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    Chapter 64 - Dying Like This Would Be Too Lenient for Her

    However, Li Rouer found it hard to accept these words coming from Mo Jiuye.

    He was the man she once loved—how could he say such things?

    "Mo Jiuye, do you know how desperately this woman didn't want to marry you? She feared that, like your eight late sisters-in-law, she would become a widow if she married into the Mo family. She sought me out many times, looking for ways to back out of our engagement. Furthermore, she's been selfish and irresponsible since she was young. A woman like her doesn't deserve your protection."

    Though they hadn't spent much time together, He Zhiran's personality and treatment of the Mo family were not foreign to Mo Jiuye.

    "My woman, Mo Jiuye's woman, deserves my protection even at the cost of my life. That has nothing to do with you," he declared.

    Li Rouer was thoroughly provoked by Mo Jiuye's words. Using the sharp edge of the rock, she slowly stood up, pressing it against Xie Lin's throat.

    Her still-swollen face took on an even more menacing appearance.

    "In that case, I don't intend to waste words with you. I'll give you two options.

    Either let me go, and once I reach a safe place, I'll spare this boy's life. Or second..."

    "There's no need to continue. There's no way we're letting you leave," He Zhiran interrupted Li Rouer with a cold tone.

    Just then, several bailiffs arrived at the scene.

    Spotting Li Rouer holding Xie Lin hostage, they scolded her.

    "Li Rouer, do you know the fate of a fugitive?"

    At this point, Li Rouer was devoid of any fear. She realized that if she couldn't escape unscathed today, death would be her only option.

    "Hahaha... I don't care about any consequences. I haven't committed a crime, so why should I suffer these?!"

    As she spoke, she forcefully pressed the sharp edge of the stone against Xie Lin's neck.

    Blood trickled down Xie Lin's collar, staining her clothes.

    Xie Lin was still just a child, and the pain made her instinctively struggle.

    However, the more she wriggled, the harder it was for Li Rouer to control her grip, causing the wound to widen further.

    At the same time, Li Rouer retreated step by step while holding Xie Lin hostage.

    He Zhiran and Mo Jiuye, seeing the situation unfold, ignored the presence of the officials and simultaneously raised their arms, launching two hidden arrows at Li Rouer's forehead.

    In the blink of an eye, two arrows pierced Li Rouer's brow, causing her to instantly fall backward.

    Xie Lin's bound feet lost their balance, and she tumbled forward.

    With remarkable agility, Mo Jiuye swooped in, catching the youngster before she hit the ground, then swiftly turned and carried her away from the scene.

    Back at their original position, Zhang Qing stepped forward to remove the gag from Xie Lin's mouth.

    Upon closer inspection, he was taken aback by what he held in his hands.

    "Where did Li Rouer find that stinky sock? It's suffocating me..."

    Zhou Laoba sensed a familiarity in the smell and, simultaneously, glanced down at his barefoot.

    "This seems to be my sock."

    "Gag..." Zhang Qing couldn't hold back his nausea.

    "Cough, cough, cough... Zhou Laoba, your socks must be toxic..." Zhang Qing coughed, venting his frustration amidst the fits.

    Exposed for his smelly sock in front of He Zhiran, Zhou Laoba felt utterly humiliated.

    Fortunately, everyone's attention was not on him at the moment.

    Looking at Xie Lin's flushed face, He Zhiran momentarily struggled to discern whether her redness was due to restricted breathing or the foul odor from the sock.

    Regardless, the child was clearly suffering. Moreover, there was a scratch on his neck caused by a stone, which, though not severe, required timely attention.

    Hastily, she untied the hemp ropes binding the child's limbs and then fetched the waterskin from her waist to give him a sip.

    "Esteemed officials, we've found the person. Let's return promptly!"

    In front of so many people, she couldn't retrieve medical supplies from her spatial ring to tend to Xie Lin's wounds.

    Moreover, they had promised Peng Wang that they would return before dawn, regardless of whether they found the person or not.

    With this in mind, He Zhiran didn't want to waste another moment. She lifted Xie Lin and started walking back.

    Mo Jiuye and Zhou Laoba almost simultaneously rushed forward, intending to take Xie Lin from her.

    Zhou Laoba was a fraction slower than Mo Jiuye; just that tiny delay allowed Mo Jiuye to cradle Xie Lin in his arms.

    Then, without turning back, he continued walking alongside He Zhiran.

    Seeing the handsome couple walking ahead, seemingly in perfect harmony, Zhou Laoba deliberately slowed his pace, not wanting to intrude on their moment.

    However, the inexplicable sense of loss he felt was something only he could comprehend.

    Leaving two officials to deal with Li Rouer's corpse, the rest of the group hurried back to the camp.

    He Zhiran thought all the way that such a venomous woman like Li Rouer dying was too lenient for her.

    But then again, it was for the best, sparing her from causing more trouble and avenging the original owner in a small way.

    The group arrived at the camp swiftly.

    Upon seeing Xie Lin being carried back by Mo Jiuye, the Xie family immediately surrounded them.

    Seeing her loved ones, Xie Lin's eyes welled up with tears again. She reached out to Lu Shi for a hug.

    Crying, Lu Shi stepped forward and took Xie Lin into her arms.

    Just as she was about to inquire what had happened, Lu Shi turned her head slightly and noticed the wound on Xie Lin's neck.

    "Lin'er, how did you get hurt? Quickly tell Mother who did this to you... Waaa... My poor child."

    Hearing Lu Shi's cry, the entire Xie family rushed over to check on Xie Lin's condition.

    He Zhiran pushed through the crowd, "Everyone, calm down. I have some medicine for wounds. Hand the child to me, and I'll tend to his injuries."

    Hearing this, Lu ignored her concerns and grabbed He Zhiran's arm, ready to leave.

    "He, my sister-in-law will come with you."

    He Zhiran intended to use the resources from her space to treat Xie Lin's injuries; how could she allow outsiders to follow?

    She spoke gently, "The tent is quite cramped, and it might be too crowded for the three of us with Lin'er. Besides, treating superficial wounds won't take long. I'll return Lin'er to you shortly."

    Lu found reason in He Zhiran's words and cautiously passed Xie Lin over to her.

    "Then, I'll trouble you."

    "No trouble at all."

    He Zhiran took Xie Lin back to her own tent.

    Xie Lin had always been a well-behaved and sensible child. Despite being terrified by Li Rouer, she didn't cry or throw a tantrum in front of the family.

    Moreover, he understood that Aunt He was treating his wounds, and though it was painful, he endured it without shedding a tear, gritting his teeth.

    With her back to Xie Lin, He Zhiran swiftly tended to his injuries and bandaged them properly.

    When she emerged from the tent with Xie Lin, Zhang Qing had already recounted the incident to everyone.

    Upon learning that Li Rouer had abducted Xie Lin in an attempt to escape, Li Liang was so enraged that he nearly fainted. In a fit of anger, he slapped Madam Zhu, yelling, "It's all your fault! You couldn't even keep an eye on her, and now she's run away!"

    Ever since hearing that Li Rouer had been killed by Mo Jiuye and He Zhiran, Madam Zhu had been weeping uncontrollably, even contemplating following her daughter to the afterlife.

    Despite being slapped by Li Liang, she continued to sob without any reaction.


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