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    Chapter 98: Don't Move, Just Listen to Me

    The group of black-clad men behind them had already become somewhat disoriented.

    However, they still relied on their numerical advantage and had no intention of retreating.

    While Mo Jiuye was eliminating the enemies, he had to pay extra attention to He Zhiran, lest any of the black-clad men bypass him and harm her.

    Their cooperation could be said to be highly synchronized.

    Unexpectedly, just as He Zhiran was about to retrieve another machine gun from her space, three more black-clad men appeared out of nowhere behind her.

    They instantly surrounded He Zhiran.

    In this situation, if He Zhiran continued to use the machine gun, she would be signing her own death warrant.

    To change her strategy, He Zhiran decisively exchanged the machine gun in her hand for the same Swiss army knife that Mo Jiuye carried.

    Faced with three highly skilled black-clad men, He Zhiran's only option at the moment was to dodge their attacks.

    As she watched, Mo Jiuye had already dispatched the few black-clad men and was rushing to her rescue.

    He Zhiran, however, was cornered by three of these men at the edge of a cliff.

    One more step back, and she would plunge to her instant death.

    The black-clad men wouldn't let such an opportunity slip; their attacks on He Zhiran grew even more ruthless.

    Estimating the distance between herself and Mo Jiuye, He Zhiran realized that even with his unparalleled agility, he might not make it in time to save her.

    Better to leap off the cliff than be stabbed by these men, she reckoned. With the possibility of survival in the open air, she took the chance. Before jumping, she made a desperate move – not dodging the charging black-clad man, she plunged her saber into his chest, then her body swiftly tilted backward...

    Mo Jiuye's eyes turned bloodshot at the sight.


    In the midst of his cry, he vaulted over the black-clad man and followed He Zhiran in her plunge.

    With his head down, Mo Jiuye maintained the position of extending his right hand towards He Zhiran, pushing his inner strength to its limits, hoping to grab her before she fell off the cliff.

    The moment He Zhiran leaped, she had already made a plan.

    After descending a certain distance and ensuring that the black-clad men couldn't see her, she would swiftly hide into the space.

    Then, she would rapidly enter and exit it until it was safe to jump to the ground.

    Unexpectedly, just as she was about to enter the space, she lifted her eyes and saw Mo Jiuye following her descent.

    He Zhiran knew in her heart that even with his exceptional martial arts skills, there was little chance of survival for Mo Jiuye after jumping from such a height.

    Was he willing to risk his life?

    Without hesitation, for Mo Jiuye's survival, the moment their hands touched, He Zhiran focused her mind, and they both entered the space together.

    The surroundings abruptly changed, causing Mo Jiuye to immediately become alert and ready to act.

    However, when he saw He Zhiran standing before him, he instantly withdrew his movement.

    Gazing at the abundance of royal treasury items scattered on the ground and the unfamiliar surroundings, Mo Jiuye found himself at a loss for words.

    Since He Zhiran had chosen to bring him in, she was well aware that her secret space would no longer be hidden from him.

    Just as she was contemplating how to explain the situation to Mo Jiuye, he suddenly covered his abdomen with his hand, blood spilling from his lips.

    Mo Jiuye's entire body tilted backward uncontrollably.

    He Zhiran swiftly caught him before he could fall.

    Judging from her experience as a healer, his injuries were severe.

    Without wasting time, she mentally transported him into the surgical room.

    She stripped off Mo Jiuye's outer garments, revealing a white undergarment now stained crimson red.

    Without hesitation, He Zhiran undressed him entirely. Even for someone who had seen countless injured patients in her previous life, Mo Jiuye's numerous wounds left her stunned.

    Fortunately, his injuries seemed superficial; there were no visible signs of damage to his internal organs.

    Yet, his abdomen was a different story; not only were the muscles exposed, but one could vaguely see his organs beneath.

    He Zhiran felt a sudden pang of sorrow for no reason.

    How had he managed to endure such severe injuries?

    He even jumped off a cliff willingly to save her.

    Wasn't that courting death?

    She didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts. Rubbing her slightly bloodshot eyes, He Zhiran began to prepare for Mo Jiuye's surgical suturing.

    Three hours later, He Zhiran finally treated Mo Jiuye's most critical abdominal wound. While he was still under anesthesia, she sutured the other wounds and hung up an IV drip.

    Seeing the blood stains on Mo Jiuye's body, He Zhiran took the opportunity to give him a full-body cleanse.

    In her previous life, she had seen plenty of male patients and had long become desensitized. She saw them all as just another person.

    However, with Mo Jiuye, there was some inexplicable reason why she would blush and feel her heart race. Her eyes would even subconsciously avoid certain areas.

    After all the hustle and bustle, five hours had actually passed.

    Mo Jiuye's consciousness gradually returned to him.

    As he opened his eyes, what greeted him was the glaring light from the ceiling and a few transparent bottles on a shelf.

    He Zhiran had just taken a shower in the bathroom. Feeling that Mo Jiuye should be waking up soon, she came over to check on him.

    Mo Jiuye was still weak and found it difficult to speak. However, his eyes were fixed on her.

    He Zhiran knew what he was thinking – he wanted to know where they were.

    Since she chose to bring Mo Jiuye into this place, she had already prepared herself to reveal some truths.

    "Your injuries are severe. Don't move, just listen to me."

    Mo Jiuye blinked, signaling her to continue.

    "This is a space I stumbled upon by chance when I was young. At first, I was terrified, but as I got more familiar with it, I realized how extraordinary this place is..."

    He Zhiran began with a fib, gradually revealing the functions and benefits of the space to Mo Jiuye.

    "My medical skills were also learned within this space. When I stole from the national treasury, I transported those items into the space.

    Apart from that, there's something called a smartphone inside, which allows you to purchase many items that don't exist here..."

    He Zhiran spoke endlessly. In short, she had revealed almost all the secrets about the space to Mo Jiuye, excluding her identity as a time traveler.

    At first, Mo Jiuye was astonished, as what she described seemed too fantastical. However, recalling the treasures he had seen in the national treasury earlier, he found it plausible.

    If she didn't possess such extraordinary abilities, how could she have emptied the treasury?

    Indeed, the world is full of wonders.

    After hearing He Zhiran's entire story, Mo Jiuye struggled to respond.

    "This space of yours is too heaven-defying. For your own safety in the future, you must not let anyone else know about it."

    Of course, He Zhiran understood the peril of possessing something coveted by others. By bringing Mo Jiuye in, she aimed to save his life.

    Moreover, from the moment he followed her in leaping off the cliff, she had glimpsed into her true feelings and simultaneously perceived Mo Jiuye's attitude towards her.


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