenfreude.

    By now, Li Rouer had lost all semblance of humanity.

    Her face, which had previously been beaten into a pig's by He Zhiran, now bore countless scratches, a sight that sent shivers down one's spine.

    Li Liang nearly choked with rage upon seeing this scene.

    "Li Rouer, I used to think highly of you and always wanted to help fulfill your desires. But now I realize you're nothing but a worthless troublemaker who ruins everything."

    Hearing her father, who had always favored her, scold her like this only fueled Li Rouer's hatred for He Zhiran.

    If not for He Zhiran reviving Zhou Laoba, Li Hu wouldn't have been sent to the authorities.

    She had planned on offering herself to Li Hu in hopes of receiving better treatment.

    But all her plans were ruined by that despicable He Zhiran.

    With this thought, Li Rouer clenched her fists tightly and whispered through gritted teeth, a sound only audible to herself, "He Zhiran, I swear you won't die an easy death."


    In the kitchen at the back of the inn, the aroma of cooked food was already wafting through the air.

    He Zhiran's homemade braised spare ribs had just been served, eliciting admiration from everyone present.

    Mo Hanyue, with her playful big eyes, looked up at He Zhiran in admiration. "Sister-in-law Nine, it's my first time seeing someone turn bones into such a delectable dish. I admire you so much."

    He Zhiran realized that her innocent and naive sister-in-law had become her devoted admirer.

    "The principle is similar to stewed meat; it's just that we used to live comfortably and never considered eating bones."

    He Zhiran spoke the truth. According to ancient records and the memories of her original host, wealthy families in this era would not typically purchase bones with little meat on them.

    Hence, it was no surprise that those from prominent households were unaware of the deliciousness of spare ribs.

    Looking at her ninth daughter-in-law, Old Madam Mo felt a inexplicable pang of sadness. She, too, had once been cherished by the He couple. Yet, after only two days of marriage, she was sent into exile with her husband's family. It was truly difficult for her to learn how to manage finances so quickly.

    Unaware of her mother-in-law's thoughts, He Zhiran filled a bowl with the long-desired braised spareribs and handed it to an elder sister-in-law, asking her to place it on the dining table first. As for the rest, Old Madam Mo, as the head of the household, would distribute them fairly.

    Old Madam Mo was known for her impartiality, treating the Fangs and Xie families equally. The food was allocated according to the number of family members. She was also generous towards the officials, as maintaining good relations with them might alleviate some hardships on the journey.

    Moreover, the sisters-in-law were always hoping for Ninth Brother and Ninth Sister-in-law to quickly foster affection, urging He Zhiran to take their meals to share with Mo Jiuye.

    He Zhiran wasn't the type to be overly reserved. Since arriving here, she believed that her relationship with Mo Jiuye had been fairly harmonious. Sharing a meal alone together was nothing out of the ordinary.

    Seeing the aromatic food being served, Mo Jiuye knew that it was all thanks to He Zhiran that they could enjoy such delightful meals on this exile journey.

    Before he started eating, he sincerely said, "Thank you for everything you've done for the Mo family."

    This unexpected expression of gratitude left He Zhiran momentarily stunned.

    "Well... we're all one family. I like Mother, my sisters-in-law, and Little Aunt, so I'm willing to do these things willingly."

    Was it just because she liked them?

    For some reason, upon hearing He Zhiran's words, Mo Jiuye's first thought was this question. His years of warfare had honed his ability to conceal his thoughts well in front of her.

    Mo Jiuye was never a talkative person. After expressing his gratitude, he found himself at a loss for words.

    Thus, he picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

    After tasting a piece of pork rib, he instinctively believed that this dish must have been prepared by He Zhiran. Others likely couldn't replicate such a flavor.

    The ladies also praised the ribs, claiming they were even more delectable than the meat itself.

    Unfortunately, with so many diners, the limited number of ribs meant that each person could only enjoy a small portion.

    Throughout their meal, the officials' conversation consistently revolved around He Zhiran. They all agreed that although this mission offered the least financial rewards, the opportunity to savor such culinary delights made it worthwhile.

    After dinner and freshening up, He Zhiran and Mo Jiuye sat in the room, their eyes locked, waiting for the right moment when Mo Jiuye would silently slip out.

    During these moments of solitude, both felt a slight awkwardness in their hearts.

    With a sigh of relief, He Zhiran finally relaxed on her bed after Mo Jiuye left. Her consciousness drifted into the space. She wanted to check if her shop application had been approved from the previous day.

    To her delight, her phone screen displayed that the review was successful, allowing her to add product links.

    Adding product links wasn't complicated. The app had a camera function—she just needed to take photos of the items and upload them.

    Mo Jiuye had just left, so it was unlikely he would return too soon.

    For convenience, He Zhiran decided to enter the space directly.

    She randomly picked a vase and mentally transported it into the operating room.

    There was stronger lighting there, which would make the product photos look even better.

    Imagining the way those products were photographed before, He Zhiran planned to capture images of the vase from every angle.

    However, when she aligned her phone's camera with the vase, she realized there was no shutter button to be found.

    As He Zhiran was somewhat perplexed, a product appraisal message appeared on her phone screen.

    "A vase from the Shun Dynasty, undamaged, valued between 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. Would you like to list it for sale?"

    He Zhiran had just been worrying about her inability to determine the value of these antiques. To her surprise, this mall was so user-friendly that it could solve her most vexing problem.

    Without hesitation, she chose to list the item for sale.

    He Zhiran was not greedy; she set the selling price at the lowest valuation.

    Forty thousand is already very satisfying for her, not to mention the numerous items she managed to acquire from the palace that can be sold.

    If the proceeds from selling these antiques were used to live in modern times, she would undoubtedly be a major winner in life.

    Regrettably, she has already transmigrated here; those dreams of being a modern life champion can only remain as fantasies.

    My thoughts returned to the present, and with a choice price set, the item was successfully listed for sale. In the same instance, the antique vase that had previously sat before me vanished into thin air.

    He Zhiran intends to inspect the product as a discreet customer.

    This glimpse only increased her satisfaction with the platform.

    The price of the item was indeed 400,000 yuan. She was curious how the built-in camera function within the app managed to achieve such clarity. There were eight product images, providing a clear view from every angle. Not only that, but the dimensions of the item were clearly marked as well.


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