Novel Summary
When he woke up, Xie Xingchen, a poor migrant worker, realized that he had transmigrated into a vicious cannon fodder that was stupid and vicious in a certain book, with nothing but money. Xie Xingchen: My god~ nothing but money?There are such good things in this world! Holding the divorce agreement, Xie Xingchen looked at the back of his ex-husband leaving sadly. After a long time, he "reluctantly" opened the list of assets left by the lawyer, enduring the pain... and emptied his shopping cart! [Ding dong, the system has been activated... Welcome to the infrastructure maniac system. It has been detected that the planet (earth) you purchased has arrived. Please bind the territory within a week to start the game!] Before he had time to rejoice that he bought the earth, Xie Xingchen took a deep breath as he looked at the barren hell mode in front of him, feeling an indescribable soreness in his heart. The brilliant culture that once made mankind proud is gone. The blue star that was once full of plants has become a desolate star that no one takes over now. Recalling the beauty and prosperity of the earth, Xie Xingchen secretly made up his mind to restore the beauty of the earth! I didn't expect to accidentally use too much force... The earth is actually popular across the stars? 【Eating Guide】 Gong is not ex-husband brother, broken mirror does not reunite The marriage contract with her ex-husband is pure Not black original protagonist shou, the two are uniquely beautiful This article contains elements such as infrastructure, farming, and simulated management The normal update time is 9:00 pm, and the rest of the time is catching bugs