Novel Summary
Lin Shuo's handwritten love letter was accidentally sent out.From then on, the school grass Yun Yaoze stalked him, waited for him after school, bought him snacks, took him shopping, drove him for a ride, held a birthday party for him... he was very kind to him.But he didn't expect Yun Yaoze to have a devil in his heart, a scum who likes to play with other people's feelings, chasing him just to make a bet with his teammates.Lin Shuo thought he was being beeped by a dog, and quickly proposed to break up.- Yun Yaoze originally thought that love is a game, and breaking up is a gameover, it doesn't matter.But a transfer student came to the school, and the transfer student not only kept Lin Shuo behind him, but also followed Lin Shuo every day and called him baby, he was in a hurry.When Lin Shuo smiled at the transfer student, his heart hurt like a knife."Lin Shuo, what exactly do you want from me to get back together? Are you fucking in love with someone else!" Yun Yaoze cornered Lin Shuo in a corner and shouted, his eyes were so red that they were about to bleed.Lin Shuo sneered, "None of your business." Lin Shuo (Shou), Yun Yaoze (Gong) 1V1, Shuangjie, HE, first sweet and then sour, absolutely chasing wife crematorium, please collect it~