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    Chapter 61: Ancient and Modern Couriers

    Today, the officials showed an unusual act of kindness by giving each prisoner a black steamed bun.

    Despite this, their empty stomachs grumbled incessantly after days without proper sustenance.

    Li Rouer's uninjured hand clenched into a fist so tightly that her nails pierced into her flesh without her notice.

    Zhu, the first to detect Li Rouer's distress, still trembled with fear at the memory of being beaten by Mo's family. She whispered a warning to Li Rouer, "Rouer, we're no match for that venomous woman. We should avoid provoking them in the future."

    Li Rouer glared at Zhu fiercely.

    She had no words for her mother, who had always passively accepted her fate. Turning away, Li Rouer closed her eyes, pretending to rest while her mind was filled with the image of Mo Jiuye crouching beside the stove, helping He Zhiran kindle a fire.

    From a distance, although the couple didn't exchange words, the harmony between them was a painful sight for Li Rouer.

    Ever since Mo Jiuye saved her from the panicked horse, the moment she laid eyes on him, she was captivated by his extraordinary demeanor that set him apart from ordinary men. Of course, his title as Duke also added to his allure.

    As time passed, her desire to marry Mo Jiuye grew stronger.

    So when she learned that He Zhiran had successfully married him, she wished she could personally dismantle their union.

    Now that Mo Jiuye was no longer the youngest Duke in Datun, her rational mind told her that no matter how handsome he was, he would never be the right match for her.

    The days of wandering had instilled fear in Li Rouer of such a nomadic lifestyle.

    The only way to escape this predicament was to find a way out...

    After the Mo family enjoyed a hearty meal, before complete darkness set in, He Zhiran led everyone in preserving the remaining fish with salt, tying them with grass ropes and hanging them around the wooden carts.

    By the time they finished, it was already nightfall. The Mo, Fang, and Xie families promptly set up their tents.

    He Zhiran's designed tents were spacious enough for two, and the sisters-in-law intuitively paired up before entering their respective shelters.

    Lady Old Mo accompanied Mo Hanyue in her tent.

    Without a doubt, He Zhiran and Mo Jiuye were assigned to the same shelter.

    The officials, apart from those on guard duty, also followed the Mo family's example and squeezed into the tents.

    The He and Li families watched this scene with bitterness, their frustration mounting.

    Both families had been subjected to the same imperial decree of exile, so why was there such a disparity in their treatment?

    Li Yuer and Li Ruer clung to Li Liang's arm, weeping uncontrollably.

    "Dad, I don't want to sleep outside. In the morning, my clothes get soaked with dew."

    "Dad, please ask those officials if they can give us one of those tents too, okay?"

    Li Liang, already in a foul mood, felt dizzy from his daughters' constant tugging. Irritated, he rebuked them, "If you want a tent, go ask for it yourselves. I don't have that kind of influence."

    If the sisters possessed such courage, why would they need to beg their father here?

    Rejected, they could only express their discontent through tears, daring not to utter another word.

    Madam Li sympathized with her two daughters, but she knew deep down that even if she were to kneel before those officials, they wouldn't spare a tent for them.

    She hurriedly pulled her two daughters aside to console them.

    A similar scene unfolded in the He family. Everyone swarmed around He Zhiyuan, urging him to find a way to request a tent from the officials.

    He Zhiyuan's mind was surprisingly clear at this moment. He knew this was an impossible request and immediately shot down their hopes with a dose of reality.

    "That oil cloth was purchased by the Mo family and made into tents by them. If you want one, go buy the materials with silver and learn to make your own."

    This single statement left the He family speechless.

    If they had silver, why would they be surviving on black flour buns every day?

    Not only did they lack silver, they lacked tents, and even the skill to catch fish...

    On the first day of using the tent, it gained approval from everyone.

    Including the officials, they were experiencing for the first time that escorting convicts could be an enjoyable task.

    It wasn't He Zhiran's first time being alone with Mo Jiuye; thus, she no longer felt any pressure around him.

    Hearing the steady breathing beside her, He Zhiran's consciousness entered the Space.

    The Taobao store had been open for a whole day, with various items displayed for sale. Naturally, she needed to check on the sales.

    As soon as she opened the Taobao page, a dialogue box popped up on the screen.

    "There is a record of successful transactions in the shop. The income has been automatically deposited into your Alipay account."

    He Zhiran hastily clicked to view her account balance.

    She saw an additional 7,500 yuan in her account.

    Seeing this figure, He Zhiran was slightly bewildered.

    In her online shop, the least expensive item was priced at 15,000 yuan, so what on earth was this 7,500 yuan about?

    To clarify her confusion, He Zhiran returned to the app to check the merchant's transaction records.

    It didn't take long for her to nearly burst with rage upon seeing them.

    The transaction record showed that the silver hairpin in her store had been sold today, at a price of 15,000 yuan.

    As expected, the platform deducted 10% of the sale price as service fees.

    However, the shipping fee was a whopping 40% of the price, which amounted to 6,000 yuan...

    He Zhiran couldn't help but curse inwardly. What kind of ruthless courier company would charge such an exorbitant delivery fee?

    Determined to understand why she was being ripped off, she continued searching for answers.

    After some digging, she finally found the name of the courier company—Ancient and Modern Express!

    This was a new one to her, but from the name alone, it was clear that the company specialized in transporting goods from ancient times to modern days.

    This suggested that there were other transmigrators like her using the shopping platform as well.

    However, the other users were of no concern to He Zhiran. All she wanted to know was why the delivery fees were so exorbitant.

    Fortunately, there was an introduction to the courier company:

    Ancient and Modern Express Delivery Company was established in YYYY.

    Target Customers: All transmigrators who have set up shops on the Taobao Baby app.

    Charges: 40% of the product's selling price.

    For inquiries, please contact the live customer service.

    He Zhiran promptly tapped on the 'Contact Live Customer Service' button.

    Soon, a series of standardized messages appeared on the screen.

    He Zhiran, too lazy to read through them meticulously, typed her question:

    Can the shipping fee be discounted?

    Customer Service: "Due to the fact that your item needs to be transported through time and space to reach the customer, the delivery cost is substantial, thus the price cannot be reduced."

    He Zhiran: Why isn't there such a high shipping fee for the items I purchase?

    Customer Service: Other merchants use different shipping methods.

    He Zhiran...

    She accepted it. Who asked her to be a time traveler?

    Not being greedy, she quickly came to terms with it.

    In any case, this allowed her to earn income within the Taobao Baby app, which meant she could now afford to buy necessary items according to her financial capabilities.

    With her first earnings, He Zhiran's first concern was the safety issue in this new environment.


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