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    Chapter 97 - Their Target Is Me

    Seeing Peng Wang's words taking effect, the Fang family finally let out a sigh of relief.

    Fang Chuanzhou approached He Zhiran and asked for her assistance in resetting Madam Zhao's dislocated bone.

    In the meantime, the rest of the Fang family members stood before Mo Jiuye, kneeling and bowing in gratitude for saving Madam Zhao's life.

    He Zhiran skillfully realigned the protruding bone and then secured the injury with a few small wooden sticks she had found earlier.

    The Fang family thanked He Zhiran profusely once again. Fang Chuanzhou even vowed that it was Mo Jiuye and He Zhiran who saved Madam Zhao's life, and the Fangs would repay them no matter how hard they had to work.

    After a brief pause, they continued on their journey. Before nightfall, they chose a sheltered spot in a mountain hollow to rest. With Mo Jiuye around, there was no need for He Zhiran to worry about their surroundings; she only needed to focus on resting.

    The sisters-in-law also rushed to prepare dinner, leaving He Zhiran with some leisure time.

    The wind on the mountain was strong, and after dinner, everyone retreated into their tents.

    Despite Mo Jiuye's presence, He Zhiran still couldn't sleep soundly in such an environment.

    She entered her space and checked the wall clock; it was just past three in the morning.

    There was still some time before she needed to wake up, so He Zhiran closed her eyes, intending to catch a few more minutes of sleep.

    As her consciousness grew hazy, she sensed Mo Jiuye suddenly sit up beside her. At the same time, she faintly heard rustling sounds nearby.

    Instinctively, He Zhiran shot up, locking eyes with Mo Jiuye. Both of them sensed danger simultaneously.

    The couple quickly got themselves together and stepped out of the tent.

    The moment they emerged, they saw the two guards on duty collapse to the ground, arrows piercing their chests almost at the same instant.

    Mo Jiuye instinctively pulled He Zhiran to his side and spoke hastily.

    "The target is me. Stay here and don't move. I'll draw them away."

    No sooner had he finished speaking than he leaped into the air, bounding towards the distant thicket in a few swift movements.

    Dozens of black-clad figures emerged, pushing their speed to the limit as they followed Mo Jiuye's trail, occasionally shooting an arrow in his direction.

    Meanwhile, Peng Wang and the other officers, awakened by the commotion outside, stumbled out to investigate with bleary eyes.

    Spotting their two fallen comrades, Peng Wang promptly led his men to assist.

    He Zhiran watched as Mo Jiuye's figure rapidly vanished from sight, a single thought occupying her mind.

    She would fight alongside Mo Jiuye.

    With this determination, He Zhiran sprang into action, calling out to Peng Wang.

    "Brother Peng, there are assassins! I'm going to help my husband."

    Peng Wang attempted to intervene, but as he watched He Zhiran's figure grow smaller and smaller in the distance, he could only acquiesce to her actions and continue tending to his companion's affairs.

    By now, Mo Jiuye had led the group of black-clad figures further and further away.

    There was no way He Zhiran could catch up.

    Fortunately, her hearing was keen, allowing her to discern the direction of the sounds with careful attention.

    As He Zhiran pursued, she entered the spatial realm in her mind.

    In this critical moment, she put aside any hesitation and promptly retrieved the most powerful firearm from within the space – a machine gun.

    Despite the urgency of the situation, she didn't lose her wits. Using such advanced weaponry in ancient times would be problematic; if any of the black-clad men survived, they would undoubtedly report the incident.

    Should the one who sent the assassins turn out to be Emperor Shunwu, He Zhiran feared for the safety of her family members.

    Thus, she decisively purchased a hood, covering her head completely.

    Pursuing with a machine gun in hand, He Zhiran accurately determined Mo Jiuye's location based on the fallen black-clad figures on the ground.

    Finally, at the edge of a cliff, she witnessed the confrontation between the black-clad men and Mo Jiuye.

    At that moment, Mo Jiuye's wrist-mounted crossbow had run out of arrows, leaving him no choice but to prepare for a barehanded battle against his foes.

    Capitalizing on the black-clad men's focus on Mo Jiuye, He Zhiran seized an opportune position for her next move.

    In the quiet and vast valley, a series of deafening explosions echoed.

    He Zhiran successfully took down four or five of the assailants.

    Simultaneously, she drew the attention of everyone present.

    All the black-clad men turned their heads towards her direction.

    Mo Jiuye also spotted her figure.

    Never in his wildest dreams did he expect this woman to have the audacity to trail all the way here.

    Before Mo Jiuye could utter a word to dismiss her, He Zhiran pulled the trigger once more.

    Each of these black-clad warriors was highly skilled in martial arts. Having learned their lesson, they were now much more cautious.

    They moved with organized agility, dodging the bullets aimed at them.

    Although a few failed to evade the shots, the majority remained unharmed.

    The black-clad warriors exchanged silent glances, instantly synchronizing their actions.

    He Zhiran's shooting continued, targeting the men in black.

    Her barrage of bullets significantly relieved the pressure on Mo Jiuye.

    Seizing the opportunity, he approached her side. As the black-clad warriors drew closer to He Zhiran, Mo Jiuye didn't waste time with words. He encircled her waist and, using his lightness kung fu, retreated swiftly backward.

    He Zhiran also took advantage of the moment to fire another round at the attackers.

    The number of black-clad figures dwindled visibly before their eyes; they had assumed that with all of them eliminated, the assassination attempt would conclude.

    To their surprise, a few relentless pursuers emerged from behind, and a perilous situation arose ahead.

    Without suspicion, He Zhiran retrieved a Swiss Army knife from her space and handed it to Mo Jiuye, while she continued to fire at the remaining assailants.

    At this point, the two had instinctively entrusted their backs to each other.

    He Zhiran rained bullets on the few remaining black-clad figures, while Mo Jiuye brandished the knife to deflect the arrows flying in from the opposite direction.

    Fortunately, the black-clad figures on He Zhiran's side were swiftly dealt with. As soon as she turned around, Mo Jiuye pulled her behind him.

    "Stay behind me and don't come out."

    He Zhiran had come to assist, so how could she quietly hide behind him?

    She entered her space once again, purchasing two large shields which she placed in front of both herself and Mo Jiuye.

    In perfect unison, they retreated, intending to lure the black-clad figures out into the open.

    With a clear objective, both Mo Jiuye's close combat and He Zhiran's long-range shooting found their targets effortlessly.

    Sure enough, no sooner had the duo retreated about ten meters than the black-clad figures emerged from concealment, realizing that their arrows were ineffective against them.

    In He Zhiran's hands reappeared a rifle loaded with bullets, which she aimed and fired at the group of assailants.

    Though Mo Jiuye was unsure what kind of weapon He Zhiran wielded, he could deduce that it was more suitable for distant combat. Its potency would likely wane once the black-clad attackers closed in on her.

    To prevent these foes from getting too close and posing a threat to He Zhiran, Mo Jiuye left his shield with her and, employing his martial agility, charged forward to confront them head-on.


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