Novel Summary
The day before the audition debut night, Lin Feinian had a dream that the world he lived in was actually a bloody novel.And the protagonist of the novel, Shou, is a weak roommate in the same dormitory.According to the plot in the book, Mr. Ba Zonggong quarreled with the protagonist because of various misunderstandings. As soon as the cold war began, he suppressed the team's resources and wanted the protagonist to admit his mistake first. In the end, he disbanded the men's team they had worked so hard to draft in a rage.Lin Feinian, who was caught in the middle of the cannon fodder: ... I'm going to fuck you!!!After waking up, Lin Feinian withdrew from the finals and chose a completely different path from the original book - he accepted the olive branch from Haohai Entertainment and joined the new boy group LUST, which Haohai has planned for many years.In just one year, LUST has become unstoppable as the top streamer in the entertainment industry.